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A "What If" and the Last Part of the Current Serial.

What if?  You and your wife are always short of money - so she decides to go out and work for a living.  Starts her own business - and is immediately successful.  She makes so much money that you find that you can retire to your home and take life easy.  She doesn't have a problem with this at first - but you become a real slob so she hires a young lady to run the house.  This lady gets tries nicely to get you to behave but gets disgusted with your behavior and starts to lean on you for assistance in doing housework - but you are still too lazy.  One day, in a fit of temper she spanks you.

That night she offers her resignation to your wife and explains what had happened.  Your wife simply shrugs.  "I don't have a problem with that."  She turns to you.  "Do you?"

Oh.  The library of what books I now have for sale at Smashwords is better than anything I can do - the only problem is that I can't find a way to let readers of this blog access the bloody thing.  Once I do, I'll put some sort of discount on it, strictly for the readers of this page.  Bear with me, I'm a total idiot when it comes to technical BS and it seems to be difficult to have their customer support answer any questions.  But now?  Here's the last part of the current serial.

Taken Over

Part 6

My dreamlike fantasy was quietly shattered. "Girls?" Susan's soft voice came from nowhere. "A kiss – a nice romantic kiss?  On the lips?  Might be appreciated, don't you think?"
My eyes felt heavy and I looked at Alice.  She looked different too, but her lips pouted invitingly and I kissed her.  Then her tongue was probing my mouth.  And then mine was probing hers.
"No No NO!" Susan was meddling.  "Pamela?  You're the girl in this set!  Behave!"
Chastened, I withdrew, and found Alice's tongue back in my mouth again.
"That's it Alice!" Susan said encouragingly.  "Got to teach Pamela to be the receptacle – to be the submissive one in a relationship with another girl  And Pamela?  Arms around her neck now!  Let your new body be a playground for Alice.  There!  That's a girl!"
I could feel Susan wordlessly taking a hold of Alice's hands and placing them on various parts of my body – on the outside of my blouse or skirt of course.  "Your breasts feel SO real!" Alice whispered as she openly fondled me.  "and so beautifully soft".  Then,   "I'd never realized what a nice set of buns you have," she giggled, cupping my buttocks in her hands, her fingers probing gently up into my back passage a little.  Then, "Or what lovely soft arms you have,"  and she softly stroked the underside of my biceps with her own soft hands.

I simply floated around the floor my sexuality at an all time high – except I could not get an erection! But as my body undulated up against Alice, all I wanted to do was give  - but  with my arms basically out of action as it were, all I could do was receive  - which I knew was Susan's intention for me.  I started mewling with desire.

"Oh Oh!  Tome for a break girls!  Can't be getting Pamela over excited, can we  Alice?"
Alice grinned.  "Can't be getting HER excited?  You don't care about ME, huh?"
Susan came over and gave her a kiss – right on the lips. "You know I care sweetheart.  But I have to get Pamela trained as quickly as I can – and you're the best one for the job,  Right?  So just bear with me.  Why don't you strip down to your undies."  She turned to me.  "You too Pamela.  Skirt and blouse off please."

She was pleasant enough about it and, though I was embarrassed about undressing down to my lingerie in front of Alice, she seemed to have no qualms about it and was already stripping.
"Glad I had you do this.  See Alice?  See how shy Pamela is at undressing in front of you?"  She then turned to me.  "Men don't like walking about in their undies in front of other men – unless it's sports related.  But girls don't mind.  So that's something You should get used to doing Pamela."
"Oh.  I see," I said and then was standing next to Alice, both of us down to our slips.

She did a classic double take when she saw my front. Then she looked at Susan. "But Susan?  I thought Pamela was a guy – I mean – she's a girl!"
The reason for her confusion was obvious.  Our slips were fairly tight across our tummies and all I showed at the groin area was a small delicate mound – almost identical to Alice's.  Not the slightest trace of masculinity at all!
"Pamela won't mind if you put your hand on her womanliness, will you Pamela?" Susan said. "But gently Alice!"
"Don't listen to her Pamela,"  Alice said seriously.  "If you don't want me to touch you there, I won't."
"Oh, It's all right Alice," I said shyly.  "I don't think I can feel anything down there anyway."
She looked at me askance, but keeping her fingers strait, made a sort of cup with her hand, then laid it gently on my mound.  "My goodness!" she said.  "It's like there's just material there!  Lovely and soft though."  Then she took her hand away.  Gave me a quick kiss.  It does feel nice Pamela.  Honest!"

Susan clapped her hands. "Glad we got that settled. Okay Pamela - the next thing you have to learn is makeup.  I want you and Alice to spend the next hour together, with her showing you how to do it – and some of the tips and secrets she knows.  I'll pop in and see how you're doing every so often, but I'll try not to get in the way.  Bye!"  She didn't wait for a response, just gave us a tiny wave and was gone.  By the sounds I heard emanating from the kitchen later, I figured she was making dinner.

Alice was an excellent teacher.  Knew what she was talking about and had a wealth of experience  ("I was playing with my mom's makeup when I was SIX" she informed me proudly) behind her.  It wasn't just the application of the cosmetics she showed me – it was the technique, the attitude, if you will. By the end of our allotted time, I was applying makeup to my face as if I'd been doing it all my life.

