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I'll be honest - I've no idea whatsoever as to who, or how many, read the 'comments'.  At the same time, I'd be willing to bet a little money that new Posts get a LOT more attention than the comments.  What inclines to tick me off is when I see a damned interesting piece of information - and it's a bloody COMMENT?  Marie made the following comment:

Anonymous   has left a new comment on your post "Late Again.":

Dear Bea,

I'm writing to thank you for your posts and your site. I heard that you may not be feeling well and want to send my best wishes for your soon and complete recovery.

For all, I read this weekend a NY Times article, "What's So Wrong with Boys Who Want to Wear Dresses." Excellent article and, I think, fits me. I recommend googling it and reading it. Or send me an email and I can send the PDF.

I also recently read a book by Anne Vitale, "The Gendered Self" where she describes a 'diagnosis' (she's a psychologist) called "Gender Expression Deprivation Anxiety Disorder" (GEDAD, although I prefer 'Gee... Dad' :-)  Fascinating and progressive stuff. Maybe in 50-100 years some or all of this crap will be behind us. We'll be able to be and do what we want to, from an early age through adulthood. I dream of that. 



So Marie?  How come you didn't contact me - say you have something that might be of interest - and let me POST the bloody thing?

This applies to every one of my readers.  Got something?  Let me know what it is - I'll make you an 'approved author' and you can participate.  It's THAT easy!

BTW?  Thanks Marie for your concern.  My health isn't too great - but not bad.  It's old age I need a cure for.  Anybody think of a cure for that?

Not got too much this week - sorry.  But here's the serial.  Think I'll skip Rosie this week - want to draw out what I have left.

Hugs to you all.  Here's part 5 of the serial.

 A Pretty Girl is Like a Malady

Part 5
She removed my apron then sat and talked to me quietly for a while. I was frightened, but she assured me that it was just a game.  Not to worry.  Then I thought I heard someone at the door.  A few minutes later, Ann came into the room, giggling and bringing a bunch of plastic flowers. "Sorry!" she laughed, but this was the best we could come up with."  And she placed them in my arms.  "They're here" she told Shannon, then darted back out of the room again.
"Showtime dear" Shannon laughed, then pulled my veil down over my face and, linking her arm in mine, led me back down the hall into the living room to the sounds of the girls singing "Here comes the bride"

Elaine was standing looking at me, a drunken grin on her face.  Shannon took her arm from mine. "Ladies?  May I present – a specimen of what I consider to be - THE PERFECT MALE!" she said, and they all cheered as I stood there shivering in my dress, petticoats and veil, flowers clutched in my trembling hands.
But through the veil, I could see that there were an additional two people.  "Cecilia?  Look who's been nice enough to visit and be your matron of honor!"
And it was Angela!  And the person standing beside Elaine was my ex wife Tess – acting as best man!  She grinned an evil grin at me.  "A beautiful bride dear.  Congratulations!"

The ceremony was short.  I had to kneel beside my husband to be and take my vows. It was a one-night marriage, but I was to be a dutiful wife, obedient and caring.  Elaine swore to protect me from harm - but to beat me if I misbehaved.

Ann, who was performing the service asked Elaine if everything was satisfactory and would she like to kiss the bride.
Elaine laughed and said "Sure!"  Then lifted my veil and leaned down and kissed me.
Then Anne asked me if I would like to kiss my husband.  I said "Yes"
"Very nice dear," she said.  "Lift your veil please."
I did  then saw that Elaine had something in her hand that she was bringing into my mouth.  Helplessly, I kissed the dildo she was inserting between my lips.-, then for the next thirty seconds or so, she entertained her friends by slowly pushing it in further, then retracting it, then repeating the cycle a few times.

