Saturday, January 29, 2011

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AMAZING!  I started this blog on the 31st December last year.  I don't know what data is available to customers - but I am looking closely at 2,000 page views - or whatever they call them - since I started!  I mean I KNOW that isn't that many people - but I'm delighted.

In another way I'm not.  Okay, I guess that I've had 1,000 different people visit - but C'MON!  About TEN making comments?  (Though I'm getting the feeling from other blog 'owners' that getting comments is extremely difficult.  Ah well!)

Another thing I didn't really expect?  I wrote a thing about aprons a few days back, lauding the frilly, feminine ones - which I thought to be a fact.  But a reply made me think again - it was in favor of utilitarian aprons.  Then I thought of the stories I'd written - where it was working aprons I was forced to wear.  Dawned on me.  Isn't the apron itself.  It is what the situation calls for - providing the most humiliation of course!

Another thing.  I don't write stories anymore.  I take meds which have a castrating influence - which tends to reduce the fervor I once had when writing.  But that doesn't mean that I can't have the occasional fantasy - kinda short lived unfortunately - but I still have them.  Here's a sample.

Me - the hero - indolent with some poor-paying job. I catch the eye of a very attractive, rich lady, who gives every appearance of loving me. I sense that she is kinda bossy - and is the instigator of all of our sex, with her being on top. But I don't mind any of this - enjoy the lazy life. Start off by being her kept man - then enjoy being married in a very small chapel in Las Vegas.

She seems to be a member of many clubs - frequented by young rich ladies like herself, with all of them accompanied by husbands or boy friends who are paraded around like trophies - with the males often dressed in very sissyish clothes. Not VERY feminine mind you - but often using pastel colours with lots of velvets and silks as materials. Another thing he discovers is that he's expected to fawn on her - sit on her lap at the meetings - and just for fun (of course) slow romantic dances are often played when the males take the female position - and prizes given for 'the best girl'. She is very happy when he wins or places in those events. Unhappy when he doesn't.

Then, one evening, his wife is very unhappy. All of the males have been given rabbit ears - and fluffy tails to put on. Then they have to circulate amongst all the dominant women and smile happily as they are fondled and petted. After a while, thay have to form a chorus line, link arms and do an impromptu chorus girl dance, with prizes given to the top three performers. He does not win any prizes.

He returns to his very unhappy wife. She accuses him of "Not even TRYING!". His protests do not help and she finally takes him over her knees -and spanks him - right at the table in front of everyone. Naturally he is humiliated by this, but he is saved a little by a large lady coming to their table and remonstrating with his wife. She surprises him by being very docile, and letting him get upright and fetch her and the lady some drinks as they discuss something.

At home a few weeks later, she informs him that she has noted his posture is terrible and, having a need of his help that evening, has bought him a corset.  She apologises for the fact that it a lace-up ladies corset - but feeling that the male corsets were so terribly epensive thought he wouldn't mind?  Naturally he does mind, but his faint objections are pooh-poohed and she and a friend giggle a great deal as the lace him into his corset.

He then finds out that his wife is extremely excited - the large lady who had intervened while he was being spanked - is coming - along with other board members of a very exclusive charity.  Naturally, he will be expected to help serve the ladies.

His clothes, naturally, are on the feminine side - and he does object about the fact that his corset seems to be giving him a distinctly femine appearance.  To his surprise, his wife agrees, but instead of approving removal of the corset, feels that an apron would help disguise his new feminine curves.  Naturally, it is very pretty and feminine, but now she won't listen to him at all.

He finds the board members to be pleasant enough as he serves up canapes and drinks, but they seem to ignore him until they form a circle, and his wife leads him to the center of it before leaving.  He discovers that he has to answer questions.

He shrugs and admits that he is a 'kind' person.

He admits that he hates cruelty.

Sorrowfully, he explains that he's never had much chance to 'do good'.  Admits to being too poor to do very much.  Nods his head vigorously in agreement that he's do good if given the chance.

The large lady now takes him on her knee.  Explains that her charity helps the homes of abused women.  He nods a lot as she asks him if he thinks this a good idea?  He can't really disagree, as she is fondling him openly as she talks and he gradually snuggles into her.

Their grand schem is finally revealed.  The poor women in abused shelters have lost all of their faith in the goodness of men - with them having been raped and abused, it was no wonder they felt this way?  Naturally he agreed.

He found himself agreeing that this bad feeling that the abused women had was BAD.  They should be taught that men were kind and gentle as well as being bastards.  He could help!

Then, as he came, he discovered that this charity took nice young men like him - and had them work as ladies maids in homes for abused women.
"Naturally, they girls there don't like men - and may be a little unkind to you at first - but as they see how sweeet and gentle you are - You can see how you'll gradually be accpted as one of the girls - can't you?

And his wife smiles happily as all the board members thank her for contributing her husband.

That was a lot longer than I expected - but I hope that it gave some of you a few minutes of fun!

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little_giselle said...

Bea, you still got your mojo! :)

Have you asked your doctor if there's some other drug you could try? Does he know these side effects are not tolerable by you? There are a lot of people who don't give a hoot if their sex life evaporates, but I don't think you're one of them (maybe your spouse is not either). All I'm saying is, if you're miserable, be sure your doctor knows. There are zillions of drugs out there and there may be something else that could be tried.