Thursday, December 8, 2022

Help Wanted 2

Happy holidays.  Here's another quick post to get the word out that the second half of Help Wanted, the feminization/sissification/femdom comic I drew for James Craft is currently available from Sick Puppy Press, either individually or as part of a "combo" pack that includes both parts, if you haven't already bought the first one.  

If you follow me on deviantART, you might have already known that the comic was out.  A week ago, I posted a journal entry there about the comic, though it's mostly me whining about life and complaining about the dearth of feedback I've gotten.  Still, a few people have taken the time to say nice things about it, and I guess sales have been decent.  

The story is pretty silly, and the pacing could be slower, but I think you can tell that a lot of hard work went into this thing.  For what it's worth, I've illustrated a few feminization books over the years, and out of all of them, this is the project I'm most proud of by far.  

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Help Wanted (shameless self-promotion)

 Hi, everypeoples.  I just thought I'd drop in to announce that a comic I've been working on, on and off, for what seems like forever, has just been published by Sick Puppy Press, and if you're at all interested, you can preview and/or purchase it at

I said this on deviantART already, but I've never worked harder on anything than I have on this comic.   Among the various feminization-themed projects I've been involved with, this is my favorite.  I truly believe it to represent some of my best work to date.    

If you do decide to buy it, I hope you enjoy it.  And if you feel so inclined, I'd welcome any feedback.  After working in secret for so long, I'm somewhat starved for positive reinforcement.  

As long as I'm here, I might as well also share this drawing I did for my close, personal friend, the extremely talented artist Fraylim.

Thursday, March 31, 2022

Swiss Miss Sissy, Chapters 26, 27 and 28


Hey, remember "Swiss Miss Sissy"?  Bambi sent me a new chapter in late 2020 and another couple new ones last year, but I'm only getting around to posting them now because I've been preoccupied with my own shit.  I haven't even bothered to read most of whatever Bambi wrote.  What I have read, I don't remember.  To be totally frank, I'm having a difficult time caring about this story anymore.  However, perhaps there are one or two followers of this blog still keen to be updated on the ongoing adventures of Cheryl.  

Chapter 26: Cross-dressing, crossing age boundaries, cross-examination and crossfire. Cheryl discovers that even the great sisterhood of Mistresses is not one big happy family.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

A Price Worth Paying New Story with Illustration


Ashamed to see it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything- Bea would not be impressed - but great to see Rocket Dave and Rosie have been active with their wonderful contributions.

This is quite short and has been posted elsewhere so some have already seen it. Hopefully readers will enjoy it.

Take care


A Price Worth Paying






lthough he had only met her on a few occasions William dreaded the idea of visiting Caroline’s mother. It’s not that she was a complete ogre but she was a little overbearing, single minded and quite demanding. He assumed that these traits were common to extremely wealthy women as the few times they had met her friends displayed similar characteristics.  However on the positive side he had to admit she had wonderful taste was extremely generous and funded Caroline’s and by extension his own idyllic life style so it would be most unreasonable to be too critical.  His feeling of dread was not helped by the fact that she lived on a small island although it was large enough to accommodate several other mansions owned by her aforementioned friends, all middle aged matrons, and also all immensely rich and powerful. The only thing that would make the visit tolerable was her mother’s extremely well curate and extensive art collection which he believed included some very valuable pieces. Caroline had promised if her mother was not too busy she may even allow him to view it.

Thankfully this visit was to be brief as Caroline was taking him away for a week to celebrate their engagement. As they approached their destination he considered himself most fortunate, the income Caroline derived from her trust fund was eye watering and multiples of what William earned. Several months prior to the engagement she had persuaded him or perhaps insisted, would be more accurate, to abandon his job and concentrate on assisting her run her mother’s various charitable foundations and art galleries. How could he refuse, there was very little effort required apart from turning up at fundraisers and entertaining her mother’s friends. Of course it was a little boring at times but it did offer many opportunities for access to private art collections and if he was honest he did enjoy the attention of the wealthy middle- aged women owners of these collections. It was no doubt an idyllic lifestyle and one which up to recently he could only dream about.

