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A Suitable Position Chapter 10

Below is Chapter 10 of ASP, as alluded to in the previous post I’ve been busy for the last number of weeks and could not devote as much time to the story as I would have liked. I also had hoped to have a second illustration but I could not finish it in time, there is a discrepancy in the illustration posted which I was grateful to Our German Friend for spotting but again I just didn’t have time to correct it.At the moment I'm unsure when I'll be able to post the next chapter which this time I'm almost certain will be the final one. Again I think I got all the typos if not apologies.
Thanks again to readers who are following this for your patience and support.Hope you enjoy it. 


A Suitable Position

Chapter 10

A Mistress’s Model Maid.

 The horror of being stripped of his clothing in the dressing area of a large and exclusive store would  be an extremely invidious situation for any boy to be found in but for Robert Kilcoyne this was a waking nightmare through an unfortunate set of circumstances he was manoeuvred into acting as maid to his employer Frau Rozamund Kirchen. The store in question catered for the female servants of the wealthy and powerful ladies of the principality of Katrinaburg and the misfortunate youth now found himself wearing the female underwear his employer Frau Kirchen had insisted on  in the company of several servant girls who were also reduced to their underwear. Naturally he had complained bitterly about the horrible -not to mention- mortifying maidservant uniform he had been forced to wear shortly after he had entered her service and thought his situation could not get worse but standing in a ivory satin slip in the locked dressing area of the store amongst an gathering of elegant ladies and their maids he now knew better. His employer and her close companion Lady Maxine, the Countess of Argyll had settled on the idea that he would require a new uniform, one which would reflect his new status as Frau Kirchen’s lady’s maid. A ghastly medical disorder had bestowed upon him two perfectly rounded breasts which had contributed to his current dilemma but luckily in such difficult circumstances had also helped to disguise his true sex.  The only people aware of this were these two women and his employer’s housemaid Greta who, in order to allow him to continue with  this horrible charade and to reduce his risk of exposure and subsequent excruciating humiliation which would certainly follow, had given him several valuable lessons on how to behave himself in a suitably feminine manner. Up to now this had worked although several comments had been made about his occasional ungainly comportment and although he had androgynous almost feminine features one or two women had observed certain masculine characteristics which caused him great anxiety. Finding himself dressed only in lingerie in the company of several women was adding greatly to his fears and no doubt risked his discovery as a male. 
Ladies, Ladies” Frau Kaufmann the proprietress of the establishment, cried loudly over the noise of a dozen or so of her clients who were talking noisily amongst  themselves and when she had finally got their attention continued “ if you follow my assistants through to the viewing area we can begin the show.”
“The show?” Robert whispered to Lena, Baroness von Wagner’s lady’s maid whom he had just met but seemed very friendly.
“Frau Kaufmann has some new uniforms that she shows to her best clients and their friends.” Lena replied.
“She has some gorgeous uniforms.” Susanne, another maid he had just been introduced to, eagerly added.
“A real model wears them.” Hilda, a girl who had been forced into domestic service by her guardian, said excitedly.
“We have to stay here while our mistress’s chose our new uniforms.” Monika one of the other maids said and enthusiastically added “but at least there are windows we can look through.”
They all seemed excited by the prospect of the show which and were not paying as much attention to him as they had, as there had not been any further remarks about the slight masculine features the girls said he possessed Robert’s anxiety levels began to drop slightly. For some reason he could not make out  Hilda was very empathic towards him, she took him by the hand and moved to join the others at the windows where they watched as the ladies filed into the other room until only Frau Kaufmann, Frau Kirchen and the Countess were left.
“You certainly have big hands for a girl?” Hilda observed as she placed her palm comfortably inside his.
“I …..emmm  ah…..I ….” he spluttered searching for a plausible response and was never so grateful to see Frau Kirchen as well as  the Countess and Frau Kaufmann suddenly  appear next to them.
“Girls” Frau Kaufmann began “we have a slight problem the model we had arranged has had to cancel at the last moment due to unfortunate circumstances and it appears there is only one of you who fill fit her dress size.”
The atmosphere in the room changed, Robert looked around him the air was suddenly filled with that peculiar feminine trait, a mixture of high pitched squeals and lots of elaborate hand gestures.
“Oh isn’t it exciting?” his new best friend Hilda said waving her hands in front of her face like a fan.
“Yes, very.” Robert lied but for the sake of keeping his cover tried to inject some enthusiasm into his voice, and looking around at the near hysteria thought it really must be exhausting being a girl the whole time.
“I wonder who’ll be the lucky girl?” Lena said and the group descended into another bout of oestrogen fuelled chatter as Robert still very conscious of trying to fit in tried his best to look interested.
“I know you all want to be the one to model the new outfits but unfortunately only one of you is the right size.” Frau Kaufmann announced to more girlish noise “so the lucky girl is ………..Daphne Kirchen.”
There was a moment of silence as the disappointment sank in for the others then the girls surrounded Robert.
“But my name is not Daphne Kirchen” he protested not realising it was his name that Frau Kaufmann had announced.
“Well you’re the only Daphne here” Hilda said hiding her disappointment and giving him a girlish congratulatory peck on the cheek.
“But my name is not Kirchen.” he continued to insist “there must be some mistake.”
“Oh I see his confusion girls.” Monika said to the others “he doesn’t realise we’re given our mistress’s surname name to more easily identify us.”
“Just like a slave is given their mistress’s name.” Lena whispered in his ear as she too gave him a kiss on the cheek and looking him directly in the eye added “you can definitely forget about wearing trousers from now on, welcome to your new life.”
“As a consolation you can all help her dress for the show.” Frau Kaufmann said as her assistants wheeled in a rack of dresses.
Robert could feel his legs go from under him and had to sit down before they gave way under him, he was immediately surrounded by a gaggle of women, their heavy perfume was so overwhelming he could hardly breathe.
“Ah.. look she’s overcome with excitement.” he heard one of them said sympathically.
“Settle down now girls don’t overexcite the girl.” Frau Kaufmann said making her way through the group with Frau Kirchen and the Countess.
“She’ll be fine, she just a little overcome by the honour, why don’t you ensure the other servants know which aprons she is to wear, and I’ll talk to her.” Frau Kirchen said quietly to Frau Kaufmann how left to organise the others.
“I… can’t.. do this.” Robert said his voice trembling.
“Of course you can just remember what Greta taught you and you’ll be fine.” Frau Kirchen said softly but with a steeliness  in her voice Robert had come to recognise.
“We were watching you through the two way mirror and you had little or no problems convincing your new friends you’re a girl.” the Countess said caustically.
But … I… it’s just ….”he stammered but unable to contradict the Countess’s argument.
“Whether you like it or not you make a reasonably passable girl.” the Countess sneered “and unless you want me to put you over my knee here and now you will do exactly as we say.”
“Oh Maxine I really don’t think Robert wants it to come to that, now do you my darling boy?” Frau Kirchen said looking at him intensely with her piercing eyes, her voice loud enough and within earshot of the other women to cause Robert considerable concern.
“Please…. Madam” he blurted the panic clearly evident in his voice “the other girls will hear.”
“Oh isn’t that sweet Maxine” Frau Kirchen said as she turned to her friend and smiled, repeating his own phrase “the other girls.”
