Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Thought on Movies

We just saw "Billy Elliot" for the second time, and I had a few thoughts.

I guess that the main theme of the movie is that a strong drive can force people to disregard morals and mores that surround them, to become what fate wants them to be.  (Okay - I couldn't help twisting it a little).

The movie is set in the early eighties in Yorkshire and is built around a young teens interest in ballet.  A major sub plot is the fact that his father and elder brother are deeply involved in a strike against their employer and things are nasty enough - but made worse by the fact that his awakening interest in dancing is considered effeminate by his father and brother.

He is hetero - but has a few doubts - with the classifications of  "Poof", "Nancy Boy", and "Pansy" swirling around it's no wonder.  To further complicate things, his best friend (The only friend he has in the movie) is decidedly gay.  Billy puts up with this in a sort of bemused manner, but really doesn't care too much.

The movie is decidly daft in a few areas.  Billy joins a ballet dancing class - where he is surrounded by girls in tutus.  But nobody seems to know or find out about this?  My credulity is stretched by one scene in particular.

Late one night he takes his friend into the gym that is used as a dance class.  Somehow or other, he gets a tutu which his friend dons over his jeans.  Billy then starts teaching him some ballet steps - when they are caught by Billy's ex boxing teacher and another guy..  Billy's dad is called upon to come and vent his righteous anger and Billy and his friend split up.

Now, I was brought up in a much earlier period than the 80's - and it was in a working class neighborhood in Scotland.  I couldn't figure out why I wanted to dress up in girl's clothes - but there was no way in hell that I intended to tell anyone about this.  I never have been feminine in looks or actions so it wasn't too difficult for me.  But if a boy had been caught dressed in a skirt?  A frilly tutu at that?  I honestly think that his parents would have had to move, even though that was damn near impossible as a war was going on.  Not only that?  A boy who was caught fraternising with such an 'abomination' would have been pilloried just the same.

I think that what caused me to write this was something that has never crossed my mind before.  Transvestites, cross dressers, and suchlike spend a large part of their childhood listening to adverse comments about boys they gradually realise are JUST LIKE THEM.  Is it any wonder that we end up disliking ourselves?  We're brainwashed from an early age.

I had major problems well into my forties - disliking myself so much.  Extremely bad tempered.  Luckily, I had taken a major Aptitude and Vocational testing.  They pointed out that I was intelligent enough to do just about anything - BUT - that my temper HAD to be controlled.  There were other things they pointed out  (although I didn't accept them) that turned out to be absolutely accurate - so I started to work at reducing my temper.  Took me years - but I think it was a good thing.

I'm a helluva lot older now - and not much wiser.  But I do know one thing for a fact.  Many of us accept  what society thinks of us.  I'm not advocating that we change anyone else - but we are not really that awful.. After all - what threat do people who want to be ladies maids offer?  Start to like yourself - it DOES pay off!

Still on the subject of movies?  If you are a male submissive who would like to be a maid?  Get hold of a Spanish movie - "Belle Epoque".  If you haven't seen it before?  Trust me.  It's a good movie in it's own right - but there's a portion of it that's gonna have you squirming!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Welcome to Monica

Hi Monica

Great to see you - even though some lazy buggers were invited before you - you beat them to the punch!

I know that the readers here will find your experiences of great interest - far too many of us (myself included)are just too scared to do what you do - and your day to day life as a maid will be helluva interesting!  Not only that?  You've worked all over - and I think to hear of any differences you run into in various countries will be fascinating.

GO Girl!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hi Bea,

Thank you for inviting me to contribute to this post.

I'll try to be as frequent as possible. You know already that I am a working maid and my free time is limited but I''ll add to this blog my true life experiences, experiences of a part time female domestic worker



Monday, February 21, 2011

A Thought for Transvestites Just Starting Out!

I'm talking about buying dresses and stuff - not shoes (They pose a problem).

I'm a Scot - but have lived in SoCal for over 50 years.  Must admit that things have changed over the years (I saw a blatant transvestite shop in Dunedin - at the southern end of New Zealand).  but I'm sure that buying clothes can still be a problem.  Buying nice things over the Internet solves many difficulties - but I don't know?  A large part of the buying is the red face and shame? (It is - if you're a male sub!)

