Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kammi's Serial

What If – Part 9

In a very victorious mood, Rose picked up a book and went outside to the patio to enjoy the late summer sun. Yes, it had been a good first day in the training of her brother. He did appear to be broken but she was not sure. Something she had planned for him in a few weeks would undoubtedly seal his complete surrender and she looked forward to it. After a glass of wine, she felt much more relaxed. Had she overreacted by stunning Brad, not once but twice after his admission that he attended to their mother’s menstrual needs. She knew she had lost control, but was it justified. After all, on many, perhaps most days, Mummy had trouble taking care of herself. Brad had washed and ironed her clothes, set her hair, polished her nails, and helped her dress and undress. Maybe Mummy had asked him to help her during her monthly “curse”. Maybe he was just being a very dutiful son. But the son of a bitch had enjoyed it!. Still, looking back, she had to admit that they had been the ultimate dysfunctional family. She might be able to forgive him for being overly nice to Mummy but what he had done to her was unforgiveable. The brandings on her thighs would never let her forget what she had been through, all caused by Brad’s instigation. She would enjoy seeing him perform his penance.

Rose pretended to be engrossed in her book but secretly she was observing everything that Brad was doing. She was pleased to see that he was following her orders very well. For most of the men in the world, these chores would not only have been way beyond their capabilities but more so, none would ever have lowered themselves to do “woman’s work”.  But as Rose had told Brad earlier, they were nothing that he hadn’t done before. It was so pleasant to sit in the sun, sipping a glass of fine wine from Brad’s cellar, listening to the birds chirp, smelling the sweet aroma of the clothes dryer, and now the tempting smell of dinner cooking. These would have been good anytime but the fact that she did not have to lift a finger to create them was especially nice. Yes, life was good, she thought, as she eagerly awaited Lin Lu’s arrival from work.

“I have an addition to the tasks I assigned you” she told Brad who was busy setting the table. “Make up a list of groceries that we will need and I will arrange to have it delivered. Also make sure that we have all the cleaning and laundry supplies that you will need.”

Rose deliberately emphasized the  “you” in the last sentence.

“Yes, Miss Rose.”

She smiled at his quick response and wondered if he had been trained already, though she doubted it. Her thoughts were interrupted by the noise of the garage door opening and she found herself getting tingly all over at Lin Lu’s arrival. She met her inside the hallway from the garage to the mudroom and embraced Lin Lu fiercely. The latter responded in kind and it was several minutes before their lips parted. Much passionate tongue action had taken place in the small room.
“So, how did it go?” Rose asked, taking Lin Lu’s hand and leading her to the den.

“Terrific. I am really excited at what we accomplished today. The women - my women - were a little slow to respond to my propositions thinking that it was a big joke or that I was insane. But once they realized I was for real, along with the enticements of considerable salary increases, they all loved the new setup.”

While Lin Lu related her success at work, Rose had seated her in the large leather chair that had been Brad’s throne. Rose knelt at her feet, removed her shoes, and began massaging her lover’s nylon covered feet.

“Ooh, that feels wonderful, my dear, but aren’t you lowering yourself to do such a servile thing?”

Rose had been getting used to the culture differences between East and West, and between the extremely rich and the lower classes. Lin Lu had been waited on by servants from birth and had never lifted her finger doing housework and such. Even when she had been in college, she had a live-in maid in her apartment. Living in America had taken much of the superior attitude away, but not completely.

“I do not think anything I do for you is servile, Lin Lu. I consider it an act of love.”

To reinforce this, Rose lifted Lin Lu’s foot to her mouth and kissed every toe.

Lin Lu giggled and said “I think I’m getting to like you, Rose dear.”

“Like me? It better be much more than that, you spoiled little bitch” Rose exclaimed and bit into Lin Lu’s big toe.

“Ouch! Okay, maybe I love you, just a little.”

Rose bit harder then they both laughed. Rose continued her massage of Lin Lu’s feet, slowly extending up her legs as Lin Lu continued the story of her day.

