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Swiss Miss Sissy, Chapter 9b

Hello, rocketdave here with an explanation and an apology for those of you who have been waiting patiently for the next part.  Part of the reason I've taken longer than I intended is because Carrie had uploaded the next chapter of "A Suitable Position," and I personally feel that it makes sense to allow for some breathing room in between posts so that readers aren't overwhelmed and one contributor isn't overshadowing another.  

Frankly, it was a bit of a relief Carrie had posted something new, because it gave me more time to do another illustration for this chapter.  If you don't see an illustration here, it's because all was for naught- I've been having a tough time motivating myself.  And now I'm sick and feel even less like drawing- however, that seems like a lame excuse after I just watched this behind-the-scenes thing of a performer dancing all night for a music video despite fighting a nasty cold.  

This extended lack of activity on my part is especially bad timing considering I inadvertently freaked out Carrie and Bambi a week or so ago when I suggested that if anything bad were to befall me, Carrie could carry on posting the rest of this story on behalf of Bambi instead.  I wasn't trying to say that I expect anything bad to happen to me, but you never know.  As I said to Bambi, it's not that different from giving the babysitter emergency numbers.  It's not like you're anticipating tragedy to strike, but you want to be prepared just in case.  

I've decided to just throw in the towel and upload this next part sans illustration, and if I feel more up to it later, I may still do an illustration for it and insert it retroactively or perhaps upload it as a separate post.

It's not as if Bambi's words don't stand up perfectly well on their own, but I see it as a good way to force myself to draw more, plus I want to illustrate it just because I feel so gosh darn passionately about this story.  

One last thing:  I don't know if anybody else will, but a minor detail I found interesting in this part is the fact that Margot owns a smartphone.  Nothing strange about that- a lot of people do these days, but it's kind of funny when you realize that it's a piece of technology that probably hadn't even been invented at the time Bea started this story.  Not that I find the presence of a smartphone incongruous; I don't think of this story as taking place in any specific time period- it's just an interesting indicator of how long it's taken for us to get a sequel.  I guess in the grand scheme of things, being forced to wait a couple extra weeks for my lazy a** to post the next installment isn't so bad by comparison.    

Okay, enough blathering from me.  Here's the second half of Chapter 9:

by Bambi

The next day began much like the previous one. The two maids woke me up – I did sleep much better than the night before – and untied me from the bed. Still cuffed they escorted me to the bathroom, stripped and cleaned me, and marched me naked to the dressing room. I was placed on the platform, then they took out another box from the closet and started dressing me.

An hour later, a fluffy white cloud stepped out of the room. My four inch heels clicked as I minced on the shiny marble. Jeanne and Bernadette walked close behind me, complementing each other on a job well done.

When they showed me my outfit for today, I thought they had made a mistake. It seemed a couple of sizes too small. But the joke was on me.

I was wearing an white empire dress with light blue trimming, a narrow bodice in shiny silver just under my breasts. I was wearing a corset underneath, as usual, but my petticoats were pulled up very high, almost to my chest. It gave my dress a very flaring appearance, but it was so short. It hardly covered the top of my panties, let alone the rest. My bottom was completely exposed beneath the insanely short skirt.

Its neckline was cut low, so my much of my silver coloured bra was visible in my cleavage. The fabric would narrow towards my neck again, where it merged with an integrated collar. The white satin and flowery ornaments on the outside hid the thick leather strap underneath. Jeanne has secured it with an ominous click. She didn't even use a padlock. Apparently, each of the boxes in the closet was a completely unique and very special outfit. Lucky me...

I wore matching white satin gloves that came up to my elbows. Even the integrated bondage matched, with the locks on the wrist cuffs mostly hidden by fake blue flowers.

My legs were bare, except for frilly white ankle socks with flowers printed on the lace. They disappeared into shiny white patent mary-janes with one strap over the foot and one around the ankle. Ornate blue bows hid the tiny metal padlocks that locked the ankle straps tight. Fortunately, there wasn't a chain connecting the locks. So far, at least.

Bernadette had made sure my curly hair was immaculate, but I wondered why she even bothered. It was mostly covered by a bonnet which Jeanne had put on my head and had tied the blue ribbon beneath my chin with a wide bow. The front rim limited my field of vision, aggravating the fact my collar made turning my head difficult.

They had tied another gag around my neck. Thank goodness they did not actually put it in. It looked exactly like an oversized pacifier and I do not think I would have survived the humiliation of having it in my mouth. Still, in a perverse way, it did match my very girlish outfit perfectly.

But the absolute nadir were my panties. Aside for my collar and various cuffs, I wasn't tied up, but my panties more than made up for that. From the outside they looked like regular white panties with blue frills, but that only served to hide the incorporated harness that included a tight gaff in front and a dildo in my backside. It wasn't a particularly large one, but unlike a plug gently slid up and down with each step. And it had ridges...

“Flaunt that butt, sissy!” Jeanne mocked. “Sway your hips. Your Mistress wants to have a good view on your cute bottom today, so better give her a sight she'll remember.”

Though I wasn't actually hobbled, I made very tiny steps. The dildo somehow felt like it was about to fall out, so I unconsciously compensated by squeezing my sphincter. It made walking quite a chore.

I heard the sound of leather striking satin, and pain shot through my left butt-cheek. I squealed. I squealed again as the crop struck me on the other cheek. I actually hopped inadvertently, both my heels clicking together as I hit the ground. It made Bernadette snigger with amusement.

Jeanne poked the tip of her crop against the back of my dildo. “Pay attention, chérie! Flaunt that butt, I said! Do not make me repeat myself again.”

“Yes, Jeanne” I said hastily. And boy, did I flaunt it.

They didn't take me to the parlour, but we went to the garden instead. The maids escorted me towards the mansion's back entrance and onto the wide garden. It was a beautiful day. Spring had come to Switzerland early this year, but the heat of summer was still a long way of. The blue sky illuminated the wide stretches of grass, which were intersected with bushes and trees seemingly placed at random. Only the long strips filled with colourful flowers were arranged according some recognizable geometry.

For a moment – just a moment – I was glad I was wearing my bonnet, as the surroundings almost blinded me. What a difference from the inside of the mansion! Inside, dark wood and old stone dimmed the light, but here in the garden it was bright and vibrant.

With an occasional poke or tap with a crop, the maids directed me along the paved paths criss-crossing the garden. My heart skipped a beat when we came up to a gardener who was trimming a rose bush. I knew there had to be other people at the mansion, but this was the first one I actually saw. I groaned silently as I realized a that stranger, a man no less, saw me wearing this preposterous attire.

He ignored me however. The man merrily greeted Jeanne and Bernadette in a language I could not identify, and the maids returned his warm greeting. The man chuckled as he looked at me and said something to Jeanne, who replied. The maids and gardener then burst out laughing. I didn't know what had just been said, but I was sure it was at my expense. I probably was blushing, but with all the dignity I could muster while wearing a dress, heels, bonnet and pacifier, I smiled prettily and minced past. I was very relieved when the rim of my bonnet obscured his face.

After what felt like an eternity, we came up to a small square with a gazebo in the middle in which Mistress was waiting. She smiled widely as we approached the wooden structure and the maids presented me.

“Ma'am?” Jeanne said. “For your approval, may I offer you little miss Cheryl for inspection?” With a gentle push she urged me forward. As was expected of me, I bobbed a deep and respectful curtsey.

“Good morning, Mistress. It is a pleasure to see you again,” I said as I tried not to let a fearful tremor resound in my voice. “May I say that you look lovely on this beautiful day?”

It was incredible how different she looked compared to yesterday. She had exchanged her black leather outfit for a sundress in pastel colours. It's skirt was wider around the hem than was the fashion these days and more voluminous, so she might have been wearing a petticoat underneath. On the hem of the skirt and shoulder straps there was subtle black lacing. It was like she had taken an 18th-century gown and a modern dress and merged them into one. The dignified gloves, sun hat and classic ankle boots she was wearing reinforced this appearance.

“Why thank you, my dear,” she said, smiling as she walked up to me, her gaze scanning me from top to bottom. “And don't you look adorable,” she spoke as she circled me, touching the hem of my dress and gently touching my panties. I tried not to squirm as I felt her push on the dildo.