"All right you two!" Susan said, coming back into the room after our time was up.  "Show and tell time!  Let's see what you've taught Pamela, Alice."
"She's been a very apt pupil Susan," Alice said.  "Okay Pamela.  Why don't you cream off what makeup you have on right now, then make up completely like I showed you?"
"I have a better idea Alice,"  Susan said.  "Could you squeeze in beside Pamela on that bench in front of the mirror?"
"Don't see why not," Alice asked.  "But why?"
"Want to see both my girls prettifying themselves for me.  What else?" Susan said with a laugh.

Again, I could feel the sexual tension build within me.  There we were, Alice and I, sitting side by side, our soft, womanly arms touching slightly – our satin slips sliding against each other at the hip – and the scents of the creams as we cleaned off our faces – and then the more seductive scent and feels of the cosmetics we applied, smiling at each other in the mirror as we gradually transformed ourselves into a pair of attractive young women.  But I could do nothing about it.  Knew that any sexual release I was going to get was from Miss Susan's permission – that was the only way.

When we finished we winked at each other in the mirror, then pivoted around to face her, our lipsticked mouths open and pouting to show the contrast to our white teeth as we smiled at our mistress seductively.  In return, she pouted her lips just as prettily and asked "Want a kiss, girls?"
"Oh yes, Susan," we chorused.
"Very well then.  Alice?  Take Pamela in your arms and kiss her – seriously!  Tongue.  Fondle her above and below.  A REAL kiss!"
"But?  Our makeup!" we wailed simultaneously.
"Just do as you're told!" she commanded, but her eyes were smiling.

By the time Alice had finished kissing me I was undulating up and down in a fever  - practically begging for release – though still constrained by the 'womanliness' that Susan had forced me to wear.  Though, on thinking about it?  If it had not been for that, I'd have been spurting all over the place a long time before – and far too spent for what was to come.  Don't think Alice was much better.  If that wasn't a lustful leer she was using on me, I don't know what it was.

"Okay girls.  Was that fun?  Time to re-do your faces.  Let me go and get your robes and we can have dinner," Susan said, then added "Just be a minute."
True to her word, she was back a few minutes later – but where I'd been expecting a robe – I wasn't prepared for the flimsy peignoirs she issued to us.  Filmy pink for me.  Light blue for Alice.
"You don't mind me giving you the masculine one, do you Alice," Susan asked.  "I just want Pamela to soak up all the femininity she can.  And while I'm thinking on that, why don't you tie each others ribbons – nice bows now."

Alice just smiled in response then tied my ribbons at the neck into a pretty bow, and I returned the favor.  Then, arms around each other's waists we followed Susan into the dining room, our peignoirs wafting about us in a most delightful fashion.

We had a nice meal – with a few glasses of wine to go along with it.  At Susan's suggestion, Alice and I sat side by side – and I'm afraid there was a lot of touchy-feely going on between us.  For the life of me I have no memory of what we actually ate.  Afterwards, Susan informed us that she was not in the habit of doing any kind of housework while there was a lazy couple of girls available but, not wanting us to take a chance of messing up our pretty clothes, would do all the clearing up this time.  Which left me and Alice on the sofa, necking up a storm and messing up our makeup again.  This time, Susan didn't seem to mind our mussed appearance when she returned.
"Okay Alice.  Think you could do something with Pamela's hair?"
"Put it up in rollers?  Something like that?" Alice responded.
"No.  Don't think so.   It's kinda late and I can see that Pamela's ready for bed.  Just prettify it up a little, eh? Then, maybe she can brush yours for a while.  Sound good?  But first of all, why don't we change into our jammies?"

My nightdress matched my peignoir – a lovely thing.  I noticed something after I took off the clothes I had and put it on.  Up until then, I'd been enjoying what had been happening to me simply because Susan wanted me that way and I got a great deal of satisfaction in submitting to her and doing what she wanted.  But as I felt the silkiness of the nightgown cascade down over my smooth body, it dawned on me that Susan's program for me was working – I was beginning to like the sense of being a woman – the fabrics, the scents, the sheer delight in being pampered – and the delight in seeing a pretty woman emerge from what had been nondescriptly male.  Put my peignoir back on over my gown – and delighted in it.

It was amazing what Alice did to my hair with nothing but a brush, comb, styling  gel, mousse and a curling iron.  If the clothes and makeup had decidedly made me womanish before, there was no question after she had finished.  I think that Susan was even more impressed than I was.  She had changed into a pair of navy blue silk pajamas and a warm maroon robe.  She did NOT look masculine, far from it – but she was the alpha male amongst us – there was no question about that.

Again?  How can a male say that he feels comfortable standing, fully made up and scented, dressed in the ultimate femininity of silken nightdress and  peignoir, while languidly brushing a pretty girl's hair?  While another beautiful woman lounges on a bed besides us and chats?  Chats about many things?  Susan had led me into this feminine world gradually – and truthfully?  I had no objection to what had transpired.  Just stood there, happily brushing Alice's hair with long, sweeping, strokes, while she sighed contentedly.

It may have also been the wine – I certainly don't know.  But I joined the other two, giggling and laughing, as we divested ourselves of our robes and peignoirs and dived into Susan's king-size bed.  She in the middle and Alice and I flanking her.  It wasn't too long before the fooling around began.

