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Kammi's Serial



Brad finished the massage rubbing Ronni’s legs and feet before seating him under the dryer. Ronni was in awe after Brad styled his hair in a very attractive way. He found himself hard again.
“Hurry back, sweetie”, Brad said as he opened the spa door after Ronni was finished his treatment.  Ronni gave Brad a quick kiss on the cheek. Brad responded by taking Ronni in his arms and planting a mushy kiss on his lips. They both blushed.
After Ronni left, Brad paused and looked at himself in the mirror. “Yes indeed, life is good!”

For Amos & Mildred and Leon & Agnes, life was good too. They were now a tight knit, loving family of four. They also watched the graduation with much pride, especially Mildred. The past seven years had been busy but rewarding too as she helped draw up the initial charter for the school and then was actively involved running the school through her role as chair of the board of trustees. Agnes too had played a part by taking over control of the house the four lived in. It was a running joke between the two women about how difficult it was to ensure that their husbands carried out their responsibilities.

“Would you believe I had to put my book down and get out of my chair four times today to put those two in order. They’re worse than children” Agnes had complained had complained to Mildred one day.

“Oh, you poor dear, how awful” she answered sarcastically, “would you like me to spank them?”

Agnes realized the ridiculousness of her whining and laughed.

“No thank you, that’s my job, and I love it.”

Amos delivered the invocation for the commencement. He wore his new robe, pink satin with mauve lace trim – the school colors - on the sleeves and hem. Contrary to the robes he had worn all his life, this one ended just above his knees thus showing off his shaved legs and sheer taupe stockings. He looked much taller in his six inch heels. Leon had done a lovely job with his hair, as he had also done for Mildred and Agnes, arranging it in a neat, tight bun with a gold bun net. Amos was no longer shy about people seeing his pearl earrings and necklace, modest make-up and bright red fingernails. It was true that Mildred had literally beaten him into this acceptance. His prayer was sincere and emotional without a hint of brimstone. The ladies wore identical pink mohair suits, made jointly by Amos and Leon. Their posh hairdo’s were Leon’s creations, now the proud graduate of Elegant Beauty Acadamy. Amos had helped, of course, in his position as shampoo boy. They looked smashing.

The boring speeches made this quartet reminisce just as Lin Lu had. Mildred glanced over at Lin Lu smiling in the sunshine. They were now best friends, and lovers. There had been tension at first when Mildred confessed her relationship to Agnes, who was now also her lover. Lin Lu had come up with a solution. She set up a “girls weekend” at a mountain resort for the four of them: Lin Lu, Mildred, Agnes, and Rose. By the time the weekend was over, Agnes and Rose were lovers too. They scheduled a monthly time away and were very faithful maintaining it. If you had set up a chart of the relationships, Lin Lu would be on top and Mildred just a little below. Agnes would be on a line under Mildred, and Amos on the bottom. For Lin Lu it would be Rose and Leon. All recognized and respected the positions of each other in this chain, and no one ever considered stepping over to the other side. Agnes adapted Rose’s style, dresses with full skirts and petticoats, hose and heels all the time, as well as permed, tight set hair styles. The men wore what their wives told them to wear, no questions asked. Real men’s clothing was almost impossible to find in stores in Roseville, though some die hards smuggled trousers and white dress shirts and ties from surrounding towns. Mildred allowed Amos to wear tight pedal pushers for outside work like mowing the lawn or washing windows but otherwise he was now always in a dress or skirt. The concession for the pedal pusher did nothing to make him look even slightly masculine – the two he had were pink (of course) and mint green. His tops were tight fitting so that his bra outline was easily seen, and more often than not, Amos had his hair in curlers when he did his chores. Leon fared no better.

In only a few years the foursome had melded into a loving, respectful, and very happy family. The men accepted the fact that they were now the wives, doing all the things a wife of that era would do. Housework most of the day, a little time to get themselves beautiful for their husbands in the evening, and preparing and serving wonderful meals three times a day. The house was constantly spotless, laundry always up to date, and the husbands sexually satisfied their wives every evening. Mildred was the most sex driven. She would often take Agnes’s hand and lead her to her bed for a screaming, orgasmic roll in the hay and then order Amos to join her in her own bed to for another round. Nobody made any attempt to hide what they were doing anymore. Sex was no different than eating – something necessary and enjoyable.

The men had taken much longer to become intimate than their wives. Yes, they often cuddled on the sofa at night, watching TV. They French kissed freely when they said good night to one another. But neither was anxious to go any further, despite their “husbands’” encouragement. It seemed that they were even scared to be alone on nights when the ladies went out together for one event or another. Often, Leon would say that he had some ironing to do in the basement laundry room. (The men had created a darling, feminine looking room downstairs that Agnes had laughingly labeled their workout room, with a heavy emphasis on  “pumping iron”. ) Amos would often join him. They had matching iron boards and irons and worked facing each other. Most evenings the men changed into their nighties after cleaning up the kitchen and tonight was no different.

“Can you help me with this, Amos?” Leon asked, holding up a new, heavily ruffled blouse that Agnes had told him she wanted to wear the next day.

“Sure, just give it to me and I’ll do it” Amos answered cheerfully. He was the undisputed ironing king, having been taught by an expert, Mildred’s mother, and had many, many more years of experience perfecting his skill.

“Thanks, but I should learn to do it myself.”

“Well, then let me show you. Iron hot?”

“Yes, all set.”

Leon spread the blouse across the board and picked up the iron. Amos placed himself behind Leon and put his hand on Leon’s which was holding the iron.

“We’ll do it together, hon, just this first time. Now, treat each ruffle as a single piece of cloth, keeping it apart from the others. Use just the tip of the iron and tilt it so that your are not putting creases in the rest of the blouse. Boy, this sure is pretty but it’s also a finger burner.”


“Well, first of all this fabric is so delicate you have to be super careful and then getting the iron into all the little nooks and crannies is almost impossible without touching your fingers as you spread the ruffle apart. See how I use two fingers to flatten the ruffle? Now let’s be slow and gentle.”

As Amos guided Leon’s hand, little by little he got closer until he was almost wrapped around Leon.

“Gee, I guess you’re glad to see me, big guy” Leon said in a poor imitation of Mae West.

“What do you mean?”

“Your cock is almost up my ass.”

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, Leon, I was concentrating so much on ironing I didn’t notice. Please forgive me, I feel so ashamed” Amos said as he pulled back.

“Hey, I’m not complaining, Amos, and now I’m disappointed that you weren’t planning to give me a good time. By the way, I’m hard too. See.”

Leon had set the iron down and took Amos’ hand and placed it on his hard cock. 

Leon!” Amos shouted, “what are you doing? Did you really think that I was going to, ah, ah, like, ah…”

“Fuck me? Is that what you are trying to say? Come on Amos, we have been good friends now for several years. No reason we can’t have a little fun together.”

