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Happy Thanksgiving

Posted an extra long chapter for all of you to enjoy over the holiday weekend. Hope you like it.

Kammi's Serial



“You know, I have been thinking of getting my hair cut, but then I’d have to curl it every night. Is that something you would learn to do for me, just like Leon does Agnes’ hair?” Mildred asked, feeling Amos’ hard member pulsating.
“Yes dear, oh damn, I can’t control myself” Amos said, knowing Mildred would punish him if he came before she told him it was okay.
“That would be so nice dear. We could be just like Leon and Agnes, a loving couple like you said. And maybe I could set your hair too. I’d love to see you with a headful of curls.”
“Aaaagh, I’m coming” Amos cried out as he began to convulse.
“Use your hankie” Mildred ordered sharply.
Amos had the pretty, lace trimmed handkerchief in his hand and wrapped it around his spurting cock. He knew he was already in trouble for coming without permission and did not want to add to his woes by getting anything “dirty” on Mildred’s silk nightie.

Mildred had been especially jittery all morning as she prepared for her meeting with Lin Lu. She had told Amos about her invitation for lunch with the “Whore of Babylon”, Amos’ mocking name he had used months ago to describe  the entrepreneur. 

“If I’m not back by midnight, I have probably been kidnapped to be sold as a sex slave” Mildred laughingly said to her husband while he was brushing her hair.

“I’m afraid I don’t begin to have enough money to buy such a beautiful woman as you, especially with the skills you have in bed. So I hope your new master is kind to you and doesn’t beat you too often” he said, pulling her hair taught back from her forehead.

“Do it especially tight and neat for me today, Amos. I aim to impress. Perhaps my eyes will look more slanted, like Miss Lu’s.”

“Yes, my dearest, but remember, you asked for it.”

Amos’ efforts did indeed pull Mildred’s eyes back and also brought tears from the pain. Amos wanted to loosen the bun but Mildred would have none of that.

She went through her wardrobe three times before she settled on a below the knee, navy blue skirt and a white satin blouse. She sighed as she looked in the mirror. She still looked dowdy, but she had looked the same since Amos had been ordained and began his ministry. It was the way a pastor’s wife should look. She had seen pictures of Lin Lu in the paper and knew that there was no way she could compete with the beautiful woman. She did do something very daring – she wore lipstick that Agnes insisted she needed.

She kissed Amos good bye and instructed him to hang up all the discarded clothes scattered around their bedroom. “And feel free to use the iron to touch up any that got wrinkled” she added with a smile. Amos did not return the smile.

When Mildred parked her car in the “Guest Parking” area at Dryfuss, she was immediately impressed. A young man, at least she believed he was a man, was immediately at her car to open the door. His pink blazer had an odd cut to it and his sharply creased white slacks seemed very tight. His white beret was set at an angle on his head and Mildred noticed two bobby pins to keep it attached to his hair. He had beautiful eyes and Mildred, no expert in this department, thought he might be wearing eye make-up. His lovely perfume was noticeable as he lead Mildred to the executive entrance. His shoes clicked on the concrete which drew Mildred to notice that he was wearing low heeled pink pumps.

“What the hell am I doing in a place like this?” she asked herself.

When the elevator doors opened on the sixth floor, the most beautiful woman Mildred had ever seen greeted her with a warm smile and a ladylike handshake. She had seen Lin Lu’s photo in the newspaper several times and knew she was a very attractive woman but seeing her in person overwhelmed her. Lin Lu wore a body fitting plum colored angora dress, sheer stockings and black heels. Her shiny raven hair was pinned behind her ears with pearl barrettes and fell in curls to the middle of her back. Mildred shocked herself when she thought how nice it would be to run her fingers through those curls. She felt very old with her modest Sear’s dress and old fashioned hairstyle. 

“Welcome, Mrs. Reynolds, I am Lin Lu. It is such an honor to have you pay me a visit. May I show you around a little before we eat?”

“Yes, I’d love that, Miss Lu” Mildred replied, hoping that her nervousness was not too obvious.

“Please call me Lin, Mrs. Reynolds.”

“I will if you call me Millie” she answered. “Oh my gosh, I haven’t used that name since I was in high school! I don’t know what made me say that. I’ve been called Mildred all my adult life.”

“I will be happy to call you anything you want but, please forgive my boldness, Mildred just doesn’t seem to fit a beautiful young lady like yourself. You strike me much more like a Millie.”

“Then Millie it is, Lin.”

“Wonderful. I think maybe we are going to become good friends. May I first introduce you to what I call My Team. They are the brains of this operation.”

One by one Lin Lu led Mildred to each team members office. Mildred knew a few of them from church or other ladies’ events in town. She was impressed by their looks – all impeccably dressed in the latest fashions, tastefully made up, and all looking like the had just stepped out of the beauty parlor with perfectly styled hair. (In fact, three of them had indeed been pampered by Bradley in the spa this morning.) Lin Lu explained each of their functions in the business. On two occasions, Mildred’s visit interrupted dictation. Mildred had trouble identifying the gender of the person with the notebook and pencil. They wore identical uniforms of mauve shorts and starched white blouses. Each wore sheer nylons and black patent leather shoes with silver buckles. Their hairstyles were almost identical too – short, tightly permed hair that had been a popular style for women ten years ago. But something told Mildred that these were both boys. This was confirmed by their name tags which read “Roger” and “Bernard”. No mistaking these names as woman’s. And each stood up and curtsied when she and Lin Lu entered the room.

Once the tour was completed, Mildred commented “So, is this an all woman department, Lin?”

“Yes, all my team and all my managers and supervisors are women, but of course the two taking dictation are obviously male. They are apprentices in the steno pool and both are excellent typists – minimum of eighty words a minute. They are required to wear uniform clothes and hair styles, nice and curly, until they graduate and then they can dress as they like as long as it is proper office attire.”

“May I be bold enough to ask what ‘proper office attire’ is?”

Lin Lu smiled and said “Nothing unusual – dress or skirt and blouse, nylons and heels, modest makeup and feminine hair style. Nail polish is optional but you will notice most of my employees wear it. One thing I do insist on – no slacks. First because it is not formal and second, most important, I want my women to flaunt their femininity. It’s who they are. They do not need to dress as men to do a man’s job. I remember at MIT, there was a female professor of economics, pretty much exclusively a man’s field, who actually wore a man’s suit, tie and shirt and had her hair cut at a barber shop. I hated that. I want feminine attire to be normal for female executives.

Now, let me show you my pride and joy – the Dryfuss Spa.”

Lin Lu opened the unusual door, for an office at least,  and directed Mildred inside. She was stunned at what she saw and smelled.

“Why, it’s a beauty parlor “ she exclaimed. “I never heard of such a thing in a business. Who uses it?”

