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Introduction and a short story

Hi everyone,

Bea has invited me to become a contributor to her blog, despite my constant objections that beside a couple of short stories, I really don't have anything to contribute. In terms of the greater issues of the TG/TV reality. Bea insisted, however, so here we are.

Bea has posted a lot of my short bits in the past, so I figured I'd do the same. Until I can come up with something better.

Hugs to all,


The Queen, the King and the King’s Aide

“The King will see you shortly,” said the girl at the reception desk. The wait gave me time to admire her dress – it was most definitely made of pure silk, in a pale shade of purple. The fabric of her sleeves seemed to dance around her arms and when she got up to let me through the door, I saw there was a flounce to its skirts, as if she was wearing a petticoat.
This was just another sign of the Queen’s influence in the Royal Court. Immediately after our King Philip married Princess Gertrude of the house of Bergen and made her his queen, she started transforming the court. Transforming might be too mild an expression. With the help of her handmaiden (as she called her) Frieda, the giantess from the East (as we called her), she terrorized the whole court. Her idea of the Royal Court was very romantic, if this is the correct term. While the royal heads of today try to dress as much like the ordinary citizens as possible – and as far as I know don’t make attempts to influence the outfit of their staff, our new Queen wanted just the opposite. More and more of the staff were given a new style of uniforms – or were ordered to wear a uniform if they didn’t do so before. The serving staff now comprised of girls in full skirted uniforms with starched petticoats underneath them and pageboys in short trousers and silk stockings. But it wasn’t just the staff that wore clothes more fitting to the 18th century. The queen herself wore an extravagantly rich, if not bouffant gown for her crowning. That, however, didn’t surprise us as much as when it turned out that she would be wearing gowns of similar style for the most of the time.
This time, however, she was wearing a men’s dark blue suit with a double breasted jacket. In fact, when I entered the hall and saw her from afar, standing by the throne, I thought it was the King. The nearer I got, the more I thought that the King looked different – bigger somehow, perhaps taller, and more powerful. I put it down to the padded shoulders of his jacket until I realized it was actually the Queen.
“Your majesty,” I said as I bowed deeply before her – another custom she introduced at the court, “I was told that the King would see me.”
“And he will,” she said – then sat on the throne and put the King’s crown on her head. I was abhorred by such audacity, yet I had little choice but to kneel before her.
“My King,” I said humbly.
“You may rise, Robert,” she said, “You are one of the first to know. This evening I will be crowned as King Gerhardt.”
“What about King Philip?” I asked, “The land can’t have two kings.”
“King Philip is no more,” she said bluntly.
The words pierced me like a spear – I had been the King’s aide for years and though we weren’t as close as before the royal wedding, hearing of his demise was a terrible shock to me.
“My sincerest condolences,” I said, fighting my tears.
“Oh, he’s not passed away,” she said, “Let’s just say that he has abdicated his position in my favor. He is still very much with us. In fact – “she clapped her arms twice, “Darling!”
A door behind the throne opened and a lady, dressed in a very flamboyant gown, even by Queen Gertrude’s standards. I looked at her in puzzlement until I recognized the face of King Philip under the makeup, framed by masses of blonde curls. Although he was smiling, I could see his eyes brimming with tears. Not knowing what else to do, I bowed down before him.
“My queen,” I said.
“No, no, no!” Queen – I mean King Gerhardt stopped me, “Melissa is not the queen. Being the queen implies having a certain power, of which Melissa here has none. For now I call her the royal wife. You may address her as ‘madam’, I suppose.”
“Madam,” I said and bowed down again – though not as deep as before.
“You must be wondering what is going on,” she said, then continued without waiting for me to answer, “You see I came to this country hoping to become a queen to a powerful King. While in most monarchies the royal families are reduced to mere figureheads, in this land the king still held the reins of power. However, King Philip had no desire to keep them, as I have learned to my regret. Instead of taking firm action when it was needed, he talked about the will of the people and the acts of the parliament while the country slowly crumbled and decayed. I tried to convince him the country needed a firm leader and when he wouldn’t listen to me, I asked him to give me the power to act on his behalf. This he refused more vehemently than anything else. As long as there is a King, no one can rule but him, he would say, which made me realize I would have to become the King, not the Queen. Did you know that there is an article in your constitution which says that the Queen may challenge the King to a feat of strength? And that if she wins, she has the King at her mercy?”
“I wasn’t aware of that,” I said – then remembered something.
“If it really is in the constitution,” I said, “Then the feat of strength surely must have take place before the High Judge, at the court of justice.”
“There isn’t any article like that,” she said, “But that didn’t stop King Philip from believing me. We had a little informal feat of strength last night, for a selected audience, which saw quite clearly that I was perfectly able to repeatedly defeat him in all of the events. In the end, I convinced him it would be less humiliating to just get it over with now and abdicate the throne to me there and then, then to suffer the indignity of being pinned down on the ground by his wife in a wrestling match that the whole kingdom would see.”
“That is a coup d’état,” I said, shocked.
“Is it really? The King had voluntarily abdicated and thus thrown himself at my mercy,” she said, “I may have spoken misleadingly about the content of the constitution, but who should know the constitution better than the King?”
I looked at the former King Philip – for a moment our eyes met and as if to apologize for falling so stupidly in his trap, it was him that looked at the floor, not me.
“Read this document, please,” she said, handing me a piece of formally stamped paper, “I don’t want you to think I’m pulling the same trick on you.”
I quickly scanned the paper – above the official seal it stated that King Philip has abdicated his throne and legally changed his name to Melissa von Bergen.
“Which brings me to the question of what shall we do with you,” she said, “You were the King’s aide, but this position has been terminated. However, the court would like you to retain your services – if you are interested, of course.”
“I would be honored to,” I answered.
“I understand that you and the former king, now the royal wife had developed quite a close relationship,” she said, “And while there is no position of an aide to the royal wife, you could become the royal wife’s companion.”
“Companion, your majesty?” I asked.
“To be honest, you would be her handmaiden to all intents and purposes, but maybe that is an outdated term.”
“Handmaiden?” I repeated after her.
“More or less,” she said, “But I do need to warn you that your immediate superior will be the new head of the Royal Court staff, Frieda.”
On that cue, Frieda, wearing a pantsuit instead of her usual style of gowns, entered the room, accompanied by six maids. She bowed before the King, but completely ignored both the royal wife and me. The maids bowed deeply before the King, then curtsied to the royal wife, and then to me. It was then that I realized that they all were the pageboys from the serving staff, except that they were wearing the girls’ uniforms.
The thought of having to work for that woman sent shivers down my spine. Even before, when she had no formal power, I found her nothing less of intimidating. Being her official subordinate didn’t seem to be a very fortunate prospect.
“If I were to accept the position,” I began warily, “Would I have to wear…” I paused for a moment, before I could bring myself to finally say it, “dresses?”
“That’s up to Frieda, really,” the King replied, “But if you work as a handmaiden, it would be expected that you dress like one as well.”
“I see,” I said slowly, “With no disrespect or ungratefulness, but what would happen should I refuse your offer?”
“Then I would remind you that you are bound to serve the court until your contract is terminated by the King,” she said, a little less pleasantly, “There is always room for another maid.”
I thought for a second, though it was obvious there wasn’t anything to think about.
“I humbly accept the position of the royal wife’s companion,” I said with a trembling voice.
“I am sure the royal wife appreciates your loyalty,” the King said, “But before I give you over to Frieda, there’s one last formality of your name to be dealt with. What shall we do about your name?”
“My name, your majesty?” I said.
“Perhaps ‘Roberta’ will remind you too much of your former position,” she said, “So I thought ‘Priscilla’ would be a goon choice for you. What to you think? Any objections?”
I stared, with my mouth agape, and then slowly shook my head.
“No, your majesty,” I said.
“Splendid,” she said, and handed me another officially sealed document. This one stated that my given name was now Priscilla.
“We’re done here,” the King said, then turned to Frieda, “She’s all yours.”
“What are you waiting for, silly girl?” Frieda barked at me when I failed to follow her maids out of the room, “Get a move on! I need to make you presentable for the crowning ceremony.”