“Yes Rozamund he obviously thinks of himself as one of them now.” the Countess replied and giving him a lingering disdainful look added  “and you really could not blame him, all gussied up in his pretty foundations just like them.”
While the Countess’s mocking tone was not lost on Robert he now had other things to worry about as he noticed the girls taking a closer interest in the animated scene being played out between the three of them. This of course made little difference to the Countess and she continued to direct her remarks towards the increasingly alarmed and by now very unsettled youth.
“Well young man what is it to be? Are you going to model those dresses or not?” her irritated tone had increased in volume causing Robert to wince.
“Of course he is.” Frau Kirchen intervened, her voice soft and gentle, placing her arm over his shoulder she said “he wouldn’t disappoint his mistress, now would you dear boy?”
Robert’s eyes flitted from the encouraging face of Frau Kirchen to the Countess’s threatening countenance.
“Err… no Madam.”he blurted and desperately feeling he needed to get back into the Countess’s favour and avoid her drawing any more attention to him, added “of course not Madam.”
“Good I’m glad to hear it.” the Countess said, her voice returning to a more normal volume much to Robert’s relief.
“Excellent, now run along to your friends I’m sure they’re looking forward to helping you.” his mistress cooed giving him a gentle pat on his satin girdled posterior.
Robert swallowed hard and fearfully tottered away from the two ladies towards the waiting group who were eagerly looking through the rack of uniforms.
“Having a hard time from your mistress?” Lena said sympathetically.
He could only nod his agreement as the women enveloped him offering words of comfort.
“Mistresses can be mean sometimes” Monika said hugging him in that familiar way girls do, he felt her breasts press gently into his own and could even feel the material of both their bras rubbing together.
“It certainly was mean of the Countess to refer to you as boy but I suppose it’s just their way of ensuring you know you place.” Susanne said “Most mistresses do this with girls who are new to domestic service they don’t want you getting too uppity or feeling too pretty, we don’t think you’re boyish, we think you’re very pretty don’t we girls?”
“Of course we do.” they all cooed their agreement but Robert’s heart skipped a beat at hearing this and his anxiety levels rose sharply once more.
Oh shit they’re probably really suspicious now he thought I’d better be really careful and act as feminine I possibly can.
Now girls if you’d like to freshen her make-up and fix her hair I’ll select the uniforms and the sequence I want them to be worn, when she’s ready you can dress her.” Frau Kaufmann said.
Lena and Monika led Robert to a chair and opening their handbags they decanted onto the table various items of make-up, brushes, pencils, tubes and other things Robert had never seen before.
“Girls” Lena called to the others “her hair.” And soon Robert was surrounded once more by his new friends who enthusiastically set about re-styling his hair while Lena and Monica began working on his face.
The youth sat motionless as female hands marked his lips and eyebrows with pencils and brushed material of various hues, colours and textures over his newly applied foundation at the same time he felt his hair being brushed and then tugged he felt someone had put in curlers before applying some sort of spray but such was his fear he daren’t not ask. The incessant gaggle of female voices was almost deafening and the aroma of several perfumes assaulting his olfactory system quite intoxicating. He distinctly felt the material of more than one bra brush off his bare back and shoulders and then the gentle pressure of soft bosoms against his flesh as they leaned into him as  his hair was arranged by two pairs of unseen hands.  
“This is fun, isn’t it Daphne?” he heard a voice ask from behind as he felt a strand of his hair being tightly wound into another curler.
“Errr… em….. yes” he lied as he winced at his hair being tugged tightly.
“A big difference from being a boy.” Hilda said, smiling as she observed the scene.
Robert’s heart rate jumped yet again at the mention of this reference to his true sex, he avoided her gaze.
Tomboy, you mean Hilda” Monika chided her and added sarcastically “just like you, remember?”
“Boy, Tomboy all the same I suppose.” Hilda replied.
“It’s such a pity we don’t have more time, we could have given you a complete make-over.”  Susanne said as she removed the curlers and brushed his hair into the style she required.
He was paraded in front of Frau Kaufmann who was discussing the uniforms with Lena, it appeared she had been put in charge of his dressing.
“Very nice” she purred as she inspected him front and back stroking his hair as she did so, he noticed she was now carrying a long thin cane, “Yes very nice indeed, I’ll inform the ladies we will start shortly while you get her into her first uniform.”
She disappeared through the door as Lena selected a plain black taffeta uniform from the rack and as the others gathered around she held it up for him to see, an A line below the knee dress with a delicate lace white collar with matching lace cuffs. Having these women around him made him incredibly nervous but seeing the excitement generated he decided he’d better not show it and from somewhere managed a smile which he hoped the others would believe to be genuine.
“Ah yes the classic retro style, very chic.” Monika squealed as she viewed the dress to a chorus of approval from the others.
Lena soon had it over his head and he had no choice but to slip his arms into the tight fitting sleeves she began zipping him into it while Susanne had fetched a pristine white pinafore apron with a satin waistband, delicate lace edging around the borders, the pinafore straps were made from the same material. He knew what was expected of him and he automatically extended his arms as Monika placed the awful garment over his arms and settled it on his shoulders before tying it into a large bow at the back, Susanne placed a frilled matching cap on his head and held it in place with hair clips. By now Hilda had joined the others and began fussing at his hair while some of the women straightened his dress and apron, there were at least six women surrounding him all making enthusiastic and complimentary remarks about his new dress and appearance when Frau Kaufmann returned. Throughout this ordeal Robert was unable to view the transformation that was being undertaken and dreaded to think what he now must look like and his worst fears were realised when they led him to one of the large mirrors. His previous uniform had been bad enough and he really didn’t think it could get much worse but it had, the uniform he now wore was even more feminine than the previous one, if that was remotely possible. Worse still, being the only one of them dressed he was now the sole focus of attention.
I would have been better off still wearing only my lingerie. He thought and cursed himself for referring to the items of underwear as “my”.
“A big change from wearing trousers isn’t it?” a voice from behind whispered in his ear.
He almost jumped at the comment as the owner of the voice came into view. Hilda smiled as she fingered his apron.
“You’re really one of us girls now, after your mistress sees how gorgeous you look in this you can forget about ever wearing trousers again.”
Robert had been on edge since he entered the premises but apart from one or two innocent comments about his boyish looks he was almost convinced no one had any real inclination of his true sex. No one that is except Hilda, maybe because it was because she too was forced into feminine clothing as well as domestic service or maybe because of the extreme circumstances he found himself in, such was his confusion he didn’t know if he was being paranoid or not. Did she suspect the truth? Would she share her doubts with the others? Whatever the truth was, it scared Robert and he could barely meet her eyes. The tension was broken as Frau Kaufmann approached.
 “Excellent” Frau Kaufmann said, the admiration for his transformation very evident in her voice “you are all very proficient in your profession, your mistresses have obviously trained you to a very high standard as lady’s maids. My own girls could learn a thing or two from you I’m sure.”
They all giggled and became somewhat bashful at her compliments while her assistants looked on slightly nervous at her remarks.
“What is your name again my dear?” Frau Kaufmann addressed Robert.
“Daphne.”he answered, shamefully admitting to his feminine name.
“Madam…………” Frau Kaufmann gently chided her new model. “You must address me as Madam the same as your mistress.”
 “Sorry Madam.” he apologised, his eyes drawn to the severe looking cane in her hand.