“Has she been behaving?” Mistress asked the maid as she continued her inspection of me.

“She has been the perfect little sissy, Ma'am.” Jeanne replied, making me blush. “We had to correct her gait and posture a couple of times, but nothing that an encouraging tap with a crop couldn't fix.”

Mistress nodded as she retied the bow under my chin that was starting to get undone. She grinned as she touched the pacifier hanging from my neck.

She radiated glee as she turned towards the maids. “Jeanne? Bernadette? You have done wonderful work. Now would you please excuse little Cheryl and me? I'll take it from here.”

“Of course, Ma'am.” Both maids gave a respectful nod and walked away. 

“Come, Cheryl. You must be hungry.”

Mistress took my hand and submissively I followed her to the gazebo, where a table was prepared and breakfast was already waiting.

Mistress sat me down at the table and I shuddered as my weight rested my my penetrator. I saw slices of bread and toast in a small basket, some butter, strawberry jam and other spreads, but there was only one plate. She sat down next to me, took the plate and put some toast on it.

“Try the jam, it is fresh. Tastes wonderful. You do like strawberries, don't you?” She asked.

“Yes, Mistress,” I answered, “but it seems I have no plate...”

“Really? How careless. I will speak with my staff about that. Ah well, we'll just have to improvise.” She put some jam on a slice of toast and held it in front of me. “Guten Appetit,” she said smiling.

I hesitated. I did not want to be fed by this woman! Then I heard my stomach rumble. The slice of toast did too very appetizing...

I relented and reluctantly opened my mouth. Mistress put the slice in. I had to admit, it did taste very good.

As she hand fed me my breakfast, she told me about the history of the garden. How one of her ancestors had planted it to impress his lady. How Bismarck himself sat in this very gazebo to marvel at its intricate design. I smiled prettily and giggled impressed. I had no idea who that was, though.

After breakfast I played the part of proper young lady as we chit-chatted over a cup of tea. Thankfully, I was allowed to hold my cup myself.

“I must say, Cheryl, you are quite a remarkable young lady,” she said at some point. “I've met a lot of sissies, but none quite like you. Tell me, when did you start wearing dresses?”

“Mistress?” I replied confused. “I never wore a dress before Mistress Christina's birthday, two-and-a-half weeks ago. She trained me well.”

She dismissed my answer with a wave of her hand. “Oh, pish posh. Of course you did. I know Christina is good, but even she cannot perform miracles. Just look at you! You wear those heels and skirt like they were made for you.” She thought about that for a moment. “Well those were, actually, but that is beside the point. The point is that no sissy can be trained to your level in two weeks without any previous experience. So who taught you?” She looked at me quizzically.

It was disheartening to be confronted with the fact that it was apparently so easy to feminize me. I such a short time no less. But it stung that Mistress assumed I actually liked it. That I would do it voluntarily.

Before I came to Switzerland I was a man, and I had nothing to do with all this frilly and feminine stuff. Yes, I liked it when girls wore dresses and heels and what not, but I liked the girls in them, not the outfits themselves, dammit!

I smiled politely, hiding my annoyance. “I'm sorry Mistress, but it's the truth. I've never before worn a dress in my life.”

She completely ignored my answer. “What was your Mistress' name? Perhaps I know her. Or him. Did you have a Master instead?” She continued asking.

Did she just suggest I fancied men? “I never had one, Mistress. Really. Like I said I've...” I tried to say, feeling increasingly uncomfortable.

“What kind of clothes did you have at home? A maid's outfit no doubt. Any shoes? You like boots, don't you? I bet you have a tonne of those.”

“No outfits, no boots. Seriously...” I managed to call out before being interrupted again.

“You did not have toys though, I'm sure. You secretly wanted to, but were too scared to buy them.” She chuckled, and I was starting to feel aggravated. She looked at my gag.

“Ah, but a pacifier... You could buy that without attracting attention.” She smiled wickedly. “Yes, you have one of those. In your night desk, I bet. And every time you put on your dress and heels you take it out and put it in your mouth.” She leaned towards me, chuckling as she continued mocking me. “And then you'd mince all across your apartment, secretly hoping someone would peek through the curtains you did not close completely, so they could see you patter around in your dress and with your childish pacifier...”

“No!” I snapped. “I do not wear dresses! I do not put pacifiers in my mouth. I'm not a sissy, I am a man!”

Mistress looked at me. She smiled, then sniggered, then laughed out loud. My defiance evaporated instantly.

She shook her head as she laughed. When she was done, she focused her gaze on me and her face grew stern again, but there was also a glint of delight.

“You are a man?” She asked with a domineering tone. “Did you forget what happened yesterday? When you proved that you are most definitely not a man, but a frilly and submissive little girl? One who orgasms when she takes it up the ass?”

I stammered. “Er.. No.. Mistress. But... I mean... That was yesterday! But I wasn't one before... Not in America... A girl I mean... I did not wear...”

“Enough!” she shouted. “Does little Cheryl here actually have some backbone left? Perhaps she needs to be reminded of her position. Her position as a girl. As a sissy.” She looked annoyed, but I'm sure it hid a modicum of amusement. She pushed a button on her smart phone that was laying on the table.

She got up from her chair and reached out to me. I squealed as she grabbed my ear through my bonnet's fabric. I whimpered and pleaded as she dragged me from my chair and out of the gazebo.

She turned around me and grabbed me from behind, yanking both arms, pulling the wrists together behind me. I heard something click, and my arms were secured. Then she pulled my head back.

“So you did not put pacifiers in your mouth before, did you?” She said in my ear.  “Seems to me you have some catching up to do...” With her free hand she took hold of the gag around my neck.

“No! Please Mistress,” I pleaded. “Do not put it in my muffh!” She interrupted me as she forced the gag in and tightened the strap just under the back of my bonnet.

With one hand she held me tightly by the neck. I struggled a bit, but there was little I could do with my arms tied and in my towering heels. When she got fed up of my resistance, she simply twisted one of my nipples.

The two maids arrived shortly after. Jeanne was holding her crop, but Bernadette was carrying a wicked looking multi-tailed whip.

“You called, Ma'am?” The shorter maid asked.

“Yes, I did. Silly little Cheryl here forgot her place. Would you be so kind as to help me remind her?”

Both maids smiled, but it was a mean smile. “Of course, Ma'am. You want us to prepare the penalty box?”

I tried to shout, plead, cry, but I only heard mumbling. I moved in Mistress' grip, but she held on to me easily.

“Not right now. I have something else in mind...” she said wickedly.

She switched over to another language, French I think, and gave the maids instructions.

She switched to English again. “It appears that up to two weeks ago, little Cheryl here wasn't a sissy. Never worn a dress in her life.” She was addressing her maids, but she was clearly talking to me. “No heels either. Not even a pacifier.”

“Oh no, how horrible!” The two maids said in unison. Bernadette could not keep a straight face.

“Indeed. I think she is overdue for years of humiliation and derision.” She grinned at me. I could only moan meekly. “Ladies? Would you be so kind as to march her up and down the square and remind her just how ridiculous she looks right now?”

“But of course, Ma'am. We'd be delighted.” They flanked me from either side and took hold of me as Mistress let go. They unlocked my wrists, but held on to my arms. “Mind your posture, girl,” Bernadette said warningly. I knew what that meant, and held my elbows in my sides and arms out, hands limp.

“Ready, Cheryl?” Jeanne said to me. “Give a thankful curtsey to your Mistress. Good. Now, then. Forward... Mince!” She called. 

Mistress smiled widely as I tittered past her. “Do not spare the whip. That ass was just made to be spanked.”

“Of course, Ma'am.” The maid said. “Al right, Cheryl. Pay attention now... Skip!”

I didn't understand what she meant, so I hesitated too long. I groaned as Bernadette whipped me on my bottom.

“Are you deaf, girl? Skip!” Bernadette shouted behind me. “Click those high heels of yours. Show your Mistress what a pathetic little sissy you are.”

What choice was there? I skipped like a little girl.

“Oh, isn't she adorable, Bernadette?” Jeanne said to her colleague. “I wonder what else we can make her do.” The two maids laughed as I skipped along. I wept, but the pacifier reduced my cries to cute moans.  