So meeting her mother to deliver the good news of their engagement was a price worth paying.

The twenty minute ferry ride to the island went smoothly enough and they were met by very serious looking Miss Hargreaves, his future mother in law’s assistant who drove them the short distance to the house.

The house, like Caroline’s mother, had an intimidating effect on him and passing through the large and well appointed vestibule two housemaids curtsied as the trio passed. William always felt as uncomfortable with servants as he did with Caroline’s mother. It  was very hard for him to put his finger on it,  it was not as if they said anything untoward or disrespectable it was just that they always seemed to have a strange look on their faces as if they had a slight contempt for him. He thought it was like an exclusive tailor assessing a client he deemed unworthy of his craft with his eyes before finally taking accurate measurements. Then there was the friendly but almost smirking smile when they curtsied.

I’ll certainly be glad to leave here in a few hours he thought as they were shown into the main drawing room.

“Madam will be here shortly Miss Caroline.” Miss Hargreaves said as she gestured to one of the maids where to position the tea tray before leaving.

“Congratulations Miss Caroline.” the maids said as she carefully placed the willow patterned tea cups on the coffee table in front of them “I’m sure both you and Miss William will be so happy.”

Caroline laughed and slapped her thighs with both hands.

“Oh I’m terribly sorry I meant Master William.” the girl said apologetically and curtsied to William.

“Miss William indeed!” Caroline shrieked as she continued to find this most amusing before finally regaining her composure to reassure the maid “That’s quite all right Alice.”

William shuffled uncomfortably on the sofa and felt his cheeks redden as Caroline continued to struggle with her giggles much to his irritation.

“Miss William is not offended.” she chortled continuing the attempt to suppress her hilarity and after a few moments she eventually calmed herself sufficiently to ask “Are you darling?”

He would have sounded extremely pompous and ill humoured if he had told the truth and decided the best option was to try to laugh it off.

“No not at all.” he lied attempting a laugh and as Caroline turned her attention to the door where her mother had just entered a sly but noticeable smirk came over Alice’s face.

Of course this only reaffirmed his suspicions about the servant girls but as his future mother in law strode across the room he had to dismiss further thoughts on the matter. After receiving a kiss on either cheek from Caroline she turned her attention to William

“William it has been far too long.” she said offer her cheek for his kiss, an undertaking he never relished and always found it childish and perhaps even a little effeminate. “Come kiss Mother like a good boy.”

She pulled him so close to her that he could feel the wire in the bra that contained her ample breasts.

“Lovely to see you again.” he lied again.

“Lovely to see you again…”she said coolly, tilting her head slightly and raising an eyebrow.

This was the part he dreaded most and knew any attempt at avoidance would only lead to further humiliation. He swallowed hard and desperately tried to evade the maid’s prying eyes.

“Lovely to see you again…em…”he struggled before finally steeling himself to add “Mother”

“You really should not need reminding William.” she said in a friendlier tone “You are part of my family now and we should be as close as I am with Caroline. And I believe we soon will be.”

Concluding that any argument he would make would only make matters worse and would only result in Caroline taking her mother’s side. He chose the path of least resistance.

“Yes Mother.” he answered and was rewarded with smiles of satisfaction from Caroline and her mother and another grin from Alice the maid.

As Alice closed the door behind her Caroline’s mother turned to her daughter.

“I do wish you would not laugh in such a loud way in front of the servants Caroline.” she chided her daughter “It is most unbecoming and sets a bad example. Whatever was the cause of so much jollity? I could hear you from several feet outside the door.”

Caroline started giggling again and her mother turned to her soon to be son in law.


“It… emm..ah…it was nothing of any consequence.” he stumbled and seeing the irritated look on her face quickly added “… Mother.”

“It certainly doesn’t sound like it was nothing of any consequence, young man.” she said her voice becoming a little vexed “Do I have to call Alice in and question her.”