“But, but, I’ve never, ah, done anything with, ah, ah, a man.”

Amos was obviously distraught  dealing with this subject. So distraught that he had not taken his hand off Leon’s cock.

“So why are you still holding on to me? ‘Fraid I’ll run away?” Leon asked and laughed.

Amos took his hand away like he had been holding a burning stick.

“Did you really want me to, ah, f…, ah, stick my thing in you?”

“Yes, I did, and I do, but I see you have lost your erection. Let’s get the blouse finished and we can talk. Okay?”

“Yes, sure Leon.”

As soon as they got back together and Amos was guiding Leon’s hand, he felt himself get hard again. And it did not help when Leon began to grind himself against Amos’ cock. They eventually finished ironing the blouse. Leon held it up for inspection and remarked how pretty it was. He hung it on the clothes rack then turned back to Amos. He placed his arms around him and pressed hard against him while he pushed his tongue into Amos’ mouth and began a very passionate kiss. Amos could not help himself, he responded in kind. With just their flimsy nighties between them, each felt the other’s hard cock with their own.

“So, big fella, want to go all the way?” Leon asked in a very seductive voice.

“Ahm, not tonight, okay? I’m not sure I’m ready for this. Maybe another time?”

“Sure, okay, I certainly don’t want to force you. But I do need to thank you for helping me with the blouse. Agnes will be so thrilled to see how nice it turned out.”

In what seemed like only seconds, Leon had dropped to his knees, lifted the hem of Amos’ nightie, and put his mouth around his cock. He was licking the tip with his tongue by the time Amos could recover from the shock of what was  happening.

“Oh Leon, no, please, you don’t have to do this. You know I love to iron pretty blouses and that’s what got me aroused. Oh no, aagh, that feels so good, please stop” Amos protested feebly.

Leon just mumbled something incoherent in response. It was not easy to speak clearly with a cock in your mouth. Amos’ actions spoke louder than words. He had placed his hands on Leon’s curler covered head and was pressing hard. Leon couldn’t have pulled away if he wanted to. It took only a few minutes for Amos to spurt his load into Leon’s mouth. He then leaned forward on the ironing board. He was breathing hard and for a moment Leon was afraid he was having a heart attack.

“You all right?”

“No, I’m not. I’ve just had the most wonderful experience of my life. Of course I’m not all right. Does this mean I’m a homo?”

This time it was Leon that wrapped himself around his friend and kissed his neck.

“No, you’re not a homo, nor am I. I believe the proper term is bisexual. It’s not bad, is it? Ready for round two?”

“Oh no, no way, you’d kill me. Come here sweetie, I need a kiss.”

They embraced and kissed softly. Amos could not resist putting his tongue into Leon. Though Leon had swallowed, there was still some residual cum in his mouth.

“That tastes different” Amos said after pulling back. “Not quite sure if I like it or not.”

“It’s an acquired taste, hon, you need to do it a few more times to know for sure.”

“Tease! I know one thing I do have an acquired taste for, that single malt scotch in the liquor cabinet. Come on, let’s celebrate.”

“That sounds  just like the mouth wash I could use right now. Lead on Mac Duff.”

They sat in silence on the couch for a while, arms around each other’s shoulder, curlered heads touching, sipping the scotch. Finally, Amos broke the ice.

“Forgive me if I’m being nosy, Leon, but have you done this before?”

“Oh yes, many times, I just love a good scotch.”

“Bastard! You know what I’m talking about.”

“Oh, did you mean have I had sex with a man before? Yes, I have.”

“Are you going to tell me about it or am I going to have to squeeze it out of you?” Amos asked as he put his hand around Leon’s balls and tightened his grip.

“Ouch, that hurts. Okay, okay, I’ll tell all. You can leave your hand there but please be gentle. Yes, I’ve had sex before, many times, but almost always with the same man, Butch, or as he’s known now, Andre. We started when we were only thirteen and the last time was when he gave me a perm, six weeks ago.”

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Reports of My Death (etc, etc.)

I'm back for a little while anyway.  I'd very much like to thank anyone and everyone who have contributed to this blog in my absence - you guys have been absolutely TERRIFIC.

But something has been bugging me - and I wanted to address it just now.  Lucky Girl - Anon?  I see that you've been adding a lot to Jack's story - but as comments?

If I may suggest this to you and any other possible contributors?  Write me and give me an address to e-mail to - and I'll make you an approved author for this blog. Seems to me that your additions should get a far wider audience than will see your comments, and I'm sure that most of the readers on this blog will agree.

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Rose and Jack Part 5 -The conclusion

 Below is the final part of the Rose and Jackie part of this story. It is much longer than the previous episode and could have been twice as long if I had expanded on certain parts of the story( there were so many possibilities) but as I said in a previous post I don’t want this to turn into War and Peace as I think people would get very bored, very quickly. Without giving away the ending I tried to manage it in such a way that whoever picks up the story will hopefully be able to explore their own plotline and hopefully what went on in these episodes will not adversely affect their own storyline too much.

Thank you again to the Anon contributors and Rocket Dave for their kind words and encouragement I would not have persisted with it without the support. Also to those who found it interesting. Loved the idea of a movie, would be great to see who would play the various parts. I’m also very jealous of Anon who posted the comment  regarding “bossy mistresses like mine” Lucky girl.

Enough of the waffle – hope you enjoy it.