Hey!  Fooling around isn't the most adult term in the world – but how else can you describe three females in one bed (And don't even think I wasn't ONE of them) playing kissy and touchy-poo with each other?  Somebody had switched off most of the lights but there was enough to see the sweat shining on brows – the wet touch of  sweaty palms or fingers – and the ODOR of sex?  The sounds of wet kisses.  The feeling of suckling a breast – and then being suckled?   Heaven!  At one time, I looked up from sucking at one of Susan's breasts and discovered that Alice was sucking on the other.  Saw also that as Susan fondled Alice with one hand – her other was busily pleasuring me.

And then?  Then, somehow, it was just me and Alice.  Susan kneeling above us, guiding us at – and into – each other.  Directing our lips and fingers until both of us were writhing, totally under Susan's command.  So, when we discovered vibrators in our hands, we knew what was wanted of us – though it first I assumed that I was to use it on myself, though soon discovered otherwise.
"See Pamela?  Last time you played with yourself.  This time?  Alice will be the one that gives you the pleasure, while you give her the same.  Now go ahead, both of you.  Don't be shy."

I found out later that Susan had been informed that a male could ejaculate – even if he did not have an erection – by massaging of his prostate.  It did happen, exactly that way. 

From my one experience with the vibrator before, I was more receptive to the gradual invasion of my body as Alice, giggling, gradually inserted it slowly into me while, at the same time, guiding my hand with its vibrator into herself, both of us letting sighs of gladness as we relaxed and felt the soothing – yet exciting - pulses enter deeper and deeper within us. While all the time, kissing and fondling each other and contorting our bodies into shapes that I would never have dreamed possible – all the while, encased in soft cocoons of silk and lace.

When Alice finally climbed on top, then straddled me, I thought I would burst. She was now working the vibrator in and out of me and panting, her brow shining with a gleam of sweat as she moved herself up and down on the wand I held.  Finally, she screamed and sat down hard on the vibrator in my hand shudders rampaging through her body, while ramming her own deep up inside me – and holding it there.  I let out a scream of my own as I imploded – at least, that was what it felt like.

And there was Susan, smiling down on me in the semi-darkness, her hand warm on my womanliness.  "Good girl! " she said.  "Came without an erection, didn't you!"
Dazed, I nodded.
"Did you like it?" Alice gasped, still shuddering.
"Don't know.  It was different," I answered.
"Oh, you'll get used to that!" Susan informed me.  "Now that I know that you can?  I'm going to get you lots more – just wait until you see all the pretty colors!"
Looking up into her shining eyes, I had the feeling that it was not the last time I'd ejaculate into a 'womanliness' device.

Later, Susan showed me how to remove the chiffon front and wash out the sheath that had been used to contain my penis – and collect my ejaculate, something like a condom.  She also showed me how to dry and powder it – then put it back on.  Then Alice and I creamed off our makeup and put on a little scented moisturizer – then brushed each others hair – then slid into bed beside Susan.

I was perfectly aware that the two of them started some caressing and fondling – kissing too – but didn't care, other than being a little jealous.  But sleep overcame me and down into slumberland I went.

It must have been the motion of the bed that awakened me.  Drowsily, I opened my eyes.  Susan was crouched up behind Alice and was riding her hard.  She saw that I was awake and smiled at me.  "Hi Pamela?  You don't mind, do you?  But as you know?  I do prefer girls to sissies.  I'm sorry, but that's the way it is.  And I was just SO worked up seeing you two have such a good time earlier, I couldn't help myself."
"Not  a Sissy!" I grumbled sleepily and stupidly.
"What a mean thing to say!"  Alice gasped still being pushed back and forward.  "Pamela's a girl now!  Aren't you Pammie?  And know what Susan?  I think she's jealous.  Maybe she wants you to do this to her!"

Susan stopped and smiled at me. "If this is what you want dear Pamela?  I'll do it – but not until we're married."
I started to protest at the very idea of allowing a woman to mount me, when what she said impacted.  It woke me up in a hurry.  "Marry me?"  I gasped.  "Oh Susan!  Honestly?"
"Of course.  Now just hold ON a minute.  Then we can talk, okay?"

Silly as it may seem, I sat there anxiously waiting for my wife to be to finish making love to another woman, so that she could assure me that yes, she was going to marry me.  Finally, they both gasped out, their bodies convulsed -  and my waiting was over.

Well, not quite.  I'd heard of dildos, naturally, but when Susan withdrew from Alice, I could only stare – it looked immense!  Susan saw my expression and read it correctly. "Oh dear, Pamela.  Don't look so frightened.  I have other, smaller ones.   They'll be much more pleasant for you to begin with."  Then she continued.  "Yes dear, I understand your instinctive reaction.  Just doesn't seem natural to you, does it?  That what's bothering you?"
Dumbly, I nodded.  She got out of bed then walked over to me, the thing dangling grotesquely in front of her.  Then she leaned over and kissed me.
"Darling?" she said.  "This thing is s reflection of MY sexuality."  She slid her hand under the covers and placed it on top of my approximation of a vagina. "This is yours!  Understand?"
I looked up at her and, strangely?  I did.  "I think so," I said.  "But?"
"Yes darling?"
"Would you be mad at me if I told you I don't want you to put that . . thing . . up inside me?" I asked tentatively.