“Quite all right my dear, an easy mistake to make.” she reassured him as she made a little adjustment to his frilled cap and patting him patronisingly on his now perfectly made-up cheek added “but I do hope you’ll remember the correct form of address in the future.”

 Although she said it in a soft voice Robert detected a veiled threat and the sight of her tapping her cane gently against her black skirt left him in no doubt as to his answer.
“Yes Madam.” he blurted nervously and gave a little curtsy which from recent experience he knew women in authority appreciated.
“Excellent” she purred as she stroked his hair and looked deep into his eyes “I’m sure you’re a quick learner and very obedient girl” and addressing the other women said “both very necessary qualities for a good lady’s maid. Isn’t that right girls?”
“Yes Madam” his new friends chorused in unison, seeming to take this as a compliment rather than the indignity Robert felt it was meant to convey.
“Now as you are unused to modelling clothes in front of ladies of rank you may feel a little nervous but don’t worry I will be there to guide you.” she said and holding up her cane added “and of course my little assistant here.”
A little nervous Robert screamed inside his head his thoughts now focusing more on the cane than his upcoming ordeal.
Robert despite trying to could not take his eyes away from the cane and this did not escape Frau Kaufmann.
“Oh don’t be concerned about the cane” she laughed loudly “you probably thought I was going to thrash you with it. Oh no …. Well not unless you make a ghastly faux pas.”
Robert noticed no one else was laughing, Frau Kaufmann continued,
“No my dear I will use this to instruct you. When I first tap you on your legs you will walk and when I wish you to halt I will repeat the procedure. Do you understand girl?”
“Yes Madam.” Robert answered, horrified at the prospect of such humiliation in front of his employer and the Countess his thoughts were interrupted as Frau Kaufmann rattled out more instructions,
“Now when we enter the room I will tap you twice and you will proceed through the room in an anti- clockwise direction, the ladies will be seated in several groups throughout the room. You will stop, curtsy and then twirl around for the ladies allowing them to inspect your uniform. You will not speak unless spoken to and not move forward until your legs feel my cane once more. If the ladies request anything of you such as a different pose, naturally you will comply, failure to do so would embarrass your mistress and I don’t think you would want to do that, now would you dear girl?”
Robert was appalled that he would be paraded around in front of these ladies like a trained poodle having to perform for their amusement but the constant action of the cane against her skirt and the merest hint of menace in her voice persuaded him that this was not the time to confront her.
“No Madam.”he replied, his eyes downcast.
“Good I didn’t think so, now you are going to be one of the prettiest and most obedient maidservants to wear one of my uniforms, you’ll make your mistress proud, now isn’t that so? ” she said as she lifted his chin with her finger and gazed at him with her piercing blue eyes.
He was transfixed by her stare and could only nod his agreement but this wasn’t enough for her.
“Say it.” she demanded.
“I will be the prettiest and most obedient maidservant to wear one of your uniforms.” he mumbled, the humiliation washing over him like a wave.
“Oh I’m sure you can do better than that. Say it again and this time louder and with more conviction.” Frau Kaufmann said softly as she brushed her cane up his pantyhosed leg leaving Robert in no doubt as to what would happen if his response was not the correct one and before he had time to react she added “and face your friends when you say it.”
The shame was almost too much to bear but a flick of her cane against his legs had the desired effect in concentrating his mind and quickly he repeated the degrading phrase for the audience now gathered around him.
“I will be the prettiest and most obedient maidservant to wear one of your uniforms Madam.”
The look on their faces was somewhere between pity and contempt or maybe just relief that it wasn’t them that had to utter the demeaning words.
“Much better.” Frau Kaufmann trilled, a broad smile creasing her face and looking at the dispirited figure in front of her said “now you are in the right frame of mind to model my wonderful creation. I believe a girl must be in the correct frame of mind, suitably docile and compliant as a true lady’s maid should be before she is presented in front of my distinguished clients.”
She fussed about his apron and cap making small and probably unnecessary modifications and as she caressed his left cheek with the handle her cane she once more looked him directly in the eyes and said softly
“You are docile and compliant now…. aren’t you?”
“Yes Madam.” he answered truthfully, cowed into subservience as much by her threatening gestures as the degrading uniform. He consoled himself that at least she had not discovered his secret. Agreeing with her assessment of how he should comport himself seemed to please Frau Kaufmann enormously and her mood became much lighter.
“Wonderful my dear, now it’s time we got started, stand by the door and wait until you I call you, when you enter the room you will immediately curtsy and wait for my signal before you proceed around the room as I have instructed. Do you understand?”
“Yes Madam.” he replied and before he had realised it he curtsied.
“That’s a good girl.” she said and opened the door to the other room as the others gathered around him.
“Don’t mind Frau Kaufmann” Lena said “she’s obviously knows being a tomboy you’re not used to wearing dresses so she wants to ensure you’re completely focused. You’ll be fine I’m sure your mistress will be proud of you.”
There were a lot of hugs and air kisses from the other girls, Hilda was the last to approach him and as she kissed him on the cheek she lingered for a moment and whispered in his ear
“You really do make a wonderful girl I’d love to have you as my maid.”
Robert could feel his stomach lurch at her words and as always when he got a sudden fright he could feel his eyes dilate betraying his emotions.
Oh shit! That’s a dead giveaway. Does she know? he groaned to himself desperately trying to analyse and parse her words in the hope that it was just an innocent remark.
“Daphne!” Frau Kaufmann called, he never thought he would be grateful to hear his feminine name ring out, grateful to escape from Hilda’s company he quickly minced over to Frau Kaufmann ensuring his hips swayed with each step and stood awaiting her instructions at the adjoining door to the salon where the ladies were assembled. He stole a glance back at the girls and saw Hilda make a kissing gesture with her lips however his attention was quickly diverted back to Frau Kaufman as her voice made an announcement to the ladies within,
“Ladies as you as aware my regular model is unable to attend so Frau Kirchen has kindly allowed me to use her maid to model this season’s uniforms for lady’s maids.”
She gestured to Robert and with a feeling of extreme apprehension he tottered into the salon and as instructed he took he lifted his skirt slightly and curtsied to the assembly, nervously keeping his eyes downcast. He could hear voices murmuring but could not make out what was being said.
“Remember a figure eight around the room, stopping at each group, curtsy and then slowly turn around to allow them to see the back of your uniform. After the last group you will return to the dressing room and change into your next uniform.” Frau Kaufmann in a soft voice said discreetly into his ear. As he now had to manoeuvre around the room he could no longer keep his eyes focused on the floor to avoid the full glare of his audience, he slowly raised his eyes to survey what lay before him.
The air was full of female conversation as well as the heady mix of competing perfumes, the assembled seemed to be busy in their conversations and didn’t seem to notice him which calmed him somewhat. Frau Kaufmann left him and approached the ladies.
Maybe they’re more interested in talking among themselves, typical- gossiping like most women hopefully they’ve probably forgotten I’m here and will barely notice when I pass by them, he said to himself.
 The room was very spacious white panelled walls, exquisite tapestries and post-modernist art work adorned the walls, a chandelier hung from the ceiling and lamps placed throughout the room gave it a warm glow. The gold coloured marble flooring had a large deep carpet in the centre on which comfortable couches and chairs upholstered in gold silk damask rested. Several ladies were standing talking to each other while the remainder sat sipping sherry, he estimated there were between fifteen and twenty women present. He noticed Frau Kirchen sitting with the Countess while Lady Agatha and Miss Clarissa were engaged in conversation with two other women, all of them were elegantly dressed, perfectly coiffured and each of them wearing expensive jewellery. The room reeked of wealth, power and authority.
Mesmerised by the scene in front of him he didn’t notice the room had gone quiet and Frau Kaufmann had suddenly appeared beside him once more.
“Ladies please take your seats we are about to begin.” Frau Kaufmann announced and as the last lady seated herself he winced as he felt Frau Kaufmann’s cane flick twice against his calves giving him the signal to begin.
He slowly and nervously began walking to the first group, four middle-aged and expensively dressed matrons.

