Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kammi's Serial

What If – Part 8


Two weeks later Bradley, in the presence of Rose and Lin Lu and her team of lawyers, and captured on video for additional proof, signed over ownership of Dryfuss Enterprises to Rose. She in turn signed the bill of sale to  Lin Lu’s company. Bradley had been so distraught after hearing who Lin Lu’s father was that he did not have a lawyer present nor did he even bother reading the terms of the transaction. Too late he would find out that he had signed his life away to Rose and Lin Lu as an indentured servant giving them full control of all aspects of his future, including some soon to be surgery that would most certainly cut him down to size, so to speak.

In the two weeks between Brad’s signing of a letter of intent to sell the company, until the full signing ceremony, he was introduced to just a hint of what his future life would be like. He was fitted with a state of the art ankle bracelet that would not only notify anyone monitoring him of his exact location, but would also induce a painful shock to the butt plug he wore round the clock. He objected strenuously, of course, but after meeting one of Lin Lu’s guards, who choose to forgo a handshake for a rather ungentlemanly hard squeeze of Brad’s balls, he allowed himself to be buckled up. He was confined to his, soon to be Rose’s, house and the grounds around it. Lin Lu immediately began her job as president of the company while Rose stayed home with her brother. Lin Lu had already planned out her strategy based on the research conducted by her father’s highly skilled investigators and began to “remodel” Dryfuss Enterprises. Foremost in her goal was to make the management of the company  totally female. She had to plead with her chauvinistic father to allow her to try this very unorthodox approach at a time when women were still well below the “glass ceiling”. Secretaries, hourly workers, and janitors would all be men – with female supervisors. She had to wait until the closing papers were signed before instituting these changes but she planned to begin the change the minute the company was hers. The current male managers and executives who had no record of the slightest sexual harassment, based solely on interviews with female employees, past and present,  would be offered a generous severance package or a transfer to another of Sir Cecil’s companies. Anyone with a record of being one of the “bad boys”, even if only by verbal charges by any woman, would be immediately dismissed with just a week’s salary, though some, with the agreement of their accuser, could be rehired as secretaries or such. Lin Lu had formed her leadership team and met with them daily. They were all committed to secrecy until after the closing. They were shocked at Lin Lu’s proposals for the new Dryfuss Enterprises but were eager to begin this new endeavor. People going by the closed conference room were often startled by loud laughter and applause from the room. Yes, Dryfuss was going to undergo major, revolutionary changes that would in time become a major topic in every boards of directors meetings across the country.

Meanwhile, Rose was slowly beginning Brad’s training for his new job. She had told him that it might seem strange at first but that he needed this training so that in time he could be the head of a new department at Dryfuss, Vice President of Personnel Enhancement, with a completely redecorated office even larger than his prior one. 

“You will be dealing primarily with female employees and I have no doubt that if you learn your job properly you will be one of the most popular persons in the business. I just hope that all those ladies do not take too much of your time.”

Rose knew that Brad was very susceptible to flattery and that the idea of working with a bunch of women was all he needed to hear. So he let down his guard and before he knew what had happened, he found himself to be probably the most subservient man in the state, maybe even the country. He had not been allowed to wear any clothing since his initial assault by Lin Lu. Walking around the house with him in tow, Rose was shocked to see how big he was down there, even in a flaccid state. She was tempted to reach out and grab it and lead him like a dog but he was her brother and this did not seem proper to Rose. First stop was his new living quarters. When he had built his mansion he, of course, envisioned having maids to wait on him hand and foot – and more. So, there was a servant’s wing that had two bedrooms, a bathroom, laundry room, and a restaurant style kitchen. Unfortunately, Brad’s ego and uncontrolled libido had resulted in three different young ladies quitting within a year. So he had to dismiss his fantasy and rely on an older, plain looking woman to come in three days a week to do cleaning and such. He had to cook his own meals or eat out. Now, Rose informed him that one of these bedrooms would be his along with the laundry room and kitchen. She had noticed the collection of frilly aprons in the closet along with a few French maid outfits. She had no doubt Brad had picked these out and wondered how much success he had getting anyone to wear them.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding” he spat out with his face turning red with anger, just before his body contorted from the cattle prod that Rose pushed into his groin. He fell to the floor. When he recovered and tried to stand up, Rose clicked a remote control and gave him another jolt from the butt plug.

“No, brother dear, I am not kidding, as you just found. Gee, these things work really well. I’m going to enjoy playing with them, though I don’t think you will. Let’s get this straight right now. You will obey me completely! You will do anything I, or Lin Lu,  say.
And you will do it immediately. Otherwise, you will be getting regular doses of what you just experienced. If that doesn’t work, then Chen Yang will pay you a visit and give you a lovely ball massage. What he did to you before is mild compared to what he can do when he’s serious. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Rose” a dejected, and still sore Brad said softly.

“You will address me as Miss Rose and the same for Lin Lu. Let us continue our tour of your new quarters, starting with the bathroom.”

Once inside, Rose told Brad to sit on the toilet seat. He watched nervously as Rose tore the paper of a bar of soap on the sink.

“Open your mouth” she ordered.

Brad obeyed and found the soap jammed into his mouth.

“That is for your nasty language and it will be repeated anytime I or Lin Lu think you are out of line. Now chew.”

Bradley bit down on the Ivory soap and instantly reacted from the sharp taste, reflected in his facial grimace. Rose watched with a smile on her face as he continued to chew and swallow the soap. No doubt he would have painful stomach cramps from this later, she thought with much satisfaction. He was still chewing when Rose led him to the laundry room.