Mince, skip, prance, hop, curtsy, mince, run, stop, stamp your feet, twirl around, bend over, show your boobies, raise your skirt, flash your panties... Again. Mince, skip, prance, hop... Smile like you are enjoying yourself, sissy, or we will give you something to cry about! Mince, skip, prance, hop...

The two maids ordered me around the square again and again. Making me move and pose in the most humiliatingly feminine ways possible, mocking me at every step. Aside from my burning shame, it was tiring too. Even Ingrid could not have prepared me for this, and after the tenth time around, I started making even trivial mistakes. By now my bottom was sore of the many lashes I had received. All the while Mistress watched me from the gazebo with wicked delight, occasionally relieving one of the maids.

The sun was approaching its zenith when Mistress finally decided I've had enough. She was almost gentle when she took my hand and guided me back to my chair. I groaned as I sat down on my sore behind. Bernadette then tied my wrists to the armrests, double checking the bonds were secure. They left the pacifier in. At least I could take a load of my tormented feet, though.

Mistress relaxed in her chair, savouring the nice spring morning. A warm breeze flowing gently through the gazebo. With noon approaching, the sun was starting to get hotter, but here in the shade it was very comfortable. Even I allowed myself to enjoy the weather and relax a bit.

She made casual conversation, not perturbed in the slightest I could not join in. In fact, she was very amused by the fact that with the pacifier in my mouth I could not gainsay her more outrageous statements.

“When you used to dress in your pretty frilly outfit, would you tie yourself up?
Would you sit on your bed, bind your hands and feet, put the pacifier in your mouth, and just lie there? A helpless damsel in distress, secretly hoping someone would come in, see you in your helpless state and use you like the slut that you are?” She couldn't keep a straight face while she said it. 

I groaned in resigned annoyance. She took it as confirmation, obviously.

“You did? Oh, how marvelous! You must be so happy to be here, then. I am more than willing to use helpless little sissies like you. Again and again. Because I know how insatiable you are,” she said tauntingly

Only when the two maids finally brought lunch did she remove my gag. It was a warm meal with meat, vegetables and potatoes. This time I had a plate, but with my arms tied down, Mistress fed me again.

After lunch she untied me and took me for a stroll around the garden. Considering what had happened only hours before, Mistress was very courteous. She treated me like a proper young lady.

I was very glad with her sudden change of temperament and behaved and talked as was appropriate, hoping to extend this moment of serenity as long as possible. 

She complimented me on my appearance, mentioning how cute I looked in my dress. How lovely my heels were. I was quite sincere when I giggled a bashful 'thank you'.

I must have played my part well, because when we came to a bench, she sat down and pulled me on her lap. She kissed me on the lips while teasing my boobs. I giggled and squirmed like a shy damsel in a lover's embrace.

Not that there was was any love though. I was thankful for the moment of relative quiet, but I still did not like Mistress Margot. She was mean. She was scary. But I was also in her clutches, so I had to make the best of it. As for Mistress, I think she recognized my aversion for her, and it only seemed to entice her more.

But I had to give her due credit. After only some kissing, teasing of my breasts, stroking the insides of my thighs and nudging the dildo in my behind, she had managed to get me excited again. She hadn't even touched my clitty, but already I felt it straining against my gaff. I wasn't even conscious that I started to kick my legs prettily, which amused Mistress greatly.

It amused her even more when she suddenly stopped and pulled me from her. I looked at her in confusion as she got up and rearranged her dress. With a smile she pulled me towards her and we continued the stroll like nothing had happened. I felt like a bucket of water had just been poured out over me.

Shortly after we arrived back at the gazebo. The maids had cleaned the table, but had left a small chest on the table. This did not bode well...

She guided me to my seat and then sat down herself, ignoring the heavily embellished chest on the table. She made some casual conversation like before, and I replied as was expected of me, but I could not help noticing the evil smile on her face. She ignored my inquiries about the chest.

Half an hour later, she received a phone call. “Tout est prêt?“ She said over the line, then listened for the reply. “Très bien.”

She hung up and turned to me.

“I'm bored,” she said. “Let's play a game.”

A shiver went down my spine. I had been dreading this moment. “Mistress?” Was all I could say.

She grinned. “Just something to pass the time. Idle hands are the devil's workshop even for ladies of my status. It is certainly the case for sissies. Time to get your cute little butt moving, you lazy girl.”

I tried to hide my anxiety. “I do not think I am in the mood for a game, Mistress,” I said. “How about we make another walk around the garden. I'd love to see the fountain again, and...”

“Oh, hush, girl.” She said sternly. “It will be fun.”

She pulled the small chest towards her and opened the lid. She took out a few items, held them up for me to see them, then placed them next to the box. Chains mostly.

She closed the chest again and let her hands rest on the lid. “I hope you paid attention when I showed you the estate. Because I'm sending you on a little quest.”

What on earth was she talking about? “Mistress?” I asked confused.

Her smile was a remarkable combination of comforting, amused and mocking. “Listen carefully, girl. When the game starts, as quickly as you can, you must reach the sanctuary. If you do, you win and I'll give you two hours off. If not, well...”

I gulped. “What is the sanctuary, Mistress?”

She laughed. “I do not know! That is what makes it so interesting. It is your task to find out where the sanctuary is. Jeanne and Bernadette have left a trail of breadcrumbs all over the estate, both inside the mansion and out in the garden, that will eventually lead towards the sanctuary.”

She shoved the chest towards me. “This is the first one. Inside is a clue where you can find the next. The final one will tell you where the sanctuary is.”

I tried to wrap my head around this. “So to win I have to go from one clue to the next until I reach the sanctuary, Mistress?”

“Basically, yes, but not quite as simple. It's no fun if there isn't a challenge. I'll be playing too!”

“You're trying to reach the sanctuary as well? It's a race?” I asked.

She laughed. “Oh no, my dear. I'm too old and far too distinguished to go running around like that. Instead, I'll be the ghost to your pacman.”

“Huh?” Was all I could say.

She rolled her eyes in annoyance. “I'll be hunting you, stupid girl. You'll have a ten minute head start. After that, while you are searching for the next clue, I'll be looking for you. And if I do, I will catch you. And you do not want to be caught.”

I gasped “I would lose?”

She shook her head. “No. Not immediately, at least. But it would cost you. You will not be bound when we start, but each time I catch you, I'll use one of these to tie you up a little bit more,” She shoved the chains towards me, “making it more difficult to move around and find the next clue. You will then receive another ten minutes before I continue the hunt.”

She tapped on the bonds. “I have five chains, so I can catch you five times and you'd still be in the game.” Her smile was frightening. She reminded me of a cobra ready to strike. “The sixth time, however... well... Game over.” 

I felt like there was a lump in my throat, but managed to ask a question. “Will Jeanne and Bernadette be joining you?”

She smiled. “Good question, my dear. No, they will not. They have other tasks to perform. However...” She raised a finger in warning. “Let me remind you that improper behaviour is still forbidden. If Jeanne or Bernadette catch you doing something or moving in a way that is not appropriate for a sissy like yourself, they will punish you. You would not be disqualified, but if they spank you your pathetic groans and yelps will be all I need to pinpoint you.”

She let that sink in for a moment, then looked at me.

“Oh, and one more thing: it would be unfair to ask the staff for help, so do not talk to them. To help you remember this...” She leaned towards me.

She fidget at a bit and leaned back in her chair, smiling. She clearly enjoyed seeing my dismay, eyes wide in shock and humiliation, of having my pacifier put in my mouth again.

“Understood? Good. Well then... Let the game begin. Here is your first clue. Time starts now. Remember, ten minutes.” She took out another item from the chest which she placed in front of me. It was a spoon.

I looked at Mistress confused. What was that supposed to mean?

She returned my stare with a smirk, savouring my confusion. “What are you waiting for, girl? Go! You've already wasted thirty seconds.”

Still confused, I got up from my chair. I looked at Mistress. I looked at the garden. What on earth was I supposed to do now? Where would I go?

Mistress slapped my bottom. “Hurry up! That is a minute you've squandered. Get moving!”

