Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Final installment of the interactive story.

I must say that while the questionaires are fun for me, the story writing is hard work!  So I am relieved to be bring my little story experiment to a close.  I can't resist however another questionaire before bring the final installment of the story.  I have been following the discussion of Bea and Marie with interest.  The whole issue of whether we come to love or hate our sexual nature or something in between.  So I would like to poll the readers directly about this.  Since I think that age may have something to do with this i also ask a question about the age of those who respond.   I will provide the results in a week.

Robert Meets the Maidstaff                      Part 3

It was sometime the next morning that the reality of my new situation sank in.  I was roughly awakened by Alice, who practically pulled me out of bed.  She seemed aggravated.

“ Well Apprentice maid Jennifer are you going to sleep all day!  Get out of your nighty and into your uniform and report to me Missy.  This will be your first full day of maid’s work, and Mistress Hancock will want to see that you are progressing as a proper maid”

“Yes Maam” .  I squeaked, intimidated by the powerful woman.  

I jumped out of bed,  and began dressed myself as best I could.  I had not been permitted to remove the corset overnight, and now despite the discomfort, I was glad because I shouldn’t have been able to fasten it properly myself. 

Soon I was dressed in uniform of an apprentice maid, right down to my pink headpiece.  I found Alice in the hallway.  I curtsied to her, and asked what work I should do.

She fussed with my uniform a bit, smiling cruelly at me, and turned me around so that She could tightly fasten my apron tying it with a poufy bow.  

“You look darling.. Miss Jennifer.  I think we will start you on bathrooms again.  I have a feeling you are going to do a better job than the last time. “ She laughed.

I cringed inside, remembering my embarrassing and painful spanking from Miss Hancock.  I did indeed vow to do better as I went off to my duties.

I was hours scrubbing tubs, swabbing toilets, and polishing sinks left undisturbed as the other maids presumably went about other duties.  It was a quite large house, and I imagined it was quite a bit of work to keep it in the immaculate condition that Mrs Garner apparently required.
I found myself admiring my uniform and the way the corset gave me a feminine waist, in the many mirrors I polished.  I was strangely drawn to this image of myself, I could not help but twirl and primp a bit as I stood before a full length mirror.  My reverie was suddenly interrupted by the sound of young Marsha’s voice close at hand.

“Jennifer what are you doing, you lazy girl, Are you still not finished with this bathroom?”

All of 18 and upbraiding me!  I turned to her and said in a petulant voice. 

“This is the third bathroom that I have almost finished Miss Marsha.  I was only looking at myself to make sure the mirror was well polished.”

“Watch your tone Maid Jennifer or you will be a sorry sissy”, She laughed at me.. “Now follow me.  Alice requires you.  You were in such a dreamy state”  She chuckled, “You didn’t even hear the bell.  When you hear the bell Missy, come.  Now follow me”

She turned and left.  I  almost  said something but thought better of it.  It was one thing to be treated in this fashion by Miss Hancock, but Marsha …. Well it was too much for my masculine pride.

We found Alice in the kitchen.   Composing myself I said.   “Do you want me for something Alice?

I stood there with my hands on my hips.  When suddenly She pulled me forward by my apron and put her face right up to mine.  

“Yes I want you sissy,  I need some onions peeled, a task I do not enjoy.  But first.   How dare you come in here, and walk up to me looking like this.  What are you supposed to do when you first enter the presence of your maid/trainers, stupid girl! 

“I …i….I was suddenly frightened by the Giantess”.

“Curtsey you dolt.. Curtsey !   I bet you failed to curtsey when Miss Marsha entered the room as well.”

“I…I “   I quickly hastened to curtsey holding my skirts out and performing the servile dip that I had learned”. 

Too late!  Apprentice maid Jennifer..  far too late!  Stand there with you head lowered.  There must be punishment, and Marsha and I shall decide what”

I stood head lowered as ordered.  At least it wasn’t a serious infraction, I wouldn’t have to face the wrath of Miss Hancock.  In a few minutes the maids were back.