Anyhoo?  My experiences have been strictly in SoCal - though I once bought a pretty (used) dress via the Internet from Montreal.  Apart from going daft and buying a pair of high heels one time (I covered that in a previous) post I basically relied on my wife.  (Don't get me wrong - she never did approve, but it DID give her easy presents to buy - and once you have been married as long as we have?  This can be a major bonus!)

But I stray.  What I want to get across to young cross dressers is that buying clothes can be surprisingly easy.  I'm not going to pretend that I'm an experienced hand at this - far from it.  But a few years before I started taking the meds that eliminated my sex drive, I tried to buy my wife a nice, sexy, pair of slippers.  As I live in a small town, there aren't too many stores - but there was one, down a side street.  It was a middle age lady who ran the place and we chatted a while.

I left, but began to feel that she would be 'sympathetic'?    Underwent the tortures of the damned - but finally plucked up my courage, went back to the shop and blurted out my guilty secret!  She was wonderful!  Turned out that even though our town is VERY small, she had another male customer, just like me.

I bought a few things from her - but there was a problem.  She basically catered to the wies of Marines (they have a major camp close by) but the women were usually much younger - and the styles were not really to my taste. An interesting point?  Her daughter managed a Lane Bryant store (Larger women) not too far away, but her daughter LOVED transvestites!  Didn't quibble over price and usually spent a lot.  Were absolutely NO trouble.  The only thing?  I didn't really like the stuff they sold there.

But next thing?  The lady in the original store told me one day that she knew a saleslady in Draper and Damon's  - a much larger store that sold to more matronly women.  The saleslady there, would LOVE to take on a transvestite - though she suggested that I shop early on Sunday mornings.  I was delighted, the stuff there was much more to my taste,  Phoned the lady there and made sure she'd expect me.  She was also wonderful.  As a matter of fact, I had the distinct impression that she felt that more men would like nice in women's clothes.

She was fantastic!  If she felt that a skirt wasn't suitable in style or coloring she'd say so.  I once tried to buy a pretty sweater - but she felt that the manufacturer tended to make his sizes smaller.  Matter of factly, she suggested that I go into a dressing cubicle and try it on for size!  I damn near fainted with fright, but did it.  She was right - it WAS too small.

What I'm trying to get to is this - many of the sales women in dress stores are well aware that some men love to dress up - and they are perfectly willing to sell them what is wanted - after all, most of them work on a commission - and?  I think that many of them sympathise with us poor buggers - and don't mind helping at all!

Pluck up your courage you sissies out there!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mrs. Silk's Chat Room

Some time back I mentioned going to Mrs. Silk's chat room.  I got contacted by a Belinda?  It seems that she'd met me there a long time back - so I asked her for any comments she'd like to make - and the following resulted.  Before I print it though?  Two things.  The first is, I went back to Mrs. Silk's for the first time in years.  My GOD - has it become sophisticated!  The second thing is that Belinda has a lovely blog - which I will advertise to you the minute I know how.  But here is belinda's take on Mrs. Silk's chat room.

Mrs.  Silk’s Chat Room

Imagine  a 24 hour conversation in a room big enough for a hundred people, that goes on year after year.  Like Denny’s always open!  And its been going on…I don’t even know how long.  I think I tumbled upon it more than ten years ago, and soon found late night trysts with a Lovely Domme named SternMom so very exciting.  Lovely??  Well I never saw her.  I don’t know if she was 20 or 70, girl? Boy?.. maybe she was a boy!  At any rate she knew just how to meet me in a fantasy world where She was indeed a Stern, Aunt perhaps and I was a sissy boy who couldn’t keep out of Her things, who got caught over and over.

 There were, over the years, other Mistresses… imaginative Mistresses….  SecretAunty who loved to here every detail of my emasculization,  Sissy’sWife who knew just how sissies without the capacity to satisfy Ladies needed to be treated,  CD_Mistress_Rachel who transformed me into a sissy version of Blake Lively.  So many ways to play.  And the sissies… so many sissies… to share our travails or hardships under the thumb of strict, strict Wives and Mistresses… 

For a long time, when I couldn’t speak my fantasies to others in person, there was this marvelous room, where all my fantasies were permitted, I only needed to find a compatible partner, and words and words and words to express my desires.  At its best it transcended the chat room anonymity, and after a few hours, two souls two secret selves.. touched.  A few times I had IM type relationships that lasted a bit. But we all serve our purposes, and Mrs-Silk was not  It was a place to meet and play and then leave.

