Sunday, January 9, 2011

Back again.  My apologies to my new followers - or friends - I haven't figured out how to thank them yet, other than thank them in a post - well this's always something I guess.
Teresa nicely gave me permission to show off a cartoon by Dave Bishop - that she paid for.  She's the domme at - a place that I would have frequented years ago before I started taking the meds that practically eliminated my sex drive.  Anyway?  It looks bloody interesting!  (I'm not showing that cartoon today  - want to get Dave's serial out of the way first.  I still think he does great work!)

Theresa?  If you come back and are reading this?  I'm going to try and advertise you.
Always wished that I could draw!

I haven't got much of an audience yet so feel very much like a lonely voice yelling in the wilderness - but as I love to cook, I feel that I should tell you about  It has super recipes - and what they do?  They throw the occasional photo in there to show you what's going on.  They have a recipe - Sea Scallops and pureed asparagus?  Bloody GOOD!   Until a few weeks ago. I was printing out their recipes - paper all over the place - stuck in other cookbooks etc.  But then I had my house 'wirelessed' - if that's the right term.  Now I just take a Notebook into the kitchen - and Voila!  No more paper.  If you're proud of a recippe?  Send it in here for comment!

From what I gather about blogs, mega tags are very necessary.  As I'm about as technical as a brick wall I'm trying to teach myself html so that I don't screw everything up.  Can anybody recommend a good tutorial URL?

Movies?  There's a Spanish film called "La Belle Epoche"  I think it's spelled that way.  If you are into male maids - and feminine domination, there's a sequence in that film that will figuratively knock you on your ass - well at least your back!

But that's about all I can think of to say today.  I THINK I'm getting some new readers - a few - but would like them to join in.  I won't bite - promise!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bea

Keep at it girl - it will grow

Love & Hugs


Bea's TV Station said...

Thanks Luv.

I hope you come back and visit sometime!



Anonymous said...

Hi Bea,,
I have read many of your stories from fictionmania and your old website. I too am a long time cd. I wrote some stories about 20 years ago for Echo Productions under the name of Karen Jensen. They aren't nearly as good as yours, but were cathartic for me.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you how happy I am that you have a new presence on the web. I intend to follow your blog.

little_giselle said...

How do you avoid getting asparagus all over the computer?

I have a breakfast recipe I love (that probably no one else will) - one cup old-fashioned oatmeal, one cup water and 3/4 cup orange juice. Bring OJ & water to boil, then add dry oatmeal. Add fresh ground cinnamon. That's it. It's too simple to actually call it a recipe.

whyguys said...

Another superlative cartoon frame from Dave Bishop. Gads, wish I had such talent.

Really appreciate the statement it makes that it is the male who has access to choose only from soft pastel shades of 'pink' and 'lavender'. There shall be NO more of this 'BLUE is for BOYS' and 'PINK is for GIRLS' in Today's Woman's World!

Bea, also loved that party scene with dominant Lesbian Violeta and deserter Fernando in 'Belle Epoque'. Found it interesting that of ALL four daughters with which he slept, it was SHE whom he went to the father to offer to marry.