Thursday, January 13, 2011

Monica Graz

I talked about Monica a few days back.  She's one of those transvestites/ cross dressers who actually walk the walk and talk the talk.  To the best of my knowledge he/she is a successful Greek businessman who takes a few months off now and then and works as a full time maid.

He has written a few books - but is in the process of writing a new one and asked me to publish the first two episodes of his latest - which I have done.  They're on my last update of

I asked him to contribute to this blog - but he must be shy - and just sent me photos instead.  I'm gonna try again - maybe get him to tell us about some of the jobs he has had?

Wonder who took the photos?


Grannytranny said...

Hi Bea
I've been a long term fan of Monica Graz'z fiction (not as much as yours of course) and I love the realism she brings.

For me though the femininity of the dress is as important as anything and Monicas stories seem to play down the clothes aspect.

But hey, her stories are free so I'm not complaining.


Tammie said...

Hi there Monica, so nice to see pics of you in your domestic role, I do hope you can contribute to Bea's blog, would love to hear about your experiences.

Btw, I just bought a sari (I'll probably post a pic here soon) do you have any final plans for Harita? Thanks for sharing, Tammie

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bea for your nice words and for printing the photos of my fellow maid Sally and me. Thank you Maria and Tammy for your comments. I'll certainly try and contribute some more in this blog.

Anonymous said...

I am not really anonymous but I am not familair with the way comments are posted,

monica G

Tammie said...

Nice to see you here, Monica looking forward to your thoughts and insight in the future.

Grannytranny said...

And of course we are looking forward to more instalments of your story. Now that Bea wont write for us we rely on you.

Hugs hon


Anonymous said...

Hi Monica
I love your stories and have been a fan of both Bea's and yours since 1975 with "It Started with An Apron" to which you finally wrote a closing chapter - some 30 years later.
Bea- I just discovered your blog and will happily follow and contribute to at times. Glad you are still "around".

Mandee said...

Dear Monica
Of the two of you, I know which is you Monica because I have seen your photo in another venue. However others my not know the real you because no where in Bea's blog is it mentioned. Would you care to tell everyone whether the maid on the right or left is Monica Graz?
Thanks and hugs