“Yes very nice.” the first one said as he approached and curtsied and following Frau Kaufmann’s instructions turned three hundred and sixty degrees allowing them to inspect the back of the uniform.
“Such a beautiful cut to the skirt.” another said and all four turned began a conversation amongst themselves, Robert took this as a signal to move on to the next group.
“And where do you think you’re going, girl. Stay where you are we are not finished.” Snapped a lady with a fur stole, giving Robert a dirty look before harrumphing “Honestly! Young servant girls these days.” alarmed by her tone he stood rooted to the spot and curtsied.
“Oh I’m so sorry Madam.” Robert blurted and feeling his legs starting to tremble.
“Not to worry my dear.”  Her companion a lady in a bottle green crepe de chine dress assured him “I’m sure you’re a little nervous, we won’t detain you long.”
She lent closer and fingered the material of the dress and invited the others to do the same.
Robert had to remain still, which wasn’t a problem as he was by now scared stiff, as the women examined and discussed the uniform. After what seemed like an age the lady who upbraided him eased back in her seat and with a nonchalant wave of her leather gloved hand said
“You may go.”
Without thinking he automatically curtsied and was relieved to move on to the next group leaving the ladies still discussing the uniform. He had learned a valuable lesson and after performing the same routine of curtsying and turning for their inspection he waited as they also carefully appraised his uniform.
“Frau Kaufmann has excelled herself this season Konstanze, a very feminine creation.” a blonde wearing a severe cut pant suit said looking Robert up and down, another wearing a mauve silk shantung flared dress stood up and examined him closely.
“Are you talking about the uniform or the creature wearing it?” the lady called Konstanze answered and examining Robert closely said “Your mistress has told us you were not exactly the most feminine of girls but to correct this she has you on a regimen which will soon have you as feminine as any of our own girls. I do hope you are making progress and becoming more ladylike.”
It seemed to Robert that each of these ladies was more terrifying than the previous one and for a moment he was dumbstruck but luckily over her shoulder he caught a glimpse of Frau Kirchen and saw she was taking a great deal of interest in the conversation. It was clear that this woman wanted an answer.
“I hope so Madam.” Robert felt compelled to say, hoping she would be satisfied and allow him to move along to the next group.
“Is it true that you only wore trousers before your mistress employed you, and you are only wearing dresses for the last few days?” her companion said.
“Yes Madam.” Robert shamefully admitted.
“Well I must say that your mistress’s regimen appears to be working, I expect you feel more feminine already and probably don’t want to revert to wearing trousers ever again.”
Robert felt Frau Kirchen and the Countess’s eyes burning into him and noticed they were sitting on the edge of their seats, he felt he could not agree to this woman’s view without compromising himself further. Somewhere deep inside he found a morsel of his masculine backbone and answered,
“I suppose girls can wear trousers sometimes Madam.”
“Perhaps my girl” she said  in a haughty tone which Robert immediately recognised as a woman who was not used to being contradicted, arching her eyebrows she continued “but as a servant girl only with your mistress’s permission after all, a mistress as the word suggests has full authority over her maid in all aspects of her life.   Is that not right… girl?”
Robert now realised he had provoked her by being much too forthright and with the eyes of the entire room fall now firmly fixed upon him he cursed himself and felt as if he had walked into a trap of his own making. He knew he had no option in how to proceed and with his eyes downcast he curtsied and making sure his voice was deferential said
“Yes Madam, of course Madam.”
“Maids wearing trousers, indeed!” she guffawed to her friends, “I’ve never heard anything like it.”
“Oh don’t be too hard on the girl Konstanze, obviously she has spent too many years running wild and I imagine she lacks the discipline that life in domestic service nurtures in a girl.” her companion said as she rose from her seat to inspect Robert’s uniform, she ran her hands over the uniform’s skirt she smiled gently at him said “I’m sure she will soon forget she ever wore trousers and under her mistress’s control and guidance she will embrace her femininity.”
“Perhaps you are right Frieda.” Konstanze said, her demeanour softening considerably with Robert’s subservient attitude “do you remember when Lena first came to me she was more male than female but I soon disabused her of that particular notion I immediately insisted she dispose of her trousers, jeans, sweatpants anything of that nature, in fact I insisted she place them in the incinerator herself. Naturally now I control everything, her uniforms, make-up, not to mention her underwear of course.”
“Surely not her underwear!”her companion remarked.
“Of course, and why not?” Konstanze replied and examining Robert’s waist closely continued speaking to her friend “I insist my maids maintain a good figure and posture and the best way to achieve that is with strong foundation garments. In fact right now she is wearing a corsellette two sizes too small as a punishment for not maintaining her correct weight.”  
“I must try that with my maid.” the other lady said clearly impressed.
“You really should, the Countess sitting over there advised me to do so after achieving wonderful results in the performance of her own maid soon after she developed the program.” Konstanze said acknowledging the Countess with a nod of her head “Yes Lena is much more compliant now and I believe  accepts not only her true feminine nature but also her position in life or to be more precise her position in my life…….. as my devoted and obedient maid.”
She looked at Robert and added with a smile,
“As I am sure you will be for your own mistress. Isn’t that so, my girl?”
Robert felt Frau Kirchen’s treatment of him was dreadful but this woman’s attitude to her servants was far more extreme and what she had just said confirmed Lena’s account to him earlier.He knew if he contradicted her she would insist in engaging his employer and possibly the Countess in the conversation and that was the last thing he wanted. By now he would have said anything to escape her company and quickly decided what his best course should be and reluctantly he responded,
“Yes Madam.”
This seemed to satisfy her and both ladies smiled benevolently,
“You may go.” Konstanze said, dismissing him to continue his assignment. The next group contained Frau Kirchen, the Countess, Lady Agatha and Miss Clarissa.
“What a transformation in only two days.” Miss Clarissa exclaimed as Robert curtsied.
“Yes Clarissa, and to think you allowed her to wear trousers Rozamund.” Lady Agatha snorted in the direction of her niece “Konstanze expressed the same sentiments as me, a maid in trousers is preposterous of course but I must say you have done a wonderful job in such a short time, a few more weeks of training and she will make an ideal servant girl.”
Reclining in her seat Rozamund Kirchen’s eyes lingered on the youth and smiled at the Countess “Yes perhaps you’re right Aunt.” Frau Kirchen said as both of them noted the barely imperceptible wince in Robert’s perfectly made-up face.
Oh I’m sure of it.” The Countess trilled as she stood up and walked around Robert sliding her hand over his behind and squeezing it gently. “Isn’t that so Daphne, you will the ideal servant …..girl.
Robert’s eyes pleaded with the Countess and his employer but both were immune to his plight and merely arched their brows in expectation of his answer, his eyes once more fell to the floor and he mumbled his answer.
“Yes your ladyship.”
“Speak up girl we can’t hear you.” the Countess said.
“Yes your ladyship” Robert replied and seeing that she wanted further confirmation of his subjugation he was forced to heap more humiliation upon himself “I hope to make the ideal servant girl.”
“Splendid” Frau Kirchen said and gesturing to some ladies seated across the room patronisingly dismissed him “now you may move along I’m sure those ladies are just dying to see your beautiful uniform.”
The whole process took less than ten minutes but to Robert it seemed an eternity and after he had presented himself to the last group he returned his nerves frayed and stomach churning to the door where Frau Kaufmann was waiting to usher him back to the other room to be stripped and re-dressed for his next performance.
He was met with squeals of delight from his new friends as they immediately rushed to him two began untying his apron and unzipping his dress. Others waited by the rack containing the uniforms while Frau Kaufmann selected the next one a bottle green satin dress with a high stiff Mandarin collar and almost transparent full bishop sleeves with matching six buttoned cuffs, the apron was a halter neck bib style which had frills around the edges. Such was his level of shock from the experience he barely noticed them undressing him and placing his new uniform over his head, within minutes he was returned to the salon with Frau Kaufmann once again at his side.
“Ladies.” she announced trying to get the ladies attention “the second uniform for your approval.”
 Robert felt her cane hit the calves of his legs and automatically he once more began his ordeal but as he moved he noticed something was different. In his stupor he had not noticed that under the satin dress he now had a stiff multi layered petticoat which made the dress bounce every time he took a step, the rustling sound seemed to fill the room and drew audible gasps of admiration from the ladies. His skirt was so voluminous he manoeuvred himself anxiously as he approached the first group mindful of not knocking over the sherry glasses on the table. He carefully curtsied and could detect from the expressions on their faces that they approved greatly of his new uniform. Frau Kaufmann appeared at his side once more and explained her creation to the enthralled group.
“Ladies, as you can see this uniform is for that extra special occasion where you may wish to display just how your maid reflects your own status not to mention a certain sense of ultra-femininity which every lady demands from her servant girl.”
This was met by nods of approval from the ladies as they once again stood up to inspect the petticoated young man, they were so close he could feel their breath on his face and neck making him even more uncomfortable if that was possible.
