Saturday, January 29, 2011

General comments

AMAZING!  I started this blog on the 31st December last year.  I don't know what data is available to customers - but I am looking closely at 2,000 page views - or whatever they call them - since I started!  I mean I KNOW that isn't that many people - but I'm delighted.

In another way I'm not.  Okay, I guess that I've had 1,000 different people visit - but C'MON!  About TEN making comments?  (Though I'm getting the feeling from other blog 'owners' that getting comments is extremely difficult.  Ah well!)

Another thing I didn't really expect?  I wrote a thing about aprons a few days back, lauding the frilly, feminine ones - which I thought to be a fact.  But a reply made me think again - it was in favor of utilitarian aprons.  Then I thought of the stories I'd written - where it was working aprons I was forced to wear.  Dawned on me.  Isn't the apron itself.  It is what the situation calls for - providing the most humiliation of course!

Another thing.  I don't write stories anymore.  I take meds which have a castrating influence - which tends to reduce the fervor I once had when writing.  But that doesn't mean that I can't have the occasional fantasy - kinda short lived unfortunately - but I still have them.  Here's a sample.

Me - the hero - indolent with some poor-paying job. I catch the eye of a very attractive, rich lady, who gives every appearance of loving me. I sense that she is kinda bossy - and is the instigator of all of our sex, with her being on top. But I don't mind any of this - enjoy the lazy life. Start off by being her kept man - then enjoy being married in a very small chapel in Las Vegas.

She seems to be a member of many clubs - frequented by young rich ladies like herself, with all of them accompanied by husbands or boy friends who are paraded around like trophies - with the males often dressed in very sissyish clothes. Not VERY feminine mind you - but often using pastel colours with lots of velvets and silks as materials. Another thing he discovers is that he's expected to fawn on her - sit on her lap at the meetings - and just for fun (of course) slow romantic dances are often played when the males take the female position - and prizes given for 'the best girl'. She is very happy when he wins or places in those events. Unhappy when he doesn't.

Then, one evening, his wife is very unhappy. All of the males have been given rabbit ears - and fluffy tails to put on. Then they have to circulate amongst all the dominant women and smile happily as they are fondled and petted. After a while, thay have to form a chorus line, link arms and do an impromptu chorus girl dance, with prizes given to the top three performers. He does not win any prizes.

He returns to his very unhappy wife. She accuses him of "Not even TRYING!". His protests do not help and she finally takes him over her knees -and spanks him - right at the table in front of everyone. Naturally he is humiliated by this, but he is saved a little by a large lady coming to their table and remonstrating with his wife. She surprises him by being very docile, and letting him get upright and fetch her and the lady some drinks as they discuss something.

At home a few weeks later, she informs him that she has noted his posture is terrible and, having a need of his help that evening, has bought him a corset.  She apologises for the fact that it a lace-up ladies corset - but feeling that the male corsets were so terribly epensive thought he wouldn't mind?  Naturally he does mind, but his faint objections are pooh-poohed and she and a friend giggle a great deal as the lace him into his corset.

He then finds out that his wife is extremely excited - the large lady who had intervened while he was being spanked - is coming - along with other board members of a very exclusive charity.  Naturally, he will be expected to help serve the ladies.

His clothes, naturally, are on the feminine side - and he does object about the fact that his corset seems to be giving him a distinctly femine appearance.  To his surprise, his wife agrees, but instead of approving removal of the corset, feels that an apron would help disguise his new feminine curves.  Naturally, it is very pretty and feminine, but now she won't listen to him at all.

He finds the board members to be pleasant enough as he serves up canapes and drinks, but they seem to ignore him until they form a circle, and his wife leads him to the center of it before leaving.  He discovers that he has to answer questions.

He shrugs and admits that he is a 'kind' person.

He admits that he hates cruelty.

Sorrowfully, he explains that he's never had much chance to 'do good'.  Admits to being too poor to do very much.  Nods his head vigorously in agreement that he's do good if given the chance.

The large lady now takes him on her knee.  Explains that her charity helps the homes of abused women.  He nods a lot as she asks him if he thinks this a good idea?  He can't really disagree, as she is fondling him openly as she talks and he gradually snuggles into her.

Their grand schem is finally revealed.  The poor women in abused shelters have lost all of their faith in the goodness of men - with them having been raped and abused, it was no wonder they felt this way?  Naturally he agreed.

He found himself agreeing that this bad feeling that the abused women had was BAD.  They should be taught that men were kind and gentle as well as being bastards.  He could help!

