Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kammi's Serial

What If? Part 10


“Miss Rose?” Brad asked, surprising her by the “Miss” part. “As your maid, may I point out that some of your rollers in the back have loosened. May I fix them for you?” Damn Lin Lu, Rose thought with a smile on her face. “Yes, you may.” Brad came from around the ironing table and untied Rose’s net. He quickly tightened the five or six loose rollers and retied the net. “Thank you Bradley.” “My pleasure, Miss Rose.” His “pleasure” was quite noticeable, Rose saw. His apron had tented below his waist. “That’s quite obvious. And since you have done everything so well today, you may kiss my curlers.” He wasted no time kissing all of the thirty-six rollers. With a deep breath and soft moan he said “Thank you, Miss Rose.” “You may continue your ironing, Bradley” she said as she left the room.  “And be careful with our panties” she added over her shoulder.

One Year Later

Dryfuss Enterprises was now being noticed by the business world. They had achieved significant growth since the very hostile takeover by Lin Lu and had acquired two more companies under questionable circumstances. Initially laughed at for their all female executives, many high powered men no longer were laughing – they were crying. Lin Lu, like her father, was ruthless in her business dealings but all of her employees loved her and were highly motivated by her revolutionary methods. Entering the building into the reception area, visitors would first be surprised that the receptionist was in fact a man, but certainly not a “real” man. His hair, though short, was noticeably styled (more often than not from sleeping in rollers the night before). While the average man might not notice, any woman would plainly see the discreet make-up he wore – light foundation, mascara, curled eyelashes, and a hint of pale lipstick. His fingers would be perfectly manicured with at least a coat of two of clear polish but for a few of the daring, a quite noticeable coating of red. He would be wearing a white, slightly sheer silk blouse that revealed a camisole underneath. Again, with one of the brave souls (or the opposite, a totally dominated soul) bra straps might also be visible. The maroon, flared shorts would end just above his knees. At first glance it might appear that he was wearing a skirt. Patterned white knee socks would end in shiny patent leather black pumps with two inch heels. A slight scent of perfume would complete the picture. This same uniform would be seen throughout the offices with the exception being the supervisors who were all well dressed ladies, the quality increasing as one climbed to the top floors. Only a few of the senior male managers had accepted their lowered positions of secretaries and such, especially after reading the new dress code. But a few more returned when they found out the current labor situation, which was not good for a man looking for a new job.  Some younger men accepted the job even knowing the conditions they worked under. Many of these were sons of the new managers and executives who were often ordered to report for their job by their mothers. Still, one would see after a half hour or so that all the employees, no matter what rank, appeared to be very happy. As Lin Lu often said “Happy makes money”. On the top floor, the executive secretaries and personal assistants were all female and had a close relationship with their superiors, Lin Lu and her “team”. Though not required, they all wore either dresses or smart looking skirt suits along with nylons and heels. On any given day, a visitor would swear that each of them had just stepped out of a beauty salon, so perfectly arranged was their hair and make-up. Lin Lu did not adopt the very austere, almost masculine dress of the new, and very few, women emerging in the business world. They were women and would look as womanly as they could. Another of Lin Lu’s pronouncements said that “Nothing clinches a deal better than a pair of nice legs and a firm ass”. She proved that to be true on more than one occasion. She delighted in the fact that women did not need to act like men to succeed in the business world – their feminine wiles and appearance were much more successful. The first victim of this approach was a long time supplier of material used by Dryfuss. His product was top notch and he knew it. So his price had been rising steadily until Lin Lu decided he was being greedy. Investigation of “Mr. Big” revealed that had an uncontrollable interest in young girls – under 16 years old, the more under the better. Bradley had played to this perversion by supplying what the man desired in his effort to control pricing. So on Mr. Big’s next visit, Lin Lu set up the usual dinner at the best hotel in town with the requested “desert” delivered to his room. Lin Lu could barely stomach the man at dinner, finding him to be gross and extremely chauvinistic, constantly referring to his “little woman” back home who did anything he demanded. So it was with great pleasure that Lin Lu escorted him to his suite where the sweetest little girl awaited him, dressed in a schoolgirl’s uniform and her hair in ringlets. Mr. Big was drooling before the door was closed. Li Lu, listened outside and heard him say loudly “Come to daddy, sweetheart and wrap your lips around this fella down here”. Lin Lu struggled to keep from bursting into the room and cutting his balls off. Then she heard a childish voice say “Oh my, daddy, “I’ve never seen one that big. May I touch it, pretty please? Oooh, can I kiss it, daddy? Me? I’m almost thirteen, my birthday is next month.” This time, Lin Lu had to keep from laughing. The little girl in the room was actually Sandy Jones, who worked in the sales department and was 23 years old. She was also a Judo expert. There was a loud “Yahoo, am I going to have fun tonight” from Mr. Big followed by about fifteen minutes of silence before the sound of what seemed to be a body bouncing across the floor reached Lin Lu. Then the door opened and Sandy slipped out, her hand on her mouth to keep from laughing out loud.

