Monday, August 27, 2012

Embracing the Feminine

I received a good number of responses (~80) to he survey that I distributed last week. I was surprised at the results.

 If you could wave a magic wand, would you
 1) change into a regular guy with no forced femme fantasies                          (5%)
 2) change into a girl                                                                                     (39%)
 3) get a hot dress. I am happy being a boy with forced femme fantasies.       (56%)

I was surprised at how few (5%) of the respondents would use the magic wand to get rid of their femme fantasies and become "normal" guys.  I can't say that I know the deeper meaning, but clearly we don' t want to give up our love of things feminine.   So the real division among readers was between those who were happy to be boys with femme fantasies, and those who would become girls if they could wave the magic wand.  Personally I think this is a very tough choice, but I wrote a year ago regarding a TV series, called Sex Change Hospital about those having Sex Reassignment surgery that if I could simply snap my fingers, then I would change my gender, but I know that I am unwilling to suffer everything involved in making that happen.
It turns out that the answers to the survey depended a great deal on the age of the respondent, and in a pretty interesting way.

Here were the choices and what happened

I used to use statistics professionally, so I can confidently that the 35-50 age group is more happy to stay as they are, and less likely to want to change into a girl than the older respondents or the younger respondents, but I can't really say why.  If anyone has a good idea I would like to hear about it.  It would be fun to understand this age difference.    I would love to hear any ideas that anyone has on the why of this.  I think that being born after 1962, (puberty post-sexual revolution)  should have changed how we see ourselves, relative to those of us who were born well before that, but I still don't understand the difference with even younger people.  

Regardless, I was very pleasantly surprised to see that the cd's t-girls, and sissies that visit Bea's site, have embraced the feminine without guilt.  I don't think that a survey like this 50 years ago (if you could find some way of giving it) would have answered anything like this.  I think I would have chosen to give up my femme fantasies, and I wouldn't have been alone.


Carrie P said...

Hi Belinda
Here’s my two cents for what it’s worth.
Very interesting survey but I suppose short of the 5% giving their reasons we can only speculate, could be anything from religious views to an overwhelming guilt or shame that they are not “normal”, but for me I prefer to remain male ( I’m 50+). I don’t know whether it has anything to do with age while (like us all) I have had a longing to dress as female I don’t think I ever wanted or felt the need to change. Perhaps it’s not an age thing rather where you are on the gender spectrum. Some people may have a much stronger pull towards the feminine than others. My feminine side can be quite strong and I obviously like and enjoy it but I enjoy a much of what masculinity has to offer. Male strength comes in very handy when I’m doing physical work and I always like the physicality of ball games although scars on my legs now mean opaque pantyhose most of the time. Feminine vanity or what.
Maybe another reason is the 35- 50 age group are happy to stay as they are, is that they have been through the tough times and have now found their male/female equilibrium.
Really enjoy the surveys, hope you do more as the questions and your comments are interesting.

mandee522 said...

Just rediscovered your new blog and pages Bea.
Fantastic production given that a few years back you were stopping everything. Can't keep a good woman down. Welcome back honey.