Then, as he came, he discovered that this charity took nice young men like him - and had them work as ladies maids in homes for abused women.
"Naturally, they girls there don't like men - and may be a little unkind to you at first - but as they see how sweeet and gentle you are - You can see how you'll gradually be accpted as one of the girls - can't you?

And his wife smiles happily as all the board members thank her for contributing her husband.

That was a lot longer than I expected - but I hope that it gave some of you a few minutes of fun!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Few Points

I'm not really dis-organized - but have had quite a lot of company this last week and, as I'm still pretty deep in the closet, I didn't have a helluva lot of time. But a few points if I may.

First of all - Tammie.  She's a guy most of the time - so doesn't have built in breasts or stuff like that - but she's the happiest TV I've ever seen on camera.  Not that I'm jealous of course - I simply get a little peeved that I couldn't look like that with a gang working on me.  First of all a few photos  (Note the book!) :

I mean to say!  I bare my soul about all of the trauma I go through for ONE pair of shoes - and she says how easy it is to buy them on the Internet.  I ask you!

But I see that I'm starting to get some comments from various sources - which is GREAT and why I started this blog in the first place.  But one thing happened that I didn't expect.  It got ME thinking.  Delving into my psyche is more like it.

In one of my previous posts I was discussing aprons - and how they turned me on.  Waxed poetical about the aprons that Lucy wore.  But another stated opinion made me think.  After some cogitation, it finally dawned on me.  I'm submissive to females - and it is the SITUATION that turns me on - the type of apron is purely secondary.

In a story I was a pecuniary drop out.  I'd been miserable to my (since divorced) wife.  She had ended up as a head housekeeper at a large house.  After pleading from me she allowed me to join the household as a temporary librarian while the owners were gone.  The maids that worked for her were contry girls - on the chubby side.  My ex-wife found that she enjoyed having me in an apron similar to the 'other girls'.  That was the beginning and humiliating - but it was worsened when she had me in PRETTY aprons - made the other girls jealous - and now I was put in a situatation where a whole BUNCH of women disliked me - and wanted to humiliate me even more!  (Takes deep, calming, breath!)

See what I mean?  Surely I can't be alone?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More on High Heels - and Other Stuff.

I think that Tammie loves to rub it in!  He/she has more outfits than you can shake sticks at - my big question  is always "Where do you KEEP all that stuff?"  But I must admit that I enjoy the photos that he sends me.
Here I was  - boasting about one measly pair of shoes - and the TRAUMA I had to undergo to get them.  He ships on the Internet - NO problem!  Just not fair!

Not only THAT?  Look at the stockings - and the hairless legs!  Has this guy no shame?

Saturday, January 22, 2011






This is, honestly, a true story.  Amazed me at the time - and still does when  I think about it.

I lived in L.A. many years ago and had never, ever, frequented an 'Alternative Clothing' store. Had seen them advertised but was just too scared to go anywhere near one.  But then I got a major desire for a pair of high heels.  Keep in mind that this was long before the Internet and there was no way I could think of  to get such a clothing item - especially if I wanted a decent fit- and I was decidedly too deep in the closet to take chances.

There was an alternative store quite close to me, but there was no way that I'd use it - I felt there was too much possibility that a friend or neighbor would see me going in or out.  There was another store - about twenty miles away that I considered safe.  One that I gradually made up my mind to use.  Took me weeks to gather up my courage, but I finally left work early one day and drove to the store on my way home.

I wasn't sure how I would act when I got there but surprised myself by going right in without a qualm. It was quite a nice, open store, with two or three attractive young ladies as salesgirls.  The shoes were easily visible but even though I said what I wanted, I said I'd like to take a look around and one of the young ladies agreed.  There was nothing furtive about what was sold in the store - it was feminine clothes for males.  In all honesty, I was a bit prudish and though I saw some maid outfits that I really liked, the prices were on the astronomical side and I was too frugal to pay them.  But I DID get a partial erection, just walking around and discussing outfits openly wth a young lady.  Finally though, we went to the shoe area.

I wanted a pair of heeled, closed toe, pumps - though having had no practice in heels wasn't very sure if I could walk around while trying out a pair.  But I knew they were costly and had no intentions of rushing into buying anything.  Knew damn well that there wasn't much chance of me ever going back, so wanted to be satisfied.  (I did blush a little when the girl gave me a pair of white lace foot socks - but put them on).  Then I was sized and started to try pairs of shoes on.  I had my first surprise when I discovered that I didn't seem to have ny problems in heels - and the pair I ended up choosing were about three inch heels.  A bone coloured leather shoe - outrageously expensive - but exactly what I wanted.  I paid for them and left, delighted with my own behaviour - no acting like the idiot I had been frightened of.

