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little_giselle said...


Hi Bea! Thanks for writing so many lovely stories. Just discovered your blog. Sorry, I can't think of a good caption for Dave's drawing, but I'll post something if it occurs to me.

Any advice for a writer who wants to sell some of his/her stories?

Bea's TV Station said...


I don't want to edit your stuff - but if you have stories that run from 25,000 to 30,000 words you should contact Mark - he's the publisher at MagsInc. You won't get rich, but he'll pay you about $175 - $200 for a story of that length.

He's a very honest guy - at least he was with me over the years. Very nice guy as well. Just DO edit your stuff and don't have mis-spellings or awful grammar in there.

Tell him that Bea said 'Hi'

little_giselle said...

Wow, thanks for the tip. :)

I don't need an editor exactly. My grammar and spelling are pretty good. The story I'm working on is unfinished and I'm attempting to get myself re-motivated to complete it. When I used to read your stuff on the old Bea's TV channel site, I remember being completely amazed by your prolific ability (and back then I wasn't aware you used aliases). My stories usually get a nice response, but they take me forever, so there are only a handful of them.

I'll definitely look up your friend at Magsinc when the story is ready. At this point it's probably about halfway written.

Bea's TV Station said...

From an ex-writer?

Do you have an ending figured out? If you don't - I forecast trouble for you. God knows how many stories I started - and never finished - because I didn't have an end in mind to begin with.

I'm NOT saying that you can't start with an ending, then change it - but in my own experience it is MANDATORY to have an idea for the ending from the start of the writing process. You can change it for something better as you go along - but if you don't have an ending in your mind at the moment? Sit down and figure one out! PLEASE!

little_giselle said...

I have a sketchy kind of idea for a plot outline. I can't say I have an ending per se. Just that all the girls end up at a formal dance, and it's their kind of initiation into womanhood. In the past, these kind of sketchy ideas were enough, but for whatever reason, once I'm stalled, I tend to stay stalled. It's v frustrating.

Would you be willing to look at it?

Bea's TV Station said...

Of course I wouldn't mind taking a look - but a few rules?

I want your story as a Word attachment.

I would really appreciate you providing me with a para or two about the end you have in mind.

I use "Track Changes" (Word)to edit so if you're not aquainted with that I suggest that you spend a half hour getting the idea.

LAST? I make my suggestions. You can take them or leave them - I just will not debate them in any way, shape, or form.

VERY LAST? If you have short - finished - stories? I don't mind publishing them on my page.

Just keep in mind that if they're over 20,000 words I suggest that you send them for sale to MagsInc (C/O Mark). If less, send them to me. But as I publish them free of charge I don't pay for them.


little_giselle said...

Hugs you!

I don't have Word, I have Pages, but Pages can export to Word format, so I can email this as a Word attachment. I don't know if I can do anything with Track Changes, but I'm happy to work with whatever you'll give me.

I do have a few short, finished stories. They have appeared elsewhere on the web (like Fictionmania and DeviantArt and Big Closet and on my own blog). If you're still willing to carry them on your site, that is awesome. If not, I understand. Also, if you read em and decide they're not for your site, I understand that too.

Hugs you again.