Sunday, January 16, 2011

Okay - so I'm a pain in the ass.  My only excuse is that I don't know how to do this 'blog' thing very well.   I only want input from other people!

Tammie and I have corresponded for years.  Believe me, I have maintained that she is different - because she looks SO happy!  Most of the photos I get are from men dressed as women.  Make no mistake - they look a helluva lot better tham I ever would - but they look -'guilty'. As if they shouldn't be doing what they're doing.  Guilty somehow.  I've seen photos of Tammie as both male and female.  Trust me, they are FAR alike.  He just seems to 'enjoy' himself.  No guilt, just enjoyment.  What we all should strive for!

Anyhow?  Without his permission - and to show how that I WILL post things that are sent to me?  Here is a portion of a recent e-mail he sent:

I finally had a day to myself to wear/drap myself in my new saris yesterday...and OMG, was it delicious.  I have to say that spooling 18 feet of silk around you is simply unlike anything I've experienced before.  Its right up there with a wedding dress for the ultimate in femininity.  You are constantly aware of how it is hanging on your body and is semi-restrictive and of course the silk feels fabulous.  I'll send you a more detailed account on everything about them soon, but I wanted to show you and hear your reaction them and my look.  I went bold and bought some dark make-up to try and do a authentic/complete look.  I'm very curious to get your thoughts.  Might have to give Tammie a different name when I'm dressed like that..giggle.  We can decide together which ones to post on your blog. 

So?  I'm jealous as shit.  Totally understand what Tammie is saying - but I never got there.  Any comments?


grannytranny said...

Now I'm Jealous. I would love to try a sari, with of course the accompying make up, but I wouldn't know where to start - life is so unfair!


Tammie said...

Wow, you have me blushing all over here Bea. Not sure I can live up to that billing, but thank you for saying such wonderful things about me and my dressing. (I am enjoying myself btw...big smile) I have sent you a couple pics of me in my new sari's, hopefully they remotely match your comments hon (hugs) I take criticism and praise equally well so if anyone has any ideas on how I can improve please let me know!