I minced out of the gazebo. My heels clicked on the pavement. It they felt like they were impossibly high. I looked left and right. What should I do?

“Faster, girl!” I heard her say behind me. I turned and saw her standing in the gazebo, grinning like a hungry wolf.

“Run, sissy! Run!” She shouted. “Mistress is going to get you!”

I ran.

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A Suitable Position Chapter 8

Below is Chapter 8, I really hadn’t meant it to be this long it’s probably too much for a single chapter which is partly why it took so long but there you go. Once again thanks for all the comments  and also to those who indicated their liking for it, they really do give encouragement and inspiration to write the next chapter, so it's very much appreciated. It’s always difficult to know when it’s time to finish a serial if it goes on too long there is  the risk of running it out of steam and boring people which I really want to avoid at all costs so I might just add another two chapters and conclude it there. We’ll see. Hope you enjoy the one below and thanks again for your support.


 A Suitable Position©

Chapter 8

Life on the Inside.

Her Ladyship, Maxine von Bulow the Countess of Argyll arranged the satin cushions to her satisfaction and lowered herself gracefully onto the comfortable couch as she carefully observed her friend Rozamund Kirchen instruct her new maid on how to make the bed they had shared to her own specific standards. Under normal circumstances a lady would have little interest in such a scene but this was a most unusual situation, the Countess settled herself and tried to process the strange tableau she was witnessing.
He certainly does seemed to be motivated but then I expect Rozamund has been keeping him on his toes, she is very good at this sort of thing. I doubt if I’d have the patience to train a lady’s maid from scratch, it would be so tedious I much prefer to have them fully trained when I engage them… well purloin them if I’m honest, but then again I hate being honest, especially with myself. He does respond well to her commands, I suspect she has beaten him already but the sly cow won’t admit to it even though she knows how much I enjoy a good thrashing, I really missed a trick I should have asked her last night when I had her begging for more of my tongue, in that frenzy she would have given me anything. I thought it odd when she told me she had employed a male and was more than intrigued when she said not to mention it to any of the other girls at the dinner last night but when she said he would fit into the household nicely, well I really had to see for myself. Now I know why she doesn’t want the others to know, oh she’s a cunning one all right.
The sudden image of Rozamund punishing her boy maid set off a frisson of delight through the Countess’s body, she closed her eyes momentarily experiencing a familiar pleasurable shudder course through her and feeling a slight dampness seep from her she held her thighs tightly together. The sound of Rozamund admonishing the boy for not arranging the bolster and pillows to her satisfaction snapped the Countess out of her delightful daydream and her thoughts once more turned to her friend’s new and most unusual arrangement,
He may be a pretty thing but Rozamund certainly wants more than that as her maid, as we all do, naturally she will be a hard taskmistress but I’m sure it will be worth it in the end. There is something though…. I can’t quite put my finger on it, he is giving the impression of being compliant and I have to admit he was quite deferential when he attended me but I somehow sense a hint of wilfulness perhaps even bordering on defiance, of course I could be wrong maybe it’s just that I know he’s male and I associate that type of behaviour with males and mannish girls. I expect being forced into domestic service as a maid is no doubt adding to his chagrin but I’m sure that’s something that he will learn to live with. They all do eventually. I suppose he is making an attempt to carry himself in a feminine manner but it is obvious he does need more work in that department. I would love if Rozamund would allow me to have him for a while I think he would benefit from my methods.
Oh! now she is making him bend over to pick up our underwear from the floor, I’m sure she’s doing that for my benefit- Oh Rozamund you are a minx. He may not have much in the way of a girl’s derrière but the tight uniform and that girdle he’s wearing does give him a reasonable feminine shape.
Robert conscious that he was being put on show like a pet poodle in a dog show nevertheless tried his best at his bed-making duties following Madam’s instructions to the letter, although he was chided once or twice which he thought was more for the Countess’s benefit than anything he had done wrong. He felt the Countess’s eyes on him the whole time particularly when he had to bend over to pick up their underwear when he could feel his breasts swaying ever so slightly and at one stage  his left breast had slipped out of its lace cup. He got embarrassed when Frau Kirchen told him to place the underwear on the bed and “fix himself”, he had often seen girls do this before and they always got embarrassed as they struggled to place the wayward breast back into the confines of their bras, now he could empathise.
“Your bra is not the right size” she said helping him adjust his breasts into position squeezing them gently as she did so, this elicited a reaction between his legs which he hoped his dress would conceal.
“Yes I noticed, we really must do something about that Rozamund.” the Countess chirped from her reclining position on the couch.
“I know darling” Frau Kirchen replied “he needs to have underwear of his own he can’t go on wearing his mistress’s lingerie indefinitely, isn’t that right Daphne?”
Robert was taken unawares by the question could only mumble
“Yes Madam.”
“Well I’m afraid it will have to wait as we have an appointment shortly which may prove quite interesting.” Frau Kirchen said.
Robert experienced some relief at this announcement as it would give him some much needed time to recover following his torrid experience with the Countess, he felt his situation was going from bad to worse and considered he was being grossly taken advantage of.
She instructed him to fetch their coats, both she and the Countess followed him into the closet and after he had helped them into them he tottered to the door and held it open as Greta had instructed him.
“Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear my dear.” Frau Kirchen addressed him “you will accompany us.”
He felt a rising sense of panic well up inside him.
“But…. Madam” he blurted the terror of stepping outside dressed as a female gripped him like a vice “People will recognise me as a male, it will be so….. ..”
He was so terrified he could not finish the sentence.
“Nonsense, you may look a trifle gauche and a little ungainly but with your figure and a little make up you easily pass as a girl after all you had no difficulty in fooling my aunt and Miss Clarissa not to mention Frau Braun. Besides next to us I doubt if anyone will give you a second look.”
He remained rooted to the spot dumbstruck at the thought of going outside meanwhile she rifled through various hangers before choosing a knee length light grey wool coat which she handed to him.
“This should do, it’s quite tight fitting.” she said and sensing his reluctance, snapped ‘Oh do hurry up, we don’t have all day. You may take off your apron and cap if you wish unless of course you would prefer to leave them on.” Frau Kirchen said
He immediately discarded the symbols of his domestic servitude and desperately wished he could do the same with his uniform dress but there was no chance of that and didn’t even considering asking.
“Yes I thought you might.” Frau Kirchen laughed as she handed him his new coat and pulled the belt tight, he immediately became aware of it flaring out from his narrow waist to just below his knees.
 The Countess stepped forward and quickly but very expertly applied some light foundation.
“Pucker those lips my dear” she commanded.
He pouted his lips and she coated his lips with a plum colour lipstick in seconds.
The Countess placed the make-up compact and lipstick in a matching grey leather handbag and placed it in the crook of his elbow and led him to the full length mirror.
“Yes Maxine much more presentable.” Frau Kirchen said as both women stood behind him to admire their handiwork.
He winced at the reflected figure and much as he hated to admit it could see that he looked more of a girl than a boy, the Countess nodded her approval and said
“Now time to go, I’ve arranged my driver to be here in five minutes, quickly Daphne, the door.”
The urgency in her voice made him break into a trot for the door and he knew immediately he cut a very girlish figure as hurried to the door his handbag rocking to and fro at his elbow.
In the hall Frau Kirchen spoke privately to Greta before they left for the waiting silver Bentley parked directly outside. The heavy set uniformed chauffer opened the door with a bow and no obvious surprise at the boy dressed as a girl followed the two women and sat between them in the back seat of the car.
“Knees together Daphne!” Frau Kirchen reprimanded Robert “you’re not in male clothing anymore, you need to adopt a more feminine pose if you’re not to be uncovered as a male, could you just imagine the ridicule?”
He quickly snapped his knees together in horror at the thought of being unmasked as a male.
“Yes he does a have a lot to learn Rozamund but I’m sure he’ll make a willing pupil, won’t you my dear boy.” the Countess said gently rubbing his thigh through his uniform dress making his satin slip rub sensuously against his pantyhosed legs.
“Yes m’lady.” he meekly agreed.