Rose and Jack Part 5 - The conclusion
Jack woke even before the alarm rang, he’d had a restless night. The events of the night before were racing through his mind. The limited intimacy he’d had with girls, kissing, light petting had not prepared him for what he’d experienced the previous evening and even though he was unable to achieve orgasm due to the confinement of his genitals within his cursed girdle, the experience while exhaustive had also been wondrous. After she had spent what seemed like hours teaching him how to pleasure her using only his tongue she had dismissed him to spend the night alone and if he had thought his sojourn in feminine clothing would be over at the end of the day he was very much mistaken. Before he was dispatched to his room she ensured he was suitably secured in formidable foundation wear consisting of a corselette secured by a slim chain through the shoulder straps and locked to a collar at the neck. This was worn over a high waisted firm control girdle with his member tucked firmly between his legs. It would be impossible to remove. He could rub the mound between his legs but this would only serve to persecute him even further knowing he could gain no relief. Over these forbidding garments she placed an elaborate full length pale pink nightgown with diaphanous sleeves, the body of the gown had two layers, a filmy soft chiffon outer layer and a satin inner one. Fussing over him arranging his ultra- feminine nightwear she stood so close to him, her breasts pressed against his chest. As she fondled him gently between his legs she watched him squirm and writhe as he emitted low moans of pleasure. When his legs could barely support him anymore she kissed him on the forehead before consigning him to a night of exquisite torment wrapped in his cocoon of the softest feminine night attire.
Now that he was fully awake the soft folds of the nightgown were still sending waves of unfulfilled pleasure throughout his body but he knew he had to dress himself in his lady’s maid uniform and present himself to Rose or Madam as she was now to be addressed as. Looking at the dreaded garment on its hanger he knew that he would escape from the nightgown only to incarcerate himself in the prison of his new uniform. He knew his appearance had to be faultless, his apron arranged correctly, falling just above the hem of the skirt a large bow tying it at the back, his cap perfectly placed on his head, the seams of his pantyhose straight. Rose had left him in no doubt she would not tolerate anything less than a perfect presentation. Divesting himself of his nightgown he slowly pulled his pantyhose into place over the restrictive foundation wear, stepped into his slip adjusting the straps as he did so. He lifted the velvet uniform dress over his head and let it fall before zipping himself into it, he then arranged the apron and cap in the correct manner to complete the ensemble.  He surprised himself at the speed at which he completed dressing but knew it was as a result of Rose having him perform it several times over the course of the previous day. She had him practice walking in higher heels, putting on and removing make-up particularly applying lipstick with a compact mirror. The words “practice makes perfect” were still ringing in his ears but at least they were alone, it took him hours to recover from the experience with Pamela and he wouldn’t want to go through that again. He looked in the mirror making minor adjustments to his uniform and thought to himself thank heavens it’s Sunday she won’t have him working in the students rooms and his mother will be home later so hopefully this charade won’t last too much longer. The tinkle of Rose’s bell shook him from his daydream and he slipped on his increasing familiar heels and minced his way to his mother’s room where Rose awaited.
For some strange reason he noticed his attitude appeared to change from the time he left his room. He did not know whether it was the tight foundation wear, the caressing of the satin slip against his thighs, the servant’s uniform or the fear she would expose him but whatever it was as he arrived at her door his demeanour had reverted to that of a servant girl.
“Good morning Madam” he said politely accompanied by the obligatory curtsy “you rang?”
Rose was sitting upright in the bed and was wearing a similar nightgown to the one he had also worn her prominent breasts filling its cups.
“Turn around girl, let me see if you’re dressed properly” she ordered.
After she was satisfied she issued him his orders, draw her bath, tidy downstairs and his room, prepare breakfast of coffee and toast which he was to eat alone in the kitchen while she had her bath she would ring for him when she required him and he was to serve a similar breakfast to her. She delivered these commands in quite a pleasant voice not at all arrogant or condescending. It was as if it was a normal everyday occurrence, a mistress speaking to her maid. He received her instructions with no resentment just an acceptance of their new roles. It was as if his subservience was an extension of his uniform. After he had drawn her bath he returned to the bedroom.
“Will that be all Madam?”
“Yes Elizabeth, I thought I may allow you out of your uniform later, would you like that?”
He couldn’t believe his ears, finally he would be allowed out of these infernal clothes and back to his own and some semblance of normality.
“Oh yes Madam that would be wonderful” he gushed.
“Pity I rather liked having you as my maid but it is a Sunday and even maids deserve some time off, well you’re not finished yet, get on with your work, girl” she retorted.
“Yes Madam, thank you Madam” Jack beamed and gave an even deeper curtsy to show his gratitude.
Rose dismissed him with a wave of her hand, one hour more maybe, he thought and this nightmare would be over. He left her presence to undertake his tasks with a much lighter attitude. He barely felt the time go by such was his excitement and when he heard her bell put her breakfast on a tray and climbed the stairs for the last time dressed as a servant girl.
Entering the room he placed the tray on the table by the window where she was sitting dressed in her robe and speaking on the phone. He immediately knew it was his mother.
“Yes Mrs Swanson…… he’s been a darling…….yes, yes, very co-operative….. no trouble at all. Of course tomorrow will be fine, no rush” Rose said updating Jack’s mother and after a few more words handed the phone to him.
Even though she couldn’t see him he felt extremely embarrassed dressed as he was speaking to his mother.
“Oh! tomorrow, no I just thought it would be today, no that’s fine everything’s ok. Yes of course I’ll be good” he answered her and just happened to catch Rose’s eye as he replied to his mother’s last question.
“Yes I’ll do what she says” he mumbled and handed the receiver back to Rose.
“I agree…… yes of course Madam……. see you tomorrow.” Rose finished the conversation.
 “It seems your mother doesn’t want you watching TV for the day, left it up to me to organise something for you” she announced.
Jack wasn’t entirely happy, would have preferred a day relaxing in front of the TV after the trauma of the last 36 hours or so but at least whatever she had planned it couldn’t be any worse than what he had endured.
“I think before we decide what to do for the day you’d better have a shower, take off your uniform and I will unlock your corselette chain” she said
While the chain confining him to the corselette was unobtrusive it was still a symbol of his servitude and he was grateful that she was removing it. He quickly removed the uniform dress to allow her to open the lock. Standing there in his slip he turned to go to his own room to shower.
“I think it’s best if you shower here” she said, and added somewhat impatiently “well come along get undressed we haven’t got all day, there’s a robe on the bed if you’re that shy.”
He divested his slip, eased off the straps of the corselette and pulled it down around his ankles he had to sit on the bed to remove his pantyhose, leaving just the high waisted girdle. Embarrassed he turned around and struggled out of it and quickly pulled on the satin quilted burgundy robe which he immediately recognised as his mother’s. Rose watched all this with open amusement, much to his discomfort. Smiling she waved him to the bathroom and he returned from his shower he found her sitting at the dressing table.
“You may help me dress I have laid out my underwear on the chaise longue” she told him, “fetch them”
He could feel his heart beat faster, last evening came rushing back, the way she’d ordered him to his knees to perform an act that he had only heard spoken about by his own adolescent peer group none of whom had ever experienced it.  He’d remembered she said it was the way girls made love and she would only allow him to do it if he thought he was girl enough. Lust had engulfed him and he shamefully admitted he was girl enough. Would she impose herself on him again, would he find himself on his knees before her, kissing her in the most intimate place imaginable? Her words still rang in his ears
“Higher, a little more, that’s it, now a little faster” followed by low moans then she almost smothered him with her thighs as she writhed uncontrollably on the bed before relaxing and allowing him at last to breath air that did not contain the scent of a woman.
With all this still fresh in his memory his legs trembled slightly as he gathered the delicate panties, the more formidable girdle and bra and held them out for her. Taking the panties and holding them between thumb and forefinger she said
“You may not be in uniform but you are still my maid”
He knew what was required of him and dropped to his knees and held them out for her to step into and when she had he pulled them gently up her thighs until his face was in line with her vulva.
“Not just yet Elizabeth” she said as if reading his mind “now fetch my bra sweetie”.
She pulled the panties into place and almost reluctantly he got to his feet and gave her the bra, into which she placed her arms and unbidden he fastened it. Without her even asking for it he brought the girdle and once again silently assumed his position on his knees and held it open for her to step into. Like the panties he pulled the girdle up her thighs and struggled to position it.
“You’re becoming quite an accomplished lady’s maid” Rose purred “now zip me up like a good girl”
He said nothing but blushed furiously knowing she was right. He handed her the stockings which she eased up first her right then left leg and again without instruction he began fastening them to the girdle’s garters.
She sat on the bed, laid her satin slip over her lap and patted the bed indicating him to sit.