She fixed him with a steely stare and within a second or two he blurted,

“Alice addressed me as Miss William.”

“Is that all?” she replied “Shame on you Caroline for laughing at the poor boy’s discomfort.”

William felt vindicated but quickly became alarmed as her mother slipped her arm over his shoulder and gently drew his head onto her breast. He had to admit that it was comforting to know that at least someone understood his ego had been bruised.

“Alice mistook him for a girl.” Caroline needlessly explained the joke and began giggling again.

“Yes Caroline I do understand. And if you had not told the poor boy to grow his hair long he would not look so feminine.” her mother upbraided her “But William is a most sensitive soul and even if he does look a little feminine it is no cause for such raucous laughter.”

“We all know William is not the most rugged of men.”Caroline snorted a little peeved by her mother’s criticism and glanced at him before continuing “Even you must admit that, William. It was just the shock of someone, a housemaid, saying it out loud. It was taken by surprise, it was not meant as an insult darling.”

He tried to lift his head to protest but her mother’s strong hand easily prevented him doing so and his face continued to remain snuggled against her soft satin blouse.

“That’s not……”he tried to object but was interrupted immediately.

“Yes dear but it’s nothing to be ashamed about.” Mother consoled him gently stroking his mane “It is a very rare and most attractive quality in a man. There are far too many macho types masquerading as men these days it is so refreshing to find a man who has such delicate features and is in touch with his feminine side.”

“Feminine…” he repeated and once more attempted an objection but to no avail.

“Don’t interrupt darling while Mother is speaking.” Caroline’s mother said softly and pressed his face even tighter to her bosom. “Yes, you are indeed blessed with such soft almost girlish looks and those wonderful dainty hands not to mention your long eyelashes. And of course your thick, lustrous curls. Any girl would envy those features my dear. All my friends think Caroline is a very lucky girl indeed.”

She finally allowed him to raise his head and then looked him in the eyes.

“It was the reason I allowed permission to ask you for your hand in marriage.” she said “And I just have this feeling, call it a mother’s intuition, the dreadful masculine ego that most men have is absent in you.”

“But…”he made another attempt to speak but once again was overruled.

“I just hope I haven’t made a mistake.” she said squeezing his hand gently, her eyes gazing longingly into his as she waited for the correct answer.

He felt the same now as he had done when Caroline asked him to marry her – unable to stand up for himself and say what he really wished to say. Of course the luxurious lifestyle and her mother’s generous allowance were large incentives not to rock the boat.

They probably didn’t mean feminine, maybe they just could not think of another word. he rationalised. It would be a pity to cause any unpleasantness over a minor misunderstanding.

“Oh no Mother I’m not that sort of person” he answered.

“Good I’m so glad to hear that.” she said “I knew I had not misjudged you and now you have accepted Caroline’s proposal as a special reward I will treble your personal allowance.”

“Oh Mother thank you so much.” he squealed and although he suddenly became aware of just how feminine he had sounded he almost instantaneously dismissed any thought of self criticism.

Treble my allowance! he shouted in the privacy of his brain.

However the delight was evident on his face, Caroline looked at her mother and smiled in the way women do at excited children.

“Well it’s almost time for your afternoon nap.” her mother said.

“But Mother…” Caroline protested.

“Now young lady,” her mother cut her short “You know how I feel about proper rest. I have already told the servants to prepare your room.”

“But…we have a long drive ahead of us and as William cannot drive I’d like to get going in a few hours.” Caroline retorted.

“More is the reason why you should rest.” her mother quickly answered. “Don’t you think so William?”

“Oh yes Mother.” he gushed and still overcome by excitement at his good fortune smiled at her adoringly. “I can take a walk while you rest.”

“Oh no darling you need a nap also.” she said and gently patted his lap “I insist.”

“But I…”he began but was not allowed to proceed.

“William!” Caroline’s mother smiled as she spoke softly yet quite firmly “If you are to marry into my family you really must understand that Mother knows best.”