“Myself and my team have unlimited use, not only the salon services but massages and laundering too. Other employees are given passes for outstanding achievement, which we are very liberal awarding. I would be happy to provide a pass for you if you’d like, Millie.”

“Oh my, I don’t know if my husband would approve, though it does look delightful. I haven’t been in a beauty parlor since my wedding. Mmmmm, I smell a permanent wave being performed. I remember that from going with my mother when she had her hair done. I was so scared of that scary machine with all the wires and clamps.”

“Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. They’re all cold waves today. Come meet our top notch hairdresser, looks like he’s just finishing applying the wave solution.”

Mildred was very confused. There were only four other people in the salon, the woman getting the perm, another under the dryer getting her nails done by a pink uniformed girl with her hair in curlers and a very tall, attractive hairdresser. Why did Lin Lu refer to her as a “he”? But then, everything was not normal in this place. Was it possible the hairdresser with the pretty, curly up-do, wearing a pink nylon uniform with a very obvious lacy slip under the sheer material, and high heels was a man? If he was, he had some very realistic falsies.

“Bradley, may I interrupt you to introduce Mrs. Mildred Reynolds? Millie, this is my husband, Bradley.”

Oh boy, this is indeed a very strange place, Mildred thought.

“Oh my dear, it is indeed a pleasure to meet you, finally. I have seen you at various affairs around town and always admired your beauty. And that hair! I’ve never seen such a well done bun” Bradley gushed and gently patted Mildred’s netted bun. “Did you do it yourself, dear?”

“No, my… ah, actually yes, I did” Mildred answered, knowing she almost revealed a big secret.

“Oh, you must show me how to do it so perfectly, Mrs. Reynolds.”

“You flatter me, Mr. Dryfuss, and please call me Mildred.”

“I would prefer that he continue to call you Mrs. Reynolds” Lin Lu said sharply.

“Sorry, I must get back to my customer to check the progress of the processing. I’d be in big trouble if I burned the hair of a vice-president. But please do come back sometime, Mrs. Reynolds. I would love to do your hair.”

The woman getting the perm and the one under the dryer waved as Lin Lu led Mildred to the back of the salon.

“Here is our laundry room” she said, holding the door for Mildred to enter. This was indeed a busy place. She could hear, and smell, the washer and dryer running. At one side, a girl in the same style pink uniform as Bradley including the slip, but wearing white gloves, was ironing a blouse while another, similarly dressed girl, also with the white gloves, worked at a large table at the other end folding clothes. Each wore tight fitting black hair nets and white nurses’ shoes. They curtsied together when Lin Lu entered.

“These two are also apprentices performing their field work for their Home Ec class at school.  As long as they pass all their requirements they will graduate with diplomas in  Domestic Arts, a job much in demand today with so many women in the workplace. Keep up the good work, boys.”

Outside the room, Mildred turned to Lin Lu and asked “Boys?”

“Yes, great to see a couple of boys doing laundry, isn’t it? Of course, they also have homework doing the same tasks in their homes. They’ll make good wives someday.”

“Excuse my curiosity, but why are they wearing hair nets and gloves?”

“Oh, partly because of my fussy hygiene standards. The nets keep hair out of the clothes. You wouldn’t want to find someone’s hair in your panties, would you? The gloves are for much the same reason, keeping their hands from touching your delicates. When they do hand wash, they wear rubber gloves.”

“Good reasons, I agree with you. And the manicurist – boy or girl?”

“Boy. He’s in the cosmetology program at school, again an apprentice. This is someone that will become a beautician when he graduates. Did the curlers fool you? We believe in total immersion. He has to wear curlers in his hair the entire time he’s here. He even has to wear them home, with a scarf, of course.”

“Yes, I’ve never seen a boy in curlers. Guess I just don’t get around much in this whole new world. But I have to admit, I like it. I like it very much.”

“Thanks, Millie, that means a lot to me. Come on, lunch is ready” Lin Lu said, taking Mildred by the hand.

The tastefully decorated dining room had been set up with just one table. Lin Lu held out the chair for Mildred and helped seat her. They chatted through the meal about things going on in town and shared their upbringining. Mildred was in awe of the meal – watercress soup, lemon sole wild rice and asparagus, and a small, but absolutely delicious lemon tart. Mildred even dared, under promise of absolute secrecy, to have a glass of a wonderful Chablis.

“Us Baptists are not supposed to drink, you know” she said with a smile.

When they were finished, they adjourned to Lin Lu’s office where they sat across from another around a small coffee table.

“So, down to business” Lin Lu said seriously. “I am concerned about what your husband preached about last Sunday. I wasn’t there, of course, but I do have my spies who reported everything to me. Perhaps it would help if I told you my background and what my goals were when I began this project, if I’m not boring you.”

“Certainly not, Lin, I’d love to know more about you. I am already fascinated by all you have done. But first, may I ask a very personal question?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“Ah, oh boy, this is awkward, the, ah, person in the beauty salon, you called her your husband. And you called him Bradley. I know the head of Dryfuss Enterprises was Bradley Dryfuss. Is there a connection, because I know what he looks like and that’s not who I saw in the beauty parlor.  I’m confused.”

“Sorry, you have a right to be confused. I should have explained. That is indeed my husband, after a few, shall we say, alterations. He is the former owner, Bradley Dryfuss. Bradley was not a very good man and is being punished for his misdeeds, some of which were absolutely horrible, especially what he did to his sister, Rose. Along with his training as a hairdresser, he also serves as my live-in maid, and is very good at both. He is now quite content with his new position, as am I.”

“I don’t know if this is true, but I heard through the grapevine that his sister also lives with you.”

“Yes, it is true. She is my lover.”

Mildred was at a loss for words and stared, open mouthed, at Lin Lu before asking, “You’re, ah, you’re a…”

“Yes, Millie, Rose and I are lesbians. Am I shocking you? Would you prefer to leave now?”

“Yes, I am shocked. Like I said, I don’t get around much, at least outside my very parochial group of church women. Don’t believe we have any lesbians in our congregation. And no, I don’t want to leave. I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun. Please continue.”

Lin Lu described her upbringing and the great trust her father had placed in her, despite the prevailing world wide consensus that women did not belong running a business, and his own personal reluctance to have his daughter take on such a formidable task.

