Sunday, July 31, 2011


Forgot to say this:

I don't REALLY think that the kids are playing on the next post - just love that swing music!

Absolutely NOTHING to do with our Interests!

But?  I'm a fan of big brass sound - swing to some.  I got the folowing from a friend.

If you are old enough you will smile, if you are young you will love it.
This is music! ! !  Amazing how young they are.
Whether or not you like swing music turn up your speaker and take a trip
back in time.
These Japanese kids would make Benny Goodman proud!
Sing, Sing, Sing

Just a Few Comments

First of all?  Apologies to the readers of my web page -  I'm not updating that as regularly as I should - but went to add a few freebie stories there last week - and found out what a disaster I had.  I'm truly sorry.  I 'tweaked' my whole system of the stories I give away and the ones I sell  some six weeks ago.   Beinjg a techidiot, I should have known better.  Just created a total mess.  It's not perfect yet - I KEEP thinking that I eliminated the music for example - but it seems to "Keep Coming Back Like a Song."  Just give me a wee bit more time and I'll fix it.

Oh.  I live in Southern California.  It is July / August - and RAINING?  Can't believe it.  Heavy enough that it's practically eliminating much of the wildfires we get in this part of the country at this time of year.  Bloody marvellous!!!

I've been dropping hints about my very first honest-to-God book.  Got  few copies last week.  Excited all to hell.  I'll announce it formally - but am waiting for a review by Xaxa.  (I know that he likes my stuff as he's published a few of my freebies on his blog)  But this book consists of three of the long stories that I normally sell - so I'll just have to wait and see.

As you know?  I've been nagging and nagging about getting more participation from readers?  Well - I have an idea.  Write me something that's thought provoking as an e-mail.  I'll collect what I get for (say) a week.  Then I'll publish them all at the one time.  I'll award the subject that getts the most comments + "Interest" in the poll at the bottom - with a copy of my book (Hopefully when they e-mail me - it would be a BIG help if they can idicate that I can make them an 'author' for posting on this page?).

If it works?  I'll do it with another copy of the book later on.  After that?  If you want it - you'll have to buy it.  I really am quite excited - the book turned out far better than I'd any right to expect - but with any luck, you'll buy one and find out for yourselves!  Carrie did my cover for me - and Dave Bishop was nice enough to do a cartoon for each story.  I don't think he's as big a techidiot as I am - but neither of us could get his cartoons to fit.  Ah well - better luck next time!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Opinion Poll

I need your opinion on something.  But before I start?

Does anyone have copies of my stories "The Wages of Shame" and Essentially Female"?  I've lost mine - and if you can send me copies?  I'll send you five of my other stories as payment for each.

Next, that most recent comment from the poor guy whos wife knew all about him.  He led a TV's dream life for some time - then his wife started wanting him to change.  There's no way in hell I can offer advice - I have no idea whatsoever of what I'd do.  I just want to offer sincere condolences.  I think that most of us would give a right arm to have our fantasies come true - but to HAVE them - then lose them?  I think that a situation like that must be awful.  My sympathies.

Okay - the poll.

I have never censored anyone that posted here - but I WAS pretty sure that I wasn't unleashing any monsters before I asked for posts to be made.  But I'm seeing some of the type of results - and reactions - I want in the comments of the posts - and that type of thing is what I'd like to see this blog be all about.  How would it be if I made posting available to everyone?  That's what I'd like to know.

There's no question but that I'd censor stuff I didn't think suitable. I don't think I want sexy stuff.  Photographs of vaginas and that sort.  I wouldn't mind publishing the odd story - but what I REALLY want is opinion and things of interest.  Let some of us get stuff off our chest (or bosoms!)

So PLEASE?  Give me some feedback here.  If you're too shy to write?  Indicate whether you're interested in this approach or not.  It really would be a help.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Can't Resist This!