Cruising through the leafy streets Robert stared out the window as both women spoke over his head only occasionally addressing him with some complimentary remark about his appearance. Stopped at traffic lights Robert saw the very café where he read the ad that had led to his current bizarre and humiliating situation. Several youths of his own age were sitting outside laughing and joking as they sipped coffees in the morning sunshine, all dressed in the universal uniform of jeans and t shirts just as he was a few days previously. He looked down in shame at the uniform he was wearing underneath his feminine coat and felt a sudden urge to cry.
“Oh Rosamund .” the Countess said loudly her disgust obvious and pointing to the group of males “ so uncouth.
“Dreadful. Layabouts, such awful clothes, loafing around at this time of day, doing nothing” Frau Kirchen agreed.
“Daphne you should be grateful your mistress saved you from such bad company” the Countess said again patting him on the thigh “you’re gainfully employed and dressed so smartly.”
Each time Robert was addressed by his new feminine name he felt another stab of shame, he remained silent however, unsure if they were genuinely concerned about his welfare or just goading him. Staring at the crowd sitting outside the café he was horrified to see he recognised most of them having partied with them the week previously. The sight of the gleaming Bentley stopped at the traffic lights drew the attention of the exuberant males and they gathered at the kerb to admire it, his heart began to race as he watched them approach the windows to peer inside. Frau Kirchen rolled down the window,
“Move away from the car you awful boys.” she rebuked them.
“Keep your hair on lady” one of them said as his friends looked inside and Robert quickly looked the other way right into the eyes of the Countess who immediately recognised the terrified expression on his face.
“Why don’t you let your daughter join us.” another said.
“What do you think Daphne, would you like to join these boys.” the Countess said.
“No.” he blurted almost shouting, the fear in his voice clearly audible.
“Are you sure?” she repeated the question.
“Please….    No……..m’lady.” he pleaded and turned to Frau Kirchen, the panic now taking over he grabbed her arm  “please Madam,please.”
Maxine!” Frau Kirchen scolded her companion “do stop teasing the…..” she hesitated as Robert’s face was now visible to the youths, “….the girl.”
“Aw c’mon darlin’ it’ll be fun.” one of the boys shouted.
Robert’s heart was pounding in his chest and he felt beads of sweat form  on his forehead .
Get away from the car immediately or I’ll call the police.” Frau Kirchen spat as the lights changed and the car sped away from the group.
“Typical male behaviour but I really didn’t expect any better. I will make a phone call and have them rounded up and charged with threatening behaviour ” the Countess said contemptuously  before turning to Robert “Daphne, I do hope you didn’t behave like that when you were in trousers.”
Such was the level of fright Robert experienced by the encounter that it took him several seconds to recover before he could answer.
“No m’lady.”
“He was wearing similar clothes to those horrible creatures and his address was also in this area.” Frau Kirchen informed the Countess then turning to Robert said “Associating with elements like that it’s safe to assume you would have found yourself in difficulties with the law sooner than later. I think the Countess is correct, employing you as a domestic servant has probably kept you out of trouble, I expect those boys will be soon wearing a prison uniform.”
At least they will be wearing trousers Robert said to himself, he was conflicted relieved that none of his friends recognised him but disgusted that he had passed so easily as a girl. The Countess looked closely at Robert before addressing Frau Kirchen over his head.
“I think he will certainly benefit from living in a more civilised environment Rozamund, domestic service gives girls a sense of purpose as well as  self-discipline, naturally they may need help in that particular department from time to time.”
“My sentiments exactly darling. Discipline is the foundation to a faithful and obedient servant.” Frau Kirchen replied.
Both women returned to discussing the social gathering they had both attended the previous evening and gossiping about mutual friends, Robert was relieved that they were ignoring him and was grateful that there were no more traffic lights which may necessitate another stop. After a short journey into the countryside the car passed through high gates set into a high walled perimeter and motored gently up a long driveway to a very large manor house set in well maintained parkland. His heart sank as he read the sign just inside the gate
He could feel his pulse racing once more this was his first time he would be viewed by others dressed as a girl outside of his employer’s home and he was terrified his only hope was to stick close by her.
The grounds were so extensive it took several minutes before the car came to a halt at the steps of the imposing entrance to the manor, they waited for the chauffer to open the door.
“This is one of my family’s old houses which I donated for the purpose of retraining female prison inmates, there are other modern buildings set back from the main house, well out of sight but I’m sure the Governor will explain that in due course” the Countess informed Frau Kirchen ignoring Robert as the heavy set chauffer opened the door and he followed her from the car “as a condition of their parole inmates are required to undertake a course in domestic service, irrespective of their class or background. I think Robert will find it interesting.”
A severe looking woman dressed in steel grey suit, appeared from within the building and descended the several steps to greet the Countess. She cut an intimidating figure, the silver buttons on the fitted jacket ran all the way to the high stiff collar which seemed to elongate her neck, her pants stretched tightly across wide hips and were tucked into knee high patent leather boots, her black hair swept into a tight bun at the back of her head. As she got closer Robert now saw her face clearly and had a sudden urge to run but he knew he would not get far as his legs were barely able to hold his body upright.
No! Oh fuck no. he screamed inside.
A new and urgent fear gripped him and as the Countess turned to speak to the woman Robert quickly turned to Frau Kirchen. “Please Madam you’re not going to leave me here” he pleaded his voice almost trembling “I’m trying really hard to do my best and I’m sure I’ll improve.”
It was obvious to Frau Kirchen that her new maid was terrified at the prospect of being confined in such a place she refrained from immediately reassuring him.
“Yes Daphne I’m sure you will but perhaps you may need some additional tuition in certain areas.”
“Please ….Madam  ….please…. she will know I’m a male.” he begged.
“Oh do stop blubbering Daphne, once you behave yourself you will have nothing to worry about and if your friends didn’t recognise you I doubt if this stranger will.” she said finally putting the boy out of his misery.
I know her” he said as loudly as he could without drawing their attention and grabbed her arm “she was a teacher at my boarding school several years ago I know she’ll recognise me.” Robert blurted.
“No she won’t.” Frau Kirchen said confidently “if you remember all Greta told you and behave like a girl. Demure and meek.”
“Rozamund this is Governor Angermund.” the Countess made the introduction and after a brief conversation with her the Governor turned to Robert.
“And who have we here?” she enquired.
“This is Daphne my new maid.” Frau Kirchen said.
Robert felt the blood drain from his face and the strength from his legs as the Governor approached him.
“A girl who has entered domestic service voluntarily, that is rare these days Frau Kirchen.” Governor Angermund said as she looked at Robert with a curious stare, he dropped his head trying to avoid her gaze and instinctively felt she was examining every inch of him, his stomach was churning, he was sure she would recognise him. After what seem an age she finally said,
“Mmmm a pretty young thing…. in a peculiarly boyish way. Do I know you, girl? You seem familiar, were you a former inmate?”
“No Frau Angermund.” he mumbled and curtsied concentrating on being as feminine as he possibly could.
“Who was your previous mistress girl?”
“As I said she is new to domestic service, Frau Angermund” Madam intervened “I am her first mistress which is why I am training her.”
“My compliments Frau Kirchen” the Governor said noting Robert’s curtsy “you certainly have her well trained and I expect that awkward boyishness will soon disappear.”
“Thank you Frau Angermund I’m sure it will” she said and smiling at Robert who was looking increasingly nervous added “she had some difficulty in adapting to the demands of service in the beginning but I sincerely hope he has overcome that now and is eager to learn to serve his mistress to the best of his ability.”
His?” the Governor asked quizzically, Robert’s heart rate soared once more as she once more attempted to take  a closer look at Robert who moved nearer to his mistress feeling the urgent need of her protection.
“Oh a mere slip of the tongue” Frau Kirchen laughed before explaining “as you said she does look somewhat boyish, we also came across some unruly boys earlier. As a consequence the brutish sex must be on my mind.” Frau Kirchen explained “isn’t that right Daphne?”
Robert still reeling from this close scrutiny from the Governor was only too keen to agree.
“Yes Madam.. horrible boys.”
“A most unfortunate experience, I’m sure they would benefit from some time in this institution.” the Governor said her gaze finally drifting away from Robert “perhaps you would like to see how we deal with such delinquent behaviour before we continue to our parole inmates? We keep them separated in the punishment bloc it is a distance away so perhaps it would be better to drive.”