“Of course, I did not tell Daddy about my hidden agenda of not only having the business run completely by woman, but changing the whole structure of society in the town. I truly believe that having women in charge of both businesses and homes would be a far better thing – less crime, more cooperation, less selfish competition, and more sensitivity for males in their relationships with themselves and with females in general. I have not completed my goals yet but I believe that any objective survey of how the town is today versus what it was before I came would reveal a much happier, and more prosperous, population. If you walked through the entire plant you would see how happy most of my employees are. This is infectious. Walk down Main Street and see how people greet each other with smiles and take the time to chat and learn how their neighbors are doing. It’s a little early to confirm this but our students are performing much better than they used to, especially the girls, which is my aim. I am told by a reliable source that mental health has improved, measured by the considerable decrease in divorces and suicides and family disturbances. Consider this scene, which I witnessed just last week and tell me if this is something wonderful or an abomination before god. A husband and wife and three children were walking in the park. The mother looked lovely in a bright yellow sun dress and her hair beautifully styled. The father wore white peddle pushers and a pink satin shell. He had low heeled sandals that showed his red polished toenails. He had a lovely page boy hairstyle. He was pushing the pram with the baby inside. The two children, boy and girl – I think – walked hand in hand, laughing all the way. Though they were not twins, they were dressed alike – light blue shorts, sandals, white knee socks and white blouses with peter pan collars. Their hair was in pig tails with blue ribbons. Ten years ago, they would have been jeered at and the parents probably reported to child services for abuse. Last week, people gave them admiring looks and many complimented them on being such a beautiful, happy family. Do you know that a man’s knitting group – I’m not kidding you – has set a goal for themselves to knit a hundred pairs of mittens and hats for poor children by Christmas? Is all this wrong, Millie?”

“No, I don’t think so” Mildred replied softly.

“Really? I’m surprised. Just one more thing. Sometimes you hear about men being made slaves to their wives and treated harshly. I question how much of that is true except in the sleazy porn publications. I have never advocated that. I want to see men just as happy with their lifestyle as women. I won’t go so far as to say a husband and wife are equal but certainly I hope that a man would accept his wife as the head of the house and be content with that and even enjoy it. With the exception of maybe a hard spanking and the occasional mouth washing for vulgar language, I would never condone physical abuse of the man by his wife.

Millie, I have tried to create a climate of friendship and acceptance since I took over Dryfuss Enterprises but it seems that I have an adversary in your husband. I would like to see if we can come to some sort of common ground, if that is possible. Is it?”

“Than you for being so open, Lin. Yes, it is very possible, especially now.”

“Why now? I don’t understand. Your husband pretty much put all the blame on my head for the so called evil things going on in our community just a few days ago.”

“Yes, he did, but that was before a lightning strike almost killed him. Are we still under the privacy agreement we had in the dining room? I’m very serious about it.”

“Yes, of course. You have my word, which I value very much, that nothing we say today will ever leave this room. And at the risk of giving away a closely guarded company secret, I made sure the recording devices in this room, and the dining room, were shut off.”

“I would never have thought of such a thing, but then I’m just an older pastor’s wife who doesn’t get around much.”

“You’re far from old, Millie and I think you’re a lot smarter than you let on” Lin Lu said softly and placed her hand on Mildred’s. “As for getting around, I’d love to change that for you”

“Well, the reason I have confidence in a change in the environment is that Amos has seen the error of his ways. The close call with the lightning strike sure put the fear of god in him, literally. He is going to take a sabbatical and I assure you it will be a very different man in the pulpit when he returns, if they let him return. Meanwhile, I will take over as many of his responsibilities  as I can get away with. This may come as a shock to you, but both Amos and myself are really closet liberals. However, in order to keep his job, we both have had to play the roles of conservative, bible carrying pastor and wife, with everything that goes along with it. All that is going to change. And I think that you will be very pleased with the results, as long as there isn’t another lightning strike that puts us back in our “proper” places.

My grandmother was a suffragette and my mother was even more liberal and way ahead of her time. She wrote a short book, under an assumed name, of course, that urged all women to free themselves from the slavery of marriage. Granted, it was somewhat radical. But what she was really saying was that women should have all the same choices in life as their husbands. And if that meant that a woman entered the workplace in her chosen field and climbed the ladder, there was absolutely no reason why her husband could not stay home and take on the role of wife. She went so far as to suggest that many men might actually prefer this role, though none would admit it. She even had a set of photos in the book showing a man - yes, a real man agreed to pose for them – wearing a flowered housedress and ruffled apron, with his hair set in pin curls and a bandanna around his head ironing, vacuuming, baking, cleaning the bathroom and then looking lovely in a skirt and blouse, hair nicely arranged, greeting his wife when she came home from work. The closing caption read ‘I love serving my beautiful wife’.”

“I can’t believe it. This was how long ago? Do you have a copy of the book? I would love to read it” Lin Lu said, her excitement obvious.

“Well, maybe if I get invited to another splendid lunch like today’s, I might manage to bring the book along.”

“Deal” Lin Lu said quickly. “But how could a daughter of that woman become a pastor’s wife?”

“Fate. While Amos was in divinity school, I was a student at Radcliffe, the sister school to Harvard. We had a class together. It was truly love at first sight, for both of us. He was so handsome and his challenging positions in class impressed me. I had to have him. First my mother had to approve, not an easy thing with her beliefs. Since I commuted, I asked Amos to dinner, which he jumped at. He could only afford to go home except at Christmas and summer break so he was lonesome. Mother questioned him all through the meal and I could tell his answers pleased him, though I was embarrassed by some of her questions. You won’t believe what she did to test him. When we finished eating, she stood up and casually asked Amos if would mind picking up and washing the dishes while she and I worked on a dress she was making for me. I went from total embarrassment to absolute shock when he meekly agreed. Mother had an apron around him before you could shake a stick.

“We’ll be in my sewing room when you’re done, Amos. It’s off the livingroom.”

“Yes, ma’m” he answered politely.

“Mommy, you’re terrible” I said but giggled at the same time. “Poor Amos is never going to ask me out again. You’ve scared him off.”

“We’ll see, and don’t forget it was you that asked him out, right? I have good vibes about that boy. You’ll see.”

I was standing on a stool while Mommy pinned the hem when Amos came in the room, still wearing his apron.

“This reminds me of home. My mother made almost all her own clothes and much of mine too. She would often have me be her dummy to make dresses for my cousins, just like you’re doing now.”

“Amos, you wore a dress?” I asked.

“Well, not really, just while Mommy was fitting it, though sometimes I had to keep it on for a while if she got interrupted doing something else.”

“Did she teach you to sew?” Mother asked casually, apparently pretty sure of his response.

Amos blushed but admitted he did indeed learn to sew and actually made a dress for his mother.’’

“That’s good, Amos. I think your mother and I could be good friends. What else did she teach you?” Mother fished, again with the confidence that there were many other things that his mother taught him.

“Oh, you know, ah, things around the house, like…” he stammered.

“I’ll bet she taught you to iron, right?”

“How did you know that?” he asked, confirming what Mother had surmised.

“Oh, just logical progression. Anyone that gets involved in sewing must learn to iron. Bet she started you pressing seams and then hems and before long you were ironing the whole dress.”

“Yes, that’s exactly what happened” he admitted, surprised by Mother’s insight.

“Do you still sew and iron?”