“Exquisitely feminine.” the first lady said running her hand over the material.
“I simply adore those petticoats.” another cooed as she reached under his skirt and fluffed them out with her hands before addressing Robert “you must fell so pretty?”
Robert cringed inside but had learned his lesson from his previous encounter with these horrible women and had no wish to enter into a conversation which would only end in his utter debasement.
“Yes Madam, very feminine.” he lied forcing a smile to ensure they believed him.
He felt Frau Kaufmann’s cane strike his legs once more, curtsied to the ladies and tottered away to be presented to the next group, his uniform moved ahead of him like a bow wave of a ship with each step he took.
Of all the horrible clothes I’ve been forced to wear in the last few days this is by far the worst, I pity the poor cow that has to wear this all the time he said to himself.
As he walked he noticed that all the women’s eyes were on the dress and not him except for Frau Kirchen and the Countess who he noticed were reclining in their chairs giggling as he minced his way around the room. Frau Kaufmann’s cane struck his legs and he stopped once more at Lena’s mistress who Frau Kaufmann had told him was Konstanze, Baroness of Augsburg and was to be addressed as ‘your ladyship’.
“Ah yes…superb” the Baroness said to her companion “I think Lena will look very dainty in this, just the uniform to keep her constantly reminded of her femininity.”
“Don’t you think it is a little ………well….. too elaborate, too prim and prissy?” her friend asked.
“Of course it is, it’s adorable and she will hate it……… which is why she will wear it. It will be her punishment uniform.”
Robert had to stand silently in front of the Baroness as she discussed the finer detail of his uniform with her companions, the horrible garment had obviously put the Baroness in very good humour and she turned to Robert and asked
“Is my friend correct my dear, does this wonderful uniform make you feel prim and proper, even prissy perhaps?”
He did not want to incur her wrath and noticed that Frau Kirchen and the Countess were once again taking a keen interest in the proceedings.
“Oh yes your ladyship.” he very reluctantly but truthfully conceded.
“This uniform was designed with just this in mind your ladyship.” Frau Kaufmann helpfully interjected “its fitted waist, the softness of the material and full skirt with bouffant petticoats underneath will expose the hidden femininity in even the most boyish of girls. In fact Frau Kirchen and the Countess joked that such is its ultra-feminine qualities it would even turn a male into a most convincing maid servant.”
Both the Baroness and her companion laughed loudly as Robert could feel the blood drain from his face.
A male maid! Now that is something I would give a lot to see.” the Baroness snorted derisively and both women laughed loudly at the very idea, after she regained her composure she continued “The male sex can be arrogant and obnoxious creatures I imagine it would be a most demeaning and humiliating experience for a male to be pressed into domestic service as a maid, dressed in such feminine attire however I believe it would benefit them greatly.”
“It most certainly would Konstanze.” her friend said as she turned her attention to Robert once more “but I doubt if a male would look as pretty or as feminine as this delightful young thing before us, I’m sure Frau Kirchen would not countenance any masculine behaviour in her maid, now isn’t that so my dear.”
Robert’s mind was racing, was this all part of the horrible game Frau Kirchen and the Countess were playing? He desperately tried to discern from the ladies faces whether they had been told he was a male, were they were just toying with him like a pair of cats with a mouse or were they really oblivious of his true sex? So traumatic was this experience he could not remember if the Baroness had made some comment about his masculine features earlier. His thoughts were interrupted by Frau Kaufmann’s sharp voice.
“Girl!....... These kind ladies have paid you a compliment, have you nothing to say?”
Robert instantly felt he had to ensure there was no doubt in these women’s mind that the creature standing in front of them was indeed a servant girl, the alternative was just too horrible to imagine. Visions of being exposed as a male in front of all these women flashed through his head, he remembered Greta’s words once more, think like a girl.
What would a maid say? How would she react? The thought rushed through his brain in milliseconds.
“Oh thank you Madam, your ladyship.” Robert gushed shamefully to each of them, without even having to think about it he curtsied and drawing on his conversations with the other maids he continued in the most demure and girlish manner “my mistress will be very pleased to hear you say so.”
His submissive manner had the desired effect as both women nodded approvingly at his answer the Baroness was the first to speak.
“I’m sure she will.” she said in a soft tone  “and the sooner you forget any silly notion about wearing trousers the better, you’re training to be a lady’s maid and must dress like one at all times even on your day off, now isn’t that so?”
There was no way back for Robert and he had no choice but to answer,
“Yes your ladyship.”
“That’s a good girl now run along I’m sure your mistress will want to exam that lovely uniform of yours.” the Baroness said and nonchalantly dismissed him.
By the time he had arrived in front of Frau Kirchen and the Countess his nerves were shattered.
“What a delightful uniform.” the Countess trilled at the figure standing with a look of subjugation in front of them “just the very thing to encourage the required attitude in a male.”
“Did you say a male?” Miss Clarissa asked giving her a curious look before turning her attention to Robert who felt his knees weaken at her remark.
“Oh did I say male? how silly of me” the Countess laughed “I meant to say maid.”
“You’re embarrassing the girl Maxine.” Miss Clarissa chided her and addressing Robert said “you look perfectly feminine Daphne.
“Thank you Miss.” he blurted, under the circumstances he was relieved and grateful for the compliment.
After being subjected to a similar degrading inspection by Miss Clarissa and Lady Agatha he was once more sent on his way to perform his routine for the other ladies. This ordeal lasted for more than an hour as he had several more uniforms to model and although he found wearing these bad enough he was not prepared for the groping of the women as they lifted his skirts to examine the cut of the dresses or the material, most of them felt his breasts.
 “Oh we’d just like to see how well it fits in the bust area. I’m sure you won’t mind my dear.” some said as they cupped his breasts in their hands.
“It’s seems a little tight for your wonderful bosom perhaps they’re not positioned properly, here let me help you.” others explained as they too squeezed his breasts underneath the material.
Having these women feel his breasts was extremely demeaning, but even more mortifying, he felt his nipples protrude as they fondeled him in such an intimate manner. He saw them smile as he blushed crimson at their gentle caresses which he felt took far longer than he thought was necessary to carry out such an examination, he had to avert his eyes in shame.
 When the show finally ended he returned to the room where Lena, Monika and the others were waiting to congratulate him on his performance, silently he congratulated himself for having gotten through such a nightmare without fainting. Frau Kaufmann’s assistants finally brought their uniforms back and he never thought he would admit to be grateful to get into a normal dress.
“I’m certainly glad that’s over, I would not want to go through that again.” he said as Lena helped him into his uniform.
“Well don’t count on it.” Lena said and seeing the shock on his face she explained, “Our mistress’s gather here on a regular basis to view Frau Kaufmann’s various new ranges of clothes and accessories. I’m not sure but the next time I think it may be corsetry, or bra fitting’s, it’s really only an excuse for our employer’s to get together and compare notes on what the refer to as ‘The Servant Problem’ but you should be proud, we could see all the ladies were quite impressed with you I’m sure your mistress will be very pleased. So I’m sure we’ll see you here again soon.”
Robert’s heart sank he could not go through such an experience again but his thoughts were interrupted as Frau Kaufmann made an announcement that their mistresses were leaving and their presence was required. Each maid went to her mistress and without being instructed automatically held their coats or placed stoles over their shoulders. He stood by Frau Kirchen’s side and held her coat as she placed her arms inside, Hilda acting as Lady Agatha’s maid – did the same for her mistress.
“Now Hilda!” Lady Agatha addressed her maid in an extremely patronising tone “I hope you have noticed how  Frau Kirchen’s maid performed with such grace and carried herself in a most feminine manner, as I told you earlier she had masculine traits just like you had- and now look at her, the personification of femininity. It is a pity I was not aware of her earlier as she could have helped you discard those dreadful manly characteristics you had acquired.”
He cringed at her description and felt even more unnerved as he thought he saw a flash of contempt cross Hilda’s face as her eyes examined him thoroughly. 
“But she has made so much progress Agatha.” Miss Clarissa “perhaps we should consider relaxing her conditions and see if she has learnt her lesson.”
“I’m not so sure she has Clarissa, how could we be sure she would not relapse into her old ways when we are not there to supervise her.” Lady Agatha said.
“Oh I promise I won’t.” Hilda gushed delighted at the prospect of being set free from her domestic servitude.
“Well perhaps Daphne here could be of some help, she could spend some time with the girl, ensure Hilda remains true to her word.” Miss Clarissa suggested “After all she seems to have embraced her true womanly nature more easily. What do you think Rozamund?”
And with more enthusiasm.” The Countess offered unhelpfully as she slipped her arms into the coat Robert held.
Robert could not believe what he had just heard, his eyes darted from one of the ladies to the other and could feel a horrible sensation rise deep within him. As he helped Frau Kirchen into her coat she turned to him so no one else could see her face and gave him the now familiar smile which filled him with unease.
Oh shit! This is not good Robert said to himself.  
Turning back to face her company she said,
“Let me think about it. Come along Daphne, it’s time to go.”