She gave me another soft kiss. "Of course not, silly!  I've just been thinking that you need to be dominated – just like I need to dominate.  I'm also thinking that sooner or later, you'll come up with some sort of rationalization – and then you'll become – my receptacle.  But if I'm wrong?  There's always Alice."  She turned to Alice.
"Huh!"  Alice snorted.  "That's all I am to you? Somebody to give you quick release?"  But she was smiling.
"No way!  No quickies for me!" Susan countered – and the two of them laughed and kissed.

"But another thing?  I sort of – well – kinda -  thought you loved Alice?"  I stammered.
She sat down on the bed and gazed at me.  "Yes?  I do.  But what does that have to do with anything?"
"But you're marrying me?"
"Well I can't marry her, you silly!  For one thing same sex marriages are not legal in this State. For another . .?"  she paused.
"I'm married already." Alice said.
"You're what?"  I exclaimed.  "You're far too young!"
She had got out of bed too and was standing re-arranging her nightgown. "Yeah.  Just a couple of dumb kids just out of high school.  We split real quick, but I haven't got around to getting a divorce," she laughed.  "But?  If it's anything to you?  Susan's a better man in bed than he ever was.  She knows how to give a girl a good time.  You're lucky!"
I blushed. 

I wanted to speak about our wedding, but Susan was tired.  Came into bed beside me and put an arm around my shoulders.  "Time for sleep Pamela.  We'll talk about it some other time.  Have a few wrinkles to iron out first.  Okay?"
"But Susan dear . ."
"Go to SLEEP!"

The following day she refused to talk about it.  Sent Alice and I out shopping.  While we were out, I discovered that Susan was relatively well off –  I had worried about using her card to buy the outfits she demanded I get.  I was frightened of going into the department stores and boutiques at first, but it soon became obvious that all of the salesladies simply took Alice and I for two girlfriends shopping and pretty well left us alone.

I was exhausted by the time we'd finished – and kinda scared.  Knew from the amounts of skirts, blouses, sweaters, dresses, shoes and, of course, lingerie that I purchased,  that my days of dressing in male clothes were numbered – if not over completely.

Alice and I made dinner after we got home.  She left shortly after that – leaving me with the cleaning up to do.  Susan discounted my playful grumbling.  "Get used to it Pamela.  I cook occasionally and clean up if I'm in the proper frame of mind.  But from now on dear?  That's your job!" I couldn't help but feel a warm glow of happiness course through me.  Knew it would break my heart if this beautiful woman didn't marry me.  Went and gave her a kiss.  "Yes dear.  That's just the way it should be!" I said.

I slept with her again that night – but there was no sex involved.  The following morning was a work day – and she helped me get dressed for my first official day as an office girl.  A gray skirt with a pale pink cashmere sweater A gold barrette for my hair and subdued makeup.  Sensible beige shoes with a two inch heel and handbag to match.  She drove us both to work.

I was scared out of my mind, but once we got to the office I went and put my handbag in my desk, then went to make Susan's coffee.  I had been expecting a lot of mocking comments, but there weren't any.  Of course there were a few bemused glances at me, but nothing that I could claim was any kind of harassment.  I was shocked when Edna called me over when I was heading for my private restroom.  "Pamela?  I'm sorry.  But that's reserved for Susan now."
"Eh?  But what am I . ."
She gave me an arch look and simply flicked a forefinger towards the Ladies restroom.  Luckily, there was nobody there at that particular time – but when break time came, I did get a few questioning looks – but I knew I had been unconditionally accepted when I stood in line with the other girls and fixed my lipstick as they were doing theirs.

That evening, Susan dropped me off at Clarice's – and left me to the tender mercies of May.   There, I had my ears pierced and my hair styled and set.  She wasn't as nice to me as the girls in the office but when she'd finished, I looked even more like a girl.  Susan picked me up afterwards and drove me home.  Once I put on my apron to make dinner, she said.  "Pamela?  Here's a present for you."
It was a medium sized box wrapped prettily and tied with, naturally, a pink ribbon.  "Oh, thank you Susan!" I squealed and opened it.  Then, couldn't help it, said "Ugh!"

Susan laughed.  "Oh, come ON!  It's just a dildo!  Why don't you just put it in your apron pocket?  I'd like you to start getting used to them.  Just for me?"
Her request didn't seem all that bad, so I put it my pocket, just as she suggested.

After dinner, she had me sit on her lap and talked me into just sitting there and holding the ugly thing in my hands as we watched TV. When we started getting ready for bed she suggested that I give it a good night kiss.  I protested and refused, but she seemed so hurt by this that to placate her, I kissed the tip of the thing.  She was SO pleased!

For the next few nights, we went through the same routine although I suddenly found myself sitting on her knee sucking the thing like a lollypop.  I felt peculiar, naturally – but managed to convince myself that this was as far as it went.  As she didn't press for any further actions pertaining to it, I felt that I may have lost a battle – but won the war, so to speak.

One last hurdle remained – Aunt Ada.  I was petrified at the idea of meeting with her face to face but, as she'd been off on a business trip had managed to avoid even thinking about it.  On her first night back though, Susan called her up and asked if we could drop by – we'd something important to discuss.  Ada said she'd be glad to see us.

