Monday, August 27, 2012

Embracing the Feminine

I received a good number of responses (~80) to he survey that I distributed last week. I was surprised at the results.

 If you could wave a magic wand, would you
 1) change into a regular guy with no forced femme fantasies                          (5%)
 2) change into a girl                                                                                     (39%)
 3) get a hot dress. I am happy being a boy with forced femme fantasies.       (56%)

I was surprised at how few (5%) of the respondents would use the magic wand to get rid of their femme fantasies and become "normal" guys.  I can't say that I know the deeper meaning, but clearly we don' t want to give up our love of things feminine.   So the real division among readers was between those who were happy to be boys with femme fantasies, and those who would become girls if they could wave the magic wand.  Personally I think this is a very tough choice, but I wrote a year ago regarding a TV series, called Sex Change Hospital about those having Sex Reassignment surgery that if I could simply snap my fingers, then I would change my gender, but I know that I am unwilling to suffer everything involved in making that happen.
It turns out that the answers to the survey depended a great deal on the age of the respondent, and in a pretty interesting way.

Here were the choices and what happened

I used to use statistics professionally, so I can confidently that the 35-50 age group is more happy to stay as they are, and less likely to want to change into a girl than the older respondents or the younger respondents, but I can't really say why.  If anyone has a good idea I would like to hear about it.  It would be fun to understand this age difference.    I would love to hear any ideas that anyone has on the why of this.  I think that being born after 1962, (puberty post-sexual revolution)  should have changed how we see ourselves, relative to those of us who were born well before that, but I still don't understand the difference with even younger people.  

Regardless, I was very pleasantly surprised to see that the cd's t-girls, and sissies that visit Bea's site, have embraced the feminine without guilt.  I don't think that a survey like this 50 years ago (if you could find some way of giving it) would have answered anything like this.  I think I would have chosen to give up my femme fantasies, and I wouldn't have been alone.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Special 'Thanks'.

Bloody good show, Belinda!

I'm not going to enter your new poll.  For one thing I'm old - I'd opt for the hot dress if I was back in my old form, but I'm not.

My major comment is that Belinda is, first of all, doing something that I never dreamed of - but at the same time, doing EXACTLY what I envisioned when I started this blog just over 18 months ago- - bringing some light into 'why' cross dressers and transvestites are driven to do what they do - and in particular - without a bunch of undeserved shame.

I'm also going to take this chance to welcome all of my new friends and readers who visit this blog regularly. Haven't done so in a long time.  Recently Belinda, Carrie, and Kammi have been contributing to my blog with their input.  Thanks to all of you.

I'm STILL greedy though - wish there were more contributors!



Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Final installment of the interactive story.

I must say that while the questionaires are fun for me, the story writing is hard work!  So I am relieved to be bring my little story experiment to a close.  I can't resist however another questionaire before bring the final installment of the story.  I have been following the discussion of Bea and Marie with interest.  The whole issue of whether we come to love or hate our sexual nature or something in between.  So I would like to poll the readers directly about this.  Since I think that age may have something to do with this i also ask a question about the age of those who respond.   I will provide the results in a week.

Robert Meets the Maidstaff                      Part 3

It was sometime the next morning that the reality of my new situation sank in.  I was roughly awakened by Alice, who practically pulled me out of bed.  She seemed aggravated.

“ Well Apprentice maid Jennifer are you going to sleep all day!  Get out of your nighty and into your uniform and report to me Missy.  This will be your first full day of maid’s work, and Mistress Hancock will want to see that you are progressing as a proper maid”

“Yes Maam” .  I squeaked, intimidated by the powerful woman.  

I jumped out of bed,  and began dressed myself as best I could.  I had not been permitted to remove the corset overnight, and now despite the discomfort, I was glad because I shouldn’t have been able to fasten it properly myself. 

Soon I was dressed in uniform of an apprentice maid, right down to my pink headpiece.  I found Alice in the hallway.  I curtsied to her, and asked what work I should do.

She fussed with my uniform a bit, smiling cruelly at me, and turned me around so that She could tightly fasten my apron tying it with a poufy bow.  

“You look darling.. Miss Jennifer.  I think we will start you on bathrooms again.  I have a feeling you are going to do a better job than the last time. “ She laughed.

I cringed inside, remembering my embarrassing and painful spanking from Miss Hancock.  I did indeed vow to do better as I went off to my duties.

I was hours scrubbing tubs, swabbing toilets, and polishing sinks left undisturbed as the other maids presumably went about other duties.  It was a quite large house, and I imagined it was quite a bit of work to keep it in the immaculate condition that Mrs Garner apparently required.
I found myself admiring my uniform and the way the corset gave me a feminine waist, in the many mirrors I polished.  I was strangely drawn to this image of myself, I could not help but twirl and primp a bit as I stood before a full length mirror.  My reverie was suddenly interrupted by the sound of young Marsha’s voice close at hand.

“Jennifer what are you doing, you lazy girl, Are you still not finished with this bathroom?”

All of 18 and upbraiding me!  I turned to her and said in a petulant voice. 

“This is the third bathroom that I have almost finished Miss Marsha.  I was only looking at myself to make sure the mirror was well polished.”

“Watch your tone Maid Jennifer or you will be a sorry sissy”, She laughed at me.. “Now follow me.  Alice requires you.  You were in such a dreamy state”  She chuckled, “You didn’t even hear the bell.  When you hear the bell Missy, come.  Now follow me”

She turned and left.  I  almost  said something but thought better of it.  It was one thing to be treated in this fashion by Miss Hancock, but Marsha …. Well it was too much for my masculine pride.

We found Alice in the kitchen.   Composing myself I said.   “Do you want me for something Alice?

I stood there with my hands on my hips.  When suddenly She pulled me forward by my apron and put her face right up to mine.  

“Yes I want you sissy,  I need some onions peeled, a task I do not enjoy.  But first.   How dare you come in here, and walk up to me looking like this.  What are you supposed to do when you first enter the presence of your maid/trainers, stupid girl! 

“I …i….I was suddenly frightened by the Giantess”.

“Curtsey you dolt.. Curtsey !   I bet you failed to curtsey when Miss Marsha entered the room as well.”

“I…I “   I quickly hastened to curtsey holding my skirts out and performing the servile dip that I had learned”. 

Too late!  Apprentice maid Jennifer..  far too late!  Stand there with you head lowered.  There must be punishment, and Marsha and I shall decide what”

I stood head lowered as ordered.  At least it wasn’t a serious infraction, I wouldn’t have to face the wrath of Miss Hancock.  In a few minutes the maids were back.