“He’s all yours, Lin Lu, though I expect it will be a while before he can stop moaning from his pain. I expect that good church man may be singing soprano in his choir next week. Can you believe it, he asked me if I was ‘saved’? What an asshole. See you tomorrow, that was fun.”

The ladies exchanged kisses on their cheeks. Lin Lu entered the room and found Mr. Big lying on the floor, curled up with his hands holding his crotch. He moaned like a wounded animal. She stood over him for a minute, enjoying his pain. Lin Lu hated people that abused children in any way. Smiling, she lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties then peed on the man’s face. He turned toward her and opened his mouth in astonishment. Bad move – he got a mouthful of Lin Lu’s hot stream.

“Ready to discuss your pricing, Mr. Big?”

“You fucking bitch, you set me up. Go to hell.”

“Oh dear, such language from a nice, church going, married community leader. Gee, maybe I should call Sandy back and see what a second kick in your balls would feel like” she said as she poked his crotch with her pointed shoes.

“I gave you my best price. Now I’m calling the cops.”

Mr. Big rolled over onto all fours and tried to get up. Bad move – he left himself wide open to another assault which Lin Lu gladly delivered. This time he threw up and got back into the fetal position. Lin Lu sat down and picked up the phone.

“I’ll put the call through for you, the local police know me. I want to invite them to the show I’ll be presenting later. I’m sure you’re not interested, after all, you are the star – a fucking porn star! If you look closely at the mirror, you’ll see just the hint of a flashing red light. That’s a camera that recorded your encounter with poor little Sandy. And, of course, there is a sound track too where Sandy clearly states she’s only twelve. How many hears do you think you’ll get for having sex with a minor? And won’t your wife and friends be so surprised to see the same movie on their television screens. Yes, I have the capability to feed the transmission to your whole town. We chinks have got very good at technology, you know. Won’t that be a surprise.”

Despite his pain, Mr. Big summoned enough strength to lunge toward the phone and knock it off the table.

“Best I can do is 30% off.”

“50% or nothing!”


“I kicked you in the balls, not your ears. Didn’t you hear me say 50%?”

Lin Lu stood up and walked toward the door.

“Okay, 50%” Mr. Big said with defeat in his tone. “But I want the film.”

“Oh, we’ll see about that. My lawyer will send you a new contract. And if you have any thoughts of playing games with me, I will have your balls added to my trophy case.”

Other vendors did not suffer like Mr. Big did. Most were simply seduced by one of Lin Lu’s team, all of whom were very attractive, sexy ladies. Not one failed in their mission. Yes, it did involve a role in the hay or two, but they had such fun reversing the long standing tradition of the woman getting fucked and left with nothing. And yes, the camera behind the mirror was much in use, even to the point of being the entertainment at many of the corporate meetings on the top floor. The first annual report after the take-over showed the highest profits ever and Lin Lu was thrilled to send this to her doubting father. She was on her way to leaving a big mark in the business world.

A month after the new regime took their place, Lin Lu came home beaming.

“My, you look happy” Rose remarked after their evening kiss and embrace. “Get to cut some guy’s balls off today?”

“No, better. Come with me” she said, taking Rose’s hand and going upstairs to their redecorated bedroom. “Sit” she  commanded and placed her hands on Rose’s shoulders, directing her onto the bed.

Lin Lu went down on one knee, took a small black box from her purse and opened it to reveal a gorgeous diamond.

“Marry me, my love.”

“What?” a shocked Rose asked. “You know I would marry you in an instant but, let’s face it, it ain’t going to happen in our time. But I do love the ring and I do love you, Lin Lu and the answer is ‘Yes’, for what it’s worth.”

Lin Lu removed the ring from the box and slid it onto Rose’s finger.

“Don’t I at least get a kiss for effort?”

“Yes, my dear.”

Rose bent towards Lin Lu’s face but she gently pushed her downward toward her widespread thighs. Rose wasted no time kissing Lin Lu’s wet, and pungent, pussy, driving her tongue as deep as she could.

“Mmmmm, very nice, my dear. Robust and bitter. Someone needs a shower. So, what prompted this?”
“Well, just keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll tell you. You remember me telling you that I was going to pick Rhonda Jacobs as my personal assistant? I told her today but the team does not know yet. We had champagne to celebrate and then began discussing all the changes going on. We were very relaxed, with Rhonda doing what you’re doing only she has a tongue twice as long as yours.”

“What?” Rose exclaimed for the second time in a minute, lifting her head up to stare at Lin Lu, fire in her eyes.

“Only kidding. Just checking to see if you’re paying attention. Carry on, sweet.”

“Bitch” Rose snarled but did bury her face back in Lin Lu’s pussy.