And still it goes on.  I am not there very often any more, having found other ways to express my femme self and live my submissive fantasies in the large metropolitan area where I live.  I just checked in as wifespansy. tthere are 40  gender bent Lovelies on as I write this sentence.
Someone wants to know how She made me Her pansy…for this poor sissy has also been weak and now she is her Wife’s sissy hubby.   The stories we could swap…. But for me that is another evening.  There is always someone close at hand to correspond with.

Thank You  Mrs Silk

humbly with a big curtsey

sissy belinda

Two posts from Housemaid

Housemaid is a very dear friend of mine.  We've corresponded for years he is one of the most traveled people I know, with a LOT of time in India and Europe.  He is also one of those daft people who want to be maids - has been one to a lady in L.A. that I know of - but swears blind there's nothing sexual about it.  I asked him to be an author and post to this page - but he's shy I guess.  Sent me two posts which I'm showing below.  One is a very short story - and the other a para on transvestites in India.  I enjoyed them both and hope that you do as well.

Timmy's mother looked up from her ironing and gazed lovingly at her son as he played. She smiled at the running commentary of sound effects, the whooshes and bumps, as he pushed the leaden figure down amongst the folds of the rug before the hearth.

"... down here .... this way .... Eeeek ..... Bish". The baa lamb crashed into the giraffe and then began to climb the sheer cliff of the fireplace guided by tiny, plump fingers.  

A child's imagination is certainly a thing of great wonderment and beauty. She sighed and turned back to the ironing board as Timmy crawled across the floor to rescue a pink pig in distress.

"Careful darling" she said as he banged his head against the table. His little face puckered up in bewilderment and fright at the unexpected blow.

"Come to mummy". She gathered him into her arms. "Mummy kiss it better?" she said hugging him to her.  She walked up and down holding Timmy to her as his tears gradually abated.
"There now", she said placing him gently on the floor once more and turning back to the pile of clean clothes. "Play nicely here where I can see you".

Timmy sat for a moment, the toy animals abandoned, his eyes fixed on his mother as she raised the hot iron from the board.

Then he began to shriek his arms raised towards her in supplication, tears, this time of frustration, running down his cheeks.

"Do you want to help mummy? Do you? Alright then". She brought a chair close to the ironing board and swept him up to stand on the chair  beside her. Timmy leaned forward arm outstretched reaching for the iron. " No, darling you mustn't touch that .... it's very hot ... you'll burn yourself".

Timmy's face grew red and and his howls grew louder. "Alright, here you are then", she said drawing a large white handkerchief from the pile and placing it before them on the ironing board. "There's a good boy" she whispered, holding his hand in hers as together they grasped the iron and ran it slowly backwards and forwards on the material. "Aren't you a good boy, helping mummy, eh?"

His face was now a study in concentration as he allowed his mother to guide the iron to and fro.

"That's enough now, mummy has to get on ... look there's Mr Fox on the floor". Timmy looked away from the iron at the animals lying scattered on the floor. "Be a good boy and let mummy finish her ironing. Madam will be back soon", she said looking anxiously at the clock on the mantelpiece.

Gently she lifted the little boy from the chair and placed him on the floor amidst his farmyard animals. She picked up the small figure of a dog and, tapping Timmy lightly on the nose, said "Woof ... woof". Timmy chuckled and reached out a fist to grasp the toy.

"Will you be a farmer when you grow up?", asked his mother, smiling to herself at the thought of her little boy herding real animals across real fields. "Eh? Does my little boy want to be a farmer when he grows up?"

Timmy looked perplexed for a moment, unsure. Did he know what a farmer is, his mother thought. Or does he know what it means to grow up? Timmy frowned looking into his mother's face.

She smiled at him and, bending down, kissed the top of his head. "Hmmm, what do you want to be when you grow up?"

Timmy gazed up at his mother and, appearing to come to some sort of realization said in his small, sweet voice,  "a maid".

His mother's laughter startled the little boy taking him entirely by surprise. He stared bewildered at his mother's laughing face, uncomprehending. Still laughing she knelt down beside him. "Oh darling .... you want to be like mummy .... But boys can't be maids, darling.  Boys are big and strong ... Boys become scientists and doctors ... not maids. Boys can't be maids".