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Swiss Miss Sissy, Chapter 11b

by Bambi

She was right about one thing, though. I did dream about high heels. Pumps, mary-janes and boots in all shapes and sizes. I saw white ones and black ones, they were arguing with the pink shoes. The green mary-janes were excited, while the red pumps were pacing around agitated. Even the pink boots were annoyed. And of course they were, for there were so many of them, and only one sissy. They were arguing for the right to wear me. Only one of them would walk away with a fashionable Cheryl in them.

I woke up early in the morning. The sun was already rising, but hadn't completely chased away the night yet. Mistress was still there, obviously. She had her arm around my waist. From her breathing I gathered she was fast asleep.

I slowly lifted her arm, careful not to disturb her, and managed to get out of her embrace. I slowly moved to the edge of the bed, where I sat upright. I watched Mistress sleep for a moment, then softly put my heels on the floor next to the bed.

“Where are you going, girl?” Mistress spoke in a stern voice.

Startled, I turned around. Mistress was still lying there, but her eyes were open and fully awake. Her gaze bored into mine.

“I... I do not know, Mistress,” I said truthfully, in an apologetic tone. “I just felt like getting up. I did not want to disturb you.”

She sat upright, looking at me suspiciously. Then turned to the window, where the light of the sun was rapidly increasing in brightness. “Well, it does promise to be a beautiful day. I suppose there is no harm in starting early and making the most of it. Very well then, I'll join you.” She moved to the side and got up from the bed.

“I'm going to prepare for breakfast. I suggest you do the same. I will meet you in the dining hall. Understood?”

“Yes Mistress,” I replied. “In that case, may I be excused? I would like to go to the bathroom and clean myself up.”

She titled her head, looking at me with a frown. “Would you now? And when you are done, you'll put on a frilly dress and meet me in the dining hall?”

“Of course, Mistress.”

“Uh-huh, and what dress would you be wearing?”

“I... I have no idea, Mistress. I haven't thought about that yet.” I was starting to get anxious. Where was she going with this?

“It seems that thinking isn't your best quality this morning,” she said menacingly. “Did you forget about the house rules? You do not get to go to the bathroom without escort, and you sure as hell do not get to choose your outfit of the day!”

She picked up her phone and pushed a button. “Jeanne and Bernadette will be here shortly. They will make sure you'll be properly presentable.”

Mistress' annoyance frightened me. “I'm sorry Mistress! I did not mean to be insubordinate. I wasn't thinking straight. It is still so early. I only wanted to be helpful, I swear.”

“Oh, shut up girl, before I put a gag in it.” That shut me up all right. Mistress ignored me while we waited for the maids to arrive.

Shortly after there was a knock on the door, and Mistress asked them to come in. The two maids entered the room. They looked presentable, buy groggy. Mistress obviously called them out of bed. Bernadette shot me an angry glare.

“Ladies, it seems that little Cheryl here has a lot of energy this morning. She insisted on starting the day early. Would you be so kind as to prepare her for breakfast? And please inform the chef we'll be eating early today.”

“Of course, Ma'am.” The two maids walked over to me. “Get up, girl. Let's get you cleaned up,” Jeanne said.

“May I change my my shoes first? I cannot walk in five inch... gah!” I yelped as Bernadette grabbed my earlobe and pulled me up.

“Less talking, more walking,” The tall maid spoke. They flanked me from either side and locked arms with mine. They almost dragged me forward and I had difficulty keeping up in my extreme heels.

I turned my head towards Mistress, wanting to apologize for my poor judgement. But it got stuck in my throat as I saw her face. Her annoyance had disappeared, replaced with fiendish delight.


Her grin was positively diabolical when the maids presented me to her. She clearly enjoyed my predicament. I was wearing the most extreme outfit I've ever worn in my life and my discomfort must have shown on my face.

In the bathroom Jeanne was very meticulous in removing every stray hair below my eyebrows, and when they showed me the outfit of the day, I understood why. I was to wear a tight red latex catsuit that seemed several sizes too small, but would stretch just enough for me to wear.

It took the maids a lot of effort to put me in it, and me a lot of gasping and grunting as I slowly became enveloped by it. When Bernadette finally zipped me up at the back, I felt life I had been stuffed in a extra small sized condom, completely covered from my ankles to my neck. I could barely move my arms and legs in the tight material.

But it didn't end there. Over the catsuit they fitted me with an underbust corset of the same colour, and laced it up firmly. My feet went into thigh-high boots of shiny patent leather, while on my hands I was to wear gloves of the same material that fell over my elbows. Around my neck they fitted a collar that was identical to the monstrosity I had worn the evening before, but in red.

They finished with some bondage. Ankle chains between my boots. My wrists were tied together in front of me with a short chain, which was also connected to my corset, giving me some reach but not much. A leash was connected to my collar, though the leash was very long and ended in a cuff.

“Ma'am, may we present to you little miss Cheryl, for your approval,” Jeanne spoke behind me.

Dutifully, I smiled a lustful smile with my red lips, and performed a curtsey. Well, tried to at least. In this horrible outfit it must have looked hopeless. Mistress didn't mind though, as she chuckled in delight.

“Good morning, Mistress,” I greeted her. “It is my pleasure to see you again. And may I add how wonderful you look this morning.”

She was wearing an outfit similar to mine, but pitch black. Her catsuit showed cleavage, and seemed to be a lot more comfortable judging from her relaxed posture. Her boots had lower heels than mine and came up to her knees.

“Why thank you, Cheryl. And my, don't you look ravishing today. Very extreme. A real fetish kitten you are, no?”

I forced myself to smile. “Yes Mistress. I love fetish outfits.”

“It looks very tight. Are you sure you wouldn't want to wear anything else?”

This was an obvious trap, but given my dismay I still had to put a lot of effort to speak the correct answer. “Oh no, Mistress. I love its restricting feeling. I feel like I'm encased in pure bondage. This is every sissies dream.”

She smiled. “Very well then, girl. Come, sit with me.”

Bernadette guided me to my seat at the breakfast table. It took me a lot of difficulty to actually sit down, tight as the catsuit was. It squeaked and cracked with every movement.

She then took hold of my leash and held it up to Mistress. “When you are ready, Ma'am.”

“Go ahead,” she told the maid, but did not take her eyes from me. I stared back in confusion.

The maid opened the cuff at the end of the leash. Mistress held out her left arm, and Bernadette closed the cuff around her wrist. She checked the bond. “It is secure, Ma'am.”

“Thank you, Bernadette. You can start serving breakfast now.”

“Of course, Ma'am,” the maid said. I did not hear them leave the room, flabbergasted as I was at seeing Mistress wearing a chain.