It was a warm night and I wore my prettiest floral sundress at Susan's urging.  White strappy sandals and a handbag to match.  Hair neat, makeup perfect.  But my knees were knocking as we stood waiting for Ada to answer the door.

She didn't act in the least surprised.  Recognized me immediately.  "Come on in Susan.  You too, Danny."
"It's Pamela now, Ada"  Susan said.
"Makes sense I guess."  She came and gave me an air kiss.  "Hi Pamela.  You look just like your mother.  Never noticed it before."
"Thanks aunt Ada," I said, red in the face.

Over drinks, Susan explained to Ada.  "We want to get married Ada, but I wanted to be up front with you. I may allow Pamela to come into the office to help out now and then, but frankly?  I'd rather she stayed at home and looked after the housework.  On top of that?  I have certain psychological needs to dominate.  Pamela has needs to be dominated.  I also have a need to have sex with girls.  Whether or not Pamela will accept what I want – or enjoy it herself – remains to be seen.  But if necessary?  I'll take on a girl friend.  Just want you to know what will be happening up front."

Ada inhaled noisily. "Well?  I know that Pamela is crazy about you Susan – so what can I say?  If she'll marry you on that premise, who am I to object?  I just hope that you'll both be very happy.  Matter of fact, Pamela?  I don't know if you're aware of it?  But I have your grandmother's wedding dress – the one that your mother wore to her wedding.  It's in perfect shape – and definitely usable."
I looked from one to the other. "But Ada?  Mom was quite a bit smaller than Susan.  Won't it need a lot of alterations?"

The two women looked at each other – and burst out laughing!
"I was wondering?  Would you like to give her away?"  Susan asked Ada.

The end

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A Problem

Couldn't post yesterday - was trying from early morning, just couldn't.  Finally asked Tammie if he could - and he did.  Thanks Tammie.

I did want to make another couple of points.  I'm shutting down next month. Now?  If you haven't read the "Freebies" there?  I suggest that you might want to.  I'm gradually intending to move every one of my stories - free and otherwise - over to Lulu and Smashwords.  There - everything will be charged.  At the same time, the charge for stories currently for sale will be reduced drastically.  For the ones on sale, I currently charge $5 apiece.  On Lulu they will be either $3.99 for three or $2,99 for two.  The only problem there?  It's gonna take me a while to transfer.

Next?  I have no intention of reducing the price of anything on Lulu - I have to offer price reductions to everone who buys there - and I won't.  BUT?  I have every intention of offering a discount on Smashwords to readers of this page only - and the prices there will probably be even lower than on Lulu.  The only snag?  Damned if I can figure out how to access what's on sale - supposedly they'll be on sale to Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kindlem etc.  I'm just buggered if I know how to do it.

I do promise this though - the minute I find out, I'll print it out here.



What if, and part 5 of the serial

Title of post: A 'What If' and part 5 of the serial.

Those little 'What if's' seem to be raising a wee bit interest - so here's a short one for you - before the serial.

You're married for a while. Okay in bed, but that's all. Not very aggressive. You start to suffer from a nagging backache - not terrible - just a pain, that's all. Naturally, you complain about it a lot. One day, your wife approaches you with a Merry Widow corset - suggesting that it might help. You laugh - but are attracted to the idea. She has to help you put it on - and you get an erection that won't quit! She's quite taken with this - and you end up in bed. Later on, just after you've made love - she see's that your erection is back. Starts putting two and two together. You SAY that you want out of the corset - but it's laced up the back and she laughingly refuses to let you out. Suggests going back to bed? Matter of fact, is quite adamant about it. What do you do?

Okay. Time for the serial:


Part 5

Well, no – not really." I said, without stammering too much.

"Aw shucks! Alice used to come in here for a lot of things for the women up there. I was hoping we'd see more of you!" she said, and fluttered her eyelashes. "You mean they'll send another girl instead?"

"I guess it'll be me for a while," I admitted.

"Hey great! What's your name?" she asked.


Well, I'm May. Pleased to meet you" she said, holding her hand out.

Without thinking, I took it and shook hands.

"Hey! What's this?" she said when she saw my nail polish. "My, my!" and she pulled my hand up so's she could inspect my nails. Then she said, "Why don't you come and meet the rest of the girls, huh? Be a good idea for you to know them if you'll be coming in here a lot. Maybe you'll start getting your manicures done here?" Then, without letting go of my hand, she took me up the line, introducing me to the other operators and some of the customers – many of whom complimented me on my lovely nails: some even patting me on the backside and saying how cute I was.

It seemed to have become a routine for me. I'd meet a girl, woman, whatever – and be taken over within minutes. I started getting desperate – felt as if May was going to keep me there – just for the fun of humiliating me. "May? Susan wants me back at the office. Told me not to dawdle, and I've got another errand to run yet. So could you give me the depilatory she ordered - please?"

"Okay! If you're in such a rush to get away from here!" she pretended offense, but was smiling as she got me the package that had been made up for Susan. As I gave her the money to pay for it, she held my hand. "Don't forget us now, sweetie. Next time you want a manicure . ."

"Or a hairdo . ." a girl called out.

"Or a makeover?" "This from another.

"Don't forget us, okay?" May told me.