“You like the feeling of ladies underwear, don’t you Jack?” she said surprising him by using his masculine name for the first time and placed his hand on the slip moving it up and down rhythmically , quickly adding
“Don’t lie to me, your little thingy down there will tell the truth”
He had no option as his growing erection would make a liar of him.
“Yes I suppose so” he mumbled beetroot with shame.
“I thought so, that’s a good girl, nothing to be embarrassed about” she quietly said.
She took a pair of white satin panties from underneath her and held them to his nose waiting for him to inhale then she deftly removed them and slid her hand under his robe and stroked his erection with the panties.
“You liked making love to me like a girl Jack?”
“Yes” he stammered his excitement growing with each slow stroke.
“You like wearing girl’s clothes?” she continued now squeezing him gently as she stroked him
“Yes, yes” he struggled, his mind in turmoil and barely able to contain himself.
“Like to stay in them a little longer?” she whispered, increasing the pressure slightly.
“Y…es, y….es” his voice cracking.
“Good girl, now what’s your name” she breathed in his ear as she gently squeezed him bringing to the point of no return.
“Elizabeth” he moaned.
“Not Jack?”
“N….ooh, Elizabeth, my name is Elizabeth” he panted
“That’s a good girl” she said triumphantly and gave him a final squeeze and as his whole body convulsed he climaxed into the panties, collapsing on the bed he panted and gasped for air. She relaxed her grip and wiped his penis clean with the panties. He didn’t know how long he lay there eyes closed, totally spent physically and emotionally but when he opened his eyes he saw her busying herself laying out clothes on the bed beside him. He suddenly got a horrible feeling in the pit of his stomach.
“I’d better go and get dressed” he said sheepishly.
“Oh there’s no need to go anywhere……………….” she said and paused before adding the word that caused him to wince,
“But you said I could dress in my own clothes” he answered, now more in hope than expectation.
She stood above him arms folded and gave him that look.
“Oh that was before you said you liked wearing girl’s clothes, liked making love as a girl and told me your name was Elizabeth” she shot back and continued in a clam confident voice
“Of course you’re perfectly free to dress in your own clothes but remember not only do I have your written and signed apology for your disgraceful behaviour I now have your mother’s panties soiled with your semen. While you were recuperating from your little accident I hid them both where you’ll never find them. So what’s it to be …………..Elizabeth?”
He bowed his head and his face gave the answer his voice could not.
“I thought so” Rose said “now let’s get you gussied up, take off your robe”
He slipped off the robe and was so defeated did not even attempt to cover himself. She quickly set to work fastening a garter belt around his waist, had him struggle into a new high waisted girdle, smoothed stockings up his hairless adolescent legs and attached them to the garters, fixed breast-forms to his chest with an adhesive and hooked him into his bra, had him put on an ivory satin slip before putting him into a tight knee length black pencil skirt with a cream silk blouse. A pair of three inch heels completed his outfit. She applied discreet make-up and lipstick and fastened a tight necklace around his neck with matching clip on earrings. After brushing his hair into an appropriate feminine style she led him to the mirror. By now his reflection was no major surprise except he looked even more feminine as a result of the breast forms which accentuated his small waist. Slipping on a matching jacket and handing him a purse she said
“Much better, now your mother insisted you leave the house today so time to go sweetie and as not to attract too much attention to yourself you may revert to addressing me as Rose.”
Still in shock from what had just happened and her continuing hold over him, Jack meekly followed her downstairs. He had a horrible feeling this would be just as nerve wracking as yesterday. Getting into the car proved to be a struggle as the skirt wouldn’t allow him to spread his legs as a male would usually do, he had to sit on the seat and swing his legs into the car just as he’d seen his mother do numerous times. Rose said nothing but gave him a knowing smile. She suggested they have brunch in a quite café just to acclimatise Jack to his surroundings dressed as a girl. As she expected and much to Jack’s relief the waitress detected nothing unusual about the two girls she served.
“I’d thought we’d do something girly for the day, visit a nail bar, perhaps get a makeover at a big department store, maybe get your hair done? What would you like to do?” Rose said widening her eyes almost daring him to refuse and when he hesitated she offered
“You might enjoy an hour or two in a hair salon I could do some shopping while you got to know the girls and the delights of having your hair done like a real girl.”
Jack began to panic that she might actually bring him to a hair salon and knew he had to pick the lesser evil. He thought that if he sounded somewhat enthusiastic he might avoid the nightmare scenario.
“The nail salon” he said and added quickly to please her “I’d like to have my nails done”
“Pity” she said feigning disappointment “I’d really love to see your hair in rollers and then spending time under a dryer with the other girls. But it’s your day, you’re the boss, the nail bar it is. Maybe another time.”
He felt horrified that he had heard himself say he’d like to have his nails done, whatever that was, but relieved that he would not be subjected to the horror of the hair salon. Rose seemed pleased he thought and at least that was something. After leaving the café Rose guided him through the mall stopping here and there window shopping remarking all the time that no one had stared and if he remembered his lessons from yesterday he would be fine. Despite her confidence in his ability to pass as a girl he still felt extremely uneasy. Entering the Rouge Nail and Beauty Salon and seeing the hive of female activity served only to heighten his anxiety, he stayed behind Rose as she spoke to the receptionist. They were seated at tables side by side with a variety of bottles, tubes, gels, brushes and other paraphernalia and were soon joined by two young women who greeted them warmly, Rose gave them instructions which sounded totally alien to Jack’s ears. The girl in front of Jack took his left hand and began working on his nails.
“They’re long enough  I should be able to get a decent shape” she said concentrating on the hand and not looking at him. Rose sitting next to him interjected,
“Oh she’s a real tomboy, this is her first visit to a salon, maybe a nice oval shape, probably too soon for a French manicure like yours.”
Jack was appalled by Rose referring to him as “she” and a “tomboy” but just gave a weak smile to keep up the charade. He looked at the talons on the assistant and could feel his hand shake in hers. The girl looked at Jack and gave him a friendly reassuring smile.
“Don’t be nervous Miss” she said “your first time can be daunting, I’ll take good care of you”
She proceeded to file his nails into a distinctly oval shape and began rubbing gel into them, soaking them in warm water and then used different implements on the cuticles then rubbing more gel and creams. All the while telling him what she was doing her voice was soothing and he began to relax despite what was happening to him. After she applied what she said was a base coat she asked him what colour he would like. Rose again interjected.
“Nothing too racy or obvious” she said “we don’t want her looking like a hooker, some understated perhaps but quite feminine.”
“This colour is just the thing it’s called Soft Rose” she said.
“I think that would be perfect” she beamed “what do you think Elizabeth?” 
Jack could only silently nod his acceptance and knowing that he would now have to wear nail polish colour bearing his tormentor’s name served only to further increase his humiliation. It was like he was being branded with her name, as if she was claiming him as her own.  
“Excellent choice Madam” the girl said and set to work applying Rose’s stamp on his nails.
Finally after what seemed to be an age the girl finished his nails which now were decidedly feminine and as he straightened his skirt after rising from the chair he could see the contrast of his newly coloured nails against the black of the skirt. Rose paid the receptionist and they left. Jack wondered how long more before he would be allowed back to the safety of the house but as he soon realised it would be for some time yet as Rose steered him through the mall gazing at various women’s stores as they went. They all seemed to blend into one until she stopped outside of That Dress Boutique. He got that now familiar queasiness in the pit of his stomach when he just knew something horrible was about to happen. She firmly guided him into the store where his senses were almost overloaded by the sheer femininity he encountered, racks of dresses,  gowns, shoes, lingerie and much more besides. After spending some time browsing through some racks of dresses they were approached by a saleslady offering assistance.
“I have a very special occasion coming up shortly and I’m looking for something suitable this young lady.” Rose said by way of explanation gesturing at Jack. He felt the blood drain from his face and had to hold on to a chair for support.
“Oh I’m sure we can find something special for her, right this way” she said.
Rose had to prise Jack’s hands from the chair and he was forcibly manoeuvred into following the assistant to a very large area at the back of the store where the fitting rooms and mirrored viewing area were situated. It was dotted with sofas, women and girls were trying on dresses. Jack did his best to remain calm as Rose and the woman chatted amicably about dress sizes and colours.
“If you take a seat I’ll bring some gowns that I think would suit” the assistant said
“Rose, please don’t make me do this, please I beg you.” Jack pleaded after she left.
“Elizabeth, we’re just two girls trying on dresses like everyone else here, you’ve been a good girl up to now so please don’t make it any worse for yourself ” Rose snapped leaving him in no doubt as to her intentions should he cause her further annoyance. He looked around and was amazed to see women in various states of undress none of them taking any notice of Rose or Jack.
He resigned himself to his fate which would soon become apparent. The saleslady appeared shortly after rolling a dress rack with gowns of various colours.