The real surprise came once I got home.  My wife knew of my proclivities.  Never cared much for them, but had learned to treat my nonsense with some amusement.  I think she thought I'd be too embarrassed to try the shoes on in front of her - but I think I was far too proud of myself at the time, so put them on.  She was quite astonished when she saw the ease with which I walked in the shoes - but then came the unbelievable part.  We lived in a three storied house at the time and one of the flights of stairs consisted of 'open' steps with a deep shag carpet covering them.  I walked up and down that flight of stairs with never a pause - as if I'd been wearing high heels all my life.  No pauses or stumbles.  Neither my wife nor I could believe it.

I've thought about this, often, since then.  When I was a little boy of around ten years old I'd worn my step mother's shoes now and then - but not very much.  Even that experience had been about thirty years before and I never could think of what circumstances had given me such a capability.  I've written about this in a story or two - but always felt as if it wasn't real - but it was!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


I want to talk about 'hot buttons' - the little things that can get us turned on sexually - sometimes with no apparent sense.

But before I do?  Let me say that I am lost by what is going on administratively.  First of all, I lost all of my "comments".  But that may have been my own fault.  On the other hand though, I seem to have lost all of my 'followers' and 'friends' - can anyone think of a way I can get them back?

But anyway.  I have many, MANY, hot buttons.  Even now when I don't write about them any more I still ejoy thinking of them.  Remember the 50's?  Lucy showed us what REAL women wore - while Joan Crawford showed us what dominating women wore.  But Lucy?  Those APRONS!  Soft and full and completely feminine!

I always had a soft spot for aprons but until she had her TV  show I'd never dreamed of anything that pretty.  When I started writing?  The main plot usually comprised of a woman discovering that she was stronger than her spouse.  It might start off as a joke, but she'd discover the kick she'd get out of feminizing her husband.  What could be less sensible than having him wear an apron to protect his clothes?  It was SO reasonable.  But all those frills and furbelows?  The poor male would blush pick helplessly at the filmy garments he was now wearing - and pretend to grin as his wife joking (of course) would start to doubt his masculinity.

The introduction of the 'Lucy' style apron was tremendous.  Not really functional of course - but what male could ever argue against his wife having one - huh?  It was such a reasonable request his wife made - wasn't it?  Wasn't too long before she'd try to convince him that he really WAS  a man -but by dressing him up so that he's finally get the strength to fight her.  And the poor little weakling got more and more feminine.

As I said, I always had lots of hot buttons.  I'll get back on that subject - believe me!

This was an entry I got - via e-mail - one in which "Valerie" had done a lot of work - and actually making two entries.  Unfortunately, I don't have the skills necessary for copying the submitted cartoons (which included the captions) - so had to just show the captions instead.

Nonetheless, I think them very good.

But to answer Valerie's question?  I THINK that the situation arose in an old story of mine where a rather nasty boss is in the habit of having docile female employees hide in the well of his desk and do sexual favors for him.  But he then hires a rather strong secretary who makes him her submissive - and turns the tables on him.

Sorry . I'm not a blogger. On the other hand, I wanted to help you out re: your request regarding possible Caption for Cartoon. I came up with a number of possibles, but eliminated them all except two (attached). I guess I'll need an alternate name for use if selected. So I guess it will be "Valerie". David's Cartoon is very, very good. What made it hard to select a proper caption was the direction the eyes were looking by both ladies. Was there a mirror? Were there others in the room? Was one thinking the other knowingly bantering? What was fellow under desk doing? Was he hiding? Was he a lingerie, nylons, heel and foot fetish type individual? Was he there to perform other more delicate matters? Was he under threat, force or duress? Was he an intern, an office boy, a nephew, a charge? A scenario could be established for any combination. Since I'm a fan of your writing skills, I opted for two scenarios that could easily be in one of your writings. I'm not in it for the Prize. Should I win please give the freebie book to the 2nd place winner. My submission is to help get things going, and to help fulfill your other request for communication of some sort. Amazing how one cartoon, a photograph or scene can be interpreted so many different ways, and all dependent on what might or may strike ones fancy or area of interest. From another standpoint, the scene very innocuous too....the lad helping to find a small dropped item, and then becoming aware he was being flirted with intentionally or otherwise. Anyway, here they are.  (In both, the dark haired lady is speaking)

1)  "If you see him, tell him that the office girls are getting ready to make good on their threats.  When they're finished with him.I'm sure he'll look quite adorable."