It was Marsha ho stood in front of him.   Stand still Jennifer.   Miss Alice is going to make an addition to your uniform.   The young woman stood smiling as Alice began to tie pink  ribbons around  my ankles just above my shoe tops, and then she used a third piece of ribbon to bring the other ribbons together.   When she was done, I could see that I was going to only be able to move with small steps. 

There Jennifer, these hobble ribbons will be part of your uniform until Alice and I decide that Miss Jennifer can remember to maintain a humble attitude and curtsey to her superiors. 

“Do you understand?”

I blushed bright red.   Looking down at the pink ribbons with their pretty bows that would make my every move awkward.  “yes Miss Marsha”.. I said.. to the teenager who looked at me so sternly.

“ I think you will find that the ribbons are just loose enough that you can give us all a big curtsey sweety, so lets see one”

Carefully I placed my right foot behind my left and unsteadily executed a curtsey. 

“Rather clumsy Jennifer” said Alice dismissively.  “Try practicing your curtsey before the mirror in the hall until you get it right.  Marsha tells me you love to watch yourself in the mirror, isn’t that right?”

Blushing still, not wanting to argue my way into further punishments with these two maids who seemed to quite enjoy humiliating me.  I gave another curtsey. 
“Yes Miss Alice”

“Off you go then… and when you are done there, get back here and peel these onions girl”  She waved her hand in a gesture of dismissal, and I started into the hall.  Every step restricted, I felt like the tiny step were making me wiggle my bottom.  Shamefully excited, I carefully made my way forward.

It was difficult, but soon I was able to walking with short quick steps without stumbling.  I was in the hall, polishing the mirror, when I heard a bell summoning me downstairs.  I hurried as well as I could.

Entering Mrs Garner’s large living room, I saw Alice sitting at one end on a sofa, and Marsh sitting at the other end on an overstuffed chair.  They didn’t seem to be too busy, as they were both looking at magazines.  I went over to where the bell was and curtsied in front of Alice, smoothly without wobbling.  She didn’t say a word to me, just held out an open fashion magazine, and called across to Marsha,
 “ Look at the cute accessories with the green outfit”
.  She held the magazine.  It was obvious I was to take it, and bring it across the room..  I did so, waddling as best I could across the room, handing the magazine to Marsha and curtseying.  I stood while they chatted about the accessories, then Marsha was pointing out another outfit on another page, and I was once again bringing a magazine across the room, humbly curtseying with every transit. 

I soon realized that the maids were having fun, discomforting me and embarrassing me in my bound state, but there didn’t seem to be much I could do about it.  And so for an hour, I hobbled across the room, bring one and another magazine to the lounging maids.  Curtseying each time, and waiting at attention for their next demand.

Blessedly after the hour,  Alice pronounced me a properly punished maid, and allowed me to remove the hobbling ribbons.  I was then directed by her to my next task, to descend to the laundry room, sort the laundry to be done and to begin filling the washing machines, and cleaning the ladies clothes.  I was further instructed by Alice that I was to set aside all bras, panties, and stockings and to hand wash , and line dry these using a delicate hand soap.

Secretly I thrilled at the thought of doing each Woman’s delicates.   Lingerie had fascinated me since I was a young lad sneaking a peak at my older sisters bras and panties.  Here I would be handling these items free to admire them at will.  This maid’s work wasn’t all toil!

And so I began my happy work.   Separating Miss Hancock’s delicates and Mrs Garner’s delicates, and then a pile for Donna’s delicates, and finally the two maid’s bras, panties and stockings piled together, though it was easy to distinguish the bright silky pastels of Marsha’s size 5’s from the more somber cottons of Alice’s size 8’s.   Indeed I found myself in a world of panties.   Mrs Garner’s expensive silks with lace adornments,  Donna’s brightly colored nylon and cottons, and Miss Hancocks wide variety of panties.. some black or white, but others bright red bikini’s.  I began the task of washing ..holding a pair up, imagining Mrs Garner in this pair of black silk dance panties.  I began to find myself getting rather excited.

Here was a pair of Miss Hancock’s panties.  They were flame red, hip huggers, with red lace at the waist.  I imagined Miss Hancock wearing these panties.  I wondered:  Had she been wearing these panties when She spanked me?  My mind was full of vivid images of Miss Hancock’s sexy thighs, and bottom covered by these panties.   Preparing to put them in the warm sink water, I for a moment raised the gusset to my face.  Oh heavenly,  Miss Hancocks passion and power seemed to seize me.  I stood there penis rock hard pushing at my panties.  I had to free it!
 And it popped out pulsing.
 What harm would there be in my caressing myself with Her panties… Miss Hancocks panties.. I began to caress myself with them..growing ever more excited! 
Imagining writhing on Miss Hancocks lap.. held tightly against her thighs, trapped there, as I was trapped now in my sissy maid’s outfit.  Controlled by Miss Hancock…
Oh! .. before I realized it,  I was cumming!  Pouring myself into Her panties!  Sweet ecstasy!  Over and over soaking Her panties!
Imagine what She would say or do if she saw me……

 That caused a deep tremor of anxiety to ripple through me, and I despite being completely alone in the basement,  found myself nervously putting the soiled panties in the warm soapy water,  scrubbing away all evidence of my naughtiness.   I quickly cleaned myself off and put my panties back in place. 

Somewhat less nervous now, I began to hand wash the bra’s and panties in earnest.   My excitement considerably lessened by my recent orgasm, I was filled with a deep sense of shame as I realized what I was doing, and how I had been commanded to do it.  Nonetheless, I thought it was to continue with my task, and work uninterrupted for 30 minutes, before hearing the bell ringing.  Obviously I was wanted again by the other maids.

I returned to the large living room where I had left the maid’s.   Alice and Marsha were sitting on each side of  Miss Hancock,   Alice had a laptop computer and  Marsha was sitting there preparing to ring the bell again.   I moved directly toward Miss Hancock, and executed a deep full curtesy.  All three were smiling at me.   Miss Hancock addressed me.

“Have you completed your laundry activities Maid Jennifer?”

“Not quite Maam.  I am almost done.  I just need to put some of the lingerie that I have washed on the line to dry”

It seems to have taken you rather long.  Was there anything to distract you from your tasks?   I don’t believe there are any mirrors in the laundry room.”

And Marsha giggled at this.

