Saturday, January 1, 2011

This cartoon is by David Bishop. Nice, huh?
I think a caption might be. "But darling? You AGREED to help out when my friends visited!"
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rocketdave said...

First comment!

That would be very fitting caption, in my opinion. I once discovered this drawing on imagefap with some distasteful caption added to it. I don't even remember what it was, but needless to say, I like your suggestion much better.

Bea's TV Station said...

Thank you David. I DID ask him to add to my blog a few hours ago - but didn't know how to add a cartoon then. Discovered how, just before he accessed this blog. I have some more of his that I use on - so intend to add them as I go along.

Carrie P said...

Hi Bea great to see you back in the land of the (cyber) living, great pic by David Bishop never seen his stuff before its excellent.Good luck with the blog

whyguys said...

Oh how this cartoon DELIGHTS!

"Now dry those pretty eyes SWEETIE HONEY, look upon ALL the positives of your new role in life. As my husband you had to worry about how to make and spend money exercising power in your office job, go on business trips, trying to seduce Sarah, that gorgeous secretary that was yours and the other stress you kept having supporting that DREAD MALE EGO. NOW, all you have to do is what I or Head Maid Carolyn TELL YOU to do.

Oh, by the way your FIRST duties tonight shall be serving SARAH and I a lovely candlelight dinner tonight... SHE AND I HAVE GOTTEN SO VERY CLOSE OF RECENT... and after that prepare the Master Bedroom especially well, as SARA SHALL BE SPENDING THE NIGHT.

Now, STOP CRYING and run along LIKE A GOOD GIRL, YOUNG LADY, you've quite a list of household duties to perform..."

Anonymous said...

Well sweetie Fifi is ill and I alsolutely need another maid for the party If you are a good little maid I just might introduce to my boss- he loves girly boys.-