I read OT's recent comment and JUST had to speak my mind!  Don't want to add a comment as I feel that not everyone reads them.
To my mind, he is speaking absolute truth.  I acted as an advisor (don't laugh) some years ago on a web page that was devoted to spouses of Tranvestites.  The most common complaint from the Significant others and wives?
They had no knowlege going into a relationship - but then, in one way or the other, had learned about their partners desire to dress.  It disturbed them - there was no doubt about it - but they were perfectly willing to try and get used to the idea.
BUT?  Time and time again, it was as if the chains had been lifted from the transvestites and with this freedom came a desire for more and more acceptance of what they wanted  - and always as quickly as possible.  I felt it was pure, absolute, greed on their part.  I could understand the release of so many years of frustration but, at the same time, felt that little attention was being paid to the feelings of their (supposed) soul mates!
OT is absolutely correct.  I'm all for honesty in a marriage or relationship - but for goodness sake?  Take it EASY!
BTW OT?  You from the U.K?  I'm just not used to the term 'Nancy' any more.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Feedback of Interest

Guess I got through to at least one person.  Carrie wrote me the following:

Hiya Bea, it's a great blog so please don't get discouraged because of lack of feedback, I think a lot of people read it but don't feel they can contribute a great deal. If you're looking for an issue to discuss for people like us, here's one that affects me and more than likely others as well. My wife knows about my crossdressing and is ok about it - we often joke about it- but she has never seen me dressed and I'm sure she probably doesn't want to. But lately I've been thinking I'd like to show her my other self and have even thought of just doing it without warning and let the cards fall where they may.Has anyone else had a similar issue and if so how did they resolve it.
Keep up the good work.


A very interesting point.  As a matter of fact, I told my wife to be of my proclivities before I proposed.  To be honest, I don't think that either of us knew what was going to be involved.  She never wanted to participate in my fantasies, so we had a 'straight' hetero marriage.  Produced two kids. 

Sometimes she'd go along with me a little bit - but her heart really wasn't in it and I wasn't satisfied.  Masturbated a lot.  Then when my kids were old enough to understand that they NEVER came into our bedroom I plucked up my courage and bought a black nylon nightgown.  Put it on one night.  My wife was pretty shocked - but at least I was sensible enough to stay away from requesting any of my fantasies - and that helped a lot.

My kids grew and left.  Before this happened I was wearing panties almost all of the time and wore nightwear regularly.  When the kids left for good I wore more feminine wear more often - but I had learned never to ask my wife to partake in my fantasies.

Let me break in with one thing here.  It sounds stupid, but I'd always considered myself as nothing more or less than a transvestite.  The thing is?  I'm a male submissive (luckily submissive to women only).  Being dressed up was a humiliation for me - not really anything else.  Being dressed as a maid was probably my ultimate.  BUT?  I have a distinct male persona.  Look male, act male.  Have a good temper and not afraid to lose it.  Enjoy a good dirty joke - and enjoy my booze.  My wife is a feminine woman.  She married me for my obvious traits - little realizing what I wanted sexually.  At the same time, when it dawned on me what I actually was?  I told her - and she laughed uproariously.  What I wanted from her did NOT fit in with her image of me.  (This I have found out to be vastly important in any kind of human relationship.  You act against someone's opinion of what you are?  Some trouble is on the horizon).

Anyway?  My wife and I are married for a LONG time.  Up until a few years ago, I had closets full of (mostly) nightwear and lingerie.  When you're married a long time, you start being a pain in the ass to buy presents for.  I think that my wife quite liked this aspect - she could buy for two sexes.

I developed prostate cancer some years back.  It is not dangerous at my age as long as it's controlled - but the control is an injection that totally eliminates your sex drive - which is why I quit writing.  My drive was my 'engine'.  Without it, there wasn't any fun in it.  I don't dress any more either.  No fun.

But to finish?  That response from Carrie was exactly the kind of thing I felt can make this blog interesting.  Some more please?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Better Late than Never

I posted last Sunday.  Said that I had a few comments,  I was too busy watching the British Golf open so just posted my serial instead.

It's maybe just as well.  I don't have the calmest demeanour around and I was starting to feel that my serial wasn't of too much interest - so was actually thinking of chucking it altogether.  I'll admit that I use the serials for a few reasons - one to raise interest in people buying my stories - another because I can't always think of what to say - another to provide 'something' that may generate some cross talk.  My ego was taking a real shit kicking as I felt that I didn't seem to be entertaining many people.

But?  I got a few nice comments - and a few private e-mails on the most recent episode - enough to make me feel a lot better about putting the serials on - so I'll continue with at least this serial - I think the last episode should be this next Sunday.