Then everyone wanted to kiss the bride.  Some kissed me properly.  Tess and Ann, repeated what Elaine had done with the dildo.  By the time this part of the 'ceremony' was over, music had been put on and we did some slow dancing.  I was a very popular partner, though Elaine was my partner most of the time. As the evening wore on, Angela finally danced with me.  It was more embarrassing dancing with her than the others, because even with her, I had to take the female role and follow her lead.  She was nice and slow though, and I soon felt a lot better.
"You do make a pretty bride Ron. Bet you'd have been smashing in a real wedding gown."
I blushed both at the compliment and the content of what she said, but managed a soft "Thank you Angela."
"You're welcome sweetie." She replied.  "I'm so glad you're here now. I used to like our little chats when I used to come around to your house.  I REALLY felt bad at what Tess and I did to you, but she wouldn't have it any other way. Are we going to be friends again?"
"Of course, Angela.  If Carole let's me, and Tess doesn't mind."
She kissed me quickly – but it was more of a girl to girl kiss than anything else.
"You're going to have to get ready for bed pretty soon dear." She whispered.  "Would you like me to give you a hand?  You don't have to, you know, but maybe I can help?" 
"Give me a hand to do what?" I whispered nervously.
"Get your nightgown on.  Get you ready for Elaine."
"Get ready?"

She paused in the middle of a step and looked at me calmly.  "You're going to be Elaine's bride tonight in bed.  You haven't figured that out yet?"
"I think so.  I don't know" I mumbled.
"Well dear?  I'm telling you, that's what's going to happen.  Now you can either fight it, or try and make the best of it. If you try and fight Elaine?  I think she's probably too strong for you, and she's going to hurt you – not intentionally, because she's a nice girl.  But? She's had a few drinks, and I heard that you were leading her on earlier. She might feel that you're just playing hard to get, when she gets you in bed . . "
"That's not true!  I didn't lead her on!" I interrupted  indignantly.
"Maybe not.  But that seems to be the general consensus around here – and she seems to think that you did as well."

Her voice then grew a little impatient."  Look!  I can help you if you want me to.  If not, that's okay.  What do you want?"
"Will you help me Angela.  Please?" I answered meekly.
"Of course dear.  Why don't we go and start getting you ready?"
"Just now?" I asked, suddenly frightened of what seemed to be in store for me.
She must have heard the fear in my voice. "Yes dear.  The sooner the better.  Come on, let's go."
With that, she let my hands go and then, hand in hand, led me from the room and upstairs.  As we left, there were a few ribald remarks, but my companion just stared at them calmly, and the girls quietened down.

Lying on top of the bed in my room were two garments – both white and satin, bedecked with lace.  One was to be my nightgown, the other a matching peignoir.  A pair of white satin slippers sat on the floor underneath them. I let out a nervous sigh as Angela touched my face lightly with her fingers.
"Still not shaving too often Ron?"
"That's right – but I did shave earlier on anyway." I said.
"Okay, but we have to have a little talk before we begin.  Okay?" she said.

"It's okay by me," I said.  "But what about?"
"You can either be a willing bride or an unwilling one. I'll prepare you for either eventuality, but I don't want to be giving you hints and tips about how to satisfy Elaine, if your macho pride is going to get in the way.  I don't want to be hearing 'oh, I can't do that' "  she spoke in falsetto  " because you won't accept the position you're in.  I'm not saying that you have to BE willing – I'd just strongly suggest that you learn how to APPEAR willing!"

"You think that's best Angela?" I asked.
She took both my hands in hers. "Look.  Elaine is going to take you tonight. If you fight her, you'll lose your pride as well 1as your virginity, because she is going to win.  If you don't fight her? You may lose your pride, but you'll be the only one that knows it. Also?" she smiled.  "Let's face it dear. You wouldn't be in this position of you weren't somewhat feminine to begin with. Right?  If you relax, go with the flow?  You might even enjoy it.  Maybe?"

I thought for a moment. Tried to smile. "Okay Angela. What do I have to do?"
"Good!" she said.  "Now lets get those clothes off, then we'll get your makeup off, then you can grab a quick shower."
"Won't she be wanting me to wear makeup?" I asked.
"Bet your sweet bippy!" she laughed.   "But lets get you smelling sweet all over first.  You were working quite hard downstairs, and that dress isn't the coolest thing in the world, I'd reckon – not with all those petticoats."
"You're right there!" I laughed.
"Well, try and cream off the worst of that makeup you have on, then get in that shower. I'm going to go and see if I can scrounge up some more appropriate makeup for you and other stuff. Get going girl!"  And she gave me a friendly pat on the rear.

