Thursday, January 20, 2011


I want to talk about 'hot buttons' - the little things that can get us turned on sexually - sometimes with no apparent sense.

But before I do?  Let me say that I am lost by what is going on administratively.  First of all, I lost all of my "comments".  But that may have been my own fault.  On the other hand though, I seem to have lost all of my 'followers' and 'friends' - can anyone think of a way I can get them back?

But anyway.  I have many, MANY, hot buttons.  Even now when I don't write about them any more I still ejoy thinking of them.  Remember the 50's?  Lucy showed us what REAL women wore - while Joan Crawford showed us what dominating women wore.  But Lucy?  Those APRONS!  Soft and full and completely feminine!

I always had a soft spot for aprons but until she had her TV  show I'd never dreamed of anything that pretty.  When I started writing?  The main plot usually comprised of a woman discovering that she was stronger than her spouse.  It might start off as a joke, but she'd discover the kick she'd get out of feminizing her husband.  What could be less sensible than having him wear an apron to protect his clothes?  It was SO reasonable.  But all those frills and furbelows?  The poor male would blush pick helplessly at the filmy garments he was now wearing - and pretend to grin as his wife joking (of course) would start to doubt his masculinity.

The introduction of the 'Lucy' style apron was tremendous.  Not really functional of course - but what male could ever argue against his wife having one - huh?  It was such a reasonable request his wife made - wasn't it?  Wasn't too long before she'd try to convince him that he really WAS  a man -but by dressing him up so that he's finally get the strength to fight her.  And the poor little weakling got more and more feminine.

As I said, I always had lots of hot buttons.  I'll get back on that subject - believe me!


housemaid said...

Hot buttons - yes, indeed we all have them, don't we? And, for a surpisingly large number of us, one of the main ones is a sweet frilly apron. It is definitely one of my favourites especially when coupled with a smart, everyday housemaid's uniform.
I wonder how many fellow apron lovers find, as I do, that a proper maid's uniform pushes all our buttons all at once? I know many of your readers enjoy wearing those frilly, french maid outfits with short skirts and masses of petticoats. But that's not for me.
So, here's a questions for you and your readers: 1) How many readers prefer smart, practical uniforms to the french maid look?

maid_ana said...

Well, I am one of them my dear. I preffer a classic and practical maid uniform wirh a white apron and cap. As well i love victorian aprons maid uniforms.

Bea's TV Station said...

Finally! Getting different responses!

I love all types of aprons perhaps - but think it depends on the domme who is 'working' on me.

If it's my suburban wife who has never had a maid in her life? Then the frilly, impractical one would make more sense. Be more humiliating.

But, if it's a housekeeper? Now she'll want me to join the 'rest of the girls' - and so a working, practical apron would be the best choice. (Unless SHE wanted to humiliate me even further by having me wear ultra feminine aprons in front of the other girls as a punishment?)

Grannytranny said...

Everyone has their own unique hot spot. For me it is in my mind and nothing illustrates it better than the following passage:

'Before I knew it, she had jumped from her chair, came across the room, grabbed me, pulled me back with her, sat down with me face down over her knees, and was spanking me with a great deal of enthusiasm. I writhed, pleaded, cried, but nothing did any good. She administered about fifteen stinging slaps to my buttocks before she finished. By that time, I had stopped fighting her, and lay sobbing over her knees.

"You .. have .. been .. a .. very naughty girl" she panted, a little out of breath. "You know that, don't you?" I wasn't about to argue. "Yes mummy" I sniffled. "Well. You want to change. So let's go. I'll help you." she said, helping me back to my feet. Then she led me back to my room, where she pulled my pants and a shirt from the hangers. She turned to me with them in her hands. "If you put these on, it'll just waste mummy's time when she needs you." She turned to the closet and pulled out a plaid dress, full skirted "however" she continued "if you wore this over your undies, all you have to do is step out of it when mummy needs you - and you won't waste any of her time. And, if any of my customers do come, they'll just see a girl in a dress. They won't be thinking you're a man, will they? - Now what do you want to put on?"

I capitulated. "The dress, mummy" "Are you sure now?" She pressed. I hung my head. "Yes mummy"

"Don't see much sense in you changing every five minutes then, do you?" She continued, as she opened up the back of the dress "I think that if you have to wear these silly men's clothes, you can wear them at night, because I think that they just confuse you - right?" I nodded. "Be a good girl then, and step into this" she said "I think you'll look nice in it. From tomorrow on, you can pick out your very own. Won't that be fun?" I stepped into the opened dress she was holding in front of me. She pulled the bodice up around my waist, then helped my arms in through the little puffy sleeves, then started fastening me in. I could literally feel what little vestiges of masculinity I had disappearing as I was imprisoned in the fabric. Finally, she closed the neck opening. "I said. Won't that be fun?" She repeated "Denise?" "Yes mummy". I agreed abjectly.'

I hope you recognise it Bea - after all you wrote it - it is a passage from The Two Dennys

The thought of a grown man having to call his mother-in-law 'mummy' trips me over the edge every time.
The humiliation and sissyness that runs through the whole scenario is more than I can bear.

At my age it will just remain a fantasy I'm sorry to say.

Love & Hugs


Tammie said...

Well, I'm sure french maids outfits feel great, but I have three practical, maids uniforms I bought from uniform supply shops, and must say that I can literally feel my demeanor and psyche change to a more docile, fem and submissive level almost the momment I tie the apron strings into a perfect bow.

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