A Wee Bit More

Okay - I know I said I was gonna merge the stuff on this daft story already - but had the following in mind.  Didn't join everything though - I have the feeling that I've left an opening for what might happen at the soiree I mention?  Might get interesting.

BTW?  Don't be scared of duplicating somebody else's pieces - may give us something to talk about.

Hope that you enjoy this.

  Miss Savage:
I couldn't help but see how helpless Jackie had become - and saw that Pamela (the class hussy) seemed to have taken our poor little male over.  That gave me an idea.  Didn't do anything but mull it over in my head to make sure I had it right.  Then I excused myself and went to make sure that headmistress could see me - didn't want any time made available to my sweet little boy - wanted events to sort of 'overcome' him?  When I found that Miss Strang was available, I immediately made an appointment for fifteen minutes later.

Miss Strang:
I must admit to some surprise when Miss Savage appeared in my office with that new boy.  "Oh DEAR! " I thought to myself.  "Is he raising more trouble?"  But then I saw the gleam in Miss Savage's eyes, and I had them sit down, wondering what might be going on.  "May I be of some help? I asked pleasantly.

Jack Swanson:
I had NO idea what Miss Savage wanted from me.  She just seemed pleasant enough and chatted about trivialities as she led me to the headmistress's office.  I wasn't flummoxed for very long though after we sat down.
"I realize"  Miss Savage started "that this young man may feel that I have 'something' against him - or even the male sex?"  She blinked at me.
"Oh no ma'am."  I gulped.
"Wonderful!"  She continued.  "It has just dawned on me, how wonderful a chance to teach my young ladies something about real life I have, with a young male in my class."
"How so?" Miss Strang asked, sitting down herself, just across from us.

"Well?  I mean no disrespect of course."  Miss Savage said sweetly.  "But my girls are NOT very prepared for real life.  Once they graduate from here, they find out that men control a great deal of society - and?  To be perfectly honest, it takes my young ladies a long time to learn how to fit into a world where men are king." She smiled sweetly at me.  "But seeing YOU now?  It gives me what I thought would be a great idea!"

"But I don't understand dear?"  Miss Strang interrupted.  "You know very well that I think highly of your ideas.  I've never questioned you before.  Why should I do so now?"

Miss Savage explained.  "Well?  I know that this young man has certain doubts about me, and my way of thinking. I'm sure that he considers you above reproach - so I thought it a wonderful idea to bring the three of us together - and if he has any misgivings, I'm sure he won't hesitate to tell you.

I'd had a bad feeling during this whole episode.  I heard the bullshit Miss Savage was spouting.  ME?  Bitch about one of her ideas - in front of Miss STRANG?   I couldn't help but snigger under my breath as Miss Strang nodded in agreement.  Thank God neither of them heard me.  Miss Savage continued.

"It's quite simple actually.  What I'd like to do is 'split' my class into two.  One of the groups will be males both outside and inside the classroom.  The other group will be female.  I'd want HIM to critique the ones acting as male.  Let them know where they've gone overboard - or did more than the normal male."

This didn't sound TOO awful to me, and I felt a surge of relief.  That didn't get a chance to last too long.

"Sounds wonderful to me"  Said Miss Strang. "I think it an excellent idea.  Don't you agree young man?" she asked me.

I shrugged.  "Can't see anything wrong."

"But I'm still confused."  Miss Strang said.  "I still can't see why you brought this young man to sound out a perfectly sound idea?"

Miss Savage looked confused.  "I'm sorry to have bothered you headmistress - but I really thought he'd complain terribly. I had no idea that he would be this reasonable."

I started to get a dreadful sinking feeling.  "   .I....  I  ... I don't understand Miss Savage?"

Miss Savage looked a little discomfited.   "I'm SO sorry Jackie.  Didn't think you'd feel comfortable criticizing girls who are larger and physically stronger than yourself.  Wanted to make sure that Miss Strang also approved - because I don't want anyone to accuse me of being biased against the male sex."

Alarm bells went off in my head.  "But you WILL back me against the bigger girls, Miss Savage?"

She patted my arm." Of course, dear boy.  But outside of class?  I won't have much authority over them . . ."
"You're NOT implying that your girls would be unfair?  Surely NOT?"  Miss Strang interjected.
"Not really - but there may be one or two girls who don't always play by the rules?"  Miss Savage said.
"But surely that's easily solved?"  Miss Strang said thoughtfully.  "Jackie will simply tell you if any girls are mean to him?"
They both stared at me.
"I guess so."  I answered weakly.  Christ on a cross!  I was being put into a position as tattle tale?  My life would be a total misery!

