Friday, August 3, 2012

Kammi's Serial

What If - Part 7

(Dear Readers,  I know that I have strayed from what many of you were expecting with this story, I just couldn’t help myself. Part 8 will swing back to the original premise of “What If” and will begin Brad’s feminization and complete female domination.)


“Thank you far sharing that with me, Rose my dear” Lin Lu said and placed her head between Rose’s legs. She gently licked the soft lips until she felt Rose relax. She did not expect her to orgasm after just emptying her soul for the very first time.

“Please, my dear, let me go kill him now. I will take my time – cut his balls off one by one, chop his prick into several pieces, then stuff it all down his throat and let him choke on his own genitals. Pretty please” Lin Lu pleaded.

“No, sweetheart, I have a better plan, one that will slowly kill him for years to come. And we will benefit from it too, I promise. Not get back down there and finish what you started, bitch.”

After reaching a climax from Lin Lu’s expert “tongue lashing”, they were both tired and went to bed. Before that, they checked on Brad. He had regained consciousness and trembled at the sight of his two captors. That was a good sign, Rose thought.

“Please, do not torture me anymore” he pleaded  “I will do anything you ask, just don’t hurt me again.”

“Brad, my dear, whether you want to or not, you will do anything we want. Your new life begins tomorrow so get a good rest tonight. Sweet dreams” Rose taunted him.

“Please, may I have something to drink” he asked.

“Certainly, my loving husband to be” Lin Lu answered. “Just give me a minute.

With a smile on her face she picked up the glass she had used earlier, placed it between her legs, and filled it with her golden nectar.

Brad saw what she was doing. “No, please no, not again…”

Lin Lu had the now warm glass to his lips before he could finish and she tipped the glass so that he was forced to drink the vile liquid. She forced him to empty the glass.

“Be back in the morning with more, sweetheart” she said and both of the women laughed.

Naked and wrapped around each other, the women quickly fell asleep.

In the morning, they donned satin robes and went to the kitchen to make coffee and plan their day. They checked Brad on the way to make sure he had not died during the night. He was asleep and snoring.

“That’s the latest he’s going to sleep for many, many years to come” Rose remarked to Lin Lu, as she picked up the now cool curling iron from the nightstand. She saw Lin Lu’s puzzled expression.

“I promised to curl your hair before bed last night so I’ll do it this morning instead.”

So, coffee made and mugs filled, the women went out on the back terrace. Rose plugged in the iron and began brushing Lin Lu’s lustrous hair while she waited for it to heat up.

“So, my dear Rose, what are your plans for today, and for the days to come?”

“Oh, how about I just make love to you all day long, day after day.”

“Yes indeed, that would be wonderful, my sweet, but I am afraid that would not please my father who is anxiously waiting for a report from me about acquiring Dryfuss Enterprises.”

“I was afraid you would say that” Rose replied as she put down the brush and picked up the hot curling iron. “Can we just do half days then?”

Rose placed a strand of hair between the clamps and wound it tightly around the barrel of the iron, then held it for thirty seconds before releasing the delightful curl. Being oriental hair, curling took longer.

“No way, you lazy woman” Lin Lu snapped, but Rose knew she was not serious - well, not completely. “You know that I have to take this matter in hand and be able to deliver my accomplishment to my father within three months. That will require much time negotiating the terms of our take-over.”

“What if I tell you that it will take less than three weeks, honey?” Rose asked, winding another strand onto the iron.

“Not possible, my dear. No offense, but I am the business partner here and I know what is involved.”

“And I am the brother, and now mistress, of the man that has full control of Dryfuss, and I tell you that as soon as your lawyers can draw up the necessary paperwork, Brad will sign anything I tell him, you cheeky little brat.”

For emphasis, Rose twisted the iron just a little tighter than she had before, making Lin Lu wince.

“Guaranteed?” she asked.

“Yes” Rose said without hesitation.

“Okay, then loosen my fucking hair, you sadistic bitch.”

They both laughed as Rose released the clamp then bent over Lin Lu’s shoulder and kissed her on the lips.

“So, are you going to fill me in on the details or must I just tell Daddy that everything is all set – “trust me”?”

Rose continued around Lin Lu’s head, creating gorgeous curls that hung down her back.

“It’s really quite simple. Brad is broken. I could tell that last night. I have no doubt that the tapes in his closet will prove to be terribly damaging to the reputation of the Rotary Club’s ‘Man of the Year’. And the videos I recorded of yesterday’s events will make him squirm. Lastly, my dear brother faces charges, that I can prove, of kidnapping me and selling me into white slavery, as well as absconding with the funds from my mother’s estate. He also filed a false report to British police about me being missing. Piece of cake my dear, as the Americans would say. To begin the fun, I will cut Brad down to size, so to speak” Rose stated and laughed heartily.

“Speak of the devil, I guess we better go check on him” Lin Lu said. “After all, he did tell me he would love to see me with my hair curled.”

With their mugs of coffee in hand they went upstairs to the master bedroom. Amazingly, Brad was snoring, despite the fact that he was spread eagled on the bed with hands and feet handcuffed to the top and bottom.

“You have to admit, sweets, he is well hung” Lin Lu said while she lifted the limp penis and let it fall back down.

“I suppose, but he won’t be for long” Rose stated. “Bradley dear, wakey, wakey time” she said and shook him.