Timmy's expression showed first incomprehension then astonishment as his mother, still laughing, hugged him to her. 

"Oh dear" she laughed to herself, turning back to the ironing, "the things they come out with...."

Timmy sat silently his mouth downturned and his little chin jutting forward slightly but his mother, lifting up the iron, failed to see the defiant gleam in his eyes.

As yet unknown to his mother, Timmy was a very determined little boy.

In my other e-mail I didn't write about the 'hijras' in India and attitudes of Indian society towards TV's and transexuals because it's actually rather depressing. And I thought, therefore, unsuitable for your blog.  (From me! - HAH!)
The thing is that many people (like Monica Graz) think that Indian society is tolerant towards such people. But in truth, Indian society tolerates them only to the extent that they do not assault or set out to deliberately persecute them. Hijras earn a pitiful living as prostitutes and beggars, travelling in groups for safety and 'regular' hindus simply ignore them if they can and shoo them away otherwise. They occupy a similar position in Indian society to that of gypsies in ours. It's true that they invariably turn up at weddings - asking for gifts of money and saris from the brides family. But these things are offered to them only to get rid of them. The romantic notion of hijras being accepted is largely myth.

Must admit.  I spent six weeks in Bombay many years ago - but never saw any signs of Hijras - as time went past though I got the impression that they were favored.  Looks as if I was wrong.  (Bea)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What's in a Name?

Been thinking.  There seems to be a major gap between the generations about music that is popular at any one particular time.  I, for one, have very eclectic taste. I enjoy classical, semi-classical, and popular music.  Liked Bing Crosby, then Frank Sinatra.  Never cared much for Elvis -  rooted for Pat Boone at that time, who I learned to actively dislike many yerars later - though I never took to Elvis.

Took me a while, but I learned to enjoy the Beatles.  Elton John?  Liked some of his piano playing, but that was about it.  Today's music?  Don't have a bloody clue.  Detest Rap.  Probably can't tell you one tune that's been anywhere in the top 100 for many years.  But I can still remember "Polka Dots and Moonbeams":  "Stranger on the Shore" (Acker Bilt):  The theme from "Picnic":  "Boogie Woogie" (Tommie Dorsey) - but all of this just seems to point to the fact that I'm bloody old!

And feminine names?  They seem to be creatures of fashion, just like music.  What happened to the Margaret's, Dorothy's, Anne's of my past?  It now seems to be Breanne's, Ashleys, and a whole bunch that gives me problems figuring out the gender.

Looking back? I was always a sucker for a few names.  PRISCILLA! Can you imagine a more feminine name?  Pamela is nice as well.  I'd say that I liked "P" names - but Penelope?  Always had a helluva time pronouncing it correctly.  Liked Melissa - and Rose.

When I wrote, I always had a bad time fantasizing about names that were 'assigned' to my heroes by their dommes - and now, in the interests of courtesy I have a very bad time in addressing correspondence to sissies and cross dressers!  In many cases, I don't know whether to address someone as 'he' or 'she'.  Can't say I even like the expression 'gurls', so I keep getting stuck because there are a fair amount who still buy my stories - and I often don't know what in hell's name to call them!

I'm not going to go into my own feminine name.  Don't particularly see much femininity in it - but I picked it for practical reasons.

When I started writing for publication - away back - it was for Nifty Archives (remember them?  Bastards!).  I was SO excited to be published.  Don't think I'd even picked a name for myself.  I'd send them a story - and as soon as it was published - I'd send another.  It was fantastic!  Probably published about eight stories. Then I was going on vacation.  Made the awful mistake of writing (politely) and asking if I could send two or three stories in for publication.

I got one of the nastiest letters back pointing out what 'rules' I was trying to break - and that my writing was SO bad, that it was given to the junior editors as a punishment!