I reddened, thinking She can’t know…She mustn’t know!

“No Maam.   I am just un-practised yet.  I can’t work so fast as the other maids”

“No I imagine not,   She looked up at me with an expression of disdain.  The other maid’s are not little sissy wankers”.

My knees trembled at that remark, and simultaneously Alice turned the laptop screen to me,  where I saw myself.. clearly sniffing Miss Hancock’s delicates. 
As I watched in horror,  I saw myself..freeing my confined penis, and using Her panties to pleasure myself.

I wanted to run..but was frozen to the spot.  

“Yes sissy,  As you obviously don’t know, Mrs Garner has quite a few security cameras about the house.  Alice thought it wise to check up on you.  And saw this disgusting spectacle.   Were you going to put  MY PANTIES SOILED BY YOU back into my drawer!  Was that you little plan missy?”

I …i…. I couldn’t help myself Maam.. I … didn’t mean to….i… I was practically croaking.. unable to say an intelligible word, and afraid to look in the eyes of my accusers, knowing the disdain I would see there.   I stood trembling with head lowered.

Alice  Sit over on the stuffed chair over there.  You are going to spank miss sissy Jennifer until her bottom is as red as my panties that she defiled.

“Yes Maam! “ Alice said with real sadistic delight.  As she pulled me over with Her and roughly pushed me down over her lap.  Despite my protests and struggles, She soon had me secured, and I awaited the sharp blows from Her beefy palms.

As I was secured I heard Miss Hancock’s voice as She sternly addressed me.  So sissymaid Jennifer,  you will be spanked long and hard for your disgusting  disobedience.  You will kick and cry, but Alice is a strong girl, and She will thrash you until I say so!  Until my panties are avenged!

But this is not your punishment.  This is only so that you will not forget your disobedience.

And Alice began to spank me.  She spanked so very hard. 
Soon I was squirming, but She held me tight,  Soon I was crying.. but she ignored my pleas. 

“I’m sorry.  It won’t happen again.  Please I am so sorry!”
I wailed with tears in my eyes.

But the blows continued, and my bottom felt as fiery as I imagine it looked.

Finally mercifully.  I heard Miss Hancock. 

“That is sufficient, I think Alice.  Place the sissy down in front of me so that I may administer  punishment “

Oh I wanted to rub my burning bottom as I was placed once again in front of Miss Hancock, but I dared not.   I stood there silently sobbing, with my hands folded in front of me, a pitiful punished maid.

“Well sissy jennifer you were told that bad behavior would be severely punished, but I suppose a little sissy boy like you really can’t control himself, surrounded by Ladies and their lingerie.  So we shall choose a punishment to fit the crime, and to end your misbehavior at the same time.  You shall be put in chastity missy.  Show her Marsha.”

I looked over at Marsha, and saw that she held a clear plastic device.

“Lower your panties and raise your skirts so that Marsha can put on your chastity miss sissy.”

Oh the shame!  As I did as commanded.  I felt Marsha pullilng and poking me down there.  I was afraid that I might grow in her hand, but embarrassment kept me soft, as Marsha continued her work.

“This is a CB-6000 jennifer.  You shall be locked into your chastity, and that will put an end to your misbehavior, you can be a good panty laundress without all of us fearing for the fate of our lingerie.”

Miss Hancock having said this laughed cheerfully, and Alice and Marsha laughed as well.  I heard the click of the padlock, and felt my panties raised.  It felt funny to know that I was locked up, in chastity!

“And that is not all sissy Jennifer.   Alice put the collar on the sissy”  Alice approached and I felt a tight leather collar around my neck. 

“Now Sissy.”. Miss Hancock took my hand and let me out into the hallway where the full length mirror hung.   “Behold!”

I looked and saw that a pink leather collar circled my neck, with white lace trim on top and bottom.   But that was not the most shameful aspect.  Emblazoned on the pink collar, were the following words.  “Chastised Sissymaid Jennifer”    Oh I blushed so red.  My condition was displayed clearly for all to see.

Suddenly I was very glad that Donna would be home in two days.  I should have two days of humiliation, but then I would need to be released.  As I comforted myself with these thoughts,  Miss Hancock continued speaking.

“ Oh yes, Jennifer I almost forgot.  This shall be your permanent position for the near future.   I have spoken with Mrs Garner.   She knows all about sissy boys.”   These words interrupted my thoughts… I looked up shocked!

Oh yes Jennifer,  Donna has noticed that some of her lingerie is missing, and She of course being unfamiliar with the ways of sissies, consulted her mother.  Her mother consulted me, and I decided that we would take action to protect Donna who  was infatuated with you.   So Jennifer.  You shall have to work hard to regain the respect and affection of your fiancĂ©, because you see.  I have decided to make you a permanent maid’s assistant.  No longer a trainee maid.  You will be subject to the authority of all women in this house.  You will be chastised, and I shall hold the key to you little peeny cage for now, to present it to Miss Donna if she pleases.  You will wear your collar so that all will know what you are.  This is your fate, until you prove yourself worthy of some other.  Now go and finish with our lingerie, and be quick about it.  You have quite a few more chores to accomplish this day.

Burning with shame, and filled with confusion, I went back to the laundry room.

And so it was two days later, that I answered the doorbell as instructed by Marsha.  I stood there in my standard maid’s assistant uniform corseted, collared, with a pink cap,  my disgraced peeny struggling against its cruel cage, as I became excited at the thought of what would greet me when I opened the door.   There stood Mrs Garner, with Donna, my fiancĂ©, just behind her. 
Mrs Garner upon my opening the door looked at me with a look that would wither a bouquet of flowers.  And said

“Oh right the new maid’s assistant.  Get our luggage on the curb girl, and bring it to our rooms we have had a long trip.”

Then She pushed past me calling to Miss Hancock.   Donna looked at me for a moment in amazement, a look that turned in a moment into a withering smirk.  She didn’t say a word as she too pushed past me and went inside.  Trembling and holding the door, I tried to calm myself.  I needed to get Donna to take charge of my key, then I could begin to work my way out of chastity.  I just needed to work up a plan.  Then I went outside and retrieved their luggage.