But worse, far worse was to come.

"Aaah!"  Miss Savage sighed happily.  "I'm SO glad I asked for this meeting Miss Strang!  I definitely was puzzled by what I had in mind.  No offense to my young ladies that I designate as 'boys' - but I could see that some of them might take advantage outside of my class room.  Now I see a solution."

Miss Strang nodded encouragingly.

"Naturally?  I thought of having Jackie in amongst the 'boys'.  That way he'd be in closer contact.  But now I see it!  I'll put him in with the 'girls!"
"What?" I cried out.  "You CAN'T mean this, Miss Savage!"

She patted my arm again.  "But can't you see Jackie?  This way, you'll be amongst girls who are always at the receiving end of male macho behaviour.  You'll really see how it is.  And?  If you have any complaints about the boys?  I'm sure that the other girls will back you up!"
"But it's not FAIR!" I said, almost weeping.

Miss Strang glared at me now. "Well?  I must say that you didn't seem to object when Miss Savage indicated that she wanted some girls to basically change their personalities to become boyish?  But you feel it unfair that YOU be asked to change your behaviour pattern?  You are somebody SPECIAL?"
"No.  No.  No."  I tried.  "I'm not . ."
"Enough of this!"  Miss Strang said, looking at her watch.  "I have a meeting scheduled soon.  I think you have a most interesting experiment Miss Savage.  Please keep me informed!"

I was walking back along the corridor, when Miss Savage suddenly put her arm around my shoulders and pulled me in close to her.  "Doesn't this sound like FUN Jackie?"
I couldn't answer.

Mrs.  Swanson:
Sometimes I think that Jack has been put on this earth to do nothing but disturb my peace of mind.  I'd had a wonderful idea and wanted to spring it on him as a surprise.  He'd been moping around for days now and as I joined him in our apartment for lunch, his face was tripping him even more than normal. 

Naturally, I asked him what was the trouble, but for some reason, he always halted when Rose was serving us.  As she'd already approved my plans for that evening - and said that she would be more than happy to act as maid for a little soiree I had in mind, I didn't want him to find out about it yet so was quite happy to hear his complaints in a disjointed fashion.

I'll admit.  I was busy planning out the piano music I wanted to play that evening.  Some swing, some blues.  Nothing classical - just music that was decent for listening.  But Jack kept on interrupting me!  Something about some social experiment that Miss Savage had introduced that morning.  Finally, I lost patience!
"Jack!  For goodness sake!  Would you stop nattering and tell me what the matter is?  You are driving me nutty!"
Rose was tidying off the sideboard at the time, and smiled at my outburst.

Jack paled.  "Miss Savage has divided the class into boys and girls!"  Then he looked as if he's burst into tears!  "And she's made me a GIRL!"
I saw Rose shrug - but did feel that something was wrong.  "I can't say that I feel that this is right?  Not quite fair."  I said.
Jack gave me a watery smile.  "That's what I told her!" he said forcibly.  "But she feels that if she's asking a lot of girls to act like boys?  It's only fair that she asks one boy to act like a girl!"
That made me pause.  "Well dear?  That sounds reasonable.  After all . ."

He interrupted me. "A girl mom!  A GIRL!"
That got my dander up - I can tell you. I drew myself up.  "You find something wrong with girls?  How DARE you!"
He was close to tears.  "I didn't men to offend you mom.  I'm sorry - but . ."
"Well, it's nice you can apologize.   I wasn't going to tell you - but I've invited a number of your classmates for a little music and canapés this evening.  I think it's high time you started being more sociable.  Met your classmates in a more informal basis."

For some reason. I'll swear that my son got pale.  He gulped.  "You didn't ask the whole class?"
"Course not, silly!  Not enough room in here.  Just about ten or so."
"I've forgotten the names."  I admitted, but got Miss Savage's recommendations."
He got even paler.  "Don't remember?"
"No.  I'm sorry dear." Then I remembered.  "Pamela?  That seems to be a name I remember.  But you can introduce us all formally when they get here."

Rose smiled.  "I'm sure that I'll know them all - so that I can introduce them if necessary."
"You coming too?" - and I'll swear that my son wailed as he asked her.
"Of COURSE!" she said.  "Wouldn't miss it for the world!"

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Yeah, yeah, YEAH!

 Thank you Carie and Belinda for writing your additions to the story - bloody marvelous! - just what I wanted.
I didn't make any plans before, as I didn't know if anyone was gonna participate before, but I have another thought for a humiliation and if I wasn't so bloody lazy I'd add it right away.  As it is though, I'll mull it over - THEN?  What I'm gonna try and do is merge everything that we have so far into a more cogent narrative.

That will NOT end the story - more pieces will be up for grabs and I'll probably add them every few weeks (If I get any).  But?  For goodness sake - won't somebody else take a shot?

Another point.  I DID try to add comments to both of those additions.  What a ROYAL pain in the arse that is.  Don't know about anyone else - but I couldn't read those stupid characters worth a shit.  Gave up in disgust.

So?  Girls, CD's, Transvestite, Cissies?   - Whatever - keep those bits and pieces coming!



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Untitled Pt 3

I'm a little unsure as to how this process is supposed to work and it may be difficult for contributors to pick up on someone else's storyline/character(s) but taking my lead from Belinda's great start here's my contribution. I've taken up on Bea's idea that there are maids on campus serving the staff/pupils and this explores our hero's first encounter with one of them.


Jack’s first days at school had not gone as well as he would have wished and as if his first encounter with the formidable Miss Savage was not enough he now had that bossy boots Pamela and her henchwomen to contend with. They seemed hell bent on imposing themselves on him, why oh why couldn’t his mother have gotten a job in a school with a better male/female ratio. If there were any other boys in this school he hadn’t seen them yet. It was bad enough being in an all-female environment without these girls constantly referring to him as Jackie, hopefully it was only with Miss Savage, Pamela and her cronies. Luckily he had a free afternoon as there was cheerleader practice and he had made sure he avoided Pamela after class despite her best intentions to corner him. He made a quick escape and was brooding on this as he made his way home for what would thankfully be a quiet afternoon alone as his mother had classes and meetings well into the evening.