“No, actually my father put a stop to all that when I was sixteen. He thought it was just a passing phase when I started at ten but when he discovered I was doing almost  all the laundry, along with vacuuming, dusting and a little cooking he decided that this was not proper behavior for a man, especially a man that was slated to become a preacher.”

“So who does your laundry now?” Mother continued to probe and I suspected that she had a purpose to her questions.

“The college does, for a fee, of course.”

“Ironing too?”


“Is that why your clothes are wrinkled? Don’t they have laundry rooms in the dorms?” 

Wow, Mother was really drilling him now. I was sure I would not have another date with Amos.

“Well, they do, but they are in the women’s dorms and I’m too embarrassed to use them. I doubt that you would find a single guy doing his laundry there, never mind standing over the ironing board in full view of everyone. No, I can get by with my wrinkled clothes, just like most of the guys.”

“Unacceptable!” Mother said sharply. “Women do not like to see men wearing wrinkled clothes but they do love to watch a man ironing, right Millie?”

“Yes, Mommy” I answered meekly.

“So, young man, I think it’s time you became reacquainted with an iron and ironing board and a needle and thread. Plan on that on your next visit” she ordered.

I was shocked to hear Amos respond “Yes, ma’m.”

So, a few days later, and for almost every night for the next two years, Amos and I caught the same train from Cambridge to my house and he spent most of his time washing and ironing my clothes and stitching tears and mending hems on my dresses and skirts. Mother even had him make an apron for himself – a very frilly pink apron, the first of many. Quite an interesting courtship, wasn’t it? Would you believe Amos and my mother actually made my wedding gown together along with most of my lingerie? Of course, Amos did all the ironing of the silks and satins. While Mommy loves to sew, she hates to iron. It was all so beautiful and everyone asked who my designer was. I told them it was a secret.”

“And today?” Lin Lu asked.

Mildred hesitated before answering, a sly grin on her face.

“Today? Well, he hasn’t made another wedding dress since the first one. No divorces in our family.”

“Millie! You’re teasing me, you know what I mean. Is Pastor Reynolds still like that?”

“Yes, he is, and has been every day of our marriage. I am clearly the head of our household and Amos loves it. But if you breathe a word of this to anyone I’ll shave your head, and worse.”

“This is all so fascinating. It’s hard to believe. I really think this should be broadcast all over the plant” Lin Lu said, picking up the microphone for the PA system.

Mildred smiled. “Go ahead, you’ll look lovely with all that pretty hair gone and you’re left with a shiny scalp. It’ll be fun to see.”

“You know I’m kidding, don’t you?” Lin Lu said, putting down the microphone. “I promised that everything we said, and do, will remain between ourselves, and I keep my promises. May I kiss you, Millie?” she asked, getting out of her chair.

“Maybe just a little peck on the cheek” Mildred answered but Lin Lu saw
the gleam in her eyes.

Lin Lu crossed over to Mildred’s chair and bent down and put a quick kiss on Mildred’s cheek.

“See, I did what I was told. But now I feel like being naughty and doing something awful.”

She kissed Mildred on the lips and held that position for several long minutes.

Mildred sighed and stood up. She put her arms around Lin Lu and said “I suppose proper manners would dictate that I return your gift.”

She then kissed Lin Lu for longer than the first kiss. Mildred moaned when she felt Lin Lu’s tongue probing her mouth. When the kiss ended, they hugged for several more minutes. Mildred unconsciously let her hands run down the soft material of Lin Lu’s dress to her bottom. Then suddenly conscious at what she was doing, she caressed the soft cheeks through the dress and slip underneath.

“Naughty girl” she said and spanked Lin Lu’s bottom. “You’re not wearing a girdle.”

“That’s not all I’m not wearing, my dear” Lin Lu whispered into Mildred’s ear as she continued her assault of the latter’s mouth with her tongue.

“Lin, my dear, as much as I want to take this to the next level, I can’t. I love my husband very much and I would never betray him. Furthermore, I’m not sure I could keep  such a beautiful affair quiet. So again, for Amos’ sake, I have to be satisfied with us being kissing cousins. Okay?”

Mildred kissed Lin Lu again, briefly and pulled away from her.

“Cousins are known to get together often” Lin Lu said and winked.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Few Thoughts

You know?  When I was a kid - many, many moons ago? I was brought up in a very macho society (Scotland).  Luckily, I wasn't sissyish - but learned damn quickly that dressing up in women's clothes wasn't considered 'quite' the proper thing to do.  Kept my desires in this regard as a secret.

Like everyone?  I wanted to be the same - and learned to dislike this part of me.  It always had sexual overtones - but I had no idea what the hell those things were until I started masturbating.  Then I gradually started going out with girls.  I liked them just fine - and had some like me in return.  The only thing was?  I was submissive - and they had been brought up in the same society - a man should be dominant.  I had NO idea what to do. Ended up with the total embarrassment of sometimes having a girl, ready and willing - while I had no idea of how to continue.  Awful.

So, the mild dislike I had for myself, turned into self loathing.  Can't say that I was a nice person. Used to wonder and wonder when this 'want' of mine would go away.  In my Thirties?  Forties?  Later?

Well?   If any of you wonder the same thoughts?  Accept the fact that they will NOT disappear with age.  I've had a fairly successful life - and a long marriage.  Have been retired for over 20 years (I did retire fairly early).  But until about five years back, the urgings remained the same.  Medications for Prostate Cancer finally did them in - they basically emasculate them.

All I can say?  I miss the urgings.  Wanted rid of them for many years - but once you lose them?  Keep in mind the old saying - "Be careful of your dreams - they may come true".

At this point I want to add that I feel that I started to become a fairly nice person - once I learned to LIKE myself - or at least admit that I had nothing to be abhorrent about.  That took quite a few years - but trust me, it's become almost a mantra.  If you're simply a transvestite or male submissive?  You're fine.  Start liking yourself.

Well, enough of my BS I guess.  Here's the story,

By Bea

I picked Elaine up at her apartment about eleven in the morning.  Well?   'Picked up' isn't probably the right term to use though.  'Delivered myself into her care' is probably more appropriate. Arrived at her apartment building almost on time (so far, so good).  She was waiting for me outside, as usual - still okay. At that point, I cut the car engine off and slid over to the passenger side. Elaine maintains that she is a better driver than me - and who am I to argue?  As far as I can tell, she's right. A little aggressive maybe, but always in full control.

