Saturday, January 22, 2011



This is, honestly, a true story.  Amazed me at the time - and still does when  I think about it.

I lived in L.A. many years ago and had never, ever, frequented an 'Alternative Clothing' store. Had seen them advertised but was just too scared to go anywhere near one.  But then I got a major desire for a pair of high heels.  Keep in mind that this was long before the Internet and there was no way I could think of  to get such a clothing item - especially if I wanted a decent fit- and I was decidedly too deep in the closet to take chances.

There was an alternative store quite close to me, but there was no way that I'd use it - I felt there was too much possibility that a friend or neighbor would see me going in or out.  There was another store - about twenty miles away that I considered safe.  One that I gradually made up my mind to use.  Took me weeks to gather up my courage, but I finally left work early one day and drove to the store on my way home.

I wasn't sure how I would act when I got there but surprised myself by going right in without a qualm. It was quite a nice, open store, with two or three attractive young ladies as salesgirls.  The shoes were easily visible but even though I said what I wanted, I said I'd like to take a look around and one of the young ladies agreed.  There was nothing furtive about what was sold in the store - it was feminine clothes for males.  In all honesty, I was a bit prudish and though I saw some maid outfits that I really liked, the prices were on the astronomical side and I was too frugal to pay them.  But I DID get a partial erection, just walking around and discussing outfits openly wth a young lady.  Finally though, we went to the shoe area.

I wanted a pair of heeled, closed toe, pumps - though having had no practice in heels wasn't very sure if I could walk around while trying out a pair.  But I knew they were costly and had no intentions of rushing into buying anything.  Knew damn well that there wasn't much chance of me ever going back, so wanted to be satisfied.  (I did blush a little when the girl gave me a pair of white lace foot socks - but put them on).  Then I was sized and started to try pairs of shoes on.  I had my first surprise when I discovered that I didn't seem to have ny problems in heels - and the pair I ended up choosing were about three inch heels.  A bone coloured leather shoe - outrageously expensive - but exactly what I wanted.  I paid for them and left, delighted with my own behaviour - no acting like the idiot I had been frightened of.

The real surprise came once I got home.  My wife knew of my proclivities.  Never cared much for them, but had learned to treat my nonsense with some amusement.  I think she thought I'd be too embarrassed to try the shoes on in front of her - but I think I was far too proud of myself at the time, so put them on.  She was quite astonished when she saw the ease with which I walked in the shoes - but then came the unbelievable part.  We lived in a three storied house at the time and one of the flights of stairs consisted of 'open' steps with a deep shag carpet covering them.  I walked up and down that flight of stairs with never a pause - as if I'd been wearing high heels all my life.  No pauses or stumbles.  Neither my wife nor I could believe it.

I've thought about this, often, since then.  When I was a little boy of around ten years old I'd worn my step mother's shoes now and then - but not very much.  Even that experience had been about thirty years before and I never could think of what circumstances had given me such a capability.  I've written about this in a story or two - but always felt as if it wasn't real - but it was!


maid_ana said...

Thank you Bea for your site and for your blog. Please tell us more. Please tell us this story and of course other stories, or show us your experience. I love all your stories about submissive and aproned males.

Bea's TV Station said...

Thank you dear - BUT?

I get the feeling that you consider it a story? That might be true, but there's nothing fictional about it - it was a personal anectdote, nothing else.

As far as adding more is concerned? I have every intention of doing just that. I'm trying to stir up some interest amongst the readers of this blog - and hoping something like this will do it!

Rosie said...

I bought my first pair of high heels (well, women's shoes) in a supermarket, in France. I was living alone for the first time in my life, and abroad.

It was on my first day there, first I went to IKEA to get some stuff for my apartment, then to the supermarket to buy some food. I must have passed the clothing section for at least three times before I plucked the courage to get what I wanted - pair of panties, pantyhose, a set of satin pajamas and a pair of shoes. Luckily, my feet are small enough to fit in the usually available women's sizes. Of course I was nervous as hell as if everyone could tell I was shoppig for myself, but at the same time, I thought so what? I'm an adult. I'm not doing anything illegal. The women's pajamas in my cart might have as well been another pair of shoes.

Nonetheless, after having paid at the register, the thrill of having bought my own clothes - and shoes - was incredible.

Later on, I bought some other stuff - all in stores. If the salesgirls guessed it was for me, none of them said anything. Even when I returned some of my purchases. The thrill of the first time was gone, naturally, but it still felt nice to buy women's things.