I am a very vocal, bad tempered person, but I was without words.  I didn't know if I was any good - but I knew I wasn't THAT bad.  Never answered the diatribe.  Looked around and found a Dutchman - forgot his name - but a lovely man who didn't charge me a dime to set me up a web page.  I think it was about then I took the name and titled the page "Bea's TV Channel".  I didn't have that many stories at the time - but - and this is honest - I had a counter - and it blew at 1,000,000 within three months! (Once I could see that I wasn't as bad as Nifty thought I was, I wrote and asked that they delete my stories.  They replied that they would be glad to do this - as long as I sent an equal amount of stories to replace them.  I never sent another word to Nifty)

But getting back to my Dutchman?  I was SO incensed when he referred to me as "one of his girls"!  At that time I considered myself a transvestite - nothing else - I hadn't yet figured out that I'm submissive - and ONLY to women.  The thought that another man was referring to me as a girl just about drove me nuts!  Yet - at the same time, he was doing me a very large favor and calling myself "Bea".  I had to admit that he had some grounds!  I address many of the people who buy my stories in what I imagine are their feminine names - often wonder if they're pissed off the way I was.  But some enjoy it I think.

This started out as a quick note.  Guess I got carried away - but I'm just curious how we manage to pick names for ourselves.  Some girl we were frightened of when we were kids?

A point that's away from this topic.  I want to thank the people who are giving me 'reactions' at the bottom of each post.  I really DO appreciate it.  I'd prefer Comments - but a reaction is a helluva lot better than nothing - so DO take the time to give me SOME feedback - huh?

Monday, February 14, 2011

A New Thing?

I (think) I was finally able to add a 'reaction' to my posts!  I'm hoping that, this way, my readers will react and I'll be able to tell how to shape what I write about.  At the same time?  I've asked some very interesting friends of mine to author posts.  I am NOT going to edit what they say or talk about - but they all come from different parts of the world and I've asked them to write about what they've seen locally, or in their travels.

So?  If the proper questions appear below this post?  PLEASE take a second to let me know your reaction - I hope that it will be a tremendous help in putting a blog together that all my sissy friends enjoy!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday - Third Post


Thought I'd devote a few paragraphs to writing.  Naturally, I'm talking about stories that interest us.  Having written a lot - I mean over 60 novelettes (all over 20,000 words) about forty custom stories  (Somewhere between 12 - 15,000 words) and over 100 stories from 2- 10,000 words) I can claim some experience.

The thing I try to drum into anyone who wants to get a story down on paper?  Make DAMN sure that you have an ending in mind.  It's crucial. 

I don't know how anyone else writes.  Don't have a clue.  So?  I can only state my own methods.

I used to fantasize every night.  I'd got to the stage that I couldn't sleep without running a fantasy through my head.  Naturally, my fantasy would have a 'hot button' in it - a theme that was central to the whole story.  Then I'd work on the idea, fairly patiently - gradually getting the hot button down pat - then adding things that reinforced the humiliation - then gradually built to an ending.

I'd play with this in my mind for some nights, then write it down.  I've always been lousy on a keyboard so you better believe that I spent a lot of time, getting my story down.  Which was probably just as well - gave me time to see errors and, at the same time, make any necessary adjustments to the ending.  (There was nothing sacrosant about an ending that I started with - I could change it to suit new facets that I'd built in - but it STILL fitted my story.

Now, the following is true.  As long as I played with this fantasy in my head at night, it was great.  Could turn me on for MANY nights in a row.  But the moment I got it down on paper?  It lost all power to sex me up.  Maybe years later, I could read it and get turned on but that was about the only way I could appreciate my own writing.

Now, I'm guessing about other people here - and may be wrong.  But I learned - the hard way - that if I ever got so excited over a hot-button that I couldn't wait to put it down on paper?  Didn't think of possible re-inforcements or an ending?  What I wrote ended up in a cemetary of unfinished stories - and believe me, I had an extensive cemetary - even knowing what I knew about endings.

Anyway?  I've set this up so that this is actually the first post you'll read.  I've given an example of a hot button / reinforcement thingie below,

Saturday - Second post.


Hot buttons - and re-inforcements.  I'd get a hot button, get myself all excited.  Then I'd sort of build on it until I was either bored with the story - had a new one - or felt it was complete.  I never really had a name for what I'm calling reinforcements, but I'm sure that you'll see what I was getting at.

Theme:  Married couple with him kinda weak and facile.  He has a job at home - can be anything - programmer or anything like that.

Original Hot Button:  The wife loves to tease the husband about his "lovely, soft, white, arms".     Strokes them and giggles as he blushes.  She pesters and pesters him that he should show them off - in private of course - just a few times a week?  If he REALLY loved her, he would shelve his macho pride.  Finally, he caves in,  Agrees to wear a blouse that has long transparent, chiffon, sleeves.  (I mean - they don't make anything for MEN that would do this - right?).  Naturally, he's humiliated by wearing this ultra feminine garment.  Makes the mistake of saying so.