2)  "He must be hiding somewhere Miss Satin, but I brought the case of clothing and special items you require all new male interns to wear.  I remember mine vividly which changed how I acted, dressed and looked forever.  I'm sure he'll conform easily too.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Another Dave Bishop Cartoon

I guess Dave is procrastinating again - but I suppose we'll see the continuation of his 'serial' when he gets around to it. I still think that most of my readers are 'Ghosts' - but it seems that I'm getting more than a hundred a day (Not that I'm hearing much from any of you) and it may be time for me to do as I threatened some time back.

What follows is another Dave Bishop cartoon - but I'm making a competition out of making a caption for it.  Being a Scot, I'm frugal so no money will change hands - but I'll let the winner pick any one of my novelettes for sale in    For goodness sake!  Please compete!

Answer to a Comment

I got notified of this comment this morning - but when I looked for the post it referred to?  I was too late - it had been archived!  Ach!  But I felt it raised a point - the comments are NOT as good as posts - but I at least heard from SOMEONE!  Here is the comment:

The thought that you might use the "Hair Brush" on me is almost motive not to comment but this time I will pass on that. Its great to see you are still around, I do enjoy your writings and its slightly sad that you can no longer write the stories you were so famous for. As for the lack of comments I wonder if we are overwhelmed at times by the number of blogs/sites/groups where opinion is sought. As a member of countless numbers of such groups I am as guilty as any of not contributing, not for my lack of interest in having my say but rather not having the time to do so. Look forward to many interesting and informative posts and hopefully incisive responses.


Loved the bit about me being 'famous'.  But truthfully?  I'm not into the 'blog' world and certainly unsure of what I can ask of readers, so may appear to be nothing but a bloody nag.  But I really am trying to create a forum where transvestites and cross dressers can spout off.

From personal experience I know how much I disliked myself for what I saw as a 'perversion' and for such a long time.  It may be, but it wasn't until I started really LOOKING at what I did that I started to feel that I wasn't TOO bad.  I don't hurt a soul.  I mean - what harm can there be in a man who only fantasizes about being a lady's MAID?  An ugly maid at that?  Jesus Murphy!

But Athena?  Thank you for the comment - and please do some more.  Okay?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Okay - so I'm a pain in the ass.  My only excuse is that I don't know how to do this 'blog' thing very well.   I only want input from other people!

Tammie and I have corresponded for years.  Believe me, I have maintained that she is different - because she looks SO happy!  Most of the photos I get are from men dressed as women.  Make no mistake - they look a helluva lot better tham I ever would - but they look -'guilty'. As if they shouldn't be doing what they're doing.  Guilty somehow.  I've seen photos of Tammie as both male and female.  Trust me, they are FAR alike.  He just seems to 'enjoy' himself.  No guilt, just enjoyment.  What we all should strive for!

Anyhow?  Without his permission - and to show how that I WILL post things that are sent to me?  Here is a portion of a recent e-mail he sent:

I finally had a day to myself to wear/drap myself in my new saris yesterday...and OMG, was it delicious.  I have to say that spooling 18 feet of silk around you is simply unlike anything I've experienced before.  Its right up there with a wedding dress for the ultimate in femininity.  You are constantly aware of how it is hanging on your body and is semi-restrictive and of course the silk feels fabulous.  I'll send you a more detailed account on everything about them soon, but I wanted to show you and hear your reaction them and my look.  I went bold and bought some dark make-up to try and do a authentic/complete look.  I'm very curious to get your thoughts.  Might have to give Tammie a different name when I'm dressed like that..giggle.  We can decide together which ones to post on your blog. 

So?  I'm jealous as shit.  Totally understand what Tammie is saying - but I never got there.  Any comments?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I was thinking about an author this morning.  Thorne Smith.  Haven't read any of his stuff in years, yet at one time he was a major favorite of mine. I can't say with any certainty that he was a transvestite - but I'd almost bet that he had a major amount of male submisiveness to females in his makeup.  (Takes one to know one?).  He did write a lot of books - "Turnabout":  "I Married a Witch" - then a whole series of books on "Topper" which became a series of films - quite well received as well.  (Topper is an officious little man who is haunted by a young married couple who were killed speeding in a car crash).

His books have a high comic strain but the female heroine is always smart, good looking - and not about to take any crap from anybody.  As I was brought up in a very macho society this made for a pleasant change, so I read as many of his books as I could lay my hands on.