"I won't," I assured her.

"And? Don’t forget? You and the other girls that work for Susan? We'll always treat you right. Remember to tell them to call ahead for appointments. Okay?"

I nodded and she gave me a light kiss on the cheek. "Be seeing you then Danny. Bye!"

Buying the pink disposable lady razors posed no problems whatsoever and I left the drug store and hurried to the office. Took the purchases into Susan's office.

"Thank you Pamela," she said coldly. "Took you long enough! Didn't I suggest that you not dawdle? I don't know whether to be happy that you're taking so quickly to actually BEING a typical office girl, or discipline you the way I would a disobedient girl. What do you think?"

"Please Miss Susan? Clarice wasn't in her shop and a girl wanted to introduce me around to the others – and . and . she wouldn't, sort of, let me go." I explained lamely.

Susan's lips relaxed a little. "Oh. That's not so bad then. Who was it? The girl I mean."

"Her name was May, Miss Susan."

"May! Ah, I see. She's a bossy little thing, isn't she?"

"Yes, kinda."

Susan came and put a comforting arm around my shoulder. "I know it's very difficult for you to stand up against a women Pamela – especially if she's slightly domineering – but I hope you realize that I'm the controlling factor in your life?"

"Yes, Miss Susan - but you said that you wouldn't call me Pamela in the office." I saw her face, she wasn't pleased. "Not that I'm complaining Susan. I just thought . ."

"When I ask you to do something dear – Danny? - I really would prefer it, if you just did what I asked. But we'll talk about that aspect later. To get back to the subject at hand? You say that you realize that I'm controlling you – but let's see you put your money where your mouth is. Can you curtsey?"

"Huh? Not very well, I don't think."

She didn't say anything – just stared at me with expressionless eyes. I took the sides of my pants with the hand I wasn't using to hold the depilatory and bent my knees. "Like this, Miss Susan?"

"It's a beginning. You'll do much better with a little practice – and when you're wearing a skirt, or a dress, won't you?"

"I suppose so Miss Susan."

"Well, we'll have you in proper clothes soon enough. I suppose," she said, somewhat appeased by my answer. But tonight being Friday night, do you have anything planned?"

My heart lurched. Was she going to ask me for another date? "No. Not really. Just catch up with a little housework and watch TV probably." I said.

"Good! But before you do that? I want you to use this depilatory – the instructions are on the can then use the razors to shave under your arms – and if you can? Neaten up around your pubic area. If you can shape it into a nice triangle – or a heart? So much the better."

She was friendly again, more like her old self and I didn't want to upset her again, so I just nodded and thanked her.

She nodded. "Look Pamela? I'm sorry if I seem harsh or demanding . . "

Oh, you don't Miss! Not at all!" I interrupted quickly.

"Well, it's nice of you of you to say that, but I'll be a lot friendlier – and nicer – once we're used to each other. So why don't you come around to my place tomorrow afternoon – say about four thirty?"

I felt my mouth drop open with amazed delight. "I'd love to! Should I wear old clothes?" I asked eagerly.

"What on earth for?" she asked.

"In case – you know - If you want any chores done?

She nodded and I could detect signs that her displeasure with me was decreasing. "Yes dear. Good idea. But handbag, shoes, lipstick and turban too. Right?" She saw my dismay – then added to it. "And the scarf I loaned you? That too, please."

I could see that this little display of her power over me pleased her considerably, so just nodded in obedience. This also pleased her and she gave me another kiss. I took my depilatory and razors with me back out to my desk.

As I said before, I don't – or didn't - have much in the way of body hair. Was a little nervous of shaving under my arms and around my crotch though I found that I had no problems at all with my underarms. I did find myself blushing as I carefully shaped my pubic hair, knowing full well the sexual connotations associated with the act. Afterwards, I was truly amazed at the amount of hair that washed off me in the shower after I'd used the depilatory. There was a body lotion package with it, recommended for use to provide an antidote for possibly damaged skin It was lightly, but obviously, scented – but it felt nice so that assuaged my concerns a little and – as Susan was going to be the only one next to me for a while, I didn't care about the feminine scent emanating from my body. It wasn't diminished by the scented talcum I used either. I must admit that I shuddered with delight when I slid my panties up my newly shaved legs and placed them in position – the sensation was truly incredible.

The following day I did my housework in a state of nervous fear. I knew it was ridiculous to be frightened of the idea that Susan might come to ensure that I was dressed properly – but that didn't stop me from wearing one of my frilly aprons, my turban, my high heels – and my lipstick. Naturally, I hurried, frightened out of my mind that somebody other than Susan would visit. Not having a peep hole at my front door – what would I do if somebody actually did come? How would I answer the door?

But I got through my chores without interruption and hurriedly removed my turban, apron, and lipstick. That afternoon I was nervous though, when I finally walked to my car. I did cheat a little as I only wore the lipstick – not putting my heels, turban or scarf on until I was safely in my car. I kept my eyes averted as I went to Susan's front door though, my shoes making the tip tap that I was becoming too accustomed to, I thought.. There were people walking about and I was literally terrified of accidentally making eye contact.. Susan didn't keep me waiting too long though – something I was very happy about.

"Hello Pamela. Come in!" she said.

"Hi Susan! Thanks." I said and we air kissed.

