Friday, December 31, 2010

Brand New

My name - for this - is Bea.

Beaing ancient, I probably know more about transvestism and cross dressing than most people alive.  I had a page - with the same title as this blog - though there I published sissy and transvestite stories.  A lot of them were free - and I had some for sale.  This page went from about 1998 to 2004.  Then I opted out for a year or so.  Came back in with another page - don't ask me why I titled it about 2007 - where I (still) put stories up - with Free ones, plus others for sale.

I always wanted a page where people like myself could chat about various things.  I'm not feminine in any way - but love to cook.  Wanted recipes - that kind of thing.  I also wanted to share experiences with people having the same desires as myself.  Movies, books?  Just about anything.

I'm a published author with MagsInc.  Wrote under the names of Bea, Stella Satin, Tiffany Mellis, and Maureen Glasgow.  I also acted as an advisor on a forum for spouses of transvestites and cross dressers.

I have opinions on just about everything - and am not afraid to voice them.  Can't write TV fiction any more as I take medications for prostate problems that have basically eliminated my sex drive - and that was the 'engine' that drove my writing - and I was quite prolific.  I STILL enjoy writing though and hope to draw some interest to this blog - so I'd be pleased to hear from just about anybody.

Have NO idea what I'm doing, but hope to learn.