She looked ravishing.  A raspberry colored jacket and skirt.  A sparkling white blouse.  Small handbag (which was dumped into my lap when she took the steering wheel over).  White, open toed sandals.  Bright blonde hair gleaming in the sun.  She was the picture of health.  Not much makeup, but her lipstick color matched the raspberry of her outfit.
"Hi sweetie!"  she said, reaching over and giving me a quick kiss on the cheek.   "You're a wee bit late - but  I'll forgive you this time.  Get everything packed all right?"
"Yes Elaine.   I'm all packed.  But the traffic?"  As usual, I sounded defensive.
"That's all right sweetie," she said nicely, patting me softly on the knee.  "You drive like an old woman anyway.  Don't know why I ever figure you'll be on time - but it'll be different now that we're gonna share an apartment - right?  Won't have to worry about how long it'll take you to get from your place to mine."  As she talked, she switched on the air conditioner and moved the radio channel to another.  Then she adjusted her seat back and adjusted the mirrors to her satisfaction.

I smiled happily.  This beautiful, athletic, free-living woman was about to start sharing a life - and an apartment - with me.  I couldn't figure out the attraction I had for her, but was more than willing to accept it for a fact.
"When are the movers coming?"  I asked. "I hope you checked with them.  Honestly, don't you think it would be better if I did the coordination with them?  I mean do you trust them THAT much, letting them move all my furniture and china and stuff without even being there to supervise?"
"Don't worry about that sweetie.  The reason I want to do  it?  These guys are pretty hefty – and if you got into one of your fluttery moods?  I think they'd maybe give you a hard time."  she said, then continued.   "Now, you did keep your personal belongings apart from your clothes? Used the green suitcase I loaned you?"
"Yes. I put that in the trunk. It's there now.  But I still don't see why you keep going on about this.."  I started, then shivered.  "Jesus Elaine!"  I said,  "Can't you turn the air conditioning down?   I'm freezing!"
"Language!  And if you'd get some meat on that skinny little body of yours you wouldn't feel the cold so much,"  she retorted. "I'm roasting!"

As if to prove her point, she shrugged herself out of her jacket at a stoplight that had just turned red.  She started to throw it in the back, then turned it towards me.   "Here, you little softy you.  Put my jacket on and stop with the bitching, will you?"  her smile taking any sting out of her words.
"Oh, for goodness sake Elaine..."  I started.
"Would   you  put  the   bloody   jacket  on!  You're whining about being cold, you're in your shirt sleeves, and there's a jacket available. You're just being silly!"  she said, her voice getting forceful now.
"But people will see..."
"Sweetie!"  was all she said.
Blushing about the same shade as the jacket, I put it on.
"Button yourself in." she said.
I did as I was told.

"That's better.  I don't like it when you argue.  Now, c'mere."  she said, lifting her arm.  I cuddled into her and put my head on her shoulder as the light changed and she drove off again.   I'm not sure whether it was the heat from the embarrassment, or the warmth of the jacket, but I started feeling warmer almost immediately.
A little while later, I got the courage to start a conversation on a point that had been bothering me.
"Elaine?  Is there any reason we have to go see your mother today?   I'm kinda frazzled.  I mean, with all the packing and all?"
"Yeah.  I see your point sweetie."  she said.  "But her weekly game of Yahtze is scheduled for tomorrow..."
"Yahtze?  What the hell is that?"  I asked.
"Sweetie?  I don't like your language!"  she said firmly.   "Cut out these nasty words!  Please?"
"But you use 'em.." I started.
"That's got nothing to do with it.  I just don't like to hear you swear like that. Not ladylike. And?  You're arguing again!"

"Sorry."  I said meekly. I was a little perturbed by her crack about wanting me to be ladylike, but thought I'd bring it up later – she often joked along these lines; just something I'd have to break her of later, I thought.
She nodded her acceptance of my apology, then continued.
"Yahtze?  It's a stupid dice game.  Nothing much to it, except that to mum and her friends it's like a goddam battleground.   I'm taking you to meet her for the first time today because, as of tomorrow, she turns into a raving lunatic when she and her pals get together for their game.  You'll also be busy tomorrow - getting all of our stuff unpacked.  Remember?  So that leaves today, unless we put it off for a week or so."

I was scared of meeting her mother.  From what  I'd heard, she could be a real barn burner once she got going, but I knew that  I'd have to meet her some day - may as well get it over with I thought.  "No dear.  That's ok.  Just a little scared of meeting her I guess." I answered.
"Ah.  Don't be."  Elaine said.  "Her bite's a helluva lot worse than her bark.  But I will warn you for future consideration.  Don't ever, ever get sucked into one of her stupid Yahtze games - your life will never be the same, trust me."
"Must be something to see."  I giggled.
"Don't even know if  I'd advise you to even kibbitz a game."  she joked back.  "Don't know if your little heart could stand it."

It didn't take us long to get to her mothers apartment.  The security guard gave me quite a look as we drove down into the parking area, sitting there in the raspberry jacket with a white handbag in my lap, but once we had parked Elaine took the handbag and let me take the jacket off once we got out of the car. We took the high-speed elevator to the penthouse suite.

Once I met her mother, I decided that Elaine had been doing some fancy exaggerating.  Not as tall as her daughter, but still a little taller than me, she exuded graciousness.  She had a beautiful even tan, set off by a pristine white linen dress - accented by a Hermes scarf at the neckline.  Not much in the way of jewelry, but her earrings and ring were obviously in the highly expensive class.
"Call me  Dora - please."  she told me when Elaine made the introductions, then she gently chided Elaine.  "Such a nice looking young man.  Why has it taken you so long to let me meet him?  Frightened  I'd steal him away?"
"And I could see why she'd think that was possible!"  I interjected.
She put a hand to her breasts, laughing.
"Aha!  A gallant one, this one.  Here, come with me  David.  Meet my friends.  We play a silly game called Yahtze a lot.  Do you play?"
"I thought your regular game was tomorrow mother."  Elaine said.   "If  I'd known.. . . . .?"
 "Oh. Something came up.  We decided to play today."   Dora said vaguely.   "But the more that plays, the merrier, so if  David here would like to join us?"  She turned an inviting look at me, linked her arm in mine and led me into an adjoining room as she spoke.    Four other ladies, all casually - but expensively dressed and coiffed - looked at us.  "Look girls"  Dora said.  Elaine's brought one of her little friends to meet me.  His name is  David.  Isn't he nice?  And I was just asking him if he played...?"

I shook my head and offered my most regretful grin.   "No ladies.   I'm sorry.  Don't have a clue.  As a matter of fact,  I'd never even heard of the game until Elaine mentioned it on the drive here."
"Oh!  Pshaw!  It's easy!"   Dora laughed.   "Here.  Sit down and we'll show you how - you'll love it."
And somehow, I was sitting at a table with five elderly, but extremely attractive women, being introduced to them - and the game.  At first I had a problem with the names:  Irene, Mabel, Sara, Ruth – and Dora of course, but they were so warm and friendly that it didn't take much time before we were chatting like old friends.  The game itself seemed remarkably easy to learn - basically the throwing of five dice and trying to meet certain combinations.  Over the years though, they explained that they'd 'enhanced' the basic game to include certain bets and forfeits.  When they started to explain them, I got confused rapidly.
"Never mind dear.  You'll get the hang of it pretty quickly."   Dora assured me, patting my hand with hers.   "We'll tell you  what to do, right girls?"
My companions all smiled pleasantly and nodded.