Thorne is out of fashion now.  I'd imagine that he's dated as all hell - but you might want to give his books a look - if you can  find any.  If any of you read this - and follow my advice, I'd sure like to hear what you think.
Just thought I'd mention it.  I do a lot of the cooking here - nah, not forced into it.  My wife got fed up cooking for me and two boys.  I actually started in before I retired, but went almost full bore when we did retire - about 19 years ago.  (Shush - I retired early)
Anyway?  I thought I'd mention the mushrooms I'm getting right now - big and white.  Am slicing them kinda thin, then sauteeing them in butter until they're golden brown.  Bloody fantastic!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Have completely re-designed the approach I was using on this blog and have started 'segmenting' the posts so that I could get answers from readers.  Naturally, I did it ass-backwards.  So please - if you want to read my postings for today?  Scroll down to the purple ink first - read it - then work your way back upwards!

But please?  Give a thought to adding your comments.  I don't care if what you say doesn't match what I posted -  if it's of interest, I'll post it anyway.


I was talking about Mrs. Silk earlier.  I was always interested in what she had to offer - but then met a very nice guy who'd actually been there for a few days.  Said that it was expensive but that he loved every moment of it.  But he lived in the U.K.  I live in SoCal - and have the feeling that my wife might object if I visited England for that purpose. (Plus?  I'm a Scot - and frugal!).  On top of that?  He was a guy who enjoyed being a maid - sex had no part in his enjoyment.

Me?  I got a helluva lot of sexual enjoyment from dressing - but the minute I ejected?  I was done - wanted to undress as quickly as possible.  I don't think that this would have gone over too well at Mrs. Silk.  Don't KNOW this - just get the feeling.

But have any of you ever participated in things like this?  I think us other sissies would like feedback.  Just one thing.  Keep it clean - huh?

Monica Graz

I talked about Monica a few days back.  She's one of those transvestites/ cross dressers who actually walk the walk and talk the talk.  To the best of my knowledge he/she is a successful Greek businessman who takes a few months off now and then and works as a full time maid.

He has written a few books - but is in the process of writing a new one and asked me to publish the first two episodes of his latest - which I have done.  They're on my last update of

I asked him to contribute to this blog - but he must be shy - and just sent me photos instead.  I'm gonna try again - maybe get him to tell us about some of the jobs he has had?

Wonder who took the photos?

The last (currently) of Dave Bishops serial cartoons.  Gonna start nagging him for more pretty soon.  But I still think he's great.  I know that he reads this blog - so want him to post his own page.  I think that you sissies will like it.
Well?  I'll be buggered - figuratively that is!  I just discovered - erroneously perhaps - that I've been reading my statistics all wrong! In just about two weeks I've had 500 people read this blog!  Tried to figure out why I wasn't getting any comments.  I may be guessing, but it has dawned on me that I might be covering too much ground in any one post - that I should be dividing my posts up by subject - and letting the readers comment on one subject at a time - so I'm gonna start serving up my stuff - one topic at a time.

Before I do?  I used to frequent Mrs. Silk's chat room.  Just in case you don't know, it was split up roughly into dommes and submissives. (The dommes capitalized their names, the submissives used nothing but lower case on their names).  Naturally, I was a submissive - had all sorts of fun curtseying the dommes and acting all cute.  At the same time though, there were FAR more subs than dommes and the competition was pretty fierce - boring if a domme didn't pay attention to you - and I was bored a lot of the time.  So?  I signed on under a different name - and started 'domming'.  Being a bit of a writer, I carried quite a few plots in my head and had an idea of how to treat subs.  So?  I was pretty good.  (Honest!  Got a lot of compliments.)

The point in this anectdote being this.  Listen UP you subs that are too frightened to say anything!  If you don't start participating I"M GONNA COME AFTER YOU WITH A HAIR BRUSH!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Back again.  My apologies to my new followers - or friends - I haven't figured out how to thank them yet, other than thank them in a post - well this's always something I guess.
Teresa nicely gave me permission to show off a cartoon by Dave Bishop - that she paid for.  She's the domme at - a place that I would have frequented years ago before I started taking the meds that practically eliminated my sex drive.  Anyway?  It looks bloody interesting!  (I'm not showing that cartoon today  - want to get Dave's serial out of the way first.  I still think he does great work!)

Theresa?  If you come back and are reading this?  I'm going to try and advertise you.
Always wished that I could draw!