Kammi's Serial

What If? Part 10


“Miss Rose?” Brad asked, surprising her by the “Miss” part. “As your maid, may I point out that some of your rollers in the back have loosened. May I fix them for you?” Damn Lin Lu, Rose thought with a smile on her face. “Yes, you may.” Brad came from around the ironing table and untied Rose’s net. He quickly tightened the five or six loose rollers and retied the net. “Thank you Bradley.” “My pleasure, Miss Rose.” His “pleasure” was quite noticeable, Rose saw. His apron had tented below his waist. “That’s quite obvious. And since you have done everything so well today, you may kiss my curlers.” He wasted no time kissing all of the thirty-six rollers. With a deep breath and soft moan he said “Thank you, Miss Rose.” “You may continue your ironing, Bradley” she said as she left the room.  “And be careful with our panties” she added over her shoulder.

One Year Later

Dryfuss Enterprises was now being noticed by the business world. They had achieved significant growth since the very hostile takeover by Lin Lu and had acquired two more companies under questionable circumstances. Initially laughed at for their all female executives, many high powered men no longer were laughing – they were crying. Lin Lu, like her father, was ruthless in her business dealings but all of her employees loved her and were highly motivated by her revolutionary methods. Entering the building into the reception area, visitors would first be surprised that the receptionist was in fact a man, but certainly not a “real” man. His hair, though short, was noticeably styled (more often than not from sleeping in rollers the night before). While the average man might not notice, any woman would plainly see the discreet make-up he wore – light foundation, mascara, curled eyelashes, and a hint of pale lipstick. His fingers would be perfectly manicured with at least a coat of two of clear polish but for a few of the daring, a quite noticeable coating of red. He would be wearing a white, slightly sheer silk blouse that revealed a camisole underneath. Again, with one of the brave souls (or the opposite, a totally dominated soul) bra straps might also be visible. The maroon, flared shorts would end just above his knees. At first glance it might appear that he was wearing a skirt. Patterned white knee socks would end in shiny patent leather black pumps with two inch heels. A slight scent of perfume would complete the picture. This same uniform would be seen throughout the offices with the exception being the supervisors who were all well dressed ladies, the quality increasing as one climbed to the top floors. Only a few of the senior male managers had accepted their lowered positions of secretaries and such, especially after reading the new dress code. But a few more returned when they found out the current labor situation, which was not good for a man looking for a new job.  Some younger men accepted the job even knowing the conditions they worked under. Many of these were sons of the new managers and executives who were often ordered to report for their job by their mothers. Still, one would see after a half hour or so that all the employees, no matter what rank, appeared to be very happy. As Lin Lu often said “Happy makes money”. On the top floor, the executive secretaries and personal assistants were all female and had a close relationship with their superiors, Lin Lu and her “team”. Though not required, they all wore either dresses or smart looking skirt suits along with nylons and heels. On any given day, a visitor would swear that each of them had just stepped out of a beauty salon, so perfectly arranged was their hair and make-up. Lin Lu did not adopt the very austere, almost masculine dress of the new, and very few, women emerging in the business world. They were women and would look as womanly as they could. Another of Lin Lu’s pronouncements said that “Nothing clinches a deal better than a pair of nice legs and a firm ass”. She proved that to be true on more than one occasion. She delighted in the fact that women did not need to act like men to succeed in the business world – their feminine wiles and appearance were much more successful. The first victim of this approach was a long time supplier of material used by Dryfuss. His product was top notch and he knew it. So his price had been rising steadily until Lin Lu decided he was being greedy. Investigation of “Mr. Big” revealed that had an uncontrollable interest in young girls – under 16 years old, the more under the better. Bradley had played to this perversion by supplying what the man desired in his effort to control pricing. So on Mr. Big’s next visit, Lin Lu set up the usual dinner at the best hotel in town with the requested “desert” delivered to his room. Lin Lu could barely stomach the man at dinner, finding him to be gross and extremely chauvinistic, constantly referring to his “little woman” back home who did anything he demanded. So it was with great pleasure that Lin Lu escorted him to his suite where the sweetest little girl awaited him, dressed in a schoolgirl’s uniform and her hair in ringlets. Mr. Big was drooling before the door was closed. Li Lu, listened outside and heard him say loudly “Come to daddy, sweetheart and wrap your lips around this fella down here”. Lin Lu struggled to keep from bursting into the room and cutting his balls off. Then she heard a childish voice say “Oh my, daddy, “I’ve never seen one that big. May I touch it, pretty please? Oooh, can I kiss it, daddy? Me? I’m almost thirteen, my birthday is next month.” This time, Lin Lu had to keep from laughing. The little girl in the room was actually Sandy Jones, who worked in the sales department and was 23 years old. She was also a Judo expert. There was a loud “Yahoo, am I going to have fun tonight” from Mr. Big followed by about fifteen minutes of silence before the sound of what seemed to be a body bouncing across the floor reached Lin Lu. Then the door opened and Sandy slipped out, her hand on her mouth to keep from laughing out loud.

“He’s all yours, Lin Lu, though I expect it will be a while before he can stop moaning from his pain. I expect that good church man may be singing soprano in his choir next week. Can you believe it, he asked me if I was ‘saved’? What an asshole. See you tomorrow, that was fun.”

The ladies exchanged kisses on their cheeks. Lin Lu entered the room and found Mr. Big lying on the floor, curled up with his hands holding his crotch. He moaned like a wounded animal. She stood over him for a minute, enjoying his pain. Lin Lu hated people that abused children in any way. Smiling, she lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties then peed on the man’s face. He turned toward her and opened his mouth in astonishment. Bad move – he got a mouthful of Lin Lu’s hot stream.

“Ready to discuss your pricing, Mr. Big?”

“You fucking bitch, you set me up. Go to hell.”

“Oh dear, such language from a nice, church going, married community leader. Gee, maybe I should call Sandy back and see what a second kick in your balls would feel like” she said as she poked his crotch with her pointed shoes.

“I gave you my best price. Now I’m calling the cops.”

Mr. Big rolled over onto all fours and tried to get up. Bad move – he left himself wide open to another assault which Lin Lu gladly delivered. This time he threw up and got back into the fetal position. Lin Lu sat down and picked up the phone.

“I’ll put the call through for you, the local police know me. I want to invite them to the show I’ll be presenting later. I’m sure you’re not interested, after all, you are the star – a fucking porn star! If you look closely at the mirror, you’ll see just the hint of a flashing red light. That’s a camera that recorded your encounter with poor little Sandy. And, of course, there is a sound track too where Sandy clearly states she’s only twelve. How many hears do you think you’ll get for having sex with a minor? And won’t your wife and friends be so surprised to see the same movie on their television screens. Yes, I have the capability to feed the transmission to your whole town. We chinks have got very good at technology, you know. Won’t that be a surprise.”