“Mistress? What...” I stammered.

She smiled at me, she held up her arm. “This? Well, this morning I got the sneaking suspicion you were about to wander off while I was sleeping, you naughty girl. I do not want you to get in any trouble, but I cannot watch you all the time either. So I decided to put you on a short leash, figuratively and literally.”

She pulled her arm back, causing tension on my leash. It was hardly ten feet long.

“Now I can rest easy in the knowledge you are always close by, safe with me.” She shot me a playful wink. 

“I see, Mistress.” What else could you say when you hear something like this?

“Very good. Now let's see what we have for breakfast. Ah, there it is now.” I saw Bernadette enter, holding a plate with our meal.


During breakfast Mistress was chit-chatting again, though I did not feel like joining in, as my discomfort claimed most of my attention. Though I was kind of baffled how anyone can talk about something as trivial as the weather when she is wearing a latex catsuit.

I wasn't hungry, but ate my fair share anyway. Mostly because of my bonds I could not eat myself and thus Mistress had to hand feed me. She ignored my claims that I was okay and simply smiled as she put another piece of toast and marmalade in my mouth.

After breakfast she took me to the living room. It was very nice outside by now, but apparently it is a bad idea to go out into the sun while wearing latex.

We spend most of the morning there. Mistress had turned on some music and enjoyed a quiet morning. I played the role of infatuated sissy again, trying to get her attention (while actually hoping she would ignore me), speaking silly nonsense that did not even make sense to me. Mistress tolerated that with a combination of amusement, stoicism and indifference.

Every now and then she would pull on my leash and drag me towards her. She then put me on her lap as her hands touched me through the second skin of the latex. I would squirm and she fondled me, while her tongue probed my mouth. Our outfits would squeak as they contacted each other, and I made quite a noise as I wriggled in Mistress embrace.

There were several zippers on my outfit, including one at my groin and one at my bottom. She would unzip one and put her gloved fingers though, carefully probing my clitty or sissy hole. Not to get me excited, but enough to remind me whom they belonged to.

She mostly just enjoyed watching me squirm in my outfit, though. It was so tight I had trouble with the most basic of movements, like sitting down. Even kneeling, a very important skill for a sissy, became excruciatingly difficult.

At some point I even preferred to just keep standing upright, despite of the pressure that put on my heeled feet. Mistress laughed at that. She pulled my leash and drew me closer. In a rare moment of compassion, she decided to teach me the art of moving in latex.

“No, no, no, silly girl. Stop fighting the latex. It is not like satin that can move any which way you like. It has its own limits that you must respect,” She said enigmatically. “Compare it with your chains. You do not want to keep fighting your chains now, would you?”

“No Mistress,” I said. Actually, I did. And I wanted to tear them apart as well. Quite impossible, for sure, but a girl can dream. Of course I did not say that out loud.

“Indeed. You only move your arms and legs as far as your chains allow, but within those limits you are free to do as you please. Use that to your advantage. Here, let me show you.” She got up from her chair in which she was apparently sitting quite comfortably, taking position next to me. She was holding a crop.

“Watch carefully, girl. Bend your knee just a little bit, like this. Then move your leg forward. Not too far. Keep your torso upright. Put weight on your heel, and repeat with the other leg. See? Step, step, step, turn, step, step, step. Now you try.” Mistress said to me.

By now I was quite capable of walking in heels, but this was something else. Mistress barked a mocking laugh as I made my moves. “Oh Cheryl, that has pathetic. Try again, and remember that you are a pretty little sissy who is very happy to wear an outfit like that, so smile and look happy.”

“Yes Mistress.” I tried again, smiling this time. A slap hit my behind, making me squeal. I still smiled though.

“Don't bend that leg so far. Again.” She said sternly.

She made me practice for some time, though more for her amusement than my benefit, I think. She always found reason to slap me with the crop, and when she got bored was I allowed to stop. Still, I did get a bit more accustomed to my restrictive outfit.   

Finally, the moment I had been fearing had come. I was sitting on Mistress lap again. She was teasing my nipples while I nibbled her ear.

“Let's play a game,” she whispered to me.

“Oh, I'd love to, Mistress,” I said smiling, but I could feel myself turn pale.

“That is great, my dear. You'll love this.” She reached into her purse. “See this?”

She held up a coin. It was the size of a euro coin, but completely gold coloured. It reflected the light beautifully, with a golden shine. On one face was a representation of a lion, on the other the Swiss cross.

“That is beautiful, Mistress,” I said

“Thank you, my dear. It's almost pure gold. Twenty-four carat.” She smiled proudly “A long time ago my family was involved in minting. Our gold coins were among the most trusted and valuable in Europe. They had saved some for a rainy day, which were passed down the family tree. Thanks to them, I've been blessing me with a very valuable coin collection.”

“There are more?” I asked.

“Yes. Five, to be exact. Unfortunately, it seems that Jeanne has been a bit careless and scattered them through the mansion. Now I need to collect them for safe keeping.”

“A treasure hunt?”

“More or less. Jeanne informed me where she lost them, and I'm going there to reclaim them.” She smiled at me. “You are coming with me and help me find them. If you find one first, you score a point. Otherwise I do. The one who scores the most wins. If you win, I'll give you this evening off. Otherwise, its three hours in the penalty box.”

I gasped. That was harsh! But a whole evening free from her...

“Understood? Good. Let's go then.” She helped me of her lap and got up herself.

“Oh, before we go, on last thing...” She reached into her purse and pulled out a wicked looking gag, a small dildo protruding from the leather strap that covered the mouth.

I must have looked miserable, but Mistress just smirked. “That is... not necessary, Mistress. I will not talk to anyone,” I said dismayed.

“I know, girl. I just like seeing you gagged. It makes your eyes look so adorably alarmed, that is all. Now, open wide honey.”

What choice was there? I reluctantly opened my mouth and she pushed the phallus in. She fastened it behind the back of my head, and then we were good to go.

“Let's go find us some treasure,” she said as she guided me towards the door. She picked up her crop along the way.


Our first destination was the entrance hall, where two coins were supposed to be lost. It was a short walk (which in my outfit predictably took quite a while) but Mistress was not idle. She had me walk in front of her, keeping the leash just slack, while she monitored my gait. She did not spare on the crop.

I was glad when we finally reached the main hall. So glad even that I increased my pace.

“Whoa there, girl. Not so fast,” Mistress said as she tugged on the leash. I squealed as I fell backwards, but Mistress caught me.

As I was lying in her arms she gave me a quick and playful kiss. “I appreciate your enthusiasm, but let's keep it fair, shall we? When I say 'start', we begin.  And remember, always look and move as a proper sissy. Do you understand?”

I nodded.

“Very well then,” she said as she placed me on my feet again, then opened the door the the hall. “Start!”  

I rushed inside the entrance hall, eager to find the coins.

I only got as far as the leash would let me. I couldn't help putting pressure on the chain, but Mistress just pulled back harder, forcing me back. She casually walked over to one table, checked it, then moved over to another table, very slowly. It was clear that there was nothing on that table, but Mistress went there anyway.

And I had to follow her because I was chained to her.

I was getting agitated by the time Mistress moved to the third table. This was incredible, I thought. Yesterday I had to run to keep ahead of this woman, but now she moved with a snail's pace!  

Then I saw the glitter of gold on the ornamental handrail of the main staircase, where an elaborately carved wooden lion stood watch. The gold coin was between its front legs.

I pulled my leash in that direction, but Mistress just gave it a wicked tug, followed by a nasty slap of her crop on my behind. “Mind your manners, girl,” She simply said.

I muttered shouts of protest into my gag. This was infuriating! It was right there and she would not let me reach it. Impatiently I stumbled about within the ten feet around Mistress as she moved about the room, keeping my eye on the coin to make sure she did not beat me to it.