Her smile although sweet conveyed a very clear message – arguing or any form of dissent was strictly verboten and before he could answer she added,

“And perhaps afterwards you would like to see my collection.  I have two of Monet’s mid period inherited from my mother and several German expressionists and I’m sure you would like to see the sketches Picasso gave me when I modelled for him. It only took him five minutes but interesting nonetheless. Of course I’m been hounded to show lend them to New York and London so you will be the first to see them outside this island.”

“Oh for heaven’s sake.” Caroline muttered rolling her eyes in exasperation “What Mother wants Mother gets.”

As if trebling his allowance was not astounding enough the revelation of such an awe-inspiring collection had William’s head reeling and he was barely aware of his surroundings as he climbed the wide ornate staircase between the two women. He was envisaging exactly which of the German Expressionists she had when he realised there was a slight tugging at his arms and he finally managed to lift him out of his stupor. He was quite surprised to find Miss Hargreaves unbuttoning the last button on his shirt and about to remove it.

“Ah…what…”he exclaimed as looking down his trousers and underwear had already been removed and folded neatly on a chair together with his jacket.

“Quite all right Master William.” she said in a matter of fact way “Nothing I’ve not seen before. And I should add, nothing to get over excited about.”

“But..I …where…”he spluttered his hands dropping to cover his exposed genitals finally taking in the luxurious surroundings he found himself in.

“The mistress’s bedroom, Master William.” Miss Hargreaves answered the unasked question as she moved to the large bed and returned with a long sleek garment. “Hands over your head please, I promise I will not look. Not that there’s much to see.”

“But…I…” he continued to struggle for words.

“Madam and Miss Caroline are in Madam’s dressing room and will be with you momentarily.” she said sharply gesturing to a room off the bedroom before adding “And I doubt very much if you wish to be presented au natural. Now please comply and place your hands over your head like a good boy.”





He closed his eyes as she placed the multi layered silk night gown over his head and fussed with it until she was satisfied it was hanging properly.

“The mistress was correct as always.” she smiled as she arranged a large and ornate satin bow at the neck placing the two  long ribbons neatly as they fell to knees She then gazed at him intently with what he thought strangely as a look of pride “It fits you perfectly.”

“But this is …”he began before she interjected.

“Yes a most beautiful nightgown. The finest silk, of course.” Miss Hargreaves said adjusting the frills at the shoulder to her satisfaction “One of the mistress’s favourites. You are a very lucky girl… oh I do apologise… a very lucky young man indeed.”

“Is my darling son in law ready for our nap, Miss Hargreaves?” Caroline’s mother said as she swept into the room dressed in a full length pink robe of heavy satin ornamented with ostrich feathers at the cuffs. Caroline accompanied her in ivory satin robe with a long train.

His cheeks turned red and he desperately wanted to leave, he held out the nightgown’s silk material as if to register a protest. He suddenly remembered the promise to treble his allowance and not wishing to jeopardise it felt the best course would be to withdraw without an argument and take his clothes with him.

“Caroline shouldn’t we go to your room.” he pleaded.

“Oh no dear my bed is quite big enough for all three of us. It will be so cosy.” her mother said and moved closer to scrutinise him.

He became quite flustered and fingered the nightgown’s soft material.

“Oh my darling boy, no need to be embarrassed you look exquisite.” Caroline mother beamed and embraced him. “Alice was right of course you do make a much better looking girl.”

He tried to protest but no words would come as she took his hand and led him to the bed that Miss Hargreaves was busy turning down.

“I’ve been looking forward to having an intimate…ah…”she paused “talk with you since I heard of your engagement. Miss Hargreaves you can take away Miss William’s clothes, he won’t be needing them now.”

“Very good, Madam.” Miss Hargreaves replied with a curtsy.

“Really Mother.” Caroline said as she followed them to the bed “You could have at least waited until after the ceremony.