Despite his pain, Mr. Big summoned enough strength to lunge toward the phone and knock it off the table.

“Best I can do is 30% off.”

“50% or nothing!”


“I kicked you in the balls, not your ears. Didn’t you hear me say 50%?”

Lin Lu stood up and walked toward the door.

“Okay, 50%” Mr. Big said with defeat in his tone. “But I want the film.”

“Oh, we’ll see about that. My lawyer will send you a new contract. And if you have any thoughts of playing games with me, I will have your balls added to my trophy case.”

Other vendors did not suffer like Mr. Big did. Most were simply seduced by one of Lin Lu’s team, all of whom were very attractive, sexy ladies. Not one failed in their mission. Yes, it did involve a role in the hay or two, but they had such fun reversing the long standing tradition of the woman getting fucked and left with nothing. And yes, the camera behind the mirror was much in use, even to the point of being the entertainment at many of the corporate meetings on the top floor. The first annual report after the take-over showed the highest profits ever and Lin Lu was thrilled to send this to her doubting father. She was on her way to leaving a big mark in the business world.

A month after the new regime took their place, Lin Lu came home beaming.

“My, you look happy” Rose remarked after their evening kiss and embrace. “Get to cut some guy’s balls off today?”

“No, better. Come with me” she said, taking Rose’s hand and going upstairs to their redecorated bedroom. “Sit” she  commanded and placed her hands on Rose’s shoulders, directing her onto the bed.

Lin Lu went down on one knee, took a small black box from her purse and opened it to reveal a gorgeous diamond.

“Marry me, my love.”

“What?” a shocked Rose asked. “You know I would marry you in an instant but, let’s face it, it ain’t going to happen in our time. But I do love the ring and I do love you, Lin Lu and the answer is ‘Yes’, for what it’s worth.”

Lin Lu removed the ring from the box and slid it onto Rose’s finger.

“Don’t I at least get a kiss for effort?”

“Yes, my dear.”

Rose bent towards Lin Lu’s face but she gently pushed her downward toward her widespread thighs. Rose wasted no time kissing Lin Lu’s wet, and pungent, pussy, driving her tongue as deep as she could.

“Mmmmm, very nice, my dear. Robust and bitter. Someone needs a shower. So, what prompted this?”
“Well, just keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll tell you. You remember me telling you that I was going to pick Rhonda Jacobs as my personal assistant? I told her today but the team does not know yet. We had champagne to celebrate and then began discussing all the changes going on. We were very relaxed, with Rhonda doing what you’re doing only she has a tongue twice as long as yours.”

“What?” Rose exclaimed for the second time in a minute, lifting her head up to stare at Lin Lu, fire in her eyes.

“Only kidding. Just checking to see if you’re paying attention. Carry on, sweet.”

“Bitch” Rose snarled but did bury her face back in Lin Lu’s pussy.

“Anyway, Rhonda asked about Bradley’s status in the company as I had not mentioned him at all. I told her that he would remain in an executive position though with a much different job description. She was concerned about him staying on as almost all the female employees hated him and it seemed most of them had been sexually assaulted by him at one time or another in some manner. I told her that his exact role was a secret, for now, but I promised her that she, and every other woman at Dryfuss would be thrilled when he took over his new job. She pointed out that there had been a rumor that we were going to be married and asked if that was true. I told her it was.”

“What?” Rose screamed out, once more removing her mouth from where Lin Lu wanted it.

“I told you to shut up. Now, if you interrupt me again I’ll be forced to spank you.”

“What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What?” Rose repeated with an elfish grin on her face.

“Okay, don’t say that I didn’t warn you. Plan on having a very sore, hot ass when you get into bed tonight. Now, can I continue?”

“What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What?”

Lin Lu could not help laughing.

“You’re bad, you know that? Just don’t come begging for mercy later. As I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted, I told Rhonda that we were still getting married but since Bradley was going to be away for training for his new job, it would not be for a while. And also, that it would be a very non-traditional marriage. Then I had a brainstorm. Go on, you’re not done yet, yes, right there, oh yes. Have you ever heard of a proxy marriage? Just nod your head, keep your tongue right there.”

Rose shook her head “no”.

“When a couple are really anxious to be married but circumstances prevent them from getting together, like the man being sent overseas for his job, they can have someone take the place of the missing person and the wedding goes ahead on that basis. Now, before you interrupt again and get yourself in even more trouble, can you picture yourself, in a lovely white gown, standing in on behalf of your brother, reciting our vows to one another before god and man. Closest thing I can think of to a real wedding. Okay, you have permission to speak.”

Rose did not say a word. She jumped up and wrapped her arms around Lin Lu and drove her tongue into her mouth as she kissed her passionately.

“You’re a genius, my devious slant-eyed vixen. I do! I do!”

“Yes, I am, you round-eyed slut. And yes, I am a little ripe, aren’t I” she added as she licked her lips. “So hurry up and finish what you started so I can take a shower and we can have dinner together.”

With both women excited about the prospect of having the closest thing to a real wedding, it did not take long for an eager Rose to bring Lin Lu to an orgasm.

Bradley had been advised to have dinner ready by eight pm and he was right on time. The ladies dressed casually, very casually – each wore a filmy, floor length peignoir set, Rose in lavender and Lin Lu in blue. Rose knew that this would have an effect on Bradley so she had altered his uniform somewhat. Along with his apron, Rose added pink tennis panties with several rows of white lace. They were tight, probably uncomfortably so, but that was not Rose’s concern. She wanted to make sure she did not see her brother’s cock dangling under the apron. He also wore a pair of pink four inch heels that she found in Bradley’s closet. Funny, she thought, they fit him perfectly. The last addition was a pretty, lace cap that she pinned to his hair.

“Love the new look on our maid, Rose” Lin Lu remarked. “Was this your idea or his?”

“It was mine, but he did not seem to mind, did you Bradley?”

“No, ma’m” he answered softly and set their salads in front of them. He was blushing.

“Then I’m sure he’ll love his new uniforms when they arrive.”

“When will that be, hon?”

“They’ll be here when he returns from training. I’m going to have them made by my dressmaker in Hong Kong. She does wonders with silks.”

“Won’t that be a problem for measuring and fitting?” Rose asked.

“Not at all, my dear, not at all. Just leave it to me” Lin Lu answered and winked at Rose. “Come, darling, we have some business to attend to in our bedroom, don’t we?”