“Would you like some assistance” she asked, Rose thanked her and said they would be fine. She took a dress from the rack and beckoned Jack into the changing cubicle where she had him remove his dress and gave him a strapless knee length red satin dress with overlaying tulle. She then led him outside and had him parade up and down. As he was doing this the saleslady approached Rose and they had a brief conversation and the Rose approached him slightly agitated.
“It seems some idiot has set my car alarm off, I need to turn it off, I’ll be back shortly, stay calm remember all I’ve taught you and you’ll be fine as you can see no one suspects so just sit tight until I return.”
She left in a hurry and he sat on the sofa immobile with fright, eyes fixed on the floor for fear of making eye contact with any of the women. A pair of shapely legs perched on four inch heels appeared in his line of vision and a shiver went up his spine when he heard a familiar voice.
“Well, well if it isn’t my favourite servant girl all gussied up to look like a lady.”
He looked up to confirm his worst fears, Pamela was standing over him arms folded with a smirk on her face.
“I.. I .. I’m just waiting for Rose” he stammered unable to think of anything else.
“Yes I know you are, I’ve been watching you. You two seem inseparable, such a pity her car alarm went off, I wonder who could have done such a thing” she said with a sly grin and sitting herself next to him on the sofa. She continued
“Anyway I’m glad we’ve got this chance to get to know one another….alone” she purred placing her hand on his thigh and caressing it through the rich material of the dress.
“You’re quite a pretty little thing, but I don’t think that dress suits you why not try the pink one, much more girly” she said pointing to a dress on the rack.
“Maybe we should wait for Rose” he said
“I do hope you’re not going to argue with me, girl”
“I just think … “he began but she cut him short.
“You’re a maid, you don’t think, now get in there and take off that dress, I’ll be there in a moment” she spat.
“But what about Rose?” he said
 “Never mind Rose, now do as I say” she said in a tone that scared him
He knew what she was capable of, meekly he picked up the dress and entered the changing room and began to undress and was down to his slip when she entered with a mass of fabric in her arms.
“I’m not used to being spoken back to” she began “I think it’s time you learnt what happens to those who defy me, now come here this instant”
She sat down and motioned him towards her patting her knee.
“Get yourself over my knee if you don’t I can make life very difficult for you and Rose” she threatened.
Not having Rose to rely on and knowing what she was capable of he capitulated and submissively draped himself over her knee.
“This won’t be painful but it will teach you your place and not to question me in future” she said and began to spank him intending more to humiliate than hurt him.
It has the desired effect, she quickly had him step into a six layered black petticoat and as he stood there totally under her thumb she lifted the pink taffeta dress over his head at quickly zipped him in.
“Perfect” she said let’s see you walk in it.
She led him outside and had him walk up and down, the rustling of the petticoats against the taffeta ringing in his ears as he walked. As he walked back to her she took his arm and looked at it intently.
“Now that’s a coincidence” she said “I’ve seen a birthmark like that in on someone else recently”
He could hardly believe his ears and said
“Lots of people have birthmarks”
“Yes they have” she said and examining the back of his neck “but what are the chances of two people having a similar one here as well”
Jack remained silent, eyes downcast.
“I knew there was something familiar about you, I just couldn’t put my finger on it, Rose certainly did quite a job on you. Only for this I would never have guessed, you really do make a good looking girl, I am going to have so much fun with you Jackie, after I get rid of Rose of course. Just wait until I tell the girls.”
“Elizabeth, his name is Elizabeth and you won’t be telling anyone” Rose’s calm voice came from behind them “I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.”
“Elizabeth get changed back into your own clothes and then come back here” Rose said authoritatively “myself and Pamela here need to have a chat”
Jack almost ran for the changing room thinking his heart would explode. Everything was running through his brain, how could he live with the shame, his mother would surely be fired. He quickly struggled to get out of the dress and petticoat, after wearing that confection the skirt and blouse he came in seemed quite normal.
He left the safety of the changing room and returned to Rose and Pamela.
“Pamela has something to say to you Elizabeth” Rose said
“I’m sorry for offending you Elizabeth, it won’t happen again. No one else will hear of this.” she said in a low voice.
“You may go now Pamela” Rose said dismissing her as if she was a servant.
Jack was astonished and after she left bombarded Rose with questions.
“All in good time dear, didn’t I tell you not to be afraid, you’re Rose’s girl now and no one else’s. Now let’s get a coffee before we go home” Rose said.
He didn’t like the phrase “Rose’s girl” but was powerless to question it for it was abundantly clear that is exactly what he now was. He was in no doubt that he would prefer to be under Rose’s thumb than Pamela’s
Jack was still in shock at the events of the day particularly the change in Pamela’s attitude and was relieved when they reached home and Rose let him into the sanctuary of the house. Once inside Rose sat down on the sofa and motioned Jack to sit beside her.
“Should I get into my uniform Miss Rose” he said remembering that once inside he was to revert to his servant girl status.
“That won’t be necessary tonight Elizabeth” she said and picked up the bell and rang it.
“You rang Madam”
Jack looked around and saw Pamela standing there dressed in his housemaid’s uniform complete with cap and apron.
“As yes there you are girl, I think I’ll have some tea and cucumber sandwiches” Rose said matter of factly.
“Yes Madam and you Miss Elizabeth” she said meekly as she curtsied.
Jack was dumbfounded and noticed her blushing with shame and embarrassment, he could only mumble
“The same”
After she curtsied again he turned to Rose with a look of utter amazement and before he could ask she said
“You recall when we were cleaning her room yesterday, I found some, well shall we say various substances and some documents that the police would find very interesting. The authorities take a serious view on such matters, not only would she be expelled but it would probably also result in a custodial sentence. I seriously doubt she would risk divulging our little arrangement which now by the way includes her also.”
Jack suddenly felt conflicted, he felt a sigh of relief that his secret would not be exposed but also a feeling of dread with the reference to “our little arrangement.”
Pamela returned with the refreshments and after laying the try on the table curtsied and clasped her hands together on her apron eyes downcast awaiting further instructions.
“I think you have the makings of a good housemaid my girl” Rose said.
For the first time despite his imprisonment in feminine clothing Jack was becoming somewhat relaxed as he noticed that Pamela was visibly humiliated by her situation but Rose was in no mood for compassion.
“Your shoes seem to be slightly scuffed from today’s outing Elizabeth I think they require a touch up.”
He looked at her unsure of where this was going until she nodded in Pamela’s direction, then it suddenly dawned on him what she wanted of him and reaching on his experience of Rose’s role as a mistress in charge of a maid he said
“On your knees girl you may clean my shoes” growing into his role as Pamela’s superior.
Just as he had done on several occasions recently she dropped to her knees and began to clean his shoes.
The next few hours progressed with Pamela experiencing further humiliations at her tormentor’s hands. Eventually Rose told Pamela to put on her own clothes and report back to her. She told both of them to stand in front of her.
“Now my darlings, this is how it will be for the near future” she said revealing her plans for both of them.
“I want you both to become, well not quite friends but perhaps associates, colleagues if you will. Pamela needs to learn humility so Elizabeth here will instruct her in the duties of a housemaid, naturally dressed as a girl. Whereas Elizabeth needs to improve and refine his feminine traits so Pamela will supervise him with these. These sessions will alternate so if one of you is harsh on the other, the following session the aggrieved one can return the favour. Agreed?”
Not that they had any choice both nodded.
“Excellent you may now kiss to seal the arrangement” Rose cooed.
Reluctantly both came together and kissed and to both their surprise found it pleasurable and only stopped when Rose called a halt.
“That’s quite enough of that” she snapped
Pamela left shortly afterwards cursing herself for her stupidity and wondering where all this would lead but at least she would now have access to Jack. Rose put Jack to bed but only after he spent some time on his knees furthering his education in the extra-curricular duties of a lady’s maid.
Jack stretched his body, only half awake, what a horrible dream he thought gradually the sensations of the familiar fabric of his soft nightgown filtered into to his consciousness. He slowly opened his eyes horrified to find his mother and Rose standing over his bed.
“Good morning dear” his mother said gently.
Jack now very much awake and aware of his feminine nightwear began to stammer
“I … I can explain Mum”
“No need darling Rose has explained everything” she said.
“Everything?” he said
“Yes, you missed me so much you felt you could be closer to me by wearing my nightgown. I never thought you were so sensitive such an unusual trait in a boy. I should have been more attentive to your feelings. You obviously want to get in touch with your feminine side. Rose suggested we go shopping later and get you some beautiful nightgowns of your very own. Wouldn’t you like that?”
Jack looked at Rose standing behind his mother and knew what was expected.
“Yes mum” he said
“Rose also suggested it would be a good idea if you addressed me as Mummy from now on. What do you think?
“Yes Mummy” Jack said now firmly under another woman’s thumb.
“Thank you so much Rose, you obviously have a way with boys” his mother said.
“Oh it was nothing Madam” Rose replied with a sweet smile.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Rose and Jack - slight delay