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Swiss Miss Sissy Fanfic

Me again.  Coincidentally, within the past six months or so, I’ve been contacted by two different people who have written their own continuations of “Swiss Miss Sissy,” which, in case you don’t remember since it’s been a while, was the story that had been originated by Bea and then taken over by Bambi.  It was very gratifying getting messages of this sort, if only to know that there were people who enjoyed and were inspired by SMS.  As I’ve complained about in the past, it’s been often difficult to discern if the story was attracting much of an audience.  That said, there were elements within both of those continuations that I felt made them not entirely suitable for this blog. 

The first person to contact me had written their own epilogue to the story, which, while well written, was also entirely too macabre.  It certainly would not have won over anyone who already found SMS too twisted for their liking.  I sent it to Bambi and they agreed.  The worst part by far was that the epilogue ends with the death of the protagonist, Charles/Cheryl.  Yikes.  However, I’d be lying if I said that I wasn't also put off by the fact that there’s a description of Cheryl being sexually violated by a group of men. 

Yes, in “Swiss Miss Sissy,” Cheryl is violated by multiple women, and I’m not saying that one is more okay than the other, but the simple fact of the matter is that one is a turn-on for me and one isn’t.  I’m certain there are probably readers of this blog who are more receptive to the idea of male on sissy sex or whatever, which is totally fine, but if that's the kind of thing you're interested in reading about, I'm sure you can probably find it elsewhere.  Naturally, I would hope that LGBT people feel welcome here, but as it says at the top of the page, "A place to collect the thoughts and experiences of heterosexual male cross dressers and transvestites," and I don’t have any personal interest in veering too far away from that mission statement.  Before I discovered Bea’s stories, I can remember how challenging  it was finding anything within the feminization genre that appealed to my interests as a straight male.  Of course, I consider myself very pro-LGBT (I actually just got blocked on deviantART a couple weeks ago by this homophobic Wizard of Oz fan who was mad at me for criticizing him for his anti-gay bigotry), but I doubt anyone would consider me a homophobe for not wishing to read about a gay gangbang.  I feel as though I’ve gotten a bit more flexible over the years when it comes to what I’m comfortable with, but I have my limits.  

As I noted, the second continuation I was sent more recently also had a part that didn’t feel like anything Bea would have really approved of and didn’t fit with the story that Bambi is (was?) trying to tell, but the scene I found objectionable was easier to excise, so after this rambling preamble, I will be sharing it in a somewhat edited form.   

I do feel a bit weird appointing myself the arbiter of what is and isn’t appropriate for this blog and for “Swiss Miss Sissy” specifically, but having been somewhat acquainted with Bea and particularly well acquainted Bea’s work, I believe I have a decent handle on what they would and wouldn’t have been okay with as far as feminization scenarios go.  Besides, Bea made me a blog contributor, so I'd like to think that meant that my judgement was trusted.   

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

V-Day, Part 3

Those of you who don't follow me on deviantART may not have seen the comic I posted there over the weekend.  It's the third installment in what has turned out to be a series of Valentine's Day-centric commissions from my frequent collaborator, TG author James Craft.

First, if you didn't see the previous two installments or don't remember them, here are the links to those as well:

And this is the most recent and hopefully final installment:

To be honest, I initially lost much of my enthusiasm for this commission once I realized it was essentially just a rehash of the last one: unwitting guy gets feminized by a sexy neighbor lady, aided by the guy she feminized in the last comic, and then they end up acting as maids for her and her friends.  It's starting to feel repetitive.  However, the truth is, being the perfectionist that I am, I was less than satisfied with how some of the artwork in the second part turned out, so I saw this as an opportunity to redeem myself, in a sense, by doing a better job this time around.  

I'm still quite proud of the first part, which I titled "DIY Valentine."  I think it worked perfectly well as a standalone thing and didn't need to be a series... or if James was going to turn it into a series, he could at least have tried to come up with a more intelligible plot while he was at it.  Anyway, I don't mean to grumble; I am pretty happy with how this third part turned out.  I ought to be, considering I spent probably the equivalent of a full work week on these two pages.  