I had not forgotten Elaine's warning, but seemed incapable of extricating myself from this group without creating some hurt feelings.  To make matters worse, Elaine had been out of sight since her mother had pulled me into the room with her friends.  By the time she did reappear, I was actually involved in taking practice throws of the dice.
"Aw shit mother!"  she said to  Dora.   "Couldn't you leave the poor guy alone?"
She then addressed me.  "I warned you.  Don't say I didn't.  But if you're gonna play here,  I'll go and replace the wipers on your car - they look kinda bad.  Wouldn't you rather come down to the auto parts store with me?"
"Of course he doesn't."   Dora laughed.   "He's having too much fun here, aren't you  David?"
"Well.  A game won't take too long.  Will it?"  I asked her.
Dora shook her head.   "Practically no time at all."
I shrugged helplessly at Elaine.  She shrugged back at me, but gave me a rather peculiar wink.  "You're in for it now, sweetie."  she laughed, then left.

It didn't take me too long to realize that whatever game these women were playing was serious business to them.  Some numbers were being thrown around that I didn't understand.  Then I realized that they were side bets - in real money - and sizeable ones at that.  At one point, shortly after we started I discovered that some of the losses were close to running into a thousand dollars or more  - not that I lost of course.  As  Dora's guest, and a beginner, I was just in it for the fun of it.

Every so often, one or two of us would be penalized - for something or other that I could never understand, and feelings got quite obviously brittle as fortunes changed.  I actually breathed a sigh of relief as things I'd do would get me out of the game for a turn or two.  I'd get up from the table to stretch my legs.  Wander around the room.  With a shock, I recognized that some of the wall decorations were originals - and at least one of them was a Klee.  There was big money in this house, I could see that.

Dora was losing - not only money, but some of her charm as well.  Started picking on me.  Well not me, to be truthful - more like the male sex in general.  How we had no consideration for others (females of course).  Didn't appreciate womanhood.  Ran rampant over the weaker sex (I tried to imagine anybody ever running rampant over her - failed).  Her mouth turned into grim lines as her fortunes sank.

"You tried to grope my daughter the other night.  Who the hell do you think you are?"  she suddenly growled at me for no apparent reason.
I gazed back at her in consternation.  Me?  Groping Elaine? It was more the other way around.  But what could I say?  Deny it?  I decided that the best thing for me to do was get out of the game as quickly as I could.

 This turned out to be quite difficult.   I've only played craps in Vegas once or twice, but found the same kind of situation.  It seems that there's always some side bets or something going on that makes it hard to leave a table.  It was the same thing here.  On top of that, there seemed to be a series of rotating  'partnerships' that would have seemingly destroyed the game if I'd left.  Finally I got a respite.  'Something'  I'd done caused me and Ruth to be penalized for three turns.  I could see that she was pissed at me, but didn't know what to say.
Her disposition wasn't improved any when  Dora mentioned sweetly that it was about time for drinks - and wasn't it Ruth's turn to do the honors?  And, now that she had the time?
Ruth's face got red.   "Bullshit!"  she snarled.  "It is not my turn!"
"Oh stop your bitching."  Sara laughed.   "According to you, it's never your turn.   I'll take a Bloody Mary."
Ruth barked out a short laugh.   "Listen to little miss volunteer here - I can't remember the last time you ever served.."
"Oh shit!"  Mabel said, starting to get up from the table.  "Irene?  Why don't you give me a hand.  If we wait for these macho types to fight it out, we'll never get a drink.."

I thought I saw an opportunity to get back in Ruth's good graces.
"If it's only making drinks?"  I offered.   "I don't mind – and, as  I'm free at the moment?"

Mabel eased back down into her chair, smiling.   "That's really nice of you.  It's more than just drinks though - it's serving up the munchies - the chips and dips as well.  Getting either Ruth or Sara to take their turn is always a battle.  It would be a break for me and Irene if you would - and we wouldn't have to listen to her bitch about it."  She added pointedly referring  to Ruth.

The happiness I felt at getting away from the game was reduced somewhat by the fact that I had to wear a gauzy apron while I was doing these little 'chores'.  It was decidedly feminine - a hostess apron I believe they call it, a light pink material  embroidered with butterflies and orchids - cute little patch pockets - that sort of thing. I blushed quite a lot as it floated around me as I served the various drinks and set up the side tables with various snacks.
I reddened even more when Irene called me to her and retied my apron sash into a fluffy bow.   "Much prettier that way!"  she said.

There was a definite bonus though.  Dora was decidedly warming towards me again.   "You know?"  she asked rhetorically.  "It's not too many of these so-called males have the balls to wear a pretty little apron like  David is doing right now.  I mean - wearing the symbol of woman's submissiveness while actually serving  a bunch of women like us?"
"Oh c'mon!"  Sara remonstrated.   "Wearing an apron shows that he's sympathetic towards women's causes?  Bullshit!"

Dora turned her attention to me.  "That's true though  David.  Isn't it?  You do understand the problems that women have faced through the centuries?  You do empathize, don't you?"
I shrugged.   "Dora?  Honestly?  I don't know.   Not being a woman myself I  . ."
"See?"  Ruth said.   "Men could never understand.  Have never been there.."
"What the hell are you talking about?"  Mabel asked her quickly, laughing.   "Tell me how much you know about a real woman's problems!  You've been butch all your days.  What would you know?"
"Maybe not that much," Ruth said somewhat defensively, "But if you think that wearing a little flimsy apron shows he's a feminist?  Bullshit!  If it was a dress now?  Then I could see that you could possibly have a point.  As it is?  I think you're nuts!"  She then looked at me. "C'mere sweetie!"
Nervously, I looked around the table to see if I could get a hint as to what I should do, suddenly aware that all of the women had their attention focused on me.  What was I supposed to do?

"Sweetie? Come here please." Ruth said, a hint of impatience creeping into her voice.
I walked over to where she sat.  She then surprised me, by taking one of my hands in hers and pulled me down to sit in her lap!
"What . .what . . What are you doing Ruth?" I stammered.
"Treating you like a girl.  Do you like it?" she asked, pulling my head down onto her shoulder.
"No, Ruth.  I'm not a girl." I giggled, embarrassed at being treated this way in front of a bunch of women.
"A sissy then?"  she asked.  "That what you are? Do you like wearing your pretty pink apron?"
"I just put it on to serve the drinks and stuff." I protested.
"David's right!" Dora said. "He was just trying to be helpful – AND show that he appreciates the more feminine things in life.  That not right, David?"
"You're buying a buncha bullshit from a man!?  Bet you five hundred that he wouldn't wear a dress!" Ruth said as I searched feverishly for a reply.