“Anyway, Rhonda asked about Bradley’s status in the company as I had not mentioned him at all. I told her that he would remain in an executive position though with a much different job description. She was concerned about him staying on as almost all the female employees hated him and it seemed most of them had been sexually assaulted by him at one time or another in some manner. I told her that his exact role was a secret, for now, but I promised her that she, and every other woman at Dryfuss would be thrilled when he took over his new job. She pointed out that there had been a rumor that we were going to be married and asked if that was true. I told her it was.”

“What?” Rose screamed out, once more removing her mouth from where Lin Lu wanted it.

“I told you to shut up. Now, if you interrupt me again I’ll be forced to spank you.”

“What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What?” Rose repeated with an elfish grin on her face.

“Okay, don’t say that I didn’t warn you. Plan on having a very sore, hot ass when you get into bed tonight. Now, can I continue?”

“What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What?”

Lin Lu could not help laughing.

“You’re bad, you know that? Just don’t come begging for mercy later. As I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted, I told Rhonda that we were still getting married but since Bradley was going to be away for training for his new job, it would not be for a while. And also, that it would be a very non-traditional marriage. Then I had a brainstorm. Go on, you’re not done yet, yes, right there, oh yes. Have you ever heard of a proxy marriage? Just nod your head, keep your tongue right there.”

Rose shook her head “no”.

“When a couple are really anxious to be married but circumstances prevent them from getting together, like the man being sent overseas for his job, they can have someone take the place of the missing person and the wedding goes ahead on that basis. Now, before you interrupt again and get yourself in even more trouble, can you picture yourself, in a lovely white gown, standing in on behalf of your brother, reciting our vows to one another before god and man. Closest thing I can think of to a real wedding. Okay, you have permission to speak.”

Rose did not say a word. She jumped up and wrapped her arms around Lin Lu and drove her tongue into her mouth as she kissed her passionately.

“You’re a genius, my devious slant-eyed vixen. I do! I do!”

“Yes, I am, you round-eyed slut. And yes, I am a little ripe, aren’t I” she added as she licked her lips. “So hurry up and finish what you started so I can take a shower and we can have dinner together.”

With both women excited about the prospect of having the closest thing to a real wedding, it did not take long for an eager Rose to bring Lin Lu to an orgasm.

Bradley had been advised to have dinner ready by eight pm and he was right on time. The ladies dressed casually, very casually – each wore a filmy, floor length peignoir set, Rose in lavender and Lin Lu in blue. Rose knew that this would have an effect on Bradley so she had altered his uniform somewhat. Along with his apron, Rose added pink tennis panties with several rows of white lace. They were tight, probably uncomfortably so, but that was not Rose’s concern. She wanted to make sure she did not see her brother’s cock dangling under the apron. He also wore a pair of pink four inch heels that she found in Bradley’s closet. Funny, she thought, they fit him perfectly. The last addition was a pretty, lace cap that she pinned to his hair.

“Love the new look on our maid, Rose” Lin Lu remarked. “Was this your idea or his?”

“It was mine, but he did not seem to mind, did you Bradley?”

“No, ma’m” he answered softly and set their salads in front of them. He was blushing.

“Then I’m sure he’ll love his new uniforms when they arrive.”

“When will that be, hon?”

“They’ll be here when he returns from training. I’m going to have them made by my dressmaker in Hong Kong. She does wonders with silks.”

“Won’t that be a problem for measuring and fitting?” Rose asked.

“Not at all, my dear, not at all. Just leave it to me” Lin Lu answered and winked at Rose. “Come, darling, we have some business to attend to in our bedroom, don’t we?”

Rose knew what she was referring to – her spanking. She smiled like it was a childish game. But a half hour later, the grin was wiped off her face and she was sobbing. Lin Lu, as promised, was not merciful. Using just her hand, Rose’s ass turned a deep red and felt like it was on fire.

“If you are going to be my wife, you must learn to behave. Now make me happy” she added, directing Rose’s face to her crotch.

This was the last thing Rose wanted to do right now but she obeyed and soon gave Lin Lu her second orgasm of the day. And it was clear that she was not going to reciprocate.

“Now lick my ass until I fall asleep” Lin Lu ordered.

Rose felt like telling her to go to hell but again she did as she was told without comment. It was about fifteen minutes later that Rose knew her lover was asleep. By that time she was in a high state of excitement from all that had happened. It took her only a few minutes to finger herself to her own orgasm.

In the morning, Lin Lu apologized to Rose for spanking her.

“I’m so sorry. After all you went through over there, I should not be inflicting pain on you. Please forgive me, it was so inconsiderate.”

Rose smiled at he and said “You, my dear, and you alone may spank me anytime it pleases you. As long as I deserve it, of course” she added with a smile and embraced Lin Lu.

Three weeks later, Bradley was suddenly ill and rushed away in an ambulance. He was diagnosed with a rare, highly contagious disease. The public was told that he was being transferred to a clinic in Switzerland and his recovery, if there was a recovery, would take a long time. Poor Lin Lu would be on her own but she pledged to keep Dryfuss together until his return. At Bradley’s request, she said, the wedding would go on as planned with his sister acting as his proxy.

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