Monday, January 17, 2011

Another Dave Bishop Cartoon

I guess Dave is procrastinating again - but I suppose we'll see the continuation of his 'serial' when he gets around to it. I still think that most of my readers are 'Ghosts' - but it seems that I'm getting more than a hundred a day (Not that I'm hearing much from any of you) and it may be time for me to do as I threatened some time back.

What follows is another Dave Bishop cartoon - but I'm making a competition out of making a caption for it.  Being a Scot, I'm frugal so no money will change hands - but I'll let the winner pick any one of my novelettes for sale in    For goodness sake!  Please compete!


Anonymous said...

Guy under the table thinking.......
I wish she wouldn't keep on stretching out my high heels like that!!!

Bea's TV Station said...

This was an entry I got - via e-mail - one in which "Valerie" had done a lot of work - and actually making two entries. Unfortunately, I don't have the skills necessary for copying the submitted cartoons (which included the captions) - so had to just show the captions instead.

Nonetheless, I think them very good.

But to answer one of Valerie's questions? I THINK that the situation arose in an old story of mine where a rather nasty boss is in the habit of having docile female employees hide in the well of his desk and do sexual favors for him. But he then hires a rather strong secretary who makes him her submissive - and then turns the tables on him.

This is Valeries entry

Sorry . I'm not a blogger. On the other hand, I wanted to help you out re: your request regarding possible Caption for Cartoon. I came up with a number of possibles, but eliminated them all except two (attached). I guess I'll need an alternate name for use if selected. So I guess it will be "Valerie". David's Cartoon is very, very good. What made it hard to select a proper caption was the direction the eyes were looking by both ladies. Was there a mirror? Were there others in the room? Was one thinking the other knowingly bantering? What was fellow under desk doing? Was he hiding? Was he a lingerie, nylons, heel and foot fetish type individual? Was he there to perform other more delicate matters? Was he under threat, force or duress? Was he an intern, an office boy, a nephew, a charge? A scenario could be established for any combination. Since I'm a fan of your writing skills, I opted for two scenarios that could easily be in one of your writings. I'm not in it for the Prize. Should I win please give the freebie book to the 2nd place winner. My submission is to help get things going, and to help fulfill your other request for communication of some sort. Amazing how one cartoon, a photograph or scene can be interpreted so many different ways, and all dependent on what might or may strike ones fancy or area of interest. From another standpoint, the scene very innocuous too....the lad helping to find a small dropped item, and then becoming aware he was being flirted with intentionally or otherwise. Anyway, here they are. (In both, the dark haired lady is speaking)

1) "If you see him, tell him that the office girls are getting ready to make good on their threats. When they're finished with him.I'm sure he'll look quite adorable."

2) "He must be hiding somewhere Miss Satin, but I brought the case of clothing and special items you require all new male interns to wear. I remember mine vividly which changed how I acted, dressed and looked forever. I'm sure he'll conform easily too.

housemaid said...

Caption: "John? I think he's having lunch"

Jezebel said...

Blonde: Charles? He's agreed to run some errands for me. But I'll be sure to let him know that his step-sister urgently needs to discuss the results of the company’s audit.

whyguys said...

"Sandra... you HAVE to tell me. I heard Larry Sampson went BERSERK at the board meeting when you and the other Women there informed him of the corporate takeover you all planned buying control of his company. I'd LOVE to see his face about now, but he never returned to his office. PLEASE, you must tell me EVERYTHING!"

"Amanda, it was SO-O cool. First, he started thinking it was a joke. Then, when it dawned on him it was real, he got all macho and blustery. When the Women brought up the measure to vote ME CEO, he became sort of catatonic. When I told him he could stay on as MY SECRETARY, he REALLY went zombieland." *giggle*

"I'd wish I were there... but WHERE is he? Is he okay... I mean he was a chauvinistic jerk, but..."

"Sandra, he'll be fine. I've seen it before in males when they're masculine ego is broken, really he'll be okay. He's right down here... see."

"OH MY GOD! Why is crawling under your desk Sandy? What is he whimpering about?"

"He's OK, Amanda... and he WILL snap out of it in a day or two.
At the moment he's been crawling around my office searching and picking at the carpet babbling on about his 'manhood' or the like being lost, "where is it... i dropped it... it must be here somewhere. "It is SO-O CUTE, Mandy... don't you think? Besides in this state he'll be easier to prepare him for the company's new Mandatory Dress Code for males..."

"New Dress Code... just for males?"

"Oh Amanda, YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS! Starting the first of next month..."

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