“We have a lot to do and a long way to go before we realize our goal. I knew Chinese women were subjugated but I never realized how much American women cater to their husbands. We took a little pole and out of the eight of them, only one had a husband that did any housework, and I think that one might be a little kinky. Only on the assurance of total confidentially, Debbie Jones admitted that her husband liked to iron her panties. We all laughed at that admission but Debbie insisted that it stay within the room as she was sure her husband would divorce her if his secret got out. Several of the women said they would be thrilled if they could get their husband to do even that little work. Rhonda Jacobs, who I believe will be my chief assistant, suggested that we set a goal to get every one of the husbands ironing our panties. She said if we could achieve that in the first six months of our ‘experiment’ then we would have accomplished a lot and be ready to move onward. I told them that if we met that goal, each would get a $50 gift certificate  to the Lingerie Boutique. Someone else asked what she would get if she got her husband to wear panties. I told her she would earn ten points for the executive spa. What’s that? they all asked. I told them it was a secret.”

“And what do I get if I make you cum in the next ten minutes?” Rose asked as her hands moved up to Lin Lu’s crotch and began to softly massage her.

“Oooh, I think twenty points might be in order.”

“Not a lifetime pass?”

“Oh no, that will take many, many orgasms, my sweet. Oh yes, that feels so good.”

Rose had lowered Lin Lu’s panties and had her fingers inside her wet pussy. It only took her five minutes of serious licking to have Lin Lu squirming in her chair.

After enjoying a well prepared dinner by Brad, the ladies adjourned to their suite where both of them languished in the large bathtub, filled with delightfully smelling bath beads. Rose had found the bottle in Brad’s closet, along with packets of high priced bars of soap. She wondered if Brad had bought all this for his lady visitors or for himself? Rose resumed her role of personal maid to Lin Lu, drying her, patting her with a powder puff that had the same perfume as the bubble bath, then draping her body with a sheer, floor length gown that barely hid Lin Lu’s charms. Rose stayed naked.

“More curls?” Rose asked, picking up the curling iron.

“Yes, please. I do love my curls and you do such a nice job. Then I’ll set your hair. I also love having you next to me in bed with curlers in your hair.”

“Oh, so while all you do is relax and read while I do your hair, I have to suffer the pain of sleeping in curlers.”

“Now Rose, I know that you like it, especially in the morning when you plant your head between my legs and rub the curlers against my thighs to wake me. Right?”

“Yes, honey, I do.
“And you love it when I spread my hands over the curlers and press them into your scalp. Yes?”

“Yes, darling, I have to admit it’s true. Okay, sit down, the iron should be hot by now.”

While Lin Lu looked over some of the books from Dryfuss Enterprises and made a call to her father half way round the world, Rose clamped the tongs over strand after strand of hair and wound the iron down to Lin Lu’s head, then releasing it and producing row after row of ringlets that sparkled in the soft lighting of the bedroom.
“Are we going to have Brad do this for us after his training? You said he was very good with hairstyling.” Lin Lu asked.

“No way, my sweet, this is something we keep for our own enjoyment. And if you ever suggest such a ridiculous thing again, I will be forced to show you just how hot this iron feels in your pussy. Understood?”

“Yes, yes, now loosen that damn thing, it hurts.”

Rose smiled. She had deliberately wound the iron as tight as she could, and as close to her scalp as she dared without actually burning her. But no doubt Lin Lu did feel the heat.

“Once we have the executive spa open, Brad will have more than enough heads to style than even he might like.”

 “And a whole lot more” Lin Lu added, causing both women to laugh.

Rose first pinned all the ringlets against Lin Lu’s head then spread a pink nylon triangle net and pulled it snug. That would assure a pretty style in the morning. The ladies did tend to get a little rambunctious in bed.

For the next twenty minutes, Lin Lu rolled Rose’s hair in medium, pink plastic rollers, then encased the set in an identical net that she wore.

“Honey” Lin Lu said, “It’s been a long day for me so I’m going to retire early. Coming?”

“No, not yet, I’m too excited by all the changes going on here and at the plant. So I’ll go downstairs and have another glass of wine and I guess it would be a good idea to check on Brad. I did give him a mountain of ironing to do, poor baby.”

“Hey. You forgetting something or is this nudist thing becoming a habit?” Lin Lu asked.

“Oh my goodness, guess it would be a good idea to put on a robe. He is my brother, after all.”

Rose put on a satin robe then, after a long, passionate kiss, they separated. Rose filled her glass in the den and strolled off to the laundry room. She saw the lights were on so this was a good sign. She pushed open the door and said “Not done yet?”

Brad gave her a hateful look then replied, “No, I have at least another hour. I’m sure you never spent this much time doing laundry.”