They re-entered the car and after travelling a distance through a small wood they came to a modern building which was clearly less attractive than the one they had just seen it was a single story building of dull blue stone with a high fencing perimeter.
“This is where we house our ….well shall I say our less malleable inmates.” the Governor said as they alighted from the car “girls who are far too arrogant as yet for a life as a servant, they need that little extra attention before they are capable of understanding the need to change their behaviour for a future career in domestic service.”
There was a simultaneous nodding of the head from both women displaying their undoubted approval for such a method, Robert standing between the two women felt a shiver go down what was left of his spine. The Governor continued as she led the way to the entrance which was opened by a stern looking guard dressed in a similar fashion as the Governor. After passing through a number of closed doors they were eventually led to a section of the building which housed the inmates the Governor spoke of. There were five cells on either side of a six metre wide corridor and Robert felt his unease ratchet up another notch, his thighs were clamped together and he immediately became aware of the smoothness of his pantyhose encasing his skin. A key turning in a heavy lock drew his attention and suddenly several girls all shackled at the ankles and wrists shuffled into the corridor accompanied by a guard. They wore stripped uniforms consisting of an ill -fitting shirt and loose pants.
At least they’re wearing pants he said to himself as he nervously clutched his dress, never thinking he would ever be envious of a convict’s uniform.
 As the prisoners made eye contact with the visitors Frau Kirchen and the Countess regarded them with a superior detachment while Robert could not bear to meet their eyes.. The girls showed no sign of defeat or even penitence despite their chains and this brazen attitude not only unnerved him but also served to increase his shame one hundred fold at not having their fortitude. He huddled behind the Countess, Frau Kirchen and the Governor as if they were an imaginary wall.
“Inmates, into your cells and close your doors” the guard barked and then checked each door to ensure it was locked.
“If you ladies will accompany me to the office I will give you a quick overview of our operation, due to the sensitive subject of our discussion  I think it would be preferable if your maid remained here.” the Governor said as she led both women past the cells towards the office at the other end of the corridor approximately forty metres down the corridor,leaving Robert on his own.
“Gertrude, a seat for the young lady.” the Governor instructed the guard who silently produced a chair for Robert.
“There you go Miss.” the guard said pleasantly to Robert proffering him the chair and sensing his anxiety added “don’t worry they’re all safely locked up no need to worry you just sit yourself right here.”
She was a tall and attractive well-built girl in her mid-twenties with blond hair tied trussed up under her peaked cap, she casually took the sturdy wooden chair with one hand and placed it behind Robert and waited for him to lower himself onto it before adding “that’s a good girl.”
Robert, annoyed by her condescension wanted to rebuke her but her smile disarmed him and he returned it and thanked her and although he cringed inside at her patronising attitude he reasoned it probably wasn’t meant to give offence. The last thing he wanted was to give the guard any reason to question his demeanour so he gracefully smoothed his dress over his girdled buttocks and lowered himself very femininely onto the chair.
 “I’ve got to go and check on other prisoners but you’re quite safe, they may get a little boisterous but you’re in no danger Miss I can assure you of that.” the guard said protectively.
“Oh don’t you worry she’ll be ok with us.” a dismembered voice shouted from one of the cells startling Robert visibly.
“Another remark like that from any of one you and you’ll all regret it” Gertrude shouted back in a strong and authoritative voice which impressed Robert greatly.
“As I said Miss they get a little unruly for a while after they’re locked up but you’re in no danger” she said looking down on the now seated Robert and placing a reassuring hand on his shoulder she looked him directly in the eye adding “they don’t see a pretty girl like you in here very often. Robert blushed as she continued “that’s a beautiful perfume your wearing and such a lovely shade of lipstick it compliments your complexion wonderfully.”
Robert was shocked by the admiring comment as a male he never had a compliment from a girl before and the irony wasn’t lost on him, he had to be dressed as a girl to get his first one. Her attentions unsettled him, he blushed once more and lowered his eyes and not knowing what to do with his hands he demurely arranged his dress over his knees but he knew a response was required.
“Thank you Gertrude.” he said bashfully folding his hands in his lap still conscious of the heat in his cheeks.
“If you’d like to go for a coffee sometime here’s my number.” she said pressing a piece of paper into his hand and not waiting for an answer left.
For a fleeting moment Robert forgot his circumstances and just enjoyed the experience of being found attractive by a girl for once in his life.
I hadn’t noticed the lipstick colour he thought as he watched her leave and fished out the compact from his purse to check it.
Yes it is a nice colour he said as he admired the pale rose colour decorating his lips. It’s a bit dry, probably could do with another application.
After he’d applied the lipstick to his satisfaction he checked himself once more and then suddenly became aware of eighteen pairs of eyes on him.
“Hey honey, over here I’ll wipe that off you soon enough.” someone shouted to raucous cheering.
“Ah c’mon darling let me put something else on that pretty mouth of yours.” another yelled to more roars of laughter.
Robert cursed himself for being idiotic..
What the hell was I thinking, putting on lipstick and without being forced into it?
The jeers from the cells frightened him and it was a few moments before he finally regained some composure and realising that they could not possibly get at him it  gave him some measure of relief.  
Surely I’m not that feminine- am I? After all the Governor had doubts earlier? he told to himself trying to shore up a draining masculinity.
Now he found himself the object of female attention, first Gertrude and now these coarse and insubordinate prisoners, it was becoming intolerable and the unwanted interest from the inmates only served to heighten his anxiety. He never imagined that he would be happy to answer to his new feminine name.
“Daphne come here girl.” Frau Kirchen called from the other end of the cell lined corridor.
The desperation to escape the attention of the prisoners overwhelmed him and like a dog answering its mistress he  rose from the chair and began walking very fast then as the eyes from within the bars fell on him he broke into a trot, his heels clicking loudly as he quickly made his way to the other end. He was always amused at women or girls trying to run in high heels thinking how absolutely ridiculous they looked. He wasn’t laughing now as he cut a similar figure, his arms waving by his side trying to keep himself balanced, the handbag he was forced to carry swaying wildly in the crook of his arm, his heels now making a ferocious noise on the tiled floor. 
“Don’t worry girl we’re aware of the torment you had to put up with and it will be dealt with.” the Governor said as he finally reached the women panting from his exertions, he noticed Gertrude and another guard had joined them nestling himself between Frau Kirchen and the Countess.
 As the Governor and the two guards joined in a discussion the Countess turned to Robert.
“It seems you have some admirers Robert.” she said quite loudly, luckily the Governor was still in deep discussion and he thought none of them heard.
“Daphne m’lady.” Robert whispered.
“What?” she replied.
Robert swallowed hard and although he despised himself what he was about to say he felt he had no choice under the circumstances.
“I think it best if you called me Daphne.” 
“Oh so you do like being called Daphne?” the Countess asked.
“Yes m’lady.” Robert was forced to reply.
“Oh do stop teasing the boy Maxine?” Frau Kirchen said equally loudly as Robert winced once more but once again there was no reaction from the other group of women.
Gertrude and the other guard had by now opened one of the cells and frogmarched the prisoner to a bench which was about waist high and quickly bent her over it securing her hand to straps on the legs of the structure.  
“This is the ringleader.” the Governor announced “I think twelve strokes should be sufficient Gertrude. Remove her pants. Ladies you will get a better view of her transformation from an insolent malcontent to a respectful and obedient prisoner”
Now in front of the girl Robert could see the cockiness drain from her face  as the guard pick up two paddles and handed one to Gertrude and having received the signal from the Governor began delivering alternate strokes to her plump cheeks. She did not make a sound as the first five blows landed but on the fourth her resolve began to falter and he heard a low moan, by the eight she was whimpering and was openly crying as the twelfth and final slap sounded. She was released from her bonds and tears of shame flowing down her cheeks she struggled to pull up her panties and uniform pants.
“You will apologise to this young lady for your disgraceful behaviour.” the Governor sternly said to the shaking girl.