1st Reinforcement:  Her weepy accusations that he is just being macho and her cutting off all friendliness.  He finally agrees to try and wear blouses again.  She demands that he wears them more regularly, until it is second nature to him.  Weakly, he agrees.  He now wears his blouse every night.  Sometimes on a week end.

2nd  Reinforcement:  She buys him more blouses - all with the soft effeminate arms.  After all?  What he's wearing has to get dirty and will need cleaning?  He'll need a change of blouses.  Now he's in a blouse every night and finds himself getting sexually aroused by his wife saying how lovely 'he' looks - cuddling him, and stroking his arms.  One of his new blouses has the long sleeves - as always - but ends with flounces that overflow onto his hands.  They also tie at each wrist with pink satin ribbon.  She just LOVES to tie those ribbons into pretty bows for him.

3rd Reinforcement:  She's in a bad mood,  Early one Saturday but wants him to accompany her to do some shopping - adding that she may want to stop off where she buys his' blouses - they're having a sale.  The only thing is, she wants him to wear the blouse that he has on.

4th Reinforcement:  He has discovered that she seems reasonable if he cries - and this is something he can do quite readily.  So he cries, stating that he is STILL too macho for this and it would be terribly embarrassing!  Please let him stay at home?  She takes him in her arms and explains that the shopping will take a few hours.  With him being SO macho?  - he'll probably rip his blouse off minutes after she leaves. He tries very hard to convince her otherwise.

5th Reinforcement:  Reluctantly, she agrees to leave him in the house.  Just one thing?  She re ties the ribbons at his wrists - granny knots now, under his beautiful bows.  He sighs with relief when she leaves.  He knows full well that he is trapped in the blouse.  But what can go wrong?

6th Reinforcement:  Their next door neighbour - her good friend - knocks at their back door - knows he's at home and wants 'something'?  Sugar - milk?  Whatever.  He doesn't know what to do, other than let her in.  She seems to accept that he's wearing the blouse to please his wife - accepts this as perfectly normal.  Though she does sniff when he explains about his wife liking his arms.  "Can't see arms being a big deal, when you have the most GORGEOUS eyelashes that a girl could ever dream of!"

7th Reinforcement:   His wife is delighted when she finds him with mascara'd eyelashes - that have been curled.  She now agrees with her friend (who has stayed) that 'maybe' her husband might be a bit of a sissy.  Sweetly, she asks him  "Are you a little sissy, my dear?"

And I'd say that her husband is now on the slippery path into femininity thnat he so richly deserves.

That was fun!

Saturday - First Post

It's Saturday.  Have a few errands, but want to post a few different things so intend to split them up as much as possible - as I'm still almost convinced that I get more comments that way.  But, like it's said "The road to hell is paved with good intentions" so I may not get everything done that I want.

I wanted to start off by complimenting everyone who has been adding comments and suchlike - especially Tammie.  I've been communicating with him/her for over a year now and always been taken by his/her outlook.  I've also asked a few friends of mine (Cross dressers of course) to author posts like Tammie, so that I can get divergence of opinion on this blog.  I can see from a few comments that I'm starting to arouse some interest - and I really want to hear differing opinions and figure that by getting posts from different people I may strike a few chords - and get more comments  Honestly, your opinion is wanted.

I also want to say something about writing.  I wrote a LOT in my day, and have a few anectdotes that might be of interest.

Last?  I want to hit one of my "hot buttons" (I have TONS of them, but even though it's difficult for me to stay on one story line, I find it highly enjoyable to cover things that still have a wee bit power over me.)

But this will do for the time being.  Again, many thanks to all of you that make comments.  Keep 'em coming!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A few thoughts

Wow!  I'm getting quite a slug of viewers from my stories page.  Didn't know that people read it much any more.  Feeling chuffed. (For those of you who aren't Scots?  It means pleased with oneself).

But ever since I wrote about Michelle and her giant dommes I've been thinking about my own dommes.  I wrote a LOT and in a few of them, the women were dommes, pure and simple.  Wanted males to be under their thumbs and do as they were told.  But in the majority of my stories, I think the domme that appealed to me most was the one who was (usually) married to a rather ineffectual male.