Rose knew what she was referring to – her spanking. She smiled like it was a childish game. But a half hour later, the grin was wiped off her face and she was sobbing. Lin Lu, as promised, was not merciful. Using just her hand, Rose’s ass turned a deep red and felt like it was on fire.

“If you are going to be my wife, you must learn to behave. Now make me happy” she added, directing Rose’s face to her crotch.

This was the last thing Rose wanted to do right now but she obeyed and soon gave Lin Lu her second orgasm of the day. And it was clear that she was not going to reciprocate.

“Now lick my ass until I fall asleep” Lin Lu ordered.

Rose felt like telling her to go to hell but again she did as she was told without comment. It was about fifteen minutes later that Rose knew her lover was asleep. By that time she was in a high state of excitement from all that had happened. It took her only a few minutes to finger herself to her own orgasm.

In the morning, Lin Lu apologized to Rose for spanking her.

“I’m so sorry. After all you went through over there, I should not be inflicting pain on you. Please forgive me, it was so inconsiderate.”

Rose smiled at he and said “You, my dear, and you alone may spank me anytime it pleases you. As long as I deserve it, of course” she added with a smile and embraced Lin Lu.

Three weeks later, Bradley was suddenly ill and rushed away in an ambulance. He was diagnosed with a rare, highly contagious disease. The public was told that he was being transferred to a clinic in Switzerland and his recovery, if there was a recovery, would take a long time. Poor Lin Lu would be on her own but she pledged to keep Dryfuss together until his return. At Bradley’s request, she said, the wedding would go on as planned with his sister acting as his proxy.

Can't Resist This!

Got a comment on my last post.  It says nice things about me and Carrie - for which I say "Thanks".  But there's a part of it that I have something to say about.  Here's the part I'm talking about:

To answer Bea's questions, at least for me:
1) Why do I care to determine where "all this came from"?  A: I suppose I'm looking for some justification, perhaps an excuse, that makes it okay. Of course as I think about it, I don't need an excuse for why I became an EE, or like certain kinds of books, do I?  

The part that strikes home to me is:  I suppose I'm looking for some justification, perhaps an excuse, that makes it okay.

Makes what "Okay"? 

I don't know the writer from Adam - but does he steal?  Lie? Beat up on old people or children?  Somehow, I have the feeling that he doesn't - but he obviously feels that there is something about him that is NOT okay.

This is what I natter about on an on-going basis. I am a great believer in honesty.  Firmly think that if you lie to someone - you are scared of them.  So, if you genuinely think that you are not 'okay' - you are probably being honest  - but how in hell's name can you begin to like yourself if you think that way?  Isn't it time that you started to evaluate what it is about you that you don't like?  And is there a REAL reason for your dislike of this aspect of your personality? An honest evaluation of this and yourself is damn near mandatory.  Time to sit down and do it!

Just a suggestion - but like I said before -  show me a soapbox and I have to jump on it!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Couple of Thoughts.

Thanks Carrie for some well thought out aspects in your previous post.  I also saw one comment where the writer's mom wanted a girl - and he also wondered if this had been 'something' that led him into further thoughts and actions.

Again, I'll stress that too much thinking about this stuff can drive a person nuts.  It took me forever, but I finally accepted Popeye's feelings about himself - "I yam what I yam".  Feel the same.  I'm not athletic.  Certainly not good looking - and there's a whole bunch of other things that I'd prefer to be - but I accepted the lack of them years ago.  But I'm supposed to worry because I want to dress in women's clothes?

C'mon!  It just would make me look bloody stupid - that's all.  I don't want to harm anybody.  I don't steal.  I don't cheat.  I have a friggin stupid fantasy in my sexual themes.  I'd almost bet that just about everybody has some daftness in their sexual fantasies.  Or maybe you want to be unique?  Your fantasy isn't good enough?

I certainly can't say that I know.  But in biblical times, they had transvestites. Who's to say that genetics aren't involved?  If it IS a genetic trait that is passed down - skipping some generations?  Wouldn't all this worrying about your wants, then be a massive waste of time and energy?

I'm curious about why I am the way I am.  Have the feeling that a cross eyed baby sitter was involved somehow.  But who cares?  What in hell's name would I do if I ever found out?  Burn all the panties and nightdresses I used to wear?  Start hitting women?

I enjoyed my penis - gave me a LOT of fun.  Cut it off?  Never crossed my mind.  So my question remains for you guys who wonder all of the time.  Say you found out what the cause was - and most importantly - you could 'fix' yourself.  WOULD YOU DO IT?  (Be honest now!)

You know?  If you haven't already guessed it?  Getting me off a soap box is damned near impossible.  The above was supposed to be a sentence or two.  Sorry.

But here's part 6 of my latest serial.  I hope that you are enjoying it.

A Pretty Girl is Like a Malady

Part 6
"I'm going to shower and change now Cecilia" she told me. "But!  That reminds me.  After Elaine leaves, go and shower. But before you do?  There's a blue jar filled with cream  beside your bathroom sink.  It's a depilatory. I want you to rub it in all over your bod then wait for a full minute before you have your shower.  You'll be nice and smooth.  Trust me, you'll be very sorry if you miss any.  And by the way?  Shave under your arms as well."

She didn't wait for any response from me. I shrugged.  Didn't see much sense in making myself any smoother than I was, but didn't see any sense in prolonging any conversations with Carole – things had a tendency to get out of hand when I talked too much, I'd discovered.

Elaine actually appeared before Carole.  Came and gave me a big hug and a kiss.  "Hi honey!" she said. "You were great last night, especially the second time."  She leered at me and twirled a non-existent moustache.  "Wanna do it again some time?"

I felt the heat rising up my face as I gave her a coquettish smile "Maybe.  But only if you promise to behave yourself!"
"Sure honey!  Like this?"  And she came back to me and fondled my breasts openly.
"GIRLS! Girls!  Didn't you get enough of her last night Elaine?"  Carole asked from the doorway.

My blush doubled in intensity as I realized that Carole may have seen my flirting as well as Elaine fondling me so aggressively. 
"She was great!" Elaine laughed.  "Maybe needs a bit more breaking in?  I'll volunteer if you want."
Carole tapped her watch.  "Talking about breaking in?" she said in a suggestive tone of voice.
"Oh yes!"  Elaine answered. "Guess I'd better eat and run."
"Plenty of time dear.  Enjoy your breakfast. I was just reminding you, that's all."