Opening the front door he let himself in and headed for the lounge, there might be some sport on the TV. He changed into basketball shorts and  had barely settled himself on the couch when he heard the distinct sound of heels on the hardwood floors.

“Shit” he thought to himself “thought Mom was in class there goes my afternoon TV.”

“You must be Master Jackie” he heard a voice say from behind.

Startled by the unfamiliar voice he jumped up and turned to see a tall well-built brunette dressed in a grey knee length maid’s dress, a frilled white pinafore and matching cap completed the uniform. Standing in black patent leather three inch heels she gave a small curtsy.

“Sorry to have startled you Master Jackie, I’m Rose, your maid.”

“Jack, my name is Jack” he said annoyed that everyone in this place seemed intent on feminising his name.

“Oh, I’m also Miss Savage’s maid and she referred to you as Jackie should I mention this to her later maybe she got it wrong” she said sweetly.

The last thing he wanted was another tongue lashing from Miss Savage and thought discretion the better part of valour.

“No Rose, Jackie is fine” he reluctantly conceded “and there’s no need to call me Master Jackie.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that Master Jackie I would be punished or worse if I didn’t, Miss Strang the principle is most strict in these matters, and one of my fellow maids just lost her job for a similar offence. That’s why I’m here earlier today usually there would be two of us for a house this size, there’s a lot to do and I’m sure Miss Savage or one of the other staff members may do a spot inspection and I will be in trouble if they find fault.”

This Miss Savage was well named, the poor girl was terrified and he could empathise having himself fallen foul of her. She really seemed anxious and she seemed friendly enough unlike the other females he encountered so far who were either scary like Miss Savage ,authoritarian like the principal Miss Strang or upper class bullies like Pamela and her entourage. Even though he had just met her he felt a kind of affinity with this put upon servant girl.

“No one will find fault Rose.  I can give you a hand if you like” he offered.

“That would be wonderful, I’d be so grateful, Miss Jackie” she said.

“Ahem, Rose ……. Miss Jackie?” he spluttered annoyed at the addition of Miss to his already feminised name.

“Sorry Master Jackie, it’s just that I’m so used to serving ladies it’s just force of habit, hope you’re not angry with me” she pleaded.

“No that’s fine, I understand” he said graciously, feeling the girl had enough of these people hassling her without him adding to it.

“We could start with the bedrooms” she suggested.

Start? he thought to himself, he had only intended maybe doing the dishes or loading  the washing machine, now he had gotten roped into something more. Although she was pretty though and he liked the way her breasts stretched against the fabric of her uniform. An hour or so in some pleasant company would be a welcome change to his recent experiences with the local female population. If he played his cards right maybe he’d have a shot with her at some stage.

He followed her upstairs and marvelled at the way her backside confined in its tight material gently swayed from side to side, her panty line stretched tightly against her ample buttocks.

“We can do the guest bedrooms first, they won’t take long as they haven’t been used, just a cursory dusting. I keep supplies in the small bedroom I won’t be a moment” she chirped.

He entered one of the guest bedrooms too wait for her and thought she was right this wouldn’t take long at all. A few minutes later she joined him carrying several items.

“Right where do we start” he said trying to sound enthusiastic.

“We’ll just do some light dusting and polishing but you’d better wear these Master Jackie, we can’t have you getting your clothes dirty” she replied.

She held out a similar apron and cap to the one she wore.

“Ah I don’t think so Rose” he blurted recoiling from the offered garments “it’s no bother if I get them a bit dirty.”

“I know Master Jackie but I will have to wash and iron them afterwards and as I said since my fellow maid was fired I already have so much work to do. Please it would mean so much to me”

“An apron and cap I would look ridiculous” he insisted.

“No you wouldn’t lots of men wear them, men on food counters, doctors in theatres, men in laboratories. Please, Master Jackie, as a favour to me … please, I’d be ever so grateful.” she pleaded.

He thought this really was a ridiculous request but there was no one was around and he might rack up a few bonus points with her, plus she did say she would be ever so grateful.

“Well ok” he relented “but not a word to anyone.”

“Of course” she agreed “just our little secret. Now let’s get you into your apron, hold out your arms.”

He held out his arms allowing her to place the garment over them and then she moved behind him.

“I’ll just tie it into a nice bow, I must show you at some stage how to do this yourself Master Jackie.”

Turning him around she made a few adjustments to the frilled shoulders of the apron and fluffed out the skirt until she was satisfied it fell correctly around his shorts.

“Doesn’t look too unlike a skirt” she said. “Now for your cap”

He was getting embarrassed and beginning to have second thoughts when she interrupted his thoughts.

“Is that really necessary?” he protested.

“Oh of course it is, it’s to protect our hair from the dust and grime and you really do have lovely hair, which reminds me I’d best tie it into a ponytail before we go any further. Make you look more presentable.”

He resented the word presentable but without giving him time to protest further she took a small hairbrush from her apron pocket and quickly brushed his shoulder length hair and tied into a ponytail at the top of his head holding it in place with a tight piece of elastic material. He squealed as she pulled his hair tight.

“Oh don’t be such a girl” she chided and placed the frilled cap on his head and fixing it in place with hair clips.

Again she stood back to view the finished article and not quite satisfied she began arranging his fringe.

“Much better” she announced, and finally satisfied with her work took  him by the hand led  him to a dresser mirror.

He was horrified. The effect of the apron and cap combined with his new hairstyle had undoubtedly altered his appearance highlighting feminine features which he had not noticed before. He raised his hands to tear off the cap but she anticipated this and caught his wrists quite firmly.

“You’re not going to go back on our agreement now, are you Master Jackie” she challenged him and then quickly softened her approach saying with an almost timid voice,

“I do really need your help…. please”

He dropped his hands and conceded,

“Oh all right then but let’s get started the sooner we finish the sooner I can get out of this.”

“That’s a good girl” she whispered

“What was that” he said unsure of what he thought he heard.

“I said that’s very good idea” she smiled sweetly.






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Untitled Pt 2

I will take a shot at writing an installment of the story.  I would like to introduce another character.  Her name is

Pamela White.   A tall athletic blond girl from an upper class home, that is one the students in some of Jack's classes.  She is quite lovely so Jack is a bit smitten.  Unfortunately for him,  Pamela likes to lord it over certain types of boys....