"You're just being silly Ruth!  That wouldn't bother him at all, would it dear?" Dora retorted.
"Silly, am I?  Put up or shut up!" Ruth said angrily.
Dora got a little red in the face.  Pursed her lips.  "You're on!" she said.  Then she looked at me.  You wouldn't mind, would you David?  Just for a little while?  I'd be VERY grateful."
"But this is silly.  I don't want to dress up in women's clothes." I said, but falteringly.
"See!" Ruth cackled. "Pay UP Dora!"
Dora shot me a malevolent glare.  "I'll write you a check," she said to Ruth at the same time
"If it's only for a little while Dora?  Maybe I could . . " I stammered, trying to win Dora's approval.
It worked.  She beamed at me. "Wonderful!  Why don't you go along with Irene, she'll be glad to help you.  Right Irene?"

Red faced an humiliated beyond words, I rejoined the group about twenty minutes later, Irene holding my elbow gently, but firmly enough as she led me in for inspection.
There were a few 'ahs' of appreciation and some little handclaps, but I didn't know from whom as I was gazing at the floor in front of me.
"Oh stop behaving like that!"  Irene cautioned me.   "You look nice and you know it!.. Here!  Look in this mirror.  Tell me what's wrong, huh?  Tell me!"

I wore a crisp white blouse with a shirt neck modified in such a way that the collars widened as they came down the front, squaring off as they got to my enhanced bust line.  The blouse was somewhat transparent.  Not much, just enough to see the straps of my slip and bra underneath and some of the lace that bordered both of these garments.  The sleeves were long and somewhat full, ending in man's style cuffs that were linked with large black coral studs - that matched my bracelet, clip on earrings, and necklace.
My waist was cinched with a wide black patent leather belt with a buckle covered in black fabric.  My skirt was of shiny black grosgrain, tight, straight, ending just above the knees.  Smoky hued nylons slid down my legs to black pumps, medium heel.

My wig was shoulder length, slightly waved, and a couple of shades darker than my normal dark brown.  My eyebrows looked different, now that some of them had been plucked.  They set off my eyes that had been enhanced with eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara.  My lipstick was a serious red, not too bright, that matched my fingernails.

I looked at the reflection as instructed.  Truthfully?  I was no raving beauty - but I looked a helluva lot better this way than as the nondescript guy I usually saw facing me in the bathroom mirror every morning.  I sighed - which was not the reaction that Irene wanted.  She actually stamped her foot!
"Jesus David!"  she yelled.  Then she turned to the other women.   "Don't I deserve a little more thanks than this?"
Dora had more chips in front of her now, so I assumed that Ruth had paid her.  She definitely looked a lot happier.  "You look quite nice David.  Did you thank Irene for helping you?"
"No Dora, I didn't.  I'm sorry." I said, then turned to Irene.  "Thank you Irene." I said softly.
"That's a good girl." Dora said. "Now get your pretty apron on – I think we all could use a drink again."
"Oh Dora!  I'm not a girl!  Come ON!" I said, blushing even more furiously.
She looked at me calmly.  "What do you want me to call you?  Boy?"

Speechless with shame, I hung my head, then went and put my apron on, conscious of the open mockery on most of the faces now as I served drinks and snacks –  Dora, Sara, and Ruth openly patting my ass and snapping my bra straps as I passed.

I had been waiting for what seemed like forever when Elaine finally showed up.  I mean, it's not like I didn't know  I'd be embarrassed to have her find me dressed the way I was, but I was starting to feel a sort of permanence settling in, the way this group was treating me.  It was starting to dawn that she was my only hope of getting out from under this group of mad women.  Little did I know!

We all had heard the front door bang open and shut - Elaine will keep many a carpenter busy in this life - the sound of heavy steps as she came towards the room, then the door opening.  She laid the green suitcase I'd packed my personal stuff in down on the floor.
"Hiya all!"  she said, then she looked curiously  – but smiling in a strange fashion - at me.
"What the hell kinda getup is that?"  she grumbled, but addressing her comment to her mother - not at me (which got a sigh of relief from me,  I'll tell you).

Dora shrugged, somewhat defensively I thought.
"Don't know what you're going on about.  Everyone here thinks he looks just fine..."
"Yeah!  Well maybe it was everybody here, but  I'm here now - and  I'll remind you.  The key word is 'vulnerable'.  You've got him looking like a  secretary for Christ's sake!"  she turned to me.   "C'mon sweetie.  Let's get you out of these things."
I let out a small relieved whoosh of air from my lungs.  I was missing something here I knew, but as it looked as if the end result was going to be in my favor, I just smiled and followed her from the room back to where  I'd left my clothes. She was carrying my suitcase

"But they're not here."  I said as soon as we got there.
"What are you talking about?"  she said over her shoulder, putting the suitcase down and sliding the closet door open.
"The clothes I left here.  There's my wallet, right where I left it, but my clothes are all gone.   "I continued, looking distractedly around the room.
"Oh don't worry about that."  she said impatiently.  Get that wig and blouse and skirt off- all that black chunky jewelry as well.  Kick off these bloody clunker shoes as well."

I couldn't see what she was doing in the closet.  Maybe someone had hung my clothes in there to neaten the room up, it just didn't seem likely was all.
Quickly though, I started to divest myself of the apron, skirt, blouse, wig and jewelry, laying  the clothes and wig carefully on the bed, and putting the jewelry on the dressing table surface, stepping out of the shoes and placing them neatly at the bottom of the bed.  I felt relief at getting out of these things but, at the same time, felt a momentary pang.  In some ways  I'd kinda enjoyed the sensations I got while wearing them.

Standing there in the underwear, I felt really humiliated though, so started to reach behind me to undo the bra.
"What are you doing?"  Elaine asked.
"Taking these clothes off, like you told me.  What else?"  I said.   "But  I'm having a problem undoing this, could you get it for me?"
"I never said anything about taking off your underwear, did I?.   "It may not be exactly what  I'd intended for you, but it'll do for now.  Here, put this on."

She made the last comment so matter of factly, that I was walking towards her - and the black dress in her hands before it dawned on me what she was saying.
"But .. But.. That's a dress!"  I stammered weakly.
She got an amazed look on her face, then pulled the dress right up in front of her nose.   "My god!"  she exclaimed.   "If you hadn't told me that just now,  I'd never have known it!"
She lowered it again, her face losing the fake astonishment.
"C'mon sweetie.  Step into your nice dress now.  Just for Elaine.  C'mon now."

