Monday, January 17, 2011

Answer to a Comment

I got notified of this comment this morning - but when I looked for the post it referred to?  I was too late - it had been archived!  Ach!  But I felt it raised a point - the comments are NOT as good as posts - but I at least heard from SOMEONE!  Here is the comment:

The thought that you might use the "Hair Brush" on me is almost motive not to comment but this time I will pass on that. Its great to see you are still around, I do enjoy your writings and its slightly sad that you can no longer write the stories you were so famous for. As for the lack of comments I wonder if we are overwhelmed at times by the number of blogs/sites/groups where opinion is sought. As a member of countless numbers of such groups I am as guilty as any of not contributing, not for my lack of interest in having my say but rather not having the time to do so. Look forward to many interesting and informative posts and hopefully incisive responses.


Loved the bit about me being 'famous'.  But truthfully?  I'm not into the 'blog' world and certainly unsure of what I can ask of readers, so may appear to be nothing but a bloody nag.  But I really am trying to create a forum where transvestites and cross dressers can spout off.

From personal experience I know how much I disliked myself for what I saw as a 'perversion' and for such a long time.  It may be, but it wasn't until I started really LOOKING at what I did that I started to feel that I wasn't TOO bad.  I don't hurt a soul.  I mean - what harm can there be in a man who only fantasizes about being a lady's MAID?  An ugly maid at that?  Jesus Murphy!

But Athena?  Thank you for the comment - and please do some more.  Okay?

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