“If I may be permitted to make a suggestion Frau Governor, I think an appropriate position would be on her knees.” the Countess said.
“An excellent suggestion your Ladyship.” the Governor replied delighted by the Countess’s idea “it will teach her another lesson in humility.”
“Perhaps she should kiss the hem of Daphne’s dress as a sign of her true repentance.” Frau Kirchen suggested.
“Wonderful, another marvellous idea” the Governor practically yelped, it was clear she was quite excited by her guests’ suggestions.
“On your knees girl and apologise to Miss Daphne.” the Governor snapped at the miserable inmate.
The prisoner, who was brought to tears by her beating, now looked totally subjugated and Robert saw a look in her eyes that he himself experienced less than twenty four hours previously but now he was the one looking at a wretched figure silently and without protest kneel in front of him and kiss the hem of his dress.
“I’m very sorry for causing you distress Miss Daphne please forgive me.” the girl pleaded consumed by shame and as the other prisoners looked on contemptuously she kissed the hem of Robert’s dress.
Robert had conflicting emotions as he watched the girl carefully take the hem in her hand and kiss it gently. He understood her humiliation only too well but now he experienced something new the sensation of complete superiority over a female, something he had tried to achieve numerous times when dressed as a male but never quite could. This dominance over others particularly servants was something Frau Kirchen, the Countess and his aunts must know only too well.
Why did I have to undergo this abject humiliation of being dressed as a girl before I could experience this? He said bitterly to himself.
After she had performed this degrading act she was escorted back to her cell.
“Don’t worry the rest of you will receive your punishment later.” the Governor announced to the hushed captive audience.
“Tell me Frau Angermund why is this cell different to the others” the Countess asked the Governor pointing to a cell at the top end of the corridor which had a glass door.
“Oh that’s the punishment cell for difficult prisoners or those who have absconded from their employer. The glass can only be seen through from this side, the prisoner is kept naked for the duration of their confinement so does not know when she is being observed. It is very unsettling for them and believe me after only a few days in there they have learned their lesson I don’t think we have had the same girl in there twice. It is very effective.”
“So servant girls who break their contract could find themselves in there.” Frau Kirchen asked.
“Oh yes, we take a serious view of maids who leave their mistress without her permission, we have a very effective re-education program dealing with such offenders.” the Governor replied.
“You would never break your contract Daphne, would you?” the Countess asked him.
Robert’s recent feeling of elation and superiority had disappeared now having heard about the punishment cell and those who occupy it.
Imagine what they would do when they found out I was a male and a maid, he said to himself.
“Oh no, your ladyship I would never do that.” he blurted truthfully.
“I sincerely hope not.” the Countess said “or you know where you will find yourself.”
“Yes m’lady” Robert answered and curtsied feeling decidedly nervous as both the Countess and Frau Kirchen looked at him intently.
Robert was becoming increasingly nervous at the turn the conversation was taking so he was relieved when the Governor turned to them.
“If you like I will show you our more advanced girls, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.” the Governor said showing them the way out of the cell block and back to the car which returned them to the manor house
The door at the top of the steps to the house was opened by a girl in stripped uniform with a number stencilled over her left breast similar to the ones the prisoners they had seen earlier wear except this was a formless shift dress rather than pants and a jacket. Her head bowed she curtsied as the guests passed her into the hallway, once inside the Countess drew her friend’s attention to a picture leaving the Governor and Robert alone.
“I’m sure I know you from somewhere, but I just can’t think where it was.” the Governor said as she once more fixed Robert with her dark eyes.
“I don’t think so Frau Angermund I’m sure I would remember.” Robert answered nervously.
“Perhaps….. but I rarely forget a pretty face.” she said still puzzled.
“Thank you Frau Angermund.” Robert replied, embarrassed at her compliment but relieved nonetheless.
“You wear expensive jewellery and perfume for a mere maid?” she said fingering Robert’s choker.
“A gift from my mistress.” Robert said feeling the use of the hated word “mistress” would sound suitably servile and thus more convincing.
“We’ll take coffee now.” the Countess said unknowingly coming to Robert’s rescue.
“Your maid can take a tour of the house while we discuss some issues pertaining to the program. I’m sure she would be interested in how the girls are trained and they would be interested in hearing about life in service from her, I hope she would not mind giving them the benefit of her experience.” the Governor said and noting the alarm of his face quickly added “don’t worry these girls are much more manageable as I said it’s amazing what a few days in the punishment cell can do.”
“Well only if you’re certain, I don’t want the girl subjected to another ordeal.” his employer said.
“She’ll be in no danger I can assure you Frau Kirchen and her views will be helpful in preparing the girls for their future positions.” the Governor assured her.
“In that case I see no objection.” Frau Kirchen said “run along Daphne and do try to help those poor unfortunates in any way you can.”
“Yes Madam.” Robert replied with a curtsy although feeling thoroughly appalled by the idea.
The Governor turned to the girl in the stripped uniform said brusquely.
“Muller, accompany Miss Daphne around the house and answer any questions she may have, instruct the inmates if she is shown any disrespect it will be the punishment cell for everyone.”
“Yes Frau Angermund” the maid answered meekly and curtsied and turned to Robert “this way Miss.”
Robert followed the maid into the hallway where there were two girls on their knees polishing the dark wood floor in silence and as the maid wore cheap plimsolls the only sound heard was he clicking of his heels on the hard and highly polished surface.
“As you can see Miss we are trained in all aspects of domestic service.” his guide said.
Being referred to as ‘Miss’ was disconcerting for Robert and he found it difficult to come to terms with as he felt it reinforced his new feminine status.
“You don’t have to call me Miss” Robert said when he thought no one could hear them “I didn’t get your first name?”
“We have to call anyone who is not an inmate Miss or Madam otherwise we are punished. We’re not allowed first names Miss, Frau Angermund says mistresses always address maids by their surnames so there is no need for them, my name is Muller Miss.”
“Oh I see.” was all he could manage to say.
“There are microphones everywhere.” she whispered.
He was shown into the large drawing room where several girls were dusting and polishing furniture they immediately stopped at looked suspiciously in his direction causing him a flutter of nervousness his experience in the cell block was still a vivid memory. As they approached him he became more anxious and insecure but noticed they were not as aggressive as the others he had encountered earlier and they seemed to be more interested in his dress and shoes than him.
“This is Miss Daphne” his guide informed the other girls “she is Frau Kirchen’s lady’s maid.”
This seemed to animate them and they gathered in front of him, their faces betraying naked fascination at the obviously well -dressed figure standing before them, their demeanour was such that Robert relaxed slightly no longer feeling threatened but he was nevertheless uneasy at this unwanted attention.
“We’ve never met a real maid before Miss” his guide said for the first time looking at him directly and explaining the intense interest from her fellow prisoners.
“What a nice dress, is that your uniform Miss?” one of the girls asked respectfully.
“Ermm … yes.” Robert answered feeling a sense of relief that at least he wasn’t being bullied or insulted as he had been barely an hour ago and although he experienced a deep sense of shame at having to admit he was wearing a dress and a maid’s uniform at that, looking at the huddle of obviously downtrodden girls dressed in their humiliating stripped uniforms he felt a sudden sense of superiority something he hadn’t experienced in a while.
One of the girls whispered in Muller’s ear and there was a short conversation between them and as he watched them talk he assessed the situation.
At least these girls know their place and although I may not be dressed as a male it seems to be obvious to them that I am of a higher social standing. He pulled back his shoulders allowing his breasts to jut out and raised his head, I always knew real class would shine through irrespective of how one is dressed.
“The girls were asking if they could take a closer look at your dress Miss? We’d be very grateful.” Muller said, interrupting his thoughts.
He appreciated her deferential tone and noticing that the look on the others faces was one of more fascination than threatening he felt safe in allowing them closer but thought it best if he asserted his superiority.
“Very well.” he said in a rather lofty voice now pleased with himself that for once he was the one in a position of eminence.
 The girls came forward and examined the dress more closely one or two fingering the material, the smell of the cheap soap from them mingled with his own expensive perfume.