He opened his eyes and looked at the two women.

“Oh fuck, it wasn’t a nightmare, was it. It’s all real?”

“Sure is, you bastard, but the best is yet to come. I’ll make it short and sweet. Either you sign over ownership of Dryfuss Enterprises to me, on my terms, yesterday will seem like a walk in the park for you. Speaking of which, Lin Lu, did you leave the curling iron turned on? We may need to reintroduce my brother to this device.”

Brad’s eyes widened and his body trembled.

“No, no, please, no more. I’m still sore from yesterday. I think you burned my insides.”

“Oh, Brad, do you like my curls? Rose just used the curling iron on me. I thought it was fun. Too bad you don’t feel the same.”

Rose fluffed the tight coils of hair so Brad could see the results. Amazingly, his cock began to harden.

“Well, well, what do we have here?” Rose asked. “I always thought you took too much enjoyment curling my hair when I was a girl. Do these pretty curls excite you? Wouldn’t you love to be able to put curls in women’s hair again? I think you would make an excellent hairdresser, Bradley. Mummy loved the way you did her hair. Did you get excited doing your own mother’s hair? Was it a thrill for you winding all those curlers in her hair and then brushing them out?”

Rose saw that he now had a full erection.

“You disgusting pig” she snapped and slapped him across the face. Lin Lu used the crop on his penis, whipping him over and over. Brad yelped at the assault then started crying.

“Thirsty?” Rose asked him in a compassionate way. Bradley nodded in the affirmative.

Now it was Rose’s turn to fill the glass with her urine. Bradley offered no resistance when she held the glass to his lips and began to drink the hot beverage.

“Should have a bit of a coffee taste to it” Lin Lu remarked and both women laughed.

“What do you want from me?” a dejected Brad asked.

“Simple, brother dear. You sign over full ownership of Dryfuss to me, no strings attached, and I, in turn, will sell it to Lin Lu.”

“And the proceeds?” he asked.

“Again, very simple, I get it all” Rose answered in a very casual tone.

“No fucking way! Who do you think I am, some ignorant buffoon?”

“Oh no, Bradley, I have the utmost respect for your intelligence, but there is the little matter of me spending almost two years in hell, which all the money in the world could not properly compensate me for.”

Rose went on to reiterate the various charges he was facing.

“And I believe there are some secrets hidden in your secret vault that you probably would not like to see made public, right Bradley?”

Rose could see the stricken look on her brother’s face.
“So I just walk away without a penny in my pocket?”

“Oh no, Brad darling” Lin Lu said. “We have every intention of keeping you on at Dryfuss in a top level position. Our research shows that you are very popular with the females in the business so it is important to maintain that tie. While you will not have your old office, which I particularly love, you will have a new office in the executive wing more suitable to your talents. As the founder and respected leader of Dryfuss, I expect to be calling on you all the time for your help.”

Rose saw the smug look on Brad’s face and wanted to smack him, but now was not the time. His huge ego had taken over and he believed everything Lin Lu said, thinking that it would not take long for him to regain the leadership of his company. After all, he was the great and mighty Bradley Dryfuss and she was just a lowly chink female. What chance did she have?

“And you promise to never press charges and to keep the contents of the vault secret?”

“Yes” both Rose and Lin Lu answered together.

“What do we do next?” he asked.

“I have my lawyers draw up the paperwork, you sign, and we all love happily ever after” Lin Lu said.

“And if I don’t agree?”

“That would be terrible, my dear. You would be turned over to the police and who knows when you would ever see the light of day again. But of course, Rose and I would want to play with you for a week or two or three before we turned you in. I have called in to Dryfuss to say that tou will be out of the country for a while tending to family affairs so nobody will miss you. In that time I would make sure that you suffered everything Rose did as a captive, but even worse. Maybe you would not survive, poor baby.”

“You don’t scare me” he replied, though it was obvious that he was indeed very scared. But Bradley had to put on a show of bravado.

“You’re right, Bradley, I’m just a poor little Asian waif. What could I do to a big man like yourself? I could torment you with the curling iron for a few days but that’s sissy stuff, I know. But then there are my two body guards that my father insists I keep close to me. I don’t want to think about the procedures they would use to make you cooperate. Do you have any idea how painful it is to have your fingernails torn off? And that would just be for warm up. Oh, by the way, my father is Sir Cecil Wong. Heard of him?”

Talk about having a card up your sleeve. Bradley knew this man and his reputation. When Sir Cecil (known to many as Sir Cecil the Terrible) set his sights on acquiring a business, he always succeeded – by any means! Now that was certainly someone to be scared off. He began trembling and wet the bed.

“I’ll sign” Bradley said in a barely audible tone.

Two weeks later Bradley, in the presence of Rose and Lin Lu and her team of lawyers, and captured on video for additional proof, signed over ownership of Dryfuss Enterprises to Rose. She in turn signed the bill of sale to  Lin Lu’s company. Bradley had been so distraught after hearing who Lin Lu’s father was that he did not have a lawyer present nor did he even bother reading the terms of the transaction. Too late he would find out that he had signed his life away to Rose and Lin Lu as an indentured servant giving them full control of all aspects of his future, including some soon to be surgery that would most certainly cut him down to size, so to speak.



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