I haven't got much of an audience yet so feel very much like a lonely voice yelling in the wilderness - but as I love to cook, I feel that I should tell you about  It has super recipes - and what they do?  They throw the occasional photo in there to show you what's going on.  They have a recipe - Sea Scallops and pureed asparagus?  Bloody GOOD!   Until a few weeks ago. I was printing out their recipes - paper all over the place - stuck in other cookbooks etc.  But then I had my house 'wirelessed' - if that's the right term.  Now I just take a Notebook into the kitchen - and Voila!  No more paper.  If you're proud of a recippe?  Send it in here for comment!

From what I gather about blogs, mega tags are very necessary.  As I'm about as technical as a brick wall I'm trying to teach myself html so that I don't screw everything up.  Can anybody recommend a good tutorial URL?

Movies?  There's a Spanish film called "La Belle Epoche"  I think it's spelled that way.  If you are into male maids - and feminine domination, there's a sequence in that film that will figuratively knock you on your ass - well at least your back!

But that's about all I can think of to say today.  I THINK I'm getting some new readers - a few - but would like them to join in.  I won't bite - promise!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


My Post options?  I Allow my readers to post - as far as I know - but damned if I can see how they're supposed to do it.  Until I find out, I guess that I'll post myself - then get readers to comment.  Now so far, I don't seem to have many readers but will pick some ideas at random and see if I can generate response (via "comments") or if you REALLY want to say something, write what you want said to me at and I'll post it. (If any of you KNOW how I should arrange my blog to allow readers to post immediately?  Please let me know!)

I was acting as a counselor at a forum for spouses of transvestites when I got introduced to the concept that cross dressers and transvestites were not the same!  CD's dressed because it was the only way they felt comfortable.  Sex had little to do with it.  TV's on the other hand dressed because it was about the best (maybe the only) way for them to get sexual release.

I thought this was utterly NUTS!  A transvestite myself, I maintained that CD's were just guys who didn't want to admit the full truth about themselves.  I put on makeup or women's clothes and I was highly excited.  Coudn't see the 'comfort' idea at all.

But through the years I met a few CD's.  They actually worked as maids - full time for months, some of them - which I found astounding.  (I hate housework.  Must have a lot of 'dog' in me - dislike the sound of vacuum cleaners immensely!).   But as time went on - my wife knew about my tendencies - I started wearing panties and nightgowns almost full time.  Did NOT get sexually aroused - just comfortable.  Made me think.

So?  There might be some truth in what was said.  BTW?  Monica Graz is a TV?  CD? who has written a few books for me that I sell.  He is a successful Greek businessman who takes 'breaks' and works as a maid in Australia or the U.K. for extended periods of time.   Has sent me some photos - which look damn realistic to me.  I'll talk to him and see if I can get him to contribute to thius blog.

Here's another of Dave Bishops serial cartoons.  BTW?  if you want to see the captions more clearly, just click on the cartoon.   WHOO  HOOO!

Have a nice day.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Jesus Murphy!  Obviously, I have no idea of what I'm doing!  Was looking around for ideas and found Eryka.  Thought I was posting to HER blog.  Never expected to find it here  (See below).  Ah well!

Been having some interesting e-mail with David Bishop - the cartoonist.  He's sent me a brand new one.  I want to have a sort of competition and see if anyone can come up with a good caption (Give a MAGNIFICENT copy of one of my stories - if the winner is daft enough to accept it).  But?  As I don't seem to be attracting too many readers, I'll probably pass for a wee while.

At the same time?  He's been drawing up a series of cartoons that fit right in with my fantasies.  As of right now, I have four - though he expects to end up with roughly ten - so think I'll publish them in series - with one every few days or so.  The first one is above.

Introducing, Eryka

Introducing, Eryka

Never donethis before, but I've started my own blog - Bea's TV Station. Not having the slightest idea of what to do to create a decent blog, I'm looking around for ideas.

I'm a transvestite but to the best of my knowledge, don't have a 'feminine side'. Bluntly, I'm a male submissive who fantasizes about being bossed around by a woman - with a lot of humiliation - mostly psychological - with the ultimate being to be dressed in women's clothes and made to act as one. Purely hetero - as far as I know.

I sort of like what you've written - seems natural. I'm a fairly successful TV and Cross dress author myself - having written about 60 novels for MagsInc under different names - but have met an awful lot of pretentious people when they have responded to me.

Keep up the good work. If you're interested? My blog is :

Saturday, January 1, 2011

This cartoon is by David Bishop. Nice, huh?
I think a caption might be. "But darling? You AGREED to help out when my friends visited!"
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