Friday, December 11, 2020

New/Old Art

This series of images was commissioned by author James Craft back in early 2015, using characters I had created for some of my earliest feminzation art.  Though I'd been paid for it long ago, I only finished inking it and added color about five months back.  Even then, I kept putting off posting it online because I'd intended to add dialogue, but I could never find the energy/inspiration.  

What kind of jerk takes half a decade to finish a simple art commission that shouldn't require more than a week, tops?  Well, you see, when I showed James the sketches, he liked them so much that he proposed we expand what was intended to be a one-off "comic" of sorts into a full-fledged illustrated story.  I was actually pretty excited about the idea.  The thought of doing a story involving these characters had crossed my mind before, though I had serious doubts that my ability to write would be as good as my ability to draw.

While I did once win an award for a story I wrote in fifth grade, I think the main reason for that was because the kids who voted for it had liked my illustrations.  To be honest, I struggled so much coming up with an idea for my story, I looked at a bunch of my old Cricket magazines for inspiration and basically ripped-off the premise from one story to use in my own.  In my defense, it was not an original idea to begin with, but rather something of a well-worn trope in fiction (characters panic over a spooky noise than they later discover is something innocuous).  Hey, at least I was more original than the kid who I realized years later had totally plagiarized a story by Richard Matheson.  

I'm afraid that any feminzation story I'd try to write would probably end up being a mish-mash of stolen ideas from other stories.  A collaboration with an established writer would take a lot of the pressure off.  Although the books I've illustrated for James Craft in the past have not been my cup of tea, I figured I could steer him away from any areas I was uncomfortable with.  Besides, I don't have the knack for writing that he has, plus we've always gotten along really well.

Unfortunately, after a few fits and starts, the project never really got off the ground.  I mostly blame myself.  For one thing, I felt ridiculously protective of these characters that I'd never fleshed out or even named, so I shot down all of James' ideas as not being suitable, though he had precious little to go off of when I had failed to establish who they were or what their relationship to each other was.  But even after I came up with an idea that we were both happy with, I felt like we just couldn't get on the same page.  While James and I often seem to have different preferences when it comes to femization fiction, I think a big problem was that I was too shy to articulate what I wanted to see in a story.  Maybe I just don't know what I want.  While I can concoct various feminization scenarios, I'm not sure how to keep it interesting once the guy is fully feminized. 

I stopped working on his commission once we started talking about a collaboration because I didn't know if I'd have to make changes to the art later to suit the story we were going to write.  Even so, once we amicably agreed to put that collaboration on the backburner indefinitely, I should have just finished the commission then and there.  It's been a source of guilt that I let it gather dust for so long afterward.  Just to give a sense of how long it's been, above one of the sketches, I wrote "Ready Player 1," presumably because I heard someone mention that title and I thought it might be something worth looking into later (though it probably wasn't and I never did).  In the time it took me to finish this one stupid commission, Steven Spielberg made a whole movie out of this book I hadn't even heard of when I started sketching.  


More recently, I've been working on another comic for James Craft, and it's also taking longer than I'd like, but that's partly because it started out being six pages, then turned into twelve, and now it's closer to thirty forty, all because James kept coming up with ideas.  Still, I would have finished it long ago were it not for my laziness and all-too frequent periods of depression.  I would love to do more sequential art in the future, and even maybe get to the point where I could make a living off my art, but the achingly slow progress I've made with this project has made that dream feel less viable... which makes me depressed, which makes it harder to concentrate on my art, etc.   

The comic I'm working on now is something James plans on publishing (which is something he failed to communicate to me at first, to my frustration), so I'm unable to give people the opportunity to see much of what I've done so far, which sucks, as I truly feel that it's some of my best work to date.  However, I have been given permission to share a couple small excerpts at least.


The end of that statement is supposed to be, " was worth the wait."  Once it's complete, I really hope the same can be said about this comic.