Now, remember.  I was brought up in a macho society where the women might bitch about their husbands being 'fechless' and worthless, but couldn't do anything about it.  My favorite situation then was one where the woman slowly realizes that her husband is weak willed - and that he can be 'talked' into doing various things - her favorite being him doing housewifely chores.  She can't understand her own feelings of enjoyment at first, but thoroughly enjoys herself as she gradually makes him her 'wife'.  A good part of my fun was having her start to criticise him for his lack of masculinity and ask him to do 'male' things.  When he proves himself incapable of this, she 'reluctantly' has him put on a little more makeup - or wear something prettier - to make him try the task again?

I never was into the whip cracking domme in the nazi cap and boots with spike heels.  Okay - a domme like that would probably be fun?  But I always felt that it would get wearing after a while.  I think that my views must have been shared as I was a fairly popular writer at one time - but I'd love to hear opposing comments.  (Or am I dreaming again?)

Monday, February 7, 2011

A Welcome

I finally had enough sense to cross reference this blog to my web page of stories ( and I see that I'm getting more visitors from there.  If you are new to this blog?  Let me suggest that you go back through the archives to my beginning.  It's not far - I started on Jan 31, 2010.  That way you'll get an idea of what I'm trying to do.
BTW?  Let me try and explain that stupid address.  I HAD a web page - Bea's TV Channel where I had both free stories and others for sale.  MagsInc had published about 65 of my books but I felt that they should take the advantage of Internet selling.  Mark - the publisher - is an extremely nice guy, but even less technically advanced than I am.  I had used Sitebuilder before and changed the title over to what it is today - primarily as a selling point for what I was trying to get across.  Mark didn't buy the idea - and it would cost me more money than it's worth to change it - so THAT'S why the stupid address!

I hope that your team won the Super Bowl.  I support the Chargers.  If I live long enough I may see them win it - hah!  Snorted at that guy raving about how the Lombardi trophy was the most prestigious in the world.  Obviously has never paid any attention to the World cup.

Though I guess that thius isn't the place for this type of oratory.  Only problem?  They don't publish accounts that might interest me.  Fastest Dominatrix?  Quickest sub?


Hi there everyone, since we've been discussing aprons, I thought I would share a few pics of mine, hopefully put you all in the mood to find your own ;)

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Would somebody - anybody - PLEASE tell me (in simple words yet) how to have a look at my own archives?  I'm trying to remember if I published all four of David Bichop's serial cartoons.  Buggered if I can get there to see,

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A new Bishop Cartoon

I thought it time I added another Bishop cartoon - got myself in a real bind because I couldn't find the file - but I got a few.  Then, because the name fitted  - and I loved the spanking mode, I picked this one!  I opted against doing a competition for captions - the last one didn't do as well as I'd hoped - but thank you to all the participants on the previous cartoon!

Ah well!  But this brought up another point - being spanked by a woman - another one of my MAJOR turn ons!

Of course, you know by now that I'm into humiliations - and being spanked - by someone who was often physically smaller and weaker was major in that respect.  (I used to write custom stories for people who had different hot buttons than me - and one of my very best customers always liked to be abused physically by much larger women.  I used to argue with him - saying that it was much more humiliating to be slowly put over the knee of a women - even better if you admitted that it was for your own good - while a few of her giggling girl friends looked on.  He really didn't agree - and went back happily with his giantesses.)

I've got Tammie approved to be an author who can post to this blog without criticism from me.  I just wished she'd HURRY!   I'm sure that you'll like her!

Another Cartoon from Dave

Isn't this great?  (This time I'm giving up on any cintest for the caption - so you don't need to get shook!)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Looks like my idea for having a contest for the Dave Bishop cartoons was AWAY under my expectations - but I went to thank the readers who DID try!  Went to send them all a copy of one of my books - but found that I didn't have their e-mail addresses.  So?  if you were a contestant?  Go to: - then look under "Stories" (NOT Freebies) ad pick a story you'd like (There's excerpts for each of the stories if you want help).  Note the code and simply e-mail me your choice at:
Thank you all very much - I'll show cartoons later on that could use captions, but won't give out any prizes.  I didn't mean to embarrass anyone - honest!