Just a quick note to update those who are following the Rose & Jack story.
I had hoped  I would have it completed by now but it's taking me longer than I thought.The good news is that I have about  75% of it written.
I hadn't intended to include Pamela, was going to introduce another character instead, but after reading the notes by the 2 Anon commentors ( sorry-would have liked to mention you by name but the comments were not signed) and Rocket Dave I realise she has become an integral part of the story for some and she will appear at some stage.

I'm hoping I will be able to finish it in the next 2- 3 days once I can get around a particular issue in one passage.

Thank you for your kind comments and suggestions  I really appreciate them and really hope I can finish this on a high note.



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Kammi's Serial

 Sorry it has taken so long for this chapter. I have been busy with a new consultant job that id taking a lot longer than expected. Enjoy!


It was planned that the last two years for the scholastics would also be a finishing school for them, preparing them for leading positions first of all in college and graduate school and eventually in their chosen careers. They would all be poised, mature, outgoing ladies, ready to take on the world. They would have learned to give orders to their male counterparts in the vocational school. It was also recognized that Roseville would not be able to provide all of them the high level positions they were trained for so these ladies would become “missionaries” to spread the gospel of female supremacy all over the country and eventually the world. The “good old boy” network would be replaced by a far more cohesive and effective ladies network. Lin Lu hoped that she would see at least the early start of this new world order in her lifetime.

Lin Lu and Rose along with Mildred and Amos, sat in the VIP section of the seats, along with Headmistress Taylor-Newcomb, the mayor and other town and state dignitaries including the governor (all of whom were females) to watch the first graduation from Dryfuss Academy. She took great pride watching the procession of graduates, the Scholastic pupils in white gowns with a gold cap and the Vocational pupils in pink gowns and mauve caps. Clearly, she thought, the scholastics had an air of class, poise, and maturity that the vocational kids did not, nor probably any other high schoolers in the state. And why wouldn’t they with all the hours of tutoring and personal attention they had received? Only two boys were graduating with the scholastics, the others had not been able to keep up with the challenging curriculum and so had moved over to the vocational wing. The two boys that made it could not be picked out in their group and only a very intimate examination would prove they were males. From their perfectly coiffed hair to their polished toenails showing in their open toed 4” heels, they were all female. Both had begun hormone treatment when they became seniors and also had breast implants, all at their own and parents approval. Both planned on full SRS when they became twenty-one.