It was Marsha ho stood in front of him.   Stand still Jennifer.   Miss Alice is going to make an addition to your uniform.   The young woman stood smiling as Alice began to tie pink  ribbons around  my ankles just above my shoe tops, and then she used a third piece of ribbon to bring the other ribbons together.   When she was done, I could see that I was going to only be able to move with small steps. 

There Jennifer, these hobble ribbons will be part of your uniform until Alice and I decide that Miss Jennifer can remember to maintain a humble attitude and curtsey to her superiors. 

“Do you understand?”

I blushed bright red.   Looking down at the pink ribbons with their pretty bows that would make my every move awkward.  “yes Miss Marsha”.. I said.. to the teenager who looked at me so sternly.

“ I think you will find that the ribbons are just loose enough that you can give us all a big curtsey sweety, so lets see one”

Carefully I placed my right foot behind my left and unsteadily executed a curtsey. 

“Rather clumsy Jennifer” said Alice dismissively.  “Try practicing your curtsey before the mirror in the hall until you get it right.  Marsha tells me you love to watch yourself in the mirror, isn’t that right?”

Blushing still, not wanting to argue my way into further punishments with these two maids who seemed to quite enjoy humiliating me.  I gave another curtsey. 
“Yes Miss Alice”

“Off you go then… and when you are done there, get back here and peel these onions girl”  She waved her hand in a gesture of dismissal, and I started into the hall.  Every step restricted, I felt like the tiny step were making me wiggle my bottom.  Shamefully excited, I carefully made my way forward.

It was difficult, but soon I was able to walking with short quick steps without stumbling.  I was in the hall, polishing the mirror, when I heard a bell summoning me downstairs.  I hurried as well as I could.

Entering Mrs Garner’s large living room, I saw Alice sitting at one end on a sofa, and Marsh sitting at the other end on an overstuffed chair.  They didn’t seem to be too busy, as they were both looking at magazines.  I went over to where the bell was and curtsied in front of Alice, smoothly without wobbling.  She didn’t say a word to me, just held out an open fashion magazine, and called across to Marsha,
 “ Look at the cute accessories with the green outfit”
.  She held the magazine.  It was obvious I was to take it, and bring it across the room..  I did so, waddling as best I could across the room, handing the magazine to Marsha and curtseying.  I stood while they chatted about the accessories, then Marsha was pointing out another outfit on another page, and I was once again bringing a magazine across the room, humbly curtseying with every transit. 

I soon realized that the maids were having fun, discomforting me and embarrassing me in my bound state, but there didn’t seem to be much I could do about it.  And so for an hour, I hobbled across the room, bring one and another magazine to the lounging maids.  Curtseying each time, and waiting at attention for their next demand.

Blessedly after the hour,  Alice pronounced me a properly punished maid, and allowed me to remove the hobbling ribbons.  I was then directed by her to my next task, to descend to the laundry room, sort the laundry to be done and to begin filling the washing machines, and cleaning the ladies clothes.  I was further instructed by Alice that I was to set aside all bras, panties, and stockings and to hand wash , and line dry these using a delicate hand soap.

Secretly I thrilled at the thought of doing each Woman’s delicates.   Lingerie had fascinated me since I was a young lad sneaking a peak at my older sisters bras and panties.  Here I would be handling these items free to admire them at will.  This maid’s work wasn’t all toil!

And so I began my happy work.   Separating Miss Hancock’s delicates and Mrs Garner’s delicates, and then a pile for Donna’s delicates, and finally the two maid’s bras, panties and stockings piled together, though it was easy to distinguish the bright silky pastels of Marsha’s size 5’s from the more somber cottons of Alice’s size 8’s.   Indeed I found myself in a world of panties.   Mrs Garner’s expensive silks with lace adornments,  Donna’s brightly colored nylon and cottons, and Miss Hancocks wide variety of panties.. some black or white, but others bright red bikini’s.  I began the task of washing ..holding a pair up, imagining Mrs Garner in this pair of black silk dance panties.  I began to find myself getting rather excited.