It felt strange, sitting there by myself, going through a ritual that almost every woman has undergone at one time or another – removing makeup before bed.  I was extremely conscious of the dress sleeves and the rustle of my petticoats as I hurriedly cleaned off as much makeup as I could.  I was also somewhat surprised when my new reflection was looking back at me.  Even with my wig off, there was a strong evidence of femininity in the face looking back at me from the mirror.

Quickly, I kicked off my shoes, then got out of my dress and hung it in my closet.  I didn't know how to save the petticoats – there was so much of them – so just threw them on a chair.  I blushed furiously as my new breasts sprung free when I undid the back fastener of the bra, then skipped as quickly into the shower as I could, my face still aflame at the sight and feel of breasts bobbing naturally in front of me, even though there was nobody there to appreciate – or jeer – at me..

I was happy that I managed to get myself clean, dried, powdered, and into my new nightgown and negligee just before Angela returned. In all honesty, I must admit that being in the hurry that I was to avoid her seeing me in the nude, I shouldn't have appreciated the sensory impacts of the satin of the nightgown as it cascaded over my body.   This would not be true though.  I simply had to pause for a few seconds to appreciate the waves of sexual appreciation as it rippled over my body, in tune with the material glissading over my sensitive skin.

Angela came back with some things in a large bag. The first thing she extracted was a pair of white satin panties.  "Got these from Carole,"  she explained. "Don't want you spotting your pretty gown.  Here, may as well put them on just now."  And she handed them to me.

I stepped into them and pulled them up under my gown and into place.  
"Spotting?" I asked.
"I could be wrong Cecilia, " she said "But you'll probably get sexually stimulated before Elaine comes into you.  That reminds me!  I'd strongly suggest you put a condom on, right before she does."
"But?  I thought. . ." I stammered to a halt.
"Thought what?"
I was blushing deep red now. "That she was , well, working on my backside?  Why would I need a condom?"
She shook her head. "Dear?  You're a sissy, but you still have a male organ. Please don't tell me that being dressed like a woman and being treated like on, doesn't excite you – you've got an erection right now, don't you?"
I nodded.  It was only too obvious with only a pair of panties and a gown to hide it.

"Well then?" she continued.  "If Elaine does stimulate you – and I think she will?  You'll start getting moist at the tip of your penis, won't you?"
"Oh.  I see."  I said.
"Yes, the panties will protect your gown a little.  But once she gets your panties down?  Comes into you proper? You going to come all over your nice nightgown?  The bed?"
"But I might not feel like 'coming'  you know."  I argued.
She looked at me strangely. "Yeah.  Well.  Maybe. But put these condoms under your pillow where you can get to it. Just in case?  Okay?"
I nodded, took the condom from her, and put it under my pillow.  When I looked up again, she had the long blonde wig Carole had bought for me.

"I'd forgotten all about that!"  I said.
"Well, Carole hadn't," she laughed.  "Thought you might like it"
"Yes.  I do."  I giggled.  "Can I put it on now?"
"No. Let's get this stuff arranged, then your makeup on – then we'll get you into your peignoir and THEN we'll let you put on your nice wig – huh?"

The stuff she produced was a small tin containing munchies, two champagne flutes – and a portable chiller with a bottle of champagne nestled in it – and napkins.  She put them all over on a small table beside the sofa. Then, I had to sit at the dressing table as she made me up, and explained how I should act towards Elaine.  She didn't mince words, and I practically blushed the whole time.  I kept wanting to deny what she was saying, but the practicality of what she was saying was too evident, so I listened and took it all in.

She was very careful with the application of the makeup. Just touches here and there, but the lipstick was wet looking, and a deep red.  My eyeshadow was very pale blue – but it seemed to sparkle a little.  Just a touch of blush, but it was also a deeper red than I had become accustomed to.  She did apply a few coats of mascara though. I was starting to feel very sexy, and was becoming drowsy for some reason as she applied very discreet amounts of perfume to behind my ears and at my wrists.  Found myself leaning backwards, into her.
"Won't be long now Cecilia" she whispered.  "Here.  Lets get your peignoir on.  Yessss!  That's girl! Mmmmm!  Aren't you pretty!  Now  the wig, huh?  Oh my!  Yes!  Just your slippers now.  Do they fit good?"

