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Interactive 3

Once again I recieved an excellent response to the story questions.  I am very thankful for that, and for the words of encouragement of Bea, Carrie and others.  I only wish that my writing was as good as my interactive story idea is, but there is not too much that i can do about that.  Perhaps we can convince Bea to write an interactive story!  I would love to read that.    I did participate in another tea this weekend.  I hope to write about the event on my blog soon.  I would just like to tell a single anecdote which illustrates what happens when you take on the role of a serving maid in a real context of dominant females.
As we were setting up for the tea, there were some problems and I was working hard and quickly along with others to make sure that things were set up before the guests arrived.   At this point a young Domme not associated with the tea called me over to a table by beckoning and saying "sissy". When i got over there she pointed out a knife that was pointing out rather than in, and then went on to lecture me about the importance of every small detail.  a humiliating dressing down for a small mistake that i dont even think i made by someone who shouldnt care.   In "real life". I would have been ill tempered.   But here i swallowed the humiliation, (actually i enjoyed it).  When a Domme corrects a maid, who is right?   She is of course!  Yes Maam.  Thank you Maam was my reply as i went about making sure no other pieces were slightly askew.    I think Jennifer will learn this lesson as well.

Ere is the next installment.  The answers to the last set of questions should be obvious from the story. There were no close votes.  The answer to the last question will be incorporated in the next installment.  I dont want to reveal what happens when Mrs Garner and Donna return until that time.
ROBERT MEETS THE MAIDSTAFF                            PART 2

Now I saw that Alice was in the room as well as Marsha and Miss Hancock.   She asked
“ Is Jennifer going to help us with laundry this evening Maam. “

  Miss Hancock turned me around so I was red-faced and facing Alice.  She was a big woman,  strong and ruddy.   She looked at me with an amused grin.  

“Yes.  I think that is a wonderful idea.”  And Miss Hancock turned to me.

“Jennifer empty the various hampers in the bedrooms and bring the clothes down to the laundry in the basement.  When you have done that come up to my room.  We need to prepare for this evening”

I wasn’t sure what that meant, but I didn’t want to risk any more spanks… my bottom was sore.  I felt ashamed. Shouldn’t I at least ask why everyone assumed that I should do maid’s work.  But I sid nothing except

      “Yes Miss Hancock”

And I began to collect the laundry from the bedrooms.   I could not help but notice the differences in the laundry that I retrieved.   Ms Garner’s, Donna’s,  Miss Hancock’s  and Alice and Marsh’s thrown together.  The various skirts slacks and tops.. but mostly I could not help but examine the bra’s and panties..  The delicacy and expense of Mrs Garner’s,   The slutty bra and panty choices that were in the maid’s hamper, which I assumed belonged to the younger Maid Marsha.   These delicates sent my imagination dancing.  It would not be so bad to handle and launder these intimate garments.  And so I completed the task and returned to Miss Hancock’s   room She had ordered.

The door was closed, and when I knocked, I was surprised to see the door opened by Marsha, the young maid.   She smiled, and beckoned me in.  I could see Miss Hancock sitting in a large stuffed chair and beyond Her, Alice was removing something from the large dresser against the far wall.  

“Come in,  Jennifer”    Mrs Hancock called me forward.

“I have put the dirty clothes in the laundry Maam”, I volunteered.

“I hope you didn’t abuse young  Marsha’s things Jennifer”   Both Marsha and I blushed furiously.   I felt utterly guilty and yet I hadn’t done a thing!

N…no Maam I stuttered, as Miss Hancock smiled her beguiling smile.  

“Well Jennifer”. She continued.   “We still have three days before the Mistress and your fiancé return.    I know how you adore pretending to be one of the maids, so I think you should be granted this privilege until Madame’s return.  So you shall be a maid for the next few days Jennifer.”

I felt an undeniable excitement in my panties, which was blessedly hidden by my skirt.   Had she even asked this as a question?   I simply stood there, afraid to look Her in the eye, afraid of what she would see. 