Lin Lu flashed back through the last six years since the school opened. Yes, there had been conflicts and mistakes but all had been ironed out successfully. As she had hoped, all of the scholastic pupils were accepted to either Ivy League colleges or other top rated institutions, most with generous scholarships. Most of the vocational pupils had well paying jobs waiting for them in the fields of their choice. As planned, the school had become self-sufficient as far as office clerical work and janitorial services with the seniors doing all this work as part of their course requirements. Outside maintenance and landscaping was included. The cafeteria was now operating with only one paid staff member while the culinary pupils handled everything. The cosmetology and domestic arts department actually made money for the school.  For a small fee, towns people could get their hair done in the salon and drop off  their laundry to be washed and pressed with minor repairs included. It was a win/win situation.  Her life was happier than she had ever expected. She tuned out all the boring speeches – female politicians were just as bad as males when they got a microphone in front of them – and reflected on how her personal life gave her as much joy as her school and business did. Except when she was travelling, which was a necessary evil for her, she mad sure she was home every evening by 5 pm. Rose would be waiting for her in a crisp, very feminine dress enlarged by several layers of petticoats. Rose loved the “Donna Reed” show and emulated the star. Her hair would be beautifully set in a short, curly style and her nails would blend in with the colors of her dress, all this courtesy of her personal hairdresser and nail stylist, her brother Brad. After a long kiss and hug, with tongue action galore, she would flop down in her favorite easy chair where Rose would present her with a  martini in an iced glass. Her wife would kneel and remove her shoes – always six inch heels for work – and massage her feet. Lin Lu would close her eyes and let the cocktail ease the tension of the day. Soon, she would feel Rose reach under her dress and unsnap her garters and roll her nylons down her legs. She would sigh and moan as Rose would suck her toes and lick the bottoms of her feet. Rose would inevitably – the woman never learned – let her hands wander up Lin Lu’s skirt and try to get under her panties. Lin Lu would slap her hands and tell her “not now dear, and you’ll be punished later for being naughty”. After a half hour or so of this game, Lin Lu would go upstairs where Rose would follow and undress her and escort her to a steaming bubble bath and  sensuous bathing. Though she knew it was terribly improper, she would don only a satin robe to wear to dinner, wonderfully prepared and served by Brad. While eating, Rose and Lin Lu would share the events of their day. Once dessert was finished, the ladies would return to the den where Lin Lu sat back in her easy chair and Rose once more knelt before her. Lin Lu always had several business calls to make but took the edge of that unenjoyable task by letting Rose have her way between her legs. Rose did everything possible to bring Lin Lu to an orgasm while the latter struggled to maintain a professional demeanor with the person on the other end of the phone. Rose always won at least once but if the calls were long, two or three were not unheard of. Business over, they would cuddle on the sofa and watch television or listen to music. But first of all, Rose would do a slow strip tease in front of her “husband”. Wearing all the accoutrements of a woman of that era – dress, petticoats, slip, girdle, stockings, bra and panties – this could take fifteen minutes or more. Once finished, Rose would immodestly sashay across the room wearing only her high heels and go upstairs to put on a sexy nightie. The clothes she had shed would remain on the floor for Brad to pick up later. By the time she had returned, he would have finished clearing the dinner table and cleaning the kitchen. Once Rose was seated, Brad would stand behind her and set her hair on curlers, something Lin Lu never got tired of watching. While the ladies chatted, Brad was ignored as he expertly  wound her hair on over thirty brush rollers then finished off with a tightly drawn net of whatever color he had decided was a match for Rose’s nightie.

After Brad was dismissed to finish any chores that needed to be completed, Rose would lovingly brush Lin Lu’s long hair while the latter sipped her glass of wine. Her curling iron would be placed on a table to heat up after which Rose would make fifteen or more ringlets in her lover’s hair. Both of them would be purring by the time it was finished. Then it was off to bed. Rose would lay back and watch Lin Lu attach her strap on and then gently push the personalized  ivory penis into her pussy. She did not need any lubrication, she would always be sopping wet by now. It did not take long for her to climax. Lin Lu would remove her penis and let Rose kiss and lick it. It was then time to sleep.

This ritual was repeated almost every night unless Lin Lu was travelling or either one of them was sick. There was a once a month exception. Rose could never persuade Lin Lu to have sex with her when she was having her period, though the reverse was not true. For Rose, this was the time she was the horniest so the logical thing was to have Brad perform. Rose had long ago got over the taboo of having sex with her brother. Brad was good at what he did. Rose never had less than two orgasms for those several days. And Lin Lu participated, in her own way. With Brad bent over Rose’s pussy, Lin Lu would attach the largest dildo made and fuck Brad. He would make a muffled scream at the penetration, even though Lin Lu was generous with the KY jelly. While Lin Lu reamed him, she would roughly fondle his balls, and squeeze them if she was in the mood. Brad would scream again. However, he too would always climax at this sex game. At the end of the night, he would be sore but happy.

“Have fun with Brad tonight, my love?” Rose asked Lin Lu after one such session as they lay in bed together.”

“Fun? I don’t think I’d call it that. Nor was it lovemaking either, if you’re thinking that way. No, what I do with Brad is plain fucking him up the ass. As I think about what he did to you, which I will never forgive nor forget, I take some satisfaction as I drive that monster dildo up his ass as forcefully as I can. I am fully in charge and he is at my mercy. Funny, though, he manages to cum every time.”

For the most part, Brad was enjoying his new status. Yes, it hurt like hell when Lin Lu squeezed his balls, either for punishment or on the monthly occasion when he went down on his sister. Yes, he had felt terribly humiliated going from being the top dog in town as the president of Dryfuss Enterprises to being a servant at home and the resident hairdresser at his workplace. From dominant macho stud to a submissive sissy was a long way down, or so it would seem. But Bradley had these same tendencies growing up with Rose and his mother. It took him a long time to accept the fact that he had enjoyed those times tremendously and had willingly subjected himself to their control. Picturing his mother elegantly dressed and coiffed for a date at the opera was a fond memory, realizing that he was the one that had made her gown, painted her nails, applied her make-up and created the stunning hair do she wore. Once he realized that that had brought him the happiest times of his life, he allowed himself to love his new role. Not only did he become a very good hairdresser, he loved doing hair and was so meticulous preparing a style. He also loved giving the sensual massages to his clientele as he had so lovingly done with his mother. As his women became more relaxed around him, they looked forward to Brad’s fantastic massaging of their breasts and for the more daring, the excitement of his tongue in their pussy, even on “those days”.  Giving manicures and pedicures excited him also, though more and more these were being done by his apprentices, except for his “special” clients. Same for laundry services. He mostly just supervised his boys washing, folding, and ironing employees clothes. But again, for his “special” women, he insisted on ironing their luscious silk and satin blouses and pressing the pleats on their skirts and dresses. And he loved dressing them in these specially handled clothes. Still, his favorite activity was shampooing, setting, and styling their hair. Even after ten years of doing this on a daily basis, he still got tingly feelings in his stub of a penis. And though it was nice to have one of his boys do his hair, he much preferred to set his hair himself and enjoy the feeling of the rollers pushing into his head while he slept.

