Wednesday, August 15, 2012

On Second Thoughts.

A couple of things:

I criticized Marie for not writing to me direct - and I must admit to having bitched a number of times about the lack of people wanting to author on this page.  But it would seem that for some time I haven't given an e-mail address for anyone to contact me that wishes to do so - so here we go again!

I'll honestly try and reply to anyone who writes - honest!

On books?  I'm an avid reader.  Dawns on me that (surprise!) I like books with a strong female.  If you think the way I do?  "Out of Africa" (Not that bloody movie!) by Baroness Von Blixen is a fantastic read.  I've just finished another - "Love, Life, and Elephants".  Nice if you're into exotic pets, but that's about all.  But?  Just finished a book by Elizabeth Berg.  Can't remember the title - but it's about a mother in an iron lung, bringing up a young girl.  Bloody good!

That's it for now.

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