"Alice teach you how to say hello properly?" she asked with a smile.

"Well. It was more like she taught me how to say goodbye," I answered – "But I figured it'd work just as well."

"Well – you do it very nicely. Come on through to the bedroom and let's get you dressed."

She said this so matter of factly that I had followed her for about ten feet before it struck me. "You going to put me in a dress, Susan?" I said.

"No," she answered and I started to breathe a sigh of relief, but she added. "A skirt and a blouse. You'll look nice in them I think." And my heart sank.

She stood and held the door open for me until I'd entered the room, then closed it behind me. Switched a light on. Came and stood in front of me. "Pamela? It's that time. It's going to be a little embarrassing for both of us, I think – but if you'll just do as I ask? We can minimize that. Now is this all right by you?"

"Yes Miss Susan," I answered as bravely as I could, although I could hear the tremor in my voice.

"Very well dear. Take all of your clothes off – panties as well."


"Yes. Everything."

It wasn't long before I stood in front of her naked and shivering although it wasn't close to being cold. She was holding something pink and shimmering in her hand. "I'm going to take away your masculinity now Pamela. I'd let you do it yourself, but it would be difficult for you I think. Put your hands behind you please."

"I'm ashamed Susan," I said, but did as I was told.

"Of that?" she asked, pointing down at my erection.


"Don't be ashamed dear. Just wait a minute." With that, she flicked the tip of my penis with a fingernail. I went flaccid immediately.

"That's better! Much better," she said and knelt down in front of me.

The thing she'd been carrying was a small triangle of layered chiffon with a latex tube attached and ribbons attached at each corner. Quickly enough that I couldn't react she slid the tube over my penis. Then she took two of the ribbons, encircled my waist with them, then tied them at my back. "Open your legs a little, Pamela," she instructed me then ran the third ribbon down past my crotch and through my legs. "Turn around now dear," she said and once I did, she adjusted that ribbon then cinched it to the other two. I realized that any sign I had of being a man had been eliminated. All I had now at the front was a piece of soft, silky fuzz.

She stood up. "Looks much better now. Much more realistic than I thought it'd be. Now here's your panties Pamela," she said. "Can't have you catching cold, can we?" With that, she handed me a pair of creamy yellow satin panties with a delicate lace edging in a mocha hue.

"Now? Now we have to attach what can be a woman's blessing – or a curse," she said. "But let's get your bra on first dear. See how it fits."

With me not having any breasts, the bra cups looked deflated and sagged. Susan adjusted the shoulder and back straps until she was satisfied that I was comfortable. Then she made a few tiny marks with a pale tan hi-liter pen at various points around the bra cups. It didn't take but a few minutes after that for her to remove the bra, and then attach what looked like very large breasts to my chest with some sort of cold-feeling adhesive.

"I don't know if you'll be happy or sad dear, but I wanted you to have full breasts. You may end up hating me for them, but you might end up being proud of them too."

"They seem awfully big, Miss Susan," I said, staring down at the full orbs that had seemed to grow from my chest. But can I put my bra on now?"

"No dear. They should be fixed by now. But I want to do a little skin toning. Okay? It'll just take a minute."

She had a few sticks of what looked like solid cream tones ranging to pink. With them, she fastidiously transitioned the colors of the breast forms to the color of my skin. "Wow!" she said when she was finished. "They told me there might be some sort of line showing – but I can't see a thing! Wow! Would you do something for me Pamela?"

"Yes miss."

I want you to take the sides of your panties in your hands, then walk to that far wall. Then turn around – and skip back towards me – okay?"

"Okay," I said and then walked to the far wall and turned back towards her.

"Now don't forget to hold onto your panties! - and come to Susan Pamela! Skip now!"

And breasts bobbing up and down as I skipped I made it back to her, almost in tears, it was so embarrassing. But she gave me immediate solace. "You're SO lovely Pamela!" she said sincerely. "And you've been SO good. But come and sit on my lap for a minute, would you?"

Shyly, I cupped my breasts in my hands and went and sat on her lap. "Put your arms around my neck dear," she said.

Then, I sat in her lap while she fondled me in my 'womanliness' and my breasts . I could feel my penis strain to make itself erect, but it was a lost cause. Then she laid me on my back and kissed my nipples.

She finally looked up at me and for the first time, I saw Susan without her composure. Then she shook her head as if to clear it. "I think you'd better get dressed Pamela." She said thickly.

As she helped me to fasten my bra on, I said. "Susan? Won't that stuff you used to match the skin tones on the breasts wash away when I shower?

She looked at me. "Wash off? I most certainly hope NOT! That's supposed to be permanent!"

I stared at her in some confusion. Laughed nervously. "But what'll happen when I take the breasts off?"

"The only way you'll be taking these things off is surgically," she started, then saw my face. "Not exactly true dear. I'll be checking with you all of this week end. If you don't have a negative reaction by then? They're all yours! After that? They have to be removed surgically – though I understand it's just an office visit – don't think you even need an anesthetic."

I was so weak with shock that I promptly sat down. Burst into tears. She promptly came and sat beside me. Put a consoling arm around my shoulders. "It's okay Pamela. I understand. I'm sorry for being so uncaring. I could have been more tactful. But c'mon. Let's get the rest of your pretty undies on – and just wait until you see how nice you look in your skirt and blouse!"