Here was a pair of Miss Hancock’s panties.  They were flame red, hip huggers, with red lace at the waist.  I imagined Miss Hancock wearing these panties.  I wondered:  Had she been wearing these panties when She spanked me?  My mind was full of vivid images of Miss Hancock’s sexy thighs, and bottom covered by these panties.   Preparing to put them in the warm sink water, I for a moment raised the gusset to my face.  Oh heavenly,  Miss Hancocks passion and power seemed to seize me.  I stood there penis rock hard pushing at my panties.  I had to free it!
 And it popped out pulsing.
 What harm would there be in my caressing myself with Her panties… Miss Hancocks panties.. I began to caress myself with them..growing ever more excited! 
Imagining writhing on Miss Hancocks lap.. held tightly against her thighs, trapped there, as I was trapped now in my sissy maid’s outfit.  Controlled by Miss Hancock…
Oh! .. before I realized it,  I was cumming!  Pouring myself into Her panties!  Sweet ecstasy!  Over and over soaking Her panties!
Imagine what She would say or do if she saw me……

 That caused a deep tremor of anxiety to ripple through me, and I despite being completely alone in the basement,  found myself nervously putting the soiled panties in the warm soapy water,  scrubbing away all evidence of my naughtiness.   I quickly cleaned myself off and put my panties back in place. 

Somewhat less nervous now, I began to hand wash the bra’s and panties in earnest.   My excitement considerably lessened by my recent orgasm, I was filled with a deep sense of shame as I realized what I was doing, and how I had been commanded to do it.  Nonetheless, I thought it was to continue with my task, and work uninterrupted for 30 minutes, before hearing the bell ringing.  Obviously I was wanted again by the other maids.

I returned to the large living room where I had left the maid’s.   Alice and Marsha were sitting on each side of  Miss Hancock,   Alice had a laptop computer and  Marsha was sitting there preparing to ring the bell again.   I moved directly toward Miss Hancock, and executed a deep full curtesy.  All three were smiling at me.   Miss Hancock addressed me.

“Have you completed your laundry activities Maid Jennifer?”

“Not quite Maam.  I am almost done.  I just need to put some of the lingerie that I have washed on the line to dry”

It seems to have taken you rather long.  Was there anything to distract you from your tasks?   I don’t believe there are any mirrors in the laundry room.”

And Marsha giggled at this.

I reddened, thinking She can’t know…She mustn’t know!

“No Maam.   I am just un-practised yet.  I can’t work so fast as the other maids”

“No I imagine not,   She looked up at me with an expression of disdain.  The other maid’s are not little sissy wankers”.

My knees trembled at that remark, and simultaneously Alice turned the laptop screen to me,  where I saw myself.. clearly sniffing Miss Hancock’s delicates. 
As I watched in horror,  I saw myself..freeing my confined penis, and using Her panties to pleasure myself.

I wanted to run..but was frozen to the spot.  

“Yes sissy,  As you obviously don’t know, Mrs Garner has quite a few security cameras about the house.  Alice thought it wise to check up on you.  And saw this disgusting spectacle.   Were you going to put  MY PANTIES SOILED BY YOU back into my drawer!  Was that you little plan missy?”

I …i…. I couldn’t help myself Maam.. I … didn’t mean to….i… I was practically croaking.. unable to say an intelligible word, and afraid to look in the eyes of my accusers, knowing the disdain I would see there.   I stood trembling with head lowered.

Alice  Sit over on the stuffed chair over there.  You are going to spank miss sissy Jennifer until her bottom is as red as my panties that she defiled.

“Yes Maam! “ Alice said with real sadistic delight.  As she pulled me over with Her and roughly pushed me down over her lap.  Despite my protests and struggles, She soon had me secured, and I awaited the sharp blows from Her beefy palms.

As I was secured I heard Miss Hancock’s voice as She sternly addressed me.  So sissymaid Jennifer,  you will be spanked long and hard for your disgusting  disobedience.  You will kick and cry, but Alice is a strong girl, and She will thrash you until I say so!  Until my panties are avenged!

But this is not your punishment.  This is only so that you will not forget your disobedience.

And Alice began to spank me.  She spanked so very hard. 
Soon I was squirming, but She held me tight,  Soon I was crying.. but she ignored my pleas. 

“I’m sorry.  It won’t happen again.  Please I am so sorry!”
I wailed with tears in my eyes.

But the blows continued, and my bottom felt as fiery as I imagine it looked.

Finally mercifully.  I heard Miss Hancock. 

