Wednesday, January 5, 2011


My Post options?  I Allow my readers to post - as far as I know - but damned if I can see how they're supposed to do it.  Until I find out, I guess that I'll post myself - then get readers to comment.  Now so far, I don't seem to have many readers but will pick some ideas at random and see if I can generate response (via "comments") or if you REALLY want to say something, write what you want said to me at and I'll post it. (If any of you KNOW how I should arrange my blog to allow readers to post immediately?  Please let me know!)

I was acting as a counselor at a forum for spouses of transvestites when I got introduced to the concept that cross dressers and transvestites were not the same!  CD's dressed because it was the only way they felt comfortable.  Sex had little to do with it.  TV's on the other hand dressed because it was about the best (maybe the only) way for them to get sexual release.

I thought this was utterly NUTS!  A transvestite myself, I maintained that CD's were just guys who didn't want to admit the full truth about themselves.  I put on makeup or women's clothes and I was highly excited.  Coudn't see the 'comfort' idea at all.

But through the years I met a few CD's.  They actually worked as maids - full time for months, some of them - which I found astounding.  (I hate housework.  Must have a lot of 'dog' in me - dislike the sound of vacuum cleaners immensely!).   But as time went on - my wife knew about my tendencies - I started wearing panties and nightgowns almost full time.  Did NOT get sexually aroused - just comfortable.  Made me think.

So?  There might be some truth in what was said.  BTW?  Monica Graz is a TV?  CD? who has written a few books for me that I sell.  He is a successful Greek businessman who takes 'breaks' and works as a maid in Australia or the U.K. for extended periods of time.   Has sent me some photos - which look damn realistic to me.  I'll talk to him and see if I can get him to contribute to thius blog.

Here's another of Dave Bishops serial cartoons.  BTW?  if you want to see the captions more clearly, just click on the cartoon.   WHOO  HOOO!

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Tammie said...

Never really knew of the differences between CD's and TV's a little bit of semantics in my opinion, while I respect that we are all at different spots along the spectrum, I'm not sure there is a really definition difference between a CD and a TV. Always considered myself a fetish crossdresser, so I'm not sure where that puts me (wink)

As for having Monica Graz contribute, that would be great, I've always been a fan of her stories. (BTW, Would to know how Harita, in "A housemaid in my fifties" ends up!)

Bea's TV Station said...

Your comments make a lot of sense. For the life of me, I can't see working as a maid - just for the 'comfort' of dressing.

BUT? I have met quite a few who seem to feel this way. Don't understand it myself - but it takes all types, doesn't it?

Wrote to Monica, inviting her to contribute to this blog. BTW? As you like her, you might want to look at the update I made to yesterday. She sent me the first two episodes of her new book. But even if you don't, I'm pretty sure she'll turn up in this blog - and you can ask your questions then.