“This is your new exercise room. No doubt you will spend much time in here, especially pumping iron” she said with a laugh as she picked up the steam iron from the table. “You will do all our laundry and ironing, including hand washing all our delicate items. Sloppy work will result in the punishment of our choice. Now, let me see what they may be – cattle prod, butt plug, riding crop, and, let us not forget your favorite, the delightful curling iron. And probably Lin Lu will have a few things to add to the list. Seems like she asked me where she could buy a nice cane, whatever she needs that for.”

Rose went on to tell Brad all his new duties which essentially meant he would become the full time maid for Lin Lu and his sister.

“Ah, what about my work at the plant?” Brad asked.

“Once we have everything concluded with the transfer of ownership, you will need training for your new responsibilities. I believe that is scheduled to begin in a few weeks and will take a few months. I know you will enjoy it and then be ready to become the new Vice President at Dryfuss. By then, your office should be completed so that you can jump right into your new career.”

“What will I be doing?”

“We haven’t worked out all the details yet but essentially you will be responsible to bring out the best in our female employees by building their self esteem and making them feel good about themselves, getting them to feel it was worthwhile to come to work on any given day, etc. We have great confidence in your ability to reach out to women with your great charm and experience.”

“Will I stop being your maid then?”

“Oh no, my dear. You will need to identify with our women who all put in a full days work and then come home to all that needs to be done there. Men really need to feel what this is like instead of coming in the door, propping up their feet and expecting to be waited on by their wives. It’s a new era, Bradley, and we are going to put you at the forefront. Hey, don’t look so gloomy. We are only asking you to do things that you used to do willingly at home for Mummy and me. Like cooking and laundry and dusting and mending and taking such good care of us. And it won’t all be bad. You’ll get to brush our hair out every evening, wash and curl it, do our nails and shave our legs. I know you used to love doing all this before and I can see you still like the idea.”

Rose gave an obvious look at Brad’s growing erection. Oh my gosh, she thought, I had no idea he could get this big. But then, why would a nice sweet English girl have any interest in her brother’s penis?

“And if you’re good, we’ll let you attend to us during our periods – changing our sanitary napkins and tampons and giving us lovely perfumed douches and all that good stuff. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

Brad could not control the soft moan he made as his erection attained maximum size. Rose figured he must be a good ten inches long and two inches diameter.

“I can’t believe you took advantage of me as a young, blossoming girl by insisting on doing that for me. I was so naïve. I almost mentioned it to one of my girlfriends when we all began to have our periods. That would have been a disaster. I had no idea that it was improper for my brother to perform these thing for me.  I’ll bet you would have been arrested and sent off to borstal, you pervert. But I can see that you liked every minute attending to me like that. You even sniffed my soiled stuff, didn’t you?”

Brad could only nod his agreement as he moaned again. He was afraid of cuming in front of her, he was so excited.

“Say, did you do those things for Mummy too?” Rose asked in a shocked tone.

Brad nodded yes again.

“You filthy fucking pervert” she shouted at him as she touched the cattle prod to the end of his penis and zapped him. Brad screamed and fell on the floor again.

“Prick! I should make you eat shit for a month but then I’d be lowering myself to your filthy level. But you will pay for all your crimes, you detestable swine” and she zapped him again.

“Enough fun and games. Go put on an apron and get that thing covered” she ordered, noticing that his erection was gone. “Strip the dirty linens on your former bed and put them on your new bed. Don’t bother washing them, you need to sleep in your dirt for a while. Strip off the bed Lin Lu and I have been using them and then gather any laundry that needs washing. Then get things started down here. Once the washer is loaded, I want you to give your old bedroom a thorough cleaning, including flipping the mattress so that we do not come in contact with whatever lewd things you did there. That will do until the room can be redecorated properly. Remove every piece of your clothing and put it in the bedroom next to yours – your new bedroom. By then, the wash should be ready to go in the dryer and you should be able to get another loaded started. After that is done, it will be time to start dinner. I have left a couple of recipes for you to follow. After dinner is cleaned up I will let you attend to Lin Lu for whatever she needs you for. Once that is done, return here to begin the ironing. I suspect you will be up late tonight getting it finished. Life’s tough, huh?”

“Yes, Miss Rose” a totally beaten Brad replied.

“Very good, Bradley, there’s hope for you yet.”

In a very victorious mood, Rose picked up a book and went outside to the patio to enjoy the late summer sun. Yes, it had been a good first day in the training of her brother. He did appear to be broken but she was not sure. Something she had planned for him in a few weeks would undoubtedly seal his complete surrender and she looked forward to it. After a glass of wine, she felt much more relaxed. Had she overreacted by stunning Brad, not once but twice after his admission that he attended to their mother’s menstrual needs. She knew she had lost control, but was it justified. After all, on many, perhaps most days, Mummy had trouble taking care of herself. Brad had washed and ironed her clothes, set her hair, polished her nails, and helped her dress and undress. Maybe Mummy had asked him to help her during her monthly “curse”. Maybe he was just being a very dutiful son. But the son of a bitch had enjoyed it!. Still, looking back, she had to admit that they had been the ultimate dysfunctional family. She might be able to forgive him for being overly nice to Mummy but what he had done to her was unforgiveable. The brandings on her thighs would never let her forget what she had been through, all caused by Brad’s instigation. She would enjoy seeing him perform his penance.


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