Okay, I was embarrassed dressing up in front of Susan, but with my new build? The undies fitted beautifully and the creamy yellow color was very complimentary to my skin. I couldn't help but preen a little as I stood there in full female regalia – bra, panties, garter belt and smoky nylons, and a full slip coming to just below my knees.

"That's an underwire type bra Pamela. Gives you a nice uplift, huh?" Susan asked.

I couldn't help but feel a little surge of pride in my new physique as I looked down and saw the full orbs of my natural looking breasts nestling ever so comfortably in the lace and satin cups of my bra. Nodded shyly.

My blouse was sheer and silky, sleeveless, and light blue in color. Rather plain shirtfront style. My skirt was a heavy rayon material, gored and calf length a sort of muted brown. Susan cinched a white, wide, leather belt around my waist. "May have to put you in a corset sooner or later." She puffed as she tugged. "But tonight I'll let you be comfortable!" A pair of strappy high heel sandals filled out the outfit perfectly. I hadn't had them on for five minutes when suddenly the door bell rang. I stood there, frozen in fright.

"Well Pamela? Aren't you going to answer the door?" Susan asked lightly.

"L. L . L . Like this?" I stammered.

"Pamela! Go and answer the door!"

Even terrified as I was, I still had time to find that I was enjoying the different feel of my new clothes as I walked to the door – although my knees were, literally, knocking. Then a horrible thought struck me. I thought Susan had stayed back in the room so actually got a fright when I turned around and found her right at me heels. "What's the matter?" she gasped. Then, she practically dissolved in laughter when I said "But I don't have my makeup on!"

"Would . would . . would you open the damn door!" she gasped, tears standing in her eyes. "Oh my GAWD! " she howled. "Already!"

She wasn't laughing with me. She was laughing at me. Furious, I opened the door – then gawped. It was Alice – and she was wearing identical clothes to mine! Same blouse, skirt, belt and shoes! I think she was just as surprised as I was. Not necessarily because I was wearing skirts, etcetera – but because we were dressed identically.

She recovered first. "Aren't you going to let me in Danae?" she asked, then "What's up with you Susan? What's so funny?"

Susan wiped the tears out of her eyes with her forearm. "Oh nothing much – but what did you just call Pamela?"

"Pamela? Oh, that's your name now?" Alice asked me.

I nodded.

"Okay. That's a nice name. Hi Pamela," she said coming forward so that we could exchange kisses.

"But you pronounced her name strangely. How do you spell that?" Susan persisted.

"Oh that! Didn't think anyone caught on to it," Alice laughed. "D A N A E"

"But my name's Danny," I said.

"Not any more Pamela, " Susan laughed, then linked arms with both of us. "Come on girls." Then as we walked into the living room she said to Alice. "So you've been calling Pamela by that name for some time?"

"Yeah. Once I knew you had your eye on him – her – I mean. Figured I'd better start thinking along those lines," Alice answered with a smile of her own. "Knew that DANNY wasn't going to cut it with you."

"Clever girl!" Susan said. "Now let's have a drink, shall we? I'll pour the first, but after this? I'll expect one of you girls to do the honors, okay?"

Alice grinned at me, and I gave her a sheepish grin back.

"Okay you two. Here's the plan," Susan started. "As I've been saying all along? I want you two to be friends – and this is what this week end is going to be all about?"

"Weekend?" Alice and I gasped at the same time.

"Yup! Consider yourselves my prisoners for today and tomorrow," Susan said confidently and stood up. "Here, let me at least get the ball rolling." With that, she went over to a CD player that was built into the wall and suddenly the room was filled with soft romantic music. She turned around. "Okay Alice. Ask Pamela for a dance."

"Huh?" Alice said.

"You heard me. Ask Pamela for a dance."

"I don't know how to lead!"

"Neither does she! Ask her!"

So, I sat and watched as a pretty girl advanced on me. Grinning now, she bowed. "May I have the pleasure of this dance – miss?"

Couldn't stop myself. Grinned back and stood up. Curtseyed (clumsily – but it was a good attempt) "Why, thank you kind sir!" I said.

She held her arms open for me and I slid into them.

To say we danced would be a lie. But we DID make it a pleasurable conjunction. After a few tunes, I suddenly became very conscious of her perfume and the feeling of our bodies being close together. Suddenly, I felt that she had become conscious of our nearness too. To begin with? It was almost like two orphans clinging together on a life raft – but then it changed. Became sexually charged.

My dreamlike fantasy was quietly shattered. "Girls?" Susan's soft voice came from nowhere. "A kiss – a nice romantic kiss? On the lips? Might be appreciated, don't you think?"

My eyes felt heavy and I looked at Alice. She looked different too, but her lips pouted invitingly and I kissed her. Then her tongue was probing my mouth. And then mine was probing hers.

"No No NO!" Susan was meddling. "Pamela? You're the girl in this set! Behave!"

Chastened, I withdrew, and found Alice's tongue back in my mouth again.

"That's it Alice!" Susan said encouragingly. "Got to teach Pamela to be the receptacle – to be the submissive one in a relationship with another girl And Pamela? Arms around her neck now! Let your new body be a playground for Alice. There! That's a girl!"

End of part 5