On his way to school, the second morning,  Jack was not looking forward to Miss Savage's class, that was for sure.  She certainly had a way of intimidating him, and seemed to enjoy it.   As he was going up the stairs to enter the school, he saw a group of girls, and noticed one in particular.  She was tall, with a hint of womanly development under her school uniform.  (All the young women at Stuyvesant wear white blouses, with plaid skirts just above the knee, and grey school blazers.)  It was that girl who first noticed him as well as he ascended the stairs.
"Look girls its Jackie,  Hi Jackie"
How he hated to be called that.  He was frowning, and now they were all coming towards him.  Four girls all his age with the tall blonde one in the lead.
"Going to Miss Savage's class,  Jackie?  I'm Pamela.  We are all in her class too."
She was right in front of him, standing an inch taller than him.  Grinning at him.  He frowned back..
"I prefer to be called Jack, if you don't mind."
She continued to grin at him.
"I thought that Miss Savage had settled that yesterday.  You didn't argue with her.  So.. are you going to insist that she call you Jack?"
She said Jack in a deep voice, and then she and the others giggled.  
Well he didn't want to incur that She-Devils wrath again, but he also didn't see why the whole school had to call him Jackie.
"That doesn't matter I want you and the others to call me Jack."
He was surprised by what happened next.  Pamela reached out and grabbed his ear and pulled on it, almost knocking him over.
"I don't think so Jackie.  WE all like jackie just fine, not so macho man, and you aren't a macho man are you jackie?"
"Oww  stop pulling on my ear,   don't touch me..  Stop!"
He realized he was whining, but it did hurt.  He probably should have pushed her back, but well He was sort of a couch potato and this girl was strong and she was bigger, and you weren't supposed to hit girls anyway.
She continued to pull, an evil grin on her face.
"Oh is Pammy hurting you Jackie... say Please stop Miss Pamela and I'll stop"
Her friends giggled joyfully.
He was fuming, and in a few minutes he would be back under Miss Savage's watchful eye, and acid tongue.
"Please stop Miss Pamela"..  he mumbled...
" Jackie.. I can't hear you...."  she sing songed
"Please stop Miss Pamela"  he practically shouted it.
"Ah that's better Jackie!"    She let go of his ear, and holding his cheeks with both hands gave him a kiss!
Blushing he lowered his head.  I need to get to class..i don't want to be late.  I will see you there..
But She wasn't quite done with him.  Holding his hands now.. holding him there, as her friends pressed around him.
"You see Jackie.  This is a girls school, and girls have the power here.   You need to be nice and polite.  Isn't that right ladies?"
Laughing they all agreed.  He continued to blush.. speechless.
"I need to get to class." he finally pleaded.
We are all in the same class jackie.   You can sit in the back with us.  We'll protect you if Miss Savage is mean."  She chuckled.
"Now here take my books, like a good boy."
She handed him her books, before he could say a word.  If he hadn't taken them, they might have fallen on the steps.
"You can be in our group today jackie..  We have our own table at lunch near the windows.  You can sit with us.  Get to know the girls.  You'll love us we are such fun!."
He wasn't sure about that at all.
"I thought the boys here probably sit together.  I was thinking....."
" I dont think they do jackie.   There are so few of them.   Anyway, we have chosen you.  You will be our friend.  You will like that.  Won't you?"
"Yes Miss Pamela."  Now why had he said that..His mind screamed no..but She was so bossy.  He had difficulties opposing bossy girls.  It was like she sensed it.  The way a cat senses the movement of the mouse as she plays with it.
He entered Miss Savages class with the girls, following Pamela.. so he could place her books on her desk.  As he did that,  she indicated the desk in front of her.  That was where she wanted him to sit.  One desk was as good as another so he did as she indicated.
Settling into his seat, he saw Miss Savage had noticed there entrance.  From the front of the room, She looked at him with a look that could only be described as a smirk.

Friday, January 18, 2013

A Wee Bit of Fun?

Some of you readers who have been with me since the beginning of this blog remember that I often talked of 'Hot  Buttons'?

Well, I was talking of things that I used to have.  Being pretty damn old and taking meds that discourage such sexual things?   I didn't have them any more. Then, a few mornings back?  Lo and behold!

But then I had another thought.  Suppose I started this off with my original idea - then let you readers see if I missed anything?  Maybe add your own?  Thought this might be fun.

I'll set the stage and a few of the characters.  Then?  I think I'd like segments only - and you can either use one of my characters?  Or bring in one of your own. Just use the same format.  

We can go on for a long time. If I get any responses, I'll keep it going and re-publish what we have fairly regularly.  If I get no or low response, I'll drop it.  Okay?

Approved authors?  Add as you will.  Others?  Write a segment and mail it to me as a Word attachment.  Either that or add it as a comment?  Whatever turns you on.  Okay?

There's all sorts of relationships here. Jack's relationship with a dithery mother - a stern housemistress - strong willed female teachers - classmates, maids. 
There's scads of possibilities.  Jack being asked to participate in a school play - band?  What will he have to do with restrooms?  Does he ever shop with - or for classmates?  How about Gym Class?

Anyway?  I Leave it to you for fill in.  

PLEASE? I'd love to get comments on this idea!

*     *     *

TITLE  (Any Ideas?)

HERO: Jack Swanson.
Fourteen year old.  Quite small and slight of build.

Gail Swanson:
His mother. She's a drama and music teacher.  Kinda feminine and dithery.

Miss Savage.
A Social Science teacher.  Does not care for the male sex.  Fairly large and athletic.

Miss Strang.
Principal of the school - Stuyvesant Academy for Young Ladies where Gail and Miss Savage teach,  She is also a part owner of the school,

Clean teacher homes.  Clean school house buildings.

Stuyvesant School for Young Ladies.
A fairly small school, where the students are, mostly, young women.  Most of the pupils stay in school dormitories, though some day student come to school from a nearby town.  There ARE a few male students, either because their mothers were graduates or, as in Jack's case - the children of teachers who also stay inside the school boundaries. There may also be a few male teachers but they are treated as if of no consequence

*     *     *



Just got me a BOY this year.  Seems to be a spindly little bastard.  I've met his mother.  She's quite pretty - and might be interesting.  Is the new teacher of Drama and Music.  I'd been told that the boy was coming  so introduced him to the class this morning.  Immediately saw some interest spark among the girls.  A real, LIVE, boy!  Could prove to be some fun, showing him up.