We spent about forty five minutes having breakfast.  Actually, it was a very pleasant interlude. I felt somewhat strange in all of my feminine finery.  Elaine was wearing the dress she'd worn the night before – a little rumpled, but she hadn't obviously expected to stay over, so it was understandable.
Carole looked quietly elegant in an orange Shantung silk sheath, with a strand of very nice pearls around her neck, and earrings to match.

Nonetheless, the difference in our apparel didn't seem to matter, we chatted amicably about movie stars and who was pretty and who was handsome, and some trivia about televisions shows.  I was getting an ache in my back though and wondered if the fact that I was braless was causing it (I discovered later that it was). Finally, Elaine thanked me for a wonderful night, gave me a long, lingering kiss, then left.  Carole put on an apron. "I'll do the clean up.  Just go and get ready. Wear a bra and panties – no bustier this morning.  Okay?  You can wear your regular clothes over them. Don't take too long though."
"Okay Carole.  Thanks for doing the clean up for me." I said.
"You're welcome Cecilia" she smiled.

I applied the depilatory, just like she told me, then showered a minute later. Was actually quite surprised to see the amount of hair that washed of my body. Got a little dry mouthed at the thought that I had maybe been a little careless - thinking of what Carole had said about me being sorry if I missed any spots.  Shook my head.  I was getting silly.  How was she to know? Inspect every square inch of me?  I wouldn't put it past her, I thought, but grinned.  Highly unlikely!

When I got downstairs I was doubly surprised.  Shannon was there, wearing jeans tucked into leather cowboy boots, and a tank top.  She looked nice, but decidedly informal.  Carole, on the other hand, was now wearing a very elegant hat and elbow length gloves.
"Did you remember to use that cream?" she asked.
"Yes Carole." I said meekly. "Hi Shannon!"
"Hi Cecilia.  Have a good night?" she responded, grinning.
I blushed again.

We left the house a few minutes later.  Shannon drove us in her car.  Drove to an old barn of a place with quite a lot of late model cars – mostly expensive imports – parked in the trampled dirt surrounding the place.

I was confused from the moment  we got inside – there was a mass – a great many young ladies milling about at the doorway to a rather large room.  All of them were elegantly dressed for that time of the day, lots of long afternoon dresses, and milliners must have had a field day, because I'd never seen so many hats.  Again though, as far as I could see, I was the only male there.  I could see now why Carole was dressed so properly.  She fitted right in.  Shannon, in her casual outfit was there for something different

I saw a crudely drawn banner stuck on the wall "Trainer's Rooms" and an arrow pointing down a hallway but didn't pay much attention to it.  Carole waved and smiled to a group of young ladies.  Turned to me.
"I'm going to leave you with Shannon.  Now?  You'd better be good.  Understand?  I mean this.  Don't make me have to come to you now!"
"I'll be good Carole."  I said meekly.
"Damn right you will!" Shannon said sharply. "Carole?  What makes you think I can't handle her?"

Carole gave her friend a quick hug. "I'm sorry dear.  No offense.  I just thought – well he might get skittish.  You know?"
For some reason Shannon laughed at this. "OH!  Yeah.  I guess you're forgiven.  See you later."
With that she led me down the hallway and around a corner.  We passed a few doorways, then walked into a room that had the door open. Shannon shut the door behind us.  "Hi there Rose!  Everything ready?"

Rose was a rather plump, pretty girl, with loose brown hair tied back with a ribbon and wearing a white smock.  She stood beside the major piece of furniture in the room, a large table that seemed very low – no more than eighteen inches high. There was a smaller table, of regular height up against a wall.  On it was what appeared to be a Sterno heater with a very low flame heating what appeared to be large coffee can. There were some other squeeze bottles and what looked to be a large roll of white bandages on the table beside the heater.   Other than a couple of chairs and  some hooks in the walls, that seemed to be it. There was a door on one wall that was open just enough to identify it as a bathroom.

Rose smiled nicely.  "Hi Shannon.  This Cecilia?"
"Yes.  Cecilia?  Say hi to Rose. Better be nice to her, or she might get her own back and hurt you!"

Rose blushed prettily. "Oh Shannon!  Stop it!  Don't listen to her Cecilia. My job is to make sure I don't hurt you.  Just strip down to your undies please.  You can hang your clothes up on these hooks."

She was so matter of fact about it that I stared for a moment too long.
"She doesn't care what you look like – and she won't look while you're undressing, so just do as she tells you.  She'll have a robe for you in a minute."  Shannon said.  "Get a move on!"

It felt strange stripping down to my bra and panties in front of a stranger, but I'd learned not to dawdle.  Rose had turned her back, but once she sensed I was finished turned around. "Oh!  I'm sorry dear.  Hadn't thought! Take your bra off too, will you please?"

A strange reversal I thought, unhooking my bra and letting my breasts go free. A few days earlier, I'd have died of embarrassment at having a young woman see me in a bra. Now I was mortally humiliated at being seen without one.
"Let me see you close up" Rose said, coming to me and peering at my skin. "This should be easy Shannon.  He doesn't have much hair.  Have you ever been waxed before Cecilia?"
"No." I said, then cautiously asked. "Waxed? Does it hurt?"
They both laughed at this. "You'll tingle a few times," Rose said. "But honestly?  If I do my job right?  It should be a fairly pleasant experience for you."  She examined my frontage. "Mind if I say this dear?  These are very pretty breasts. Look very natural."  Then she handed me a short robe of some soft, almost translucent material. "Slip this on love. Then go and lie on the table please.  Face up to start"

I did as she asked.
"Comfy?" she asked, slipping a pillow under my head.
"I guess so" I said uneasily.
"Great!"  she said.  "Let's get started then.  Get a look at your legs and thighs first"

With that, she unceremoniously pushed my robe back up out of the way and caressed my upper thigh with her fingertips.
"Good!  You had him use that depilatory cream I gave you  Shannon?"
"Yeah.  Well Carole had him use it this morning, as far as I know" Shannon replied.
"Really good!"  Rose enthused  "I'd worried about how much time you had given me, but this shouldn't be too bad. Just a little clean up on the thighs and it's more a light down than a heavy growth everywhere else.  Don't see any problems."

"Good." Shannon said. "I'll leave him in your capable hands. I'll walk down and grab a beer, and change. Give me a yell if he gives you any trouble."
"Oh, I can tell.  He won't be any trouble at all, will he?"  Said Rose. "Gives me any?  Why, I'll tickle his tummy!"  With that, she did just that. I giggled girlishly.  Shannon smiled and waved silently.  Left me with Rose.  She spoke quietly in my ear.

