Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Looks like my idea for having a contest for the Dave Bishop cartoons was AWAY under my expectations - but I went to thank the readers who DID try!  Went to send them all a copy of one of my books - but found that I didn't have their e-mail addresses.  So?  if you were a contestant?  Go to:
 magselectronics.com - then look under "Stories" (NOT Freebies) ad pick a story you'd like (There's excerpts for each of the stories if you want help).  Note the code and simply e-mail me your choice at:
Thank you all very much - I'll show cartoons later on that could use captions, but won't give out any prizes.  I didn't mean to embarrass anyone - honest!

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little_giselle said...

I think once you've established your blog in a few months, you'll be able to run some very successful contests. Dave's art is great and he has a solid following. It just takes a while for everyone to find you here and it's starting to happen in a big way already.