Oh grief!  Mom hasn't listened to me forever.  Her head is all filled with the idea that she now has landed a JOB!  On top of that, the school gives us a nice apartment, and even sends up our evening meals.  She doesn't seem to understand  that it's really strange for a boy to be in such a feminine environment.  It's not that I ever complained about how poor we were, she just seems to have it in her mind that we're next to being in heaven!  Money in the bank.  Nice living.  All of that shit!

I mean to say? By age group I'm probably the middle or lower third of all the regular pupils - but most of them tower over me! I've never pretended to be any kind of macho, but already I'm getting signs that some of the girls want some kind of macho behavior from me - then get auras of disappointment when I don't come through.  It's not MY fault!

Take my introduction into my Social Science class.  Here's this damn Amazon of a teacher, a Miss Savage, big and blonde.  Towers over everybody - yet wears high heels I noticed.  I never did a goddamn thing, yet I get the feeling that she doesn't like me at all.  She seems to think that I'm some kind of horny male, yet how can I tell her that she scares the hell out of me?

She has me stand up in front of everybody  "This is Jackie Swanson."  She says, all smiling and blinking her eyes.  "He is the daughter  . .no, no, I'm SO sorry," she murmurs as some of the girls start to giggle about me.  "Stop it ladies!  I'm just so used to girls in this class that I forget that there is a male sex."  She bares her teeth at me.  "You DO forgive me Jackie?".  She turns to the class again.  "He's the SON of Miss Swanson, your new Drama and Music teacher."

Here, I made my first mistake.  "Miss Savage?"
She turned and glared at me malevolently. "Get it into your head Jackie, that I don't like to be interrupted.  But this time?  What do you want?"

I gulped and could see that my fright had been noted.  "Miss Savage?"  My voice was getting tinier by the second.
She was getting louder.  "I asked you already!   WHAT?"
"Please Miss?  My name is Jack and . . ."
A cloyingly sweet expression crossed her face.  "What darling?  You don't like the way I say your name?"  The sarcasm simply dropped from her.  I felt like a rabbit in front of a snake, but although my teeth were chattering in fright I managed to stammer out.
"No Miss..  It's just like I don't really  ... really  . care for . .care for ..  being called Jackie. my name is Jack."

She blinked theatrically as she turned to the class.  "His name is Jack - J  A  C  K.  Yet he gets perturbed if I call him Jackie - a perfectly masculine soubriquet.  Now?  You take Jaqueline Kennedy - one of the greatest women ever provided by the United States of America.  Feminine beyond belief.  Yet, did SHE object to being called my a man's nickname?  Don't think so.   Yet?"  She turned back to me.  "YOU have a problem with that name?  Do you wish to complain formally?  Want to tell the headmistress of my terrible treatment How mean I'm being?"

"N . N . .No.  Ma'am" I stammered.
She gave me the falsest smile.  "Very good Jackie.  Now sit back down.  I know that you have to lower yourself to be in amongst a group of girls, but that's all that we have.  Now?  SIT DOWN - if you don't mind?"

Oh dear! Jack is a loving boy.  I just wish he would see things from MY point of view.  Surely he saw poverty at our door?  Surely he sees how wonderful it is for me to have a real, WELL PAYING job?   With lovely meals - and some maid service for a lovely house?

I'd thought and thought of how lovely it would be - and here, on the very first day, all he wants to do is complain about Ms. Savage calling him Jackie!  Right now, I'm sure I could think of worse names for him.

I mean to say!  I spoke to Ms Savage just an hour ago.  She feels that Jack has deluded himself to think along macho lines - and should be brought back into a more reasonable frame of mind.  PERFECTLY REASONABLE!

I saw the hurt on Jack's face when I told him that I agreed with Ms.  Savage.  But what's a mother to do?

Friday, January 11, 2013

Kammi's Serial



If an honest pole could be taken, the result would have shown an overwhelming increase in kissing in their town – women kissing men, women kissing another woman, and men kissing men. And they were all enjoying their new found freedom to express their emotions. The same pole would reveal that from a zero percentage to slightly thirty-one percent of men now were having their hair set in curlers, either by a wife, girlfriend, daughter, or even a son or by another male. Coincidentally, much the same number would admit to wearing pretty nighties to bed every night. An even larger number would say that they regularly did the laundry and ironing and some would even say they enjoyed it. But the greatest number on the chart would reveal that men in this town now considered themselves to be subservient to a woman, whether a boss at work or to their wives and girlfriends and again, many would agree that they liked it that way.
Yes, the revolution had begun and was moving swiftly to becoming a town that was 100% ruled by women. Concurrently, the happiness level, of both males and females greatly exceeded that of any town in America.
Lin Lu was ready to make a move toward her final goal, one that would be truly unbelievable.

Dryfuss Enterprises showed a steady growth of over 20% each year for the past ten years, an amazing feat in any business. Lin Lu credited this to her team and all her loyal employees. Quality control was at the top of the company’s goals. Sweet, mild Lin Lu would go berserk if she found a defect in any of her products and the responsible party, almost always a man, was chastised  in the cafeteria before all employees. A second offense resulted in dismissal. Granted, the defects were far less now than ever before which Lin Lu attributed to the increased number of boys enrolled in Home Ec in school where they learned to use a sewing machine, the backbone of the company.  There were even several boys in the high level embroidery department where they used their skills for the exclusive custom lines of bras and girdles.