I had to fold the slip skirt in front of me to step into the opening of the dress.  Once I was inside it, Elaine hiked the bodice up then fed my unresisting hands through the armholes.  A quick tug, and I was almost totally enclosed. There were three fairly large buttons used to fasten the back which she did up quickly.
"Yes!  Much better."  she said, stepping back.   "Now, let's get you a nicer wig - and some prettier shoes eh?  What do you say?"
"Oh Elaine!"  I wailed softly.   "Must I wear this stuff?"
"Yes?  Why not?  Don't you like your dress?  I mean it's not as if it was all frilly and feminine now, is it?"

I looked at what I was wearing. It was  black,  short puffed sleeves, a sort of soft shawl collar, high at the back of my neck but narrowing as it came down over my breasts, straight skirt with just a hint of fullness with the hem coming midway between my knees and ankles.
I couldn't help it, I had to crack a joke - or at least try to. "Maybe not."  I replied, but it'll never make it into the 'Gentleman's Quarterly magazine' - at least I don't think so."
"Maybe so." she said,  "But there again, neither will you sweetie - especially when I put your nice new wig and new high heels on you, eh?"

"Off you go."  she instructed me later, giving me a gentle pat on the rear.   "The ladies'll be getting thirsty.  Time you got back to work.  C'mon!".  With that she opened the door and waited for me to pass through it.  As I did so though, she slid a hand up under my skirt and hooked a finger in between the elastic of my panties and my thigh, effectively halting me.  Drew me to her and caressed my erection lightly.  "There!  Wasn't I right?" she asked.
"Right about what?" I panted., rapidly becoming aroused.
"When I guessed that you'd like being bossed around and made to wear pretty clothes?  Take to it like a duck to water?"  Her eyes grew round as an idea crossed her mind.  "Matter of fact?   Say quack quack for me, would you?   Maybe I'll call you Daisy from now on?  Daisy Duck?"

"I will not!" I said firmly.  "This has gone far enough!"
Then I yowled a little as she took a hold of my ear lobe with fingers that felt like talons.  "Quack for me Daisy!" she commanded.
"Quack." I said.
"Quack quack!"
"That's a good girl!  Let's go!" she said.

And, blonder and a lot more feminine in appearance now,  I  rejoined the ladies in the other room.  They were deep in their game again, but gave some soft whistles of approval.  Elaine then put  a  white lace apron on me, then  tied a full bow at the back.  I knew what I was now seen as, when she pinned a matching lace cap onto my wig. 

The outfit felt as if were alive, the gentle susurrus created by the apron and satin of the dress rubbing together, the movement of the straps and material of my lingerie touching and impacting on my skin in a burst of sensory reactions that I'd never experienced before. I shuddered suddenly – a premonition of  disaster, but got to work refreshing the  munchies and drinks. Over the next hour or so I played the serving girl to perfection.  Dora was so [leased with my performance that she poured me an "alcoholic Shirley Temple" as she called it.  I don't like alcohol generally, but it was nice and sweet, so I drank it all quite happily.

When I was finished serving everyone, Ruth looked up at me "Daisy?  C'mere.  Sit on my lap.  See if you can bring me some luck."
Nervously, I went to where she sat, seeing all of the women's eyes on me, a sort of predatory gleam coming from Dora and Sara, and a sly amusement from Mabel and Irene as I was gradually pulled back so that I was actually lolling back into Ruth's arms while she fondled my breasts openly and occasionally run a hand up under my dress and stroke my thighs.  I was beginning to feel sexually aroused – and somewhat drowsy for some reason.  Ruth's face was getting quite hazy I noticed – and then she started kissing me on the lips while she fondled me.

Then  Elaine was there, standing looking down at me. "I think you've maybe found a new home Daisy?  It looks like you're settling in quite comfortably""  Then she turned away, speaking to Dora.  "I'll be busy moving in tonight mom – but I'll give you a call tomorrow. Okay?"

Dora nodded.  "Sure dear.  Do that.  But you're not going to keep that awful couch and chair of his, are you?"
Elaine snorted. "Maybe.  Maybe not.  I'll think about it.  They actually are quite comfortable you know."
Something was wrong here!  Where was Elaine going?  This sounded like she was leaving – and she seemed to have forgotten all about ME!  And what was this about my couch and chair.  How did Dora know about them?  Dizzily I looked up from Ruth's embrace.  "But Elaine?  What about me?  You're not leaving, are you?"

I saw her smile and she came over and cupped her hands around my chin and looked down at me.  "You surely don't want to leave here NOW, do you?  Now that you have your personal belongings and a nice closet just FULL of pretty clothes for you to wear?"
"But I thought we were going to live together Elaine?" I said weakly, unable to stop  squirming delightedly as Ruth's fingers found all sorts of delightful things to do under my dress.
Well Daisy?  I sorta lied." She explained patiently.  "You see this group of women were getting a little bored with their weekly game . ."
"Wanted to raise the stakes a little, you know?" Dora added.
"Don't understand." I mumbled.

"Well?" Elaine continued. "It's a little complicated.  But Dora got a little pissed at me. Cut off my allowance – so except for a few bucks I get from a trust. I had no money.  Had to stay here . ."
"But . . but . . your apartment?"  I asked slowly.
She smiled.  "Ever see it?  Never wonder why I met you outside? Why I always took you to your place? Why I didn't have a car of my own?"

The room was swimming about me slowly.  More and more, I was relaxing back into Ruth's strong arms, luxuriating in the delightful sensations that were coursing through my body as my fiancĂ© looked down on me, smiling.

"Then" she went on.  "The girls here were looking for a maid.  None of them want a full timer – but Mabel and Irene? They like the attentions of a ladies maid now and then.  Dora, Ruth, and Sara?  They like a little more sexual attention – if you know what I mean?
I shook my head in confusion, but she just kept on talking.
"See?  There's a problem in getting a decent maid – want too much money for one thing – days and time off for another.  But then I came up with an idea.  Why not find a nice little sissy for them?  They could dress him up in pretty clothes – and he wouldn't be looking for a whole bunch of time off.  When I found you?  I just KNEW!"

"But my clothes.  My apartment? My car?" I stammered.
"I made arrangements for the Red Cross to pick up your clothes this morning.  The ones you wore over here are long gone down the incinerator chute.  Your apartment and car?  MY apartment and car now."

"But who am I going to be working for?" I said, starting to undulate inside my satin cocoon as Ruth's finger was now probing at my anus in a most suggestive fashion.
"Don't you get it Daisy?  Once a week?  They'll play for you.  You'll be the PRIZE!"

Then she moved backwards out of the way, and all of the women were surrounding me, looking down greedily as Ruth's finger was now fully inside me forcing my body into near convulsions as they all made exclamations of delight.
"Okay Ruth!" Dora was saying.  "You just won her on the trial game!  Winner of  the next game gets her for the week!"
"YEAH!" the women chorused, and I heard the door being opened as Elaine made to leave. "Have a nice game girls.  Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" she laughed. And then the door closed behind her.

The end