All I could do was nod.  As I stood there in a soft cloud of satin and lace, I knew how a bride must feel. I felt practically no sense of masculine shame at what I looked and felt like.  Time and care had been taken to make me pretty for my husband – and I was ready.  In a haze, I felt Angela guide me over to the couch. She poured me a little champagne into my glass. "Remember now dear!  Make sure you pour Elaine her glass!  You must show right away that you're willing to serve her.  Can you remember that?"

She was peering into my face, smiling, but with some anxiety there.  "I've got to go now dear.  Elaine will be up shortly. Don't let her hurt you now!  Just relax.  Okay?"
"Yes.  Thank you, darling Angela."  I said, and kissed her hand.
She paused on her way to the door.  "Cecilia?  I don't want to sound . . .ah . . .indelicate?  But as soon as I leave?  I'd suggest you  . .ah . . lubricate yourself.  I put a jar at the bedside table. I wouldn't wait too long if I were you.  Things get out of hand sometimes, you know?" She gave me a tiny wave, then left the room.

I was embarrassed by what she'd just said, but remembered the pain of Elaine's initial 'explorations' so went and opened the jar, pulled my panties down, then took some of the jelly and applied it, blushing furiously all the while. I then pulled my panties back into place, and went back to the sofa, and took a sip of wine, trying to relax, but couldn't help squirming as my backside felt very strange.
A knock came to the door. "Cecilia?  Can I come in?"
"Yes Elaine.  Please come in" I said, and the door opened and my husband for the night stood there.

She was wearing a pair of Carole's pajamas, because they were a little short in the leg – dark blue silk, under a white terry robe. Her hair had been brushed straight back from her forehead – which made her look terribly young – and she had removed all of the makeup from her face.  "Hello Cecilia?  You're very pretty in that gown!"
"Thank you kind sir!" I said, dropping a curtsey and smiling at her, then going over to give her a kiss.

She embraced me immediately, and kissed me back forcefully.  Standing there, I suddenly felt very tiny, delicate, and defenseless as her hands moved over my body, with feather light caresses.
"Darling?" I panted, suddenly out of breath.  "There's no hurry, is there?  We have all night, don't we?  Like a glass of champagne?"

"Sure!" she said. "I'm sorry sweetie.  Didn't mean to rush you.  Be a sweet little wife?  Pour your hubby a glass, huh?"
I knew I made a nice picture as I wafted my way back to the table where the wine and glasses were.  I poured her glass, then sat on the sofa. Want to join me, lover? " I asked throatily as I patted the seat beside me invitingly.
"Try and stop me!" she giggled, the came over and sat – then pulled me into her lap!  There, I was asked to feed her little tidbits of the munchies and sips of her wine, as she sat with one hand up my nightgown skirts, the other fondling the lace materials over my breasts.  With both of my hands in use, and helpless to defend me,  she gradually worked me into total confusion.

"You ready?" she asked after a while.  In answer, I put her wineglass and the napkin I'd been holding her munchies in, and leaned back into her embrace. 
"In a minute, in a minute!" she laughed.  "But first?  I want you to do something for me.  Okay?"
I nodded, still in a daze.
"It's just a couple of symbolic things.  First kneel down on the floor  beside the couch, then open up my robe.  Okay?"
"Yes darling." I said and slid off her lap and knelt beside her.  I then undid the sash of her robe and pushed it aside – and saw the bulge under her pajama pants.
"All right little sissy. Time to pay the man some respect.  Pull my pants down please.  Yes!  Very good!  Now just take the man and put your mouth over it, as if you were going to give me a blow job. Yes, that's a girl! " and her hand landed on the back of my head and gently forced my mouth over her dildo, then back, then repeated the process a few times.
"Very good, Cecilia," she crowed. "Now you can  get up and go over my knees.  Hubby wants to spank his new bride.  Let her know who the boss is! "

Without argument I got up from the floor and laid myself, face down, over her knees. What happened was a lot different than I expected.  She pulled my hem of the peignoir and nightie up to reveal my panties then, instead of smacking me, she cupped the palm of her hand and started patting and caressing me softly on both buttocks.
"Ooooh" she crooned as she continued to dominate me.  "Look at the little sissy's backside.  Elaine's going to put her big man inside there pretty soon, isn't she sissy?"
"Please Elaine?  Do you have to?" I said, stung by her comments and wanting to show some degree of non-acceptance.
"No. Don't have to.  I just want to.  That's all." She giggled and inserted a finger in me.