"I figure we may as well get the worst over first. Your upper and inner thighs are probably the most sensitive, but you're very fortunate, having such a light growth.  You're less hirsute than many girls I've done, but it's still going to tingle more than a little.  But I want you to tell me when it hurts, okay?  I'll stop then."

She picked up the can from the heater and laid it in the table beside us.  Dipped a finger into the can  "Just right!" she said, wiping her fingers on a towel, then taking a brush she dipped it into the can as well. 
"This'll be a little warm at first, but you'll get used to it.  I promise." She said, starting to paint a strip of what felt like warm motor oil down my thigh.

She was right.  It was a little hotter than warm, but bearable. She painted a strip about six inches wide and from my panty line to above my knees.  Then she quickly cut two lengths of the bandages down and laid them side by side, on top of the wax, and started kneading them into the hardening material with her fingertips.  In the few moments it took her to do this, I could feel the wax congeal on my skin.
"Gonna sting a little!" she warned me, and quickly zipped the bandages away.

It DID sting a bit, but was pleasant more than anything else, especially when she grunted in approval and applied a sweet smelling oil over the area. "You're not going to have any problems at all dear.  That lot came right off. Sometimes?  I may have to go over some areas three or four times, and that can get sore, but you'll have no problems at all.  And know what?  Just wait until you put some nice undies on after this  – and stockings?  You'll swear you've died and gone to heaven!"

And chattering away she proceeded to work on me for the next hour or so.  She asked some questions about how Carole head "broken me in" which I thought a strange choice of words and were quite personal.  But she was SO pleasant that I ended up telling her just about everything, getting quite excited sexually at times.  She hardly seemed to notice this, except one or twice apologized and sort of 'flipped' my erection sharply with her index fingernail – which cooled me down for a while. She always said "Later!" as she did this, which was another thing that puzzled me.

Then Shannon came in carrying a large bag.  She had changed into a rather strange outfit, tight white pants, with the cuffs stuffed into a pair of long boots. She also wore a very colorful shirt.  It was long sleeved and tight at the wrists.  Looked like silk.  I was puzzled at her choice of colors – bright orange and white – not an arrangement that particularly suited her.
"Hi Rose!  Almost finished.?"
"Perfect timing!" Rose said. "Just let me finish rubbing in some oil here." And her fingers  were giving me the light massage that I was beginning to love.

Right then, a quick knock on the door was followed by four young girls – I'd have guessed sixteen years old at the most, came in without waiting for an invitation.  They were all chattering away excitedly.  They were all blonde, with almost identical hairstyles. I noticed that they all wore translucent latex gloves. One carried a large pitcher with what looked like gray foamy water in it.
"Oh goody!"  One said. "Is he ready for us Rose?"
Shannon answered for her.  "Yes.  Bye Cecilia see you in  a little while.  Coming Rose?"
"Yes!"  said Rose. "Bye Cecilia!  Lot's of luck!"  She gave me a light pat on the bottom.  "He's all yours girls," she said, and left the room with Shannon.

I had been lying on the table face down, But started to get up, with the intention of putting my robe on. "No dear! Stay down!" One of the newcomers said, giving me a sharp spank.  "Just lay on your side please."  Then she giggled as I obeyed quickly. "Someone's broken this one in quite well." She laughed.

Then, to my horror, three of them came around to the side I was facing and put their hands on me.  I wondered why, for just a second, then found out. With a totally unexpected series of actions, my back passage was lubricated and I felt the coolness of a plastic pipe being inserted.
"What in heaven's name are you doing!" I squealed indignantly.
"Gonna make you nice and clean – inside and out"  somebody said.
"Trust us" another one added. "This might save you a great deal of embarrassment  You'll thank us later on.  Lie still now!"
And they were giving me an enema!

I could feel the liquid flow into me and the start of the pressure building in my bowels.  Knew that if I struggled, it would just make control of my rectal muscles that much more difficult – and if I dislodged the pipe?  Oh god, what a mess it would be!  Accordingly, I surrendered and laid quietly.
"That's a good boy!" one said, and patted my rump approvingly.  "Won't be long now."

A few minutes later, I was running for the bathroom, with the girls calling out encouragement as I emptied myself.  Finally, I cleaned myself off and went back into the room.
"That's a good boy!  Back onto the table now.  But kneel this time – on your hands and knees, if you will?" one of the group said.

Wearily, I complied, then noticed that a bucket of water had appeared from nowhere.  Two of the girls dipped soft sponges into the bucket then came and started sponging me all over – and I mean, all over.  Helplessly I continued to kneel while my genitals were washed lovingly with the scented, warm, water..  As one girl washed the front, the other was invading my back passage.  With all of these ministrations, I attained a major erection.
"Oh  yummy!" the one who was washing me at the front said. "Look what I found!"  And she began to rub the soapy soft sponge up and down, up and down, on my member.
"Oh please!"  I protested weakly – but to absolutely no avail.  As I started to spasm she put the sponge to catch my juices.  I almost collapsed onto the table, but a sharp spank had me keep my position, even though my arms and legs were trembling with weakness.

"My turn now" said the one at the back – and her fingers were up inside me! – all slithery from the soapy water.  I couldn't believe it she was deliberately moving her fingers in and out of me with no more emotion than she would use in washing her hands.  To my total disbelief I found myself getting another erection!  I turned my head to protest this new assault on my character and, by doing so, missed what the girl working on my front was up to – she was slipping some sort of ring down and over my penis! I was able to see the final results of her handiwork easily by turning my head back again.  The ring seemed to be made of some sort of vinyl or plastic, and had two smaller circular rings linked to it, one at each side. For some strange reason, the set up was having a peculiar effect on me - I couldn't lose my erection!

Then I was being laved by cool fresh water.  It felt deliciously cool, and I relaxed.  The toweling that followed was another salve to my injured pride – then my two attendants stepped aside and the other two started gently administering some sort of scented lotion or oil, all over my body. This felt absolutely wonderful – especially as the girls were making soft little comforting noises as they gently rubbed my skin with their soft fingers.  My still-erect member throbbed with pleasure.

"Okay Cecilia" one of them said. "Would you change position please?  Sit back, but stay on your knees?"  Gratefully, I did as I was told – I was getting a little stiff from being too long in the one position – but the gratitude didn't last long as a new series of indignities started to be showered on me.

End of part 6