“Aren’t the pearl buttons really pretty.” one said.
“I just love the puff three quarter length sleeves.” another said as they moved in even closer.
“What material is the dress Miss.” a fourth girl said.
“It’s…  a…. am…” Robert racked his brain to remember what Greta said it was “……..crepe jersey” he finally spluttered wishing now he’d paid more attention.
“Mmmm she smells really nice” yet another voice cooed as the group moved closer.
“Oh look she’s wearing a slip” a voice from behind said as he felt an unseen hand lift the skirt.
“Now girls.” he blurted, his hands settling the skirt back into place. 
“Oooooh….” a voice squealed as another hand lifted the back of his dress “It’s silk with a lace trim.”
“Please….. girls, remember your place” he raised his voice hoping they would not discern his rising anxiety, he struggled to keep the skirt of the dress out of their hands.
 Robert panicked as a number of hands rubbed up and down the slip one sliding over the satin material of his girdle luckily Muller came to his rescue and calmed down the excited girls.
“She hasn’t a real girl’s arse, has she?” he heard one voice say.
“No she hasn’t” came the reply “more like a boy’s”
“Sorry about that Miss” she said “we don’t get to see nice clothes too often, settle down girls.” turning to Robert said “please sit down Miss.”
Flustered from having his dress lifted and his lingerie inspected Robert only too readily accepted the invitation and after fixing his dress over his knees he sat down.
“That’s a lovely uniform Miss, do you have many more like it?” a small plump girl asked as he sat down.
“Ah… ummm….yes” Robert was shamed into admitting.
“Did you buy it yourself?” another asked.
Robert, now a little calmer almost laughed at the idea of him actually buying the very thing that caused him such humiliation.
“No my employer supplied it.” he said firmly hoping these idiotic questions would end.
Your mistress.” Muller informed him in an authoritative voice.
“What?” he said surprised by her tone.
“We are taught that maid servants must always refer to their employers as their mistress when speaking about them to others, it shows respect for her status.”
Robert suddenly remembered her warning about hidden microphones.
“Yes.. of course I meant my mistress.” he corrected himself cringing at the sound of the word coming from his own mouth.
“Do you wear an apron Miss?” someone else asked.
“That’s a silly question.” Muller told the girl and turning to Robert said “Every lady requires her maids to wear a full uniform I’m sure your mistress is no different, she does insist you wear an apron isn’t that right… Miss?”
“Yes” Robert had to admit now becoming less comfortable with these questions.
The answer didn’t seem to satisfy Muller, the intense and almost stern look on her face forced Robert into another shameful admission.
“Yes my mistress insists I wear an apron.”
“Ooooh.” an appreciative reaction came from his audience.
And?” Muller pressed him, her interrogation now taking on an increasing intensity.
“And a cap.” he was forced to confess.
“A nice frilled one to go with your frilled pinafore apron I suppose?.” Muller continued in a sweet voice that made him very uneasy.
“Oooooh” the group once more sang.
“Yes.” Robert could only barely whisper, the confidence he acquired only a few minutes ago had now disappeared and he held his knees firmly together to stop them from shaking.
Approving noises rose once more from the assembly in front of him, he was so fearful  he could only look at his shoes.
Muller whispered to a girl who quickly ran to a cabinet at the back of the large room.
“You might do us a little favour Miss, before you return to your mistress” she said turning back to Robert.
He felt he would do anything to get back to the safety of Frau Kirchen and the Countess and quickly nodded his agreement just as the girl returned and handed something to Muller.
“These were left over from when the house was owned by the Countess’s family” she said shaking out a pinafore apron as Robert looked on in horror, “the girls would like to see what a real maid looks like. Now stand up there’s a good girl.”
“But….. I ….it’s…..” he stuttered.
“Your mistress did say you were to give us any help or advice now didn’t she ….Miss.” Muller challenged him. “You don’t want me to report that you disobeyed her and say you were very unhelpful, now do you?”
Robert merely shook his head unable to mount a serious argument.
“I thought so.” Muller cooed and as he took the apron she added “that’s a good girl now show us how to put it on.”
Shameful as it was for him he knew he had no choice, he slipped his arms through the frilled shoulder straps and quickly and expertly tied the apron in a large bow at the back. This brought squeals of delight from his audience, Muller handed him the matching frilled cap and some hair pins which he settled on his head and pinned it into place it had two long satin streamers at the back which his own uniform cap did not have. Another girl arranged them neatly between his shoulder blades.
“And that girls is how a real maid is properly dressed.” Muller announced theatrically to the gathering she made an excuse to make a minor adjustment to his cap and whispered in his ear
“Listen you arrogant cow, you’re only a servant girl, little better than us answering to a mistress so don’t ever try to lord it over any of us. Remember you voluntarily choose to wear a uniform, to be a maid. We didn’t, so be respectful because knowing what your employers are capable of  you’d never know when you may find yourself in here and believe me I won’t forget your disrespect. Now if you play along I’ll let you off this time. Ok girlie?”
“Yes Miss.” Robert blurted, by now completely shattered he used the term ‘Miss’ automatically.
“‘Miss’ – I like that” Muller said “pity you’re not on the inside you could be one of my girls.”
She then turned to her enthralled audience.
“Now girls we know we are proficient in most aspects of domestic service, polishing, dusting etc. but are unsure of how to act in the presence of a lady.” his new tormentor said sitting back confidently in the chair and taking a silver salver from the coffee table she handed it to him saying “perhaps Daphne would be kind enough to show us how she serves her mistress a glass of ……. Oh let me think? … tea for example.”
Robert was still reeling from her warning and cursed himself for his own stupidity at calling her ‘Miss’ but she was right about one thing – his fear of Frau Kirchen consigning him to such a place. He could not take the chance on refusing as it could be misconstrued as disobedience and whatever about an act of insubordination in Frau Kirchen’s house, he was very afraid of what it could mean in this establishment. He took the salver as she turned to the girls assembled in front of her,
“Obviously I am the mistress and Miss Daphne … well Daphne is my maid.” she needlessly explained considering he was now in full uniform and addressing Robert she instructed him,
“You may proceed… girl.”
Robert was seething but was forced to swallow his pride and continued with the charade.
“Good afternoon Madam, your tea.” he said through gritted teeth as he laid the salver containing the imaginary tea service on the coffee table and reaching a new level of humiliation he took his dress between thumb and forefinger of each hand and curtsied to the convict sitting in the chair.
“Thank you …girl.” she said to squeals of laughter.
“You can really act the part Muller” one of the girls shouted, to a chorus of approval from the others.
The door suddenly opened and Governor entered followed by Frau Kirchen and the Countess.
“Ah I see Daphne has been as good as her word.” the Governor said noticing his new apron and cap.
“Oh yes Frau Governor” Muller gushed “Miss Daphne has been more than helpful showing us how to put on an apron and cap correctly, how to serve tea and curtsy properly.” and looking at Robert smiled and said “Very helpful indeed.”
Robert seeing the look of admiration on his employer’s face felt it would have been counterproductive to contradict the horrible girl’s account of events and he imitated his tormentor and returned her smile.
“What a beautiful apron and cap” Frau Kirchen said as she inspected the ornate garments.
“Ah yes” the Countess said “I’d forgotten my mother insisted on having the maids wear quite elaborate uniforms they hated them of course but as servants had to wear the uniform their mistress wanted. This one is one of the plainer ones actually.”
Nervously fingering the apron Robert could understand that particular sentiment only too well.
“We’ve taken up far too much of your time.” Frau Kirchen addressed the Governor.
“Not at all,” the Governor replied “I’m sure the inmates have benefited from your maid’s experience perhaps she would like to keep the apron and cap as a memento of her visit.” the Governor said much to Robert’s dismay.
“That’s very kind of you, I’m sure she’ll be delighted, they are very pretty” his employer replied “isn’t that right Daphne.”
“Yes Madam.” Robert forced the words out and from the look on her face knew exactly what was required.
“Thank you Frau Angermund, that’s most kind of you.” he said and curtsied almost certain that he heard giggles from the assembled inmates behind him.
“Such a pity she can’t stay longer,” Frau Angermund said as she steered them towards the door with Robert falling in several steps behind them “perhaps you may be able to  spare her for a weekend sometime it would bring improve the inmates knowledge greatly and I’m sure she would benefit also.”
Robert almost lost the use of his legs at the mention of this and tried to keep up to hear his mistress’s reply when he felt a hand roughly squeeze his buttock’s right cheek.
“You might be seeing me sooner than you think.” he heard a voice snigger in his ear.