I am not going to draw any pictures about what went on in that room that night.  I am not going to say I didn't enjoy any of it. I had learned by then that I was developing a taste for being humiliated by women – but I had enough humiliation that night to more than satisfy me. 

Angela had been absolutely correct. If I'd struggled, it would have been soul destroying.  Either my strength was decreasing as I slid into femininity, or Elaine was much stronger to begin with. In either case I saw almost immediately that the outcome would have been the same – me under Elaine as she rode me into womanhood.

I did not enjoy the physical aspects much. Elaine was as gentle as I could have asked – but it was a painful experience, particularly the first time.  I am not proud of the way I acted – all eager, feminine, and willing to satisfy this young woman – but my loss of pride in this subjugation was known only to me.  She fell asleep quite quickly.  I turned over onto my side.  Still asleep, she put her arm out and I snuggled in, feeling secure.  I lay there in her arms for a while, sleepless, trying to figure what had actually happened to me in a few short days, but never reached any conclusion.

She woke me up for more sex about four o'clock in the morning.  I was too sleepy to show much enthusiasm, but after a warning from her, behaved more like a girl again. Actually, it was easier to play the part this time – the behavior pattern expected seemed to becoming more and more natural to me.  I had not needed a condom the first time, but something told me to use one for this episode.  I was glad I did.  With my more relaxed attitude, I fell into Elaine's rhythm – which must have been the reason that I ejaculated while she was making love to me.
"Enjoyed it better that time sweetie?" she mocked as I left the bed to get rid of the dripping condom.
She was sleeping again by the time I had cleaned myself and got back to bed.

I woke to a hand being placed over my mouth.  Looked up to see Carole grinning down at me. She took her hand from my mouth and made a 'shushing' gesture with her finger to her lips.  I nodded, and she crooked her finger at me, indicating that I was to get up.  I slithered out of bed slowly, strangely shy in my white bridal nightdress.  She pursed her lips and smiled appraisingly, then nodded approvingly and handed me my peignoir.  I slid into it, and she indulgently came over and stood directly in front of me and tied the tiny neck closing ribbons in a delicate bow.

Next, she silently pointed to my slippers and I put them on.  I knew what she meant when she pointed at the dressing table, so went and arranged my hair, ad freshened my lipstick.  She nodded approvingly again, then led me from the bedroom, closing the door quietly behind us.

She linked her arm in mine as we went down to the kitchen, but didn't say anything until we got there.
"I've been wondering what to say to you" she said quietly,   " I've never been with a man who became a bride the night before. I hope Elaine didn't hurt you?"
"A little," I said  "But she was very nice to me."
"Well truthfully?  I'm glad that's over. I wanted you to have a taste of what a woman goes through, and I guess you did, huh?"
I blushed, and she laughed – but not unkindly.  "Okay Cecilia, you've a husband to take care of.  I'll let her sleep for a little while so that you can have time to make breakfast.  You don't mind if I ask you to make mine as well?  Just a croissant  and a dry cereal for me.  I think Elaine will probably want an omelet or something like that – coffee, black and strong. I think you should just have a few slices of dry toast. We'd better start working on your figure."

I was hungry, but figured I'd better not argue, so floated into the kitchen and started preparing the meal for my 'husband' and my mistress.  (I knew very well what she was now.).
"I'm going to shower and change now Cecilia" she told me. "But!  That reminds me.  After Elaine leaves, go and shower. But before you do?  There's a blue jar filled with cream  beside your bathroom sink.  It's a depilatory. I want you to rub it in all over your bod then wait for a full minute before you have your shower.  You'll be nice and smooth.  Trust me, you'll be very sorry if you miss any.  And by the way?  Shave under your arms as well."

End of part 5


Anonymous said...

Hi Bea,

Sorry to generate your "Grrrr"! Honestly, I didn't know how to contact you (or any others) in another way, and I didn't feel comfortable suggesting you make me an approved author. If you're still interested, I am!



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