Thursday, January 13, 2011

Well?  I'll be buggered - figuratively that is!  I just discovered - erroneously perhaps - that I've been reading my statistics all wrong! In just about two weeks I've had 500 people read this blog!  Tried to figure out why I wasn't getting any comments.  I may be guessing, but it has dawned on me that I might be covering too much ground in any one post - that I should be dividing my posts up by subject - and letting the readers comment on one subject at a time - so I'm gonna start serving up my stuff - one topic at a time.

Before I do?  I used to frequent Mrs. Silk's chat room.  Just in case you don't know, it was split up roughly into dommes and submissives. (The dommes capitalized their names, the submissives used nothing but lower case on their names).  Naturally, I was a submissive - had all sorts of fun curtseying the dommes and acting all cute.  At the same time though, there were FAR more subs than dommes and the competition was pretty fierce - boring if a domme didn't pay attention to you - and I was bored a lot of the time.  So?  I signed on under a different name - and started 'domming'.  Being a bit of a writer, I carried quite a few plots in my head and had an idea of how to treat subs.  So?  I was pretty good.  (Honest!  Got a lot of compliments.)

The point in this anectdote being this.  Listen UP you subs that are too frightened to say anything!  If you don't start participating I"M GONNA COME AFTER YOU WITH A HAIR BRUSH!


Anonymous said...

The thought that you might use the "Hair Brush" on me is almost motive not to comment but this time I will pass on that. Its great to see you are still around, I do enjoy your writings and its slightly sad that you can no longer write the stories you were so famous for. As for the lack of comments I wonder if we are overwhelmed at times by the number of blogs/sites/groups where opinion is sought. As a member of countless numbers of such groups I am as guilty as any of not contributing, not for my lack of interest in having my say but rather not having the time to do so. Look forward to many interesting and informative posts and hopefully incisive responses.


Blogger said...

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