Now a message to all of my recent additions to the new  'followers'.

Whan I started this blog, I was grateful for any sign of interest - and normally wrote a small 'thank you' to every new follower.  But?  I went on vacation.  On the way back got sick   This involved a small hospital stay but it really wasn't too bad.  Then I fell down some stairs.  Again not too shabby, but did not help my output any.  Then I was back in hospital again a few days ago.  None of those health issues were bad - but on top of them, I'm trying to self-publish a book - and talk about being a dummy?

So what I'm trying to say?  Simply a 'Thanks' to all of my new followers that I never wrote to - I just got so far behind that I'd no place to start.




Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Afternoon Tea

This past weekend I attended a fetish event, called TESFEST, sponsered by the Eulenspiegel Society in New York City. One of the highlights of the event for me was the Ladies Tea with complete sissymaid service. There were 35 Ladies and 3 gentlemen in attendance, 6 or 7 sissymaids and 2 submissive female maids. As always maids were busy with preparations and then seating guests. Maids were to be in uniform, and sissy maids were to be ribboned and belled beneath their petticoats. This is a particularly humiliating touch to our french maid uniforms, and poofy petticoats. As you go about your tasks, your bell can be heard, and all the guests are soon informed of this condition which you have submitted to.
How they know I will describe in a moment, but I would like you to have a sense of the unusually festive air of this tea. There were four tables full of guests eager for tea and a variety of desserts which had been provided by the hotel and which attentive maids had served on platters with tongs. (That was my main task). The Ladies who had paid to attend the event were mostly dressed in gay hats and victorian dresses. One of the Ladies who is known for her period wardrobe, had come in a spectacular dress which had a large hooped billowing skirt, but there were many Ladies who seemed to have stepped out of the pages of a victorian novel to attend. This lended a gay tea party atmosphere to the event, and the Ladies were enjoying themselves thoroughly. Signs at the table informed the Ladies that they were free to abuse the maids a bit, and given the Dominant nature of many of these Ladies, they did not need much encouragement.
Soon sissymaids were casually instructed by guests to lift their skirts so that the Ladies could enjoy the sight of their frilly panties and garter belts and of course their bells. There was an inordinate interest in these bells. A Domina of my acquaintance called me over to Her table to illustrate for the guests, the secret of the bells. Reddening, I lifted my skirts, to show the bell which was suspended between my legs from a pink ribbon.
My Dear Domina was not satisfied with this. She wished for the guests to be able to see how the ribbon was attached. I was now thoroughly abashed, more so because i had cheated! Beneath my frilly sissy panties, I had worn a gaff, a tight pair of thong panties, and simply tied the ribbon around the panty gusset, decidedly an out of uniform condition but who would be the wiser, or so I thought. Now I was forced to lower my panties and my disobedience was revealed.
I was publically rebuked by my Lady for my transgression, but my punishment was to be worse. In front of the whole table, (and the other tables to the extent that they noticed), I was made to put my hands upon the table, and my skirts were raised, and I was spanked! right there in front of the all the guests. It was a bit of a flutter but I beleive I was given ten whacks with a bare hand as the Ladies smiled and laughed, thoroughly amused by my plight. I knew it was expected and so I thanked Her for my correction, but nonetheless My Dear Domina promised me further punishment that evening in the public dungeon, and She was as good as Her word.

Another sissy was quickly brought forward who was properly ribboned and belled and could show the Dommes the method of attachment. I was made to lower my skirts and return to my duties, humbly offering sweets to elegantly appointed, coifed and shod females who made their choices and accept them with barely a glance or others a knowing smile that seemed to say, "I know you naughty sissy" Next time I will be more careful to follow the dress regulations exactly.


Friday, July 1, 2011

Watching Tennis

I KNOW that I'm a tennis nut - but never really watched too much Women's tennis.  Then I saw Maria Sharipova some years back.

I don't care if you're a tennis nut or not.  But if you're a male submissive like me?  Just tune in tomorrow's final of the Women's tennis.  If she doesn't personify what I'd like to be dominated by?  I have no idea of what I'd want.  An absolutely GLORIOUS woman.

She could spank me anytime!

Second cut at my newest serial will be on Sunday.