 I am not sure Maam.  Surely I must be returned to my status as Donna’s boyfriend.  I don’t think Donna or particularly Mrs Garner would approve  of my playing at being a maid.  They might misunderstand.”

She smiled   “ Very thoughtful Jennifer.   You are very right.  We should not do anything to upset Donna and her dear Mother.   I have been at her service some twenty  years.   Do you think I would  jeopardize that just to indulge the fantasies of a little sissy boy” 

It was hard to argue with Miss Hancock.    “Well… as long as … things return to normal by the time they return… i….i don’t see any harm.”   I was trembling with nervousness, and terrible excitement..

“I didn’t think you would”  as Miss Hancock,  Alice and Marsha all laughed together.

Come Come… let’s get started… “Alice.  Are Jennifer’s things laid out on my bed”

“Yes Miss!”  

Very good.  Marsha, Alice .. take Jennifer into the shower.  We need to get her ready.

  They all sprung into action.  It was like a whirlwind of feminine movement as I was guided into the shower.   Stripped right in front of them despite my feeble protests…

Marsha rubbed a foul smelling depilatory on my legs, chest and arms.  I was so confused it was a few minutes before I realized… I was going to have no hair on my body, and still wouldn’t 3 days from now!

“But ..but”..

“No  buts sissy”.. as Alice guided me into the shower naked and turned on the water.  I was so embarrassed.   I was completely erect…  She certainly noticed and directed a jet of cold water at my member, it rapidly deflated.. along with my dwindling courage. 

I was roughly scrubbed by Alice and then directed to Marsha for drying.   I could look at neither one of them, so ashamed was I at my timidity before them, and  they were all business.

Soon I was dried, my skin tingling, and my longish hair teased and dried as well.   Sandwiched between Alice in the lead and Marsha behind, I was marched back into the presence of Miss Hancock,  my hands, trying to provide some modesty I was placed before Her,  keeping my eyes averted.
“Now, we shall dress you as a proper maid!”  

She said it shaking her long black tresses with delight. 

“ Ladies!” 

 She commanded and they sprang into action.   Marsha stood on one side of her holding a pair of lace trimmed white satin panties, delicious in their femininity.  And Alice stood on her left side, holding a pair of pink satin panties with delicate ribbons gracing the panty legs, and exquisite lace trimming the waist.  I stared at them hungrily..

We have gotten you your own panties, Jennifer, two pairs! So you can launder your panties, and still be delightfully pantied at all times.  Which shall you wear now.”

She looked up at me now.. noticing my intense glance in Alice’s direction, as my privates gave me away… causing me to blush.

“Oh of course! Why do I bother to ask. “She laughed  ..” pink satin, ribbons and lace!  These panties scream sissy!   Alice proceed to panty Jennifer please. 

I was to be pantied by the maid!  I was amazed at what was happening. 

“And Jennifer,  I know that little sissy boys have great problems with self control.  But I warn you to keep your mind on your duties and not your little pantied peeny! Or there will be trouble.  For now.  Put that thing between you legs!  So that Alice can properly panty you without your looking like a grotesque!”

In shame, I held my twitching member back between my legs, as a smiling Alice had me step into the silken undies, and pulled them up.   They were surprisingly tight, and the satin knickers as She tugged them into place, actually kept my member pulled up and out of sight, leaving only a girlish mound. 

“That’s better! ”   Miss Hancock said.  “ And now your matching bra..  a little girlish trainer! “ 

and suddenly Marsha was putting my arms through a lacy pink bra, and in a moment it was fastened.  I was properly encased in the wispy training bra, Alice and Marsha were all around me.. so close I could smell their delightful perfumes, and I strained in my panties at each touch, but the panties held me tight and kept me modest.

“And now look at this Jennifer!  Your first corset! “

Miss Hancock was standing now,  holding a white satin garment, which looked soft and unyielding at the same time.  It was place around me, as Miss Hancock did the stays in the front, looking at me with a her dark smoky eyes.  And Alice began to lace me in.  within a minute I felt the constriction of this unyielding garment.