“Aha, what have we here?” She said. I turned to face her and saw her holding up a piece of gold. My eyes went wide. I had missed that one!

Mistress looked at me triumphantly. “That is one-zero for me, I reckon. Now, where is the other one...” She continued with the search.

When she finally moved towards the staircase, I took my chance. Standing between the statue and her, I blocked Mistress' view of the coin.

She made a step towards the left, and my leash went slack. I skittered to the carved lion, and reached for the coin.

And again there was tension on my leash. My bound hands almost had it, but fell short for a couple of inches.

“What are you doing, girl?” Mistress said as she noticed me mucking about.

“Is something there?” She said she turned towards me. Then she made an error, letting the leash go slack. I pulled on the leash and before she could respond, I managed to grab the coin.

I gave an excited squeal in my gag, holding out the coin and showed it to Mistress. She looked as if she tasted something sour. “Well done, girl.” She simply said. “That makes it one-one. We are done here. To the next location.” She pulled hard on the leash, but for once that felt like victory.


The second location was a large old guest room. It hadn't been used for quite a while, but the maids had kept it clean. Archaic furniture was scatted erratically throughout the room making it very cluttered. It was only due to a stroke of luck that I found the first coin. I accidentally bumped into an old clock and the coin, that stood upright against the clock-face, fell down. I had picked it up before Mistress even knew what was going on. I gave her a smug look when I showed her, though that was probably not visible due to my gag. Two-one for me!

We both moved slowly through the room, parallel to one another, making sure we did not miss anything.

We both saw the coin at the same time. It was lying in the middle of a coffee table. “Ah, there it is,” I heard Mistress say.

If I could grab it first, I would win. I skittered forward, my chains jingling, as I rushed towards the piece of gold.

Only when I was just short of the coin did Mistress pull my leash. “Oh no, naughty girl. I saw it first.” She did not pull me back, but did not let me move forward either. I stumbled in my heels as I tried to get nearer, but it remained just out of reach.

Mistress grabbed me from behind, putting her arm around me and held me tight, making our outfits squeak as she reached for the coin. She grabbed it and held it up for me to see. “This one is mine,” she said smugly. With her thumb she flipped the coin into the air, caught it again and put it into her purse with the others.

I groaned. So close... Two – two.


The last location was the old study. Rows and rows of books lined the walls. Some were over a hundred years old, Mistress told me. Her family had been collecting books for several centuries, but a long time ago a fire burned down this section and everything in it. Since then, the Rosenberg had been steadily expanding their collection again. Even Mistress did her best to add interesting pieces to the family collection.

“Not that I ever read a single one,” she said with a snigger. “Most fun I ever had in this room was when I was a little girl, when my sister and I built our own little castle with all these books. You should have seen my father's face when he saw his first edition of Les Trois Mousquetaires being used as a makeshift roof.“

She pinched me in my bottom. “Well, most fun up till now, I should say. Anyway, let's hunt some treasure.”

Mistress started to investigate the rows of books, occasionally picking up one and leafing through it. If Jeanne had hidden the coin inside one of the books, this could take a while, I thought.

Mistress kept my leash short, which annoyed me greatly. I did not have much room to move when we started, but this was just unfair. How could I possibly find the coin before Mistress did if she kept me so close beside her?

I muttered an undignified expression into my gag. Mistress gave me a quick glance, and I looked down remorsefully. She was still carrying her crop and it did not take much for her to discipline me.

Nevertheless, I started feeling agitated. I did not want to go to the penalty box again, but right now I had no idea how to avoid it. I was just being dragged along by Mistress while she was searching, waiting for the moment when she would spot the coin.

Mistress took out another book, looking through a couple of pages. “Vingt mille lieues sous les mers,” she said quoting the title of the book. “I tried reading this once, but decided to just watch the movie.” She put it back and turned to the next row.

I glanced at the book she just held. I did not know the title, but I recognized the author: 'Jules Verne'. Despite my current predicament I felt a bit awed to realize that this book was printed before my grandfather was born.

That is when I saw the coin.

It was lying flat on another book close to the one of Jules Verne. It was shaded by the bookshelf, so it had a dull colour that matched the yellowing pages of the books, but it was the coin all right. Mistress had overlooked it!

I looked at Mistress, who was inspecting another book. She had released the tension on my leash.

I also had a problem. I could not reach it!

Thanks to my bonds I could move my hands only slightly upwards, about chest level. The coin was at the same level as my eyes.

I had to act fast. Mistress continued browsing the bookshelves, and any moment she could pull me close to her. I had to grab that coin, now or never.

So I did the only thing I could do; I jumped.

I figured that in the best case, at the highpoint of my jump, I could grab the coin directly. Otherwise I could grab the book itself and make it come down with the coin.

Of course, jumping while wearing high heels and a tight catsuit complicated the issue...

I managed to grab hold of a book, but it was the wrong one! Worse still, as I pulled it out back on my way down, I managed to pull others out with it...

I landed in my feet, but my left stiletto immediately tipped over, causing me to stumble and fall. The floor was carpeted, so my landing was reasonably soft, but now an avalanche of leather bound book rushed down at me. I squealed.

“Was machts du?” Mistress said startled as she witnessed my poorly conceived and ill-executed attempt.

She walked over to me, holding the crop firmly in both hands. Her face was furious. “What do you think you are doing, girl? This is not a playground!”

I was lying in a supine position, my outfit making it difficult to move, surrounded by books lying the floor. None had actually hit me. But the fright and indignity of the situation had brought me close to tears.

“Do you any idea how expensive some of these volumes are?” Mistress continued wrathful as she looked down on me. She looked as tall as a mountain. “I swear that if there is any damage on a single one, I will... Hey, what's that?”

She picked up something from the floor, next to my leg. She held it up, light reflecting of its gold surface.

“Well, look at that. The final coin. I guess that means I win.” She smiled contently, flipping the coin over her fingers before putting it away.

That was not fair! I shouted into my gag. I saw it first, I had gotten it of the book shelf, I should have won! I squirmed in my bonds, my shouts muffled by the gag.

Mistress bent over me, gently stroking my face. “Oh relax, Cheryl. I was just kidding. Don't mind those stuffy old tomes. Who cares if they have one scratch more or less. I have them on my e-reader anyway.”

No, I meant the game! I shouted. I found the coin! I won!

“No need to panic, girl. Bernadette will clean this mess up. Let's get you back on your feet. Up now, girl.” Holding my arms, she pulled me up, both our outfits squeaking where they touched.

“There we go.” She wiped some dust of my behind. “You look fine. Let's get you to the penalty box.”

Don't take me there, I pleaded. Please, no. Mistress ignored my muffled cries.

“This way, little lady,” Mistress spoke as she pulled my leash. I pulled back hard, but Mistress didn't even bother looking behind her as she tugged on the chain and forced me forward.


This time I stood upright. They had attached my ankle chain to a hook on the floor between my feet, giving me some room to move, but not much. My hands were no longer tied to each other, instead they were locked to the frame in front of me. One chain was connected to my collar and another was wrapped around my corset to limit my wiggling room.

The two maids were already waiting when we arrived at the penalty box and they wasted no time in chaining me to this new contraption. I tried to resist when they untied my hands, but a hard slap in my face stunned me and broke my defiance. Nevertheless, they added a blindfold just to be safe.

“Are you done, Ladies? Excellent. I will take it from here. Feel free to take the next few hours off,” Mistress spoke.

“Are you sure, Ma'am? Won't you need our assistance?” I heard Jeanne say.

“Oh, I think I can handle one tied up little girl.” A hard crack echoed through the room. Mistress was testing one of her whips.

“Of course, Ma'am. We'll take out leave then. Enjoy. You too, Cheryl.” I could only grunt.

Mistress leaned against me, making our latex outfits squeak. Her hand went down to my groin, where she slowly pulled down my zipper.

“I think I'm going to make you cry with joy,” Mistress said to me.