The increased growth naturally necessitated an increase in the number of employees which in turn boosted the town’s economy with more housing, stores, and the service industry. Everybody knew that this newfound wealth, in a state with high unemployment and chronic financial problems, was all due to the success of Dryfuss and the CEO, Lin Lu. The town’s population had grown by 50% and the demographics told a very revealing story. Almost all of the new professional level positions were filled by women. The word was out all over the country, and abroad too, that well qualified female lawyers, doctors, engineers and MBA’s could find employment here whereas they were still pretty much shunned by the male dominated rest of the country. These women were all well educated, cultured, and, of course, in control of their lives. Before they were hired in any field or starting their own business, Dryfuss had, one way or another, control of the situation. The lesbian population increased significantly and was welcomed. Any family moving into town was carefully vetted to confirm that the wife was truly the head of the household and knew that the husband, if he choose to work, which was discouraged, would be in a low level job with little promise of rising much above that level. Janitors, bus drivers, laundry workers, waitresses, etc. were almost exclusively male and part time so that they could also attend to their work at home. All of this was carefully spelled out in the Newcomer’s Handbook which was sent to all prospective additions to the community. The head of the household – and it better be a female – signed the “pledge” which stipulated that they would always maintain their superior position at home and so would their daughters. While not spelled out, anyone with only a minimum of common sense could figure out that all boys would be in an inferior position at home, at school, and in their future employment. The picture album accompanying the handbook, with the aid of very carefully prepared captions left no doubt at all of what any prospective newcomer could expect if they moved to this unique town. Shots of a row of patrons sitting under hair dryers, some in dresses, some not, read “Men’s Night at the Beauty Parlor”. Another, the “Men’s Class”, showed a group of twenty people standing at ironing boards, iron in hand. A group of photos titled “A Day in the Life of a Househusband” showed men pushing carts in a supermarket, examining dresses in a clothing store, hanging the wash out on a clothes line, or serving in a restaurant wearing short skirts, aprons and cute little caps pinned to their hair. In contrast, a number of other pages were titled “Women in Charge” and showed pictures of well dressed and groomed women sitting at desks with their titles – president, CEO, owner, director, principal, etc. – prominently displayed. The police and fire chiefs appeared in their respective uniforms – both pink, of course.

Lin Lu now had both “capital” and “capitol” to proceed with her dream – establishing a school that would produce future leaders (female) and followers (male) to expand and continue the town she had created. An historian would label her a dictator, but would qualify the term by adding “benign”. She could control almost any aspect of life. And most surprising, very few people ever left this “queer” town, male or female. Most would describe their place of living as Utopia. There was not a single objection when Lin Lu had the town council take down the old, plain signs at the entrances to the town and replace them with large, somewhat ornate pink signs with mauve lettering that proclaimed “WELCOME TO ROSEVILLE, A FEMALE LED COMMUNITY”.

Lin Lu and Mildred had become close friends and met for lunch every week, always in the luxury of Dryfuss Enterprises’ executive dining room. Most times they were alone, but on occasion Lin Lu would introduce a team member or some new employee to their meetings. Mildred loved being a part of this enterprise as she learned of new products or ideas being considered. Lin Lu had included Rose to one of their luncheons. Lin Lu introduced her as her wife to Mildred’s shock. Lin Lu explained the whole arrangement with Rose and Bradley and how she had set up the mock wedding to Brad.

“And he’s your husband?” Mildred asked, trying to make sense of this peculiar situation.

“In name only. Here at work, he’s my employee. He does a very good in the spa and he loves his job. At home, he’s our maid and does a good job at that too, though at times he does need to be disciplined, like last night.”

“Can I ask what he did and how you punished him?” a very curious Mildred asked.

“He scorched my panties with the iron because he was not paying attention but he won’t do that again. I took away the television in the laundry room.”

“So that was his punishment?”

“No, not really. While Rose prefers to cane him when he needs to be corrected, I like to be more personal. I make him get naked and take him out on the porch. I put cuffs on him and attach the chain to a hook near the ceiling. That way he has to stand on his tippy toes. Depending on the severity of his offense, he will remain in that position for one minute up to five. I place a timer on the shelf that he can see. Then I give him a very loving massage.”

“You give him a massage?” a puzzled Mildred asked.

“Not a full massage, my dear. Just his balls, which are a mite tender. I just love to hold one in each hand and squeeze as hard as I can for the allotted time. Oh dear, does he squeal. I’m sure the neighbors must hear him. Poor dear has never made it to the full five minutes yet. He always passes out before that.”

“Oh my gosh, Lin Lu, that’s so cruel” Mildred said.

“It’s nothing compared to what my dear brother put me through, Mildred. You and I should have lunch together some day and I’ll tell you all the sordid details of my past, if you can handle it” Rose said softly.

Mildred saw the tears rolling down Rose’s cheeks.

“Yes, I’d love to have lunch with you Rose. It’s time we got to know each other better.”

The two hugged and Mildred took the initiative to kiss Rose on the lips after she had wiped her tears with her hankie.

The beginning and end of their lunches were always private. That was when Lin Lu and Mildred took a few minutes to be intimate. The long, passionate kisses at their first luncheon were repeated but had expanded to some light petting. Mildred loved holding Lin Lu’s small, firm breasts in her hands while Lin Lu developed a passion for Mildred’s buttocks. On one day, feeling particularly daring, Mildred did not wear a girdle, shocking for that time. She waited for Lin Lu’s reaction after her office door was closed and locked. The usual exploration of her ass by Lin Lu’s hands stopped suddenly. She broke off their kiss and looked at Mildred with eyes popping out of her head.

“What’s the matter, dear?” Mildred asked innocently.

“Nothing, my dear, absolutely nothing” Lin Lu replied with a smile and went back into their embrace and kiss.

Mildred felt Lin Lu’s hands again explore her bottom only now there was a lot of squeezing, and she liked it. She stiffened a little when she felt Lin Lu’s hand under her dress rubbing her panties. She let that continue until Lin Lu put her hand inside her panties and touched her bare skin.

“That’s enough” she whispered to Lin Lu.

“Why, my dear? What’s the difference between rubbing a wispy piece of silk and your smooth, warm skin?”

“But I know where you’re headed, you slant-eyed vixen” Mildred said and softly bit Lin Lu’s lip.

“Did you think I was going here?” Lin Lu said and in an action too fast for Mildred to stop, Lin Lu had her hand inside the front of Mildred’s panties and had put a finger into her very moist pussy.

“Oooh” Mildred purred, “damn you, that feels so good. Please honey, we can’t do this” she said but made no attempt to remove Lin Lu’s finger which was now moving in and out of Mildred’s love canal accompanied by Mildred’s sighs.

For perhaps the first time I her life, Mildred had lost control. She hugged Lin Lu tightly and pressed her lips tighter against Lin Lu’s. Nothing more was said until after Mildred’s body shaking climax when she felt herself almost melt into Lin Lu’s arms.

“Bitch” Mildred whispered into Lin Lu’s ear before reluctantly pulling away from her.

“Me a bitch? Who’s the whore that did not wear a girdle?”

“Well, I won’t let that happen again. Maybe I’ll wear two girdles next week.”