“And you would be very wrong there. Do you have any idea what it is like to spend twelve hours in a120 degree building doing laundry by hand in boiling vats, then hanging it all up then ironing for hours and hours with heavy irons that heated on stoves? And doing this day after day until you lost track of just how long you had been doing it? Well, I do, thanks to my enslavement that you arranged.”

Rose was shocked to see the pain on Brad’s face.

“I’m sorry, Rose, it wasn’t supposed to be that way” he said, pressing pleats into her tennis skirt.

“And I suppose that the daily floggings and anal rapes weren’t supposed to happen either? Nor this?”

Rose opened her robe and spread her legs, revealing the results of the brandings.

“Oh damn! Damn. I’m so sorry Rose. I can’t believe all that happened to you. I would never have allowed anything like that to happen to my sister. I won’t ask for your forgiveness, I don’t deserve it” he said, placing the iron upright on the table.

Rose saw tears coming down his cheeks. My gosh, was he being sincere with his apology?

“And what the hell was supposed to happen?”

“You were to be sent directly to Sultan Abood’s palace to become his wife. I was assured that he was a decent man that treated women well, a rare thing in that part of the world. You would become a part of his family and live in luxury.”

“Ya, right, if you consider setting the world record for a blow job to be ‘part of his family’.”

“No Rose, please tell me that’s not true.”

“Yes, it is, though I have to admit that at the time I was proud of my achievement. Yes, the sultan did take a liking to me, and I to him. Compared to where I had been before, this was heaven. He liked me to have his prick in my mouth while he conducted business on the phone, though a couple of times it was with people present. He said I was his good luck charm. One day, he was working on some big deal that I knew nothing about since he was speaking in Arabic. It was a conference call and, like most Arabs, there was lots of shouting and such. I could tell when things began to go his way. He placed his hand on my head and softly pressed it down on his prick. I could feel him getting excited until he finally slapped his hand on his desk and yelled “Done Deal” while at the same time he ejaculated into my mouth. I never knew whether it was winning the deal or my services that got him off. Probably both. I had been on my knees for two hours and twenty minutes. I felt like a winner too, especially after beating him in chess an hour later.”

“Again, Rose, I’m terribly sorry. I went crazy back then after I got ditched by my very first girlfriend. Then I couldn’t control myself doing a lot of things that I now regret. Especially what I did to you, and to Mummy.”

Brad had resumed his ironing as he spoke. Rose almost felt sorry for him until she recalled the pain she endured day after day along with all the other utter humiliations.

“No Bradley, I can’t forgive you, it still hurts so much. So do you understand why you must be punished too, though it won’t even come close to what I went through. Hell, you might even enjoy some of it?”

“What do you intend to do with me?” he asked softly as he stroked the iron over a pale blue slip.

“I can’t reveal that now, that’s Lin Lu’s department. If you haven’t already figured it out, she and I are lovers. If there was a way, we would get married and live happily ever after. But I doubt the bible thumpers would ever allow same sex marriage in this country, or any other for that matter. We will live in this house and you as well, though under much different conditions. Your grand suite will be redecorated  to a style much more suitable to a lady. You will continue to be our maid, forever, and live here in the maid’s quarters. We have ordered some pretty uniforms for you to wear so you don’t have to walk around displaying your, ah, liabilities. Hmmm, I must say you have done a lot today” Rose remarked as she looked around the room. A chrome rack was almost filled with blouses, slacks, dresses and skirts, all neatly pressed. A clothes line that crossed the room displayed washed panties, bras and slips that she assumed had been hand washed. A Formica covered table displayed neat piles of linens and towels. Yes indeed, she thought, her brother had been a busy boy today. She pondered what she would have him do tomorrow then recalled that the bathrooms hadn’t been cleaned for a while.

“Miss Rose?” Brad asked, surprising her by the “Miss” part.

“As your maid, may I point out that some of your rollers in the back have loosened. May I fix them for you?”

Damn Lin Lu, Rose thought with a smile on her face.

“Yes, you may.”

Brad came from around the ironing table and untied Rose’s net. He quickly tightened the five or six loose rollers and retied the net.

“Thank you Bradley.”

“My pleasure, Miss Rose.”

His “pleasure” was quite noticeable, Rose saw. His apron had tented below his waist.

“That’s quite obvious. And since you have done everything so well today, you may kiss my curlers.”

He wasted no time kissing all of the thirty-six rollers. With a deep breath and soft moan he said “Thank you, Miss Rose.”

“You may continue your ironing, Bradley” she said as she left the room.  “And be careful with our panties” she added over her shoulder..


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