“That is sufficient, I think Alice.  Place the sissy down in front of me so that I may administer  punishment “

Oh I wanted to rub my burning bottom as I was placed once again in front of Miss Hancock, but I dared not.   I stood there silently sobbing, with my hands folded in front of me, a pitiful punished maid.

“Well sissy jennifer you were told that bad behavior would be severely punished, but I suppose a little sissy boy like you really can’t control himself, surrounded by Ladies and their lingerie.  So we shall choose a punishment to fit the crime, and to end your misbehavior at the same time.  You shall be put in chastity missy.  Show her Marsha.”

I looked over at Marsha, and saw that she held a clear plastic device.

“Lower your panties and raise your skirts so that Marsha can put on your chastity miss sissy.”

Oh the shame!  As I did as commanded.  I felt Marsha pullilng and poking me down there.  I was afraid that I might grow in her hand, but embarrassment kept me soft, as Marsha continued her work.

“This is a CB-6000 jennifer.  You shall be locked into your chastity, and that will put an end to your misbehavior, you can be a good panty laundress without all of us fearing for the fate of our lingerie.”

Miss Hancock having said this laughed cheerfully, and Alice and Marsha laughed as well.  I heard the click of the padlock, and felt my panties raised.  It felt funny to know that I was locked up, in chastity!

“And that is not all sissy Jennifer.   Alice put the collar on the sissy”  Alice approached and I felt a tight leather collar around my neck. 

“Now Sissy.”. Miss Hancock took my hand and let me out into the hallway where the full length mirror hung.   “Behold!”

I looked and saw that a pink leather collar circled my neck, with white lace trim on top and bottom.   But that was not the most shameful aspect.  Emblazoned on the pink collar, were the following words.  “Chastised Sissymaid Jennifer”    Oh I blushed so red.  My condition was displayed clearly for all to see.

Suddenly I was very glad that Donna would be home in two days.  I should have two days of humiliation, but then I would need to be released.  As I comforted myself with these thoughts,  Miss Hancock continued speaking.

“ Oh yes, Jennifer I almost forgot.  This shall be your permanent position for the near future.   I have spoken with Mrs Garner.   She knows all about sissy boys.”   These words interrupted my thoughts… I looked up shocked!

Oh yes Jennifer,  Donna has noticed that some of her lingerie is missing, and She of course being unfamiliar with the ways of sissies, consulted her mother.  Her mother consulted me, and I decided that we would take action to protect Donna who  was infatuated with you.   So Jennifer.  You shall have to work hard to regain the respect and affection of your fiancé, because you see.  I have decided to make you a permanent maid’s assistant.  No longer a trainee maid.  You will be subject to the authority of all women in this house.  You will be chastised, and I shall hold the key to you little peeny cage for now, to present it to Miss Donna if she pleases.  You will wear your collar so that all will know what you are.  This is your fate, until you prove yourself worthy of some other.  Now go and finish with our lingerie, and be quick about it.  You have quite a few more chores to accomplish this day.

Burning with shame, and filled with confusion, I went back to the laundry room.

And so it was two days later, that I answered the doorbell as instructed by Marsha.  I stood there in my standard maid’s assistant uniform corseted, collared, with a pink cap,  my disgraced peeny struggling against its cruel cage, as I became excited at the thought of what would greet me when I opened the door.   There stood Mrs Garner, with Donna, my fiancé, just behind her. 
Mrs Garner upon my opening the door looked at me with a look that would wither a bouquet of flowers.  And said

“Oh right the new maid’s assistant.  Get our luggage on the curb girl, and bring it to our rooms we have had a long trip.”

Then She pushed past me calling to Miss Hancock.   Donna looked at me for a moment in amazement, a look that turned in a moment into a withering smirk.  She didn’t say a word as she too pushed past me and went inside.  Trembling and holding the door, I tried to calm myself.  I needed to get Donna to take charge of my key, then I could begin to work my way out of chastity.  I just needed to work up a plan.  Then I went outside and retrieved their luggage.


Carrie P said...

Great story Belinda, really enjoyed it.Sorry to see it end but suppose it had to eventually. Endings can be tricky to get right but I thought you handeled it very well.

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