“Miss Hancock I complained.  None of the other gir”… stopping myself.. “maids wear corsets!   “ Why must I?”    I whined.

I blushed realizing the  unmanly figure I must have made.  Whining about my tight corset, standing between maid’s in bra and panties.

“Hush”  she said with some irritation. 

“ The other “girls” are girls.. not sissy, and they already have lovely feminine figures, and your endless stares at them the past few days readily attest.  You on  the other hand are a “boy” and need all the help you can get.   Complaints from maids are not tolerated.    In the future, it will be punished “  

I felt myself surrendering inside.  I didn’t want to risk punishment.  After all it was only a few days. And well I couldn’t ignore my excitement, even though it was not particulary evident through my panties.  I felt the laces tightening around me like a vise as Marsha steaded me, and Alice continued to pull.  I would be unable to bend at pick things up, I would have to bend from my knees!

Now they could sense my surrender, and the dressing went by in a blur.  First garters were attached to the corset, and silky stockings drawn up my now hairless legs.    A black satin dress was pulled over my head like the dresses that Alice and Marsha wore.   A fluffy petticoat was pulled up under my skirt.  While none of the other maid’s wore petticoats, I was wise enough now not to question this choice.  I feared I would be put in skyscraper heels, and was relieved, when my black pumps displayed on small 2 inch heels.  Now I stood in front of Miss Hancock who had seated herself once more. 

As she began to speak,  Marsha was tying an apron around my waist, fastening it with a big floppy bow.

Maid Jennifer.  In a few moments you will be shown your new quarters in the room with the other maids.  When you get there, you will see to your makeup.  I don’t want you looking like a clown, if you need help, you may ask it of Alice or Marsha.   Now you shall be capped, as I explain the rules of your service.  She produced a silly pink lace trimmed head band, not at all the white caps that  the other maids wore!

“All maids under my supervision wear the white cap.   As you can see, you will wear the pink headpiece of an apprentice maid until you show that you are capable of independent action.”

As she spoke a grinning Alice, placed the headpiece on my head. 

“An apprentice maid is subject to all maids.  So you will obey the commands of Marsha and Alice as if they were my own.   Failure to carry out orders will be punished, as Alice or Marsha see fit.  For minor transgressions I will not be involved.  But…”

And now she held me by the chin as Alice pushed me forward,  If the transgression is deemed serious, then I shall be informed, and I shall determine punishment.  My punishments will be severe sissy, I recommend being a good little maid and working to the best of your abilities.  Now curtsey to your superiors, and scurry off to your room to put on your makeup.

Blushing furiously,  I attempted a clumsy curtsy to Marsha.. a mere girl of 18 whose commands I would now be subject to… and then to Alice.. who obviously viewed my clumsiness with disapproval.  I greatly feared being subject to that Amazon, as I felt the vise grip of the corset she had delighted in encasing me in. 
Finally I curtsied to Miss Hancock., head lowered,  entranced by the shine of her black patent leather pumps, as I executed my third clumsy curtsy, barely keeping from stumbling.  Mercifully, they did not say a word, only Miss Hancock who dismissed me with by swishing me away with her hand. 

I hurried away to my new quarters,  happy that I had escaped punishment for the moment.  I feared that my good fortune would not last.

To be continued

I hope you are enjoying the story.   Please answer the following questions for the next installment.


Carrie P said...

Wonderful, Belinda, Robert/Jennifer’s decent into domestic servitude at the hands of Miss Hancock and the maids is exquisite. His realisation that he will still be hairless in 3 days has given him a shock. Love the piece where his is only left with “a girlish mound . Your description of his dressing and his curtsying are excellent. You’re writing is excellent, great tension between his current situation and knowing his mother in law and fiancée will soon return. Really like where you’re taking us.
Re your last visit with the dommes. The dressing down by the young lady over a piece of cutlery was exactly how a Victorian or Edwardian lady would upbraid the offending maid. Much more erotic than a phoney spanking. I could only imagine( and envy) your humiliation. Thanks so much for sharing.


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