Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Special 'Thanks'.

Bloody good show, Belinda!

I'm not going to enter your new poll.  For one thing I'm old - I'd opt for the hot dress if I was back in my old form, but I'm not.

My major comment is that Belinda is, first of all, doing something that I never dreamed of - but at the same time, doing EXACTLY what I envisioned when I started this blog just over 18 months ago- - bringing some light into 'why' cross dressers and transvestites are driven to do what they do - and in particular - without a bunch of undeserved shame.

I'm also going to take this chance to welcome all of my new friends and readers who visit this blog regularly. Haven't done so in a long time.  Recently Belinda, Carrie, and Kammi have been contributing to my blog with their input.  Thanks to all of you.

I'm STILL greedy though - wish there were more contributors!



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