“Go ahead, I love a challenge” Lin Lu said with a smile on her face. “Let’s eat.”

Over a delicious quiche with white asparagus and the most delicious wine Mildred ever tasted, Lin Lu laid out her plan for a new school in Roseville. She had formed a special ad hoc committee to do an extensive study of this project. Local, state, and federal laws were scrutinized to make sure that what they planned was legal. Fortunately, the country had not yet got to the point of the “tyranny of the minority” which would raise its ugly head in future years. A proposal to replace the traditional yellow pencils with green ones would not have then created the outcry something as silly as this  would cause later. The courts still dealt only with real, life changing issues while trivial suits were thrown out quickly. The town charter was re-written to allow a private concern to build and administer a new public high school. There was considerable precedence for this elsewhere. The population explosion had resulted in crowding of all the schools and a new high school was badly needed. With Dryfuss Enterprises providing full funding for the building of a school, the town council had no hesitation allowing the project to go ahead.

“I have already acquired the land” Lin Lu said with great excitement. “Over 100 acres north of town bordered by the river. It is a beautiful site, Mildred. Can you imagine a state of the art building with big windows and plenty of outdoor walkways? A bright, cheery place that kids will love to go to. The teachers will be the best in the world and will turn out the best educated pupils in the world. No expense will be spared, now or in the future. There won’t be any interfering, self-serving school boards to interfere nor tight-fisted voters to limit funds. Would you like to be a part of this, Mildred my dear?”

“Me? What would my role be?”

“The school will be run by a board of trustees, controlled by me, of course, and I would like you to be the chairwoman. You have a master’s degree in education and you are an excellent, forward thinking organizer. I’ve kept close track of all you’ve been doing in town over the last few years and you deserve much of the credit for all the changes that have been made. Almost as much credit as me” she adding teasingly.

“Bitch! Remember, I’ve had to overcome a very, very conservative bunch of bible thumpers to reach my goals while all you had to do was snap your fingers and have your minions jump at your suggestions. But yes, you have been the unquestioned leader of  our little revolution, and I love you for that” Mildred said softly and placed her hand over Lin Lu’s. “My success could not have happened without yours.”

“So, does that mean you won’t wear a girdle next week – nor panties either?”

“You don’t give up, do you? Here, will this make you happy?” Mildred said as she reached under her dress, removed her panties over her garter belt and stockings and throw them in Lin Lu’s face.

“Very happy, my love” Lin Lu answered and licked the warm, damp gusset. “So, does this mean you accept my proposition? You Americans have such strange ways of expressing yourselves I am often confused as to what is a ‘yes’ and what is a ‘no’.”

“It’s a ’yes’, dammit, though I have no idea what I’m getting myself into.”

“You are getting yourself into the most fantastic project of your life, unless, of course, you agree to sleep with me which would really be the best experience of your life” Lin Lu said with a big smile on her face.

This suggestion of sleeping together was brought up by Lin Lu at almost all of their lunches but Mildred had laughed it off. She strongly believed in being faithful to Amos. But by letting Lin Lu bring her to orgasm today, had she violated that oath? She was not sure. And now there was the question of her loyalty to Agnes. Though they had not gone that far yet, Mildred knew it was only a matter of time before she was sleeping with Agnes and Amos with Leon. But that would only happen with Amos’ consent. Had her escapade with Lin Lu today made her unfaithful to both her husband and her best friend? Even though she had reached orgasm she did not consider this as adultery. And if she slept with Lin Lu was that different? She did not think so. It’s not like they could have intercourse. And if somehow Leon and Amos did sleep together and have sex, was that adultery? No, she rationalized, they were doing just the same as she was with Lin Lu and, hopefully, with Agnes. But she would draw the line at Amos having sex with Agnes or herself with Leon. Now that was indeed adultery. Oh dear, she thought, life is getting so complicated in this new world order.

“Maybe someday” Mildred answered, “but for now, let’s hear more about this school and what my role would be.”

“In a nutshell, I hope to make this the very best secondary school in the country, bar none. The building will be like no other school with a very heavy feminine emphasis on the decoration. Girls will love the soft, pastel colors but it may take the boys a little longer to accept the décor. I have a designer from Paris preparing the plans for that. Needless to say, the school will be run by women, from the board of trustees to the teaching staff. The only men involved will be the janitors.  Do not think of this as some frivolous pursuit of mine. The pupils will work very hard and we will maintain tight discipline. It will be modeled after the great British “public” schools, though with a modern touch.  I do not plan to make it a boarding school, at least not yet. It will be a six year secondary school and I expect that close to 100% of graduates to go on to legitimate, high level universities. Sorry, but so called “beauty colleges” do not qualify. There will be uniforms, of course, and again I have reached out to a wonderful French lady to design them. Aside from the board you will chair, the most important person will be the headmistress. Preliminary interviews have already taken place and I have narrowed down the selection to three British ladies and will begin personal interviews next week. I would love to have you present for them. The headmistress will be a member of the board of trustees. I expect that you two will develop an intimate relationship over time.”

“Does that mean you want me to attend meetings without wearing a girdle?”

‘You are incorrigible, Mrs. Reynolds. I was not suggesting a sexual relationship, though you are certainly free to pursue one if you wish, on your own time. But remember, as an English headmistress she will be experienced in administering corporal punishment. Considering your naughty behavior of late, you very well may  be the first person in Roseville to learn up close and personal the meaning of “six of the best”. And I will be sure to attend the event.”

“Me naughty? Hell, you’re the one who just raped me, you bitch.”

“My, my Mrs. Reynolds, your language today is totally unacceptable. Perhaps a little mouth washing is in order, which I can arrange very easily. And if you think that I raped you, I would have to defend myself with ‘But the bitch loved it, your honor’. Right?”

“I am not ready to make a final decision on whether it was rape or not. I might need to have the crime re-enacted before I decide” Mildred countered and gave Lin Lu a big smile.

Lin Lu returned the smile as both women stood up and embraced. With no panties in the way, she wasted no time getting her finger inside Mildred’s pussy and Mildred wasted no time reaching a climax.

“Wow! Guess the verdict is not guilty, my love” Mildred exclaimed after getting her breath back.

“See you next week, hon” Lin Lu said as she unlocked and opened the door to her office to let a beaming Mildred out.