All the ladies knew that Brad was a man, despite his very feminine appearance – clothes, make-up, heels, painted nails and, of course, his elaborate and perfectly styled hair do’s. Initially, there was some hesitation accepting him as one of the girls, especially what he could, and couldn’t do when he gave his excellent massages. Most kept their panties on and a few their bras too. Slowly, that all changed until all were comfortable lying on the massage table nude. But there was still one barrier.

‘There you are, Miss Lorraine” he said to a vice-president as he placed a net over her roller set. “Ready for your massage?”

“Ah, maybe not today, Bradley, I’m not feeling well. Just put me under the dryer.”

“Oh, anything I can do to help, I have all sorts of magic potions for almost anything that ails you.”

“Nothing that can help my problem, I’m sure. I’m having my period” she said, and blushed.

“Cramps, Miss Lorraine?”

“Yes, bad ones.”

“Don’t you know that a good massage is the best thing for cramps? Come on, let me help you undress and get you on the table.”

“Oh, I’m not sure, I really feel messy and, well, dirty.”

“Once more, I have a cure for that too. A wash and rinse – new napkin and a sweet douche. How about it?”


“Yes, really – money back guarantee. Okay?”

Lorraine nodded and Bradley began unbuttoning her blouse. He soon had that, her skirt and slip, and her bra, girdle,  and stockings in a neatly folded pile. He left her panties on, for now.  She still looked very uneasy as he helped her get on the table. She lay on her stomach. Brad began his firm, but soothing massage of her back, shoulders, and legs using a scented  hot oil. Feeling her begin to relax, he reached under her panties and rubbed her warm cheeks. That done, he asked her to roll over and he did the same on the front. Sensing she was totally relaxed by now, he removed her panties and added them to the pile. She did not protest. He firmly massaged her pelvis and she began to purr.

“Oh my, that feels so nice” she said softly.

There was a little stiffness in her body when he unclipped her sanitary napkin from the clips of the belt but when he ran his open hand around her pussy she moaned. Once he was sure her resistance was gone, he slowly put his middle finger into her vagina.

“Okay?” he asked.

“Yes” she answered.

Five minutes later she climaxed.

He put his finger in his mouth and said “Delicious”.

She lay there with her eyes closed and a smile on her face while Brad got a small towel and soaked it in hot water. He cleaned her up. Next he walked her to the bathroom and asked her to sit with her knees spread apart. He inserted the nozzle and opened the valve to allow the warm liquid to squirt into her canal. He began to move it in an out and all around until he saw her close her eyes and smile. Just as the bag was empty, she had another orgasm. Brad wiped her again and attached a fresh napkin to the sanitary belt. He helped her into a warmed terry cloth robe and escorted her to the dryer. While she was under he rinsed and dried her panties and ironed them along with all of the rest of her clothes. By the time she left the salon, she did not have a trouble in the world. She kissed Brad on the cheek and said “I’ll be back, sweetie. Thank you”.

It was inevitable that a man would earn an employee of the month award, entitling the recipient to a day at the spa. The first male winner earned the honor for a particularly creative and beautiful embroidery design for a new line of Dryfuss lingerie. Having no idea he was a man, Brad welcomed him to the salon. The company made no distinction between men’s and woman’s uniforms – they all wore pink cotton, front buttoned dresses, white tights, and black shoes. Hair was expected to be neat and styled. Ronald, now wearing a name badge with “Ronni” embossed on it, looked like any other woman in the place. Brad could not wait to get his hands on Ronni’s hair. It was shiny, healthy hair but terribly styled, in Brad’s opinion. Chatting as Brad washed his hair, he learned that Ronni was new to town and lived alone. At his supervisor’s repeated comments about “doing something with your hair” Ronni let it grow longer than he ever had and set it on rollers every night but admitted he was not very good at it. Brad spent the time to show him how to properly roll his hair, making him do it several times until Brad was satisfied. He suggested the proper type of roller to use and the best setting pattern. Once set and netted, Brad escorted him to the massage table, instructing him to undress and lie down on his stomach. Brad turned away and prepared the hot oil he would use. After spending twenty minutes or so on the back side he suggested that Ronni turn over. He asked if this was necessary and Brad said “absolutely, I’m not letting you out of here half done”.

Ronni turned on the table, making sure that he pulled the towel over his private parts. Brad admired the small firm breasts and began massaging them. Ronni moaned. When Brad turned to work down his torso, he noticed out of the corner of his eye that something was making the towel tent. It did not take a genius to know what was causing it. Brad nonchalantly lifted the towel and dropped it on the floor. Sure enough, a hard six inch or so cock was standing straight up. Despite all his sexual experiences over the years, Brad had never touched a man’s penis. But it was his job to serve his customers in any fashion they wanted.

“Did you want a complete massage, Ronni?” he asked as he gently took hold of the penis.

Ronni blushed and hesitated before answering softly “Yes, please, if you don’t mind.”

“As you wish.”

Brad put more oil in his hand and spread it over Ronni’s prick and balls.  The latter breathed deeply. He softly rubbed up and down the prick and around the balls. Brad could tell Ronni was getting excited. It only took a few minutes to reach a climax. Brad picked up the towel with one hand while he continued to stroke the slippery prick and caught the cum in the towel. Ronni’s whole body twitched before he deflated like a balloon.

“I think you liked that, didn’t you?” Brad asked. The answer was obvious from the contented look on Ronni’s face. “I did too. This was my first time doing a man.”

“Me too” Ronni whispered.

Brad finished the massage rubbing Ronni’s legs and feet before seating him under the dryer. Ronni was in awe after Brad styled his hair in a very attractive way. He found himself hard again.

“Hurry back, sweetie”, Brad said as he opened the spa door after Ronni was finished his treatment.  Ronni gave Brad a quick kiss on the cheek. Brad responded by taking Ronni in his arms and planting a mushy kiss on his lips. They both blushed.

After Ronni left, Brad paused and looked at himself in the mirror. “Yes indeed, life is good!”