Monday, September 10, 2012

Sissy Maid Redux

It was last year i described the sissy maid competition on these Pages.   And even earlier i described it on my own  Blog.   So i guess i have become a sort of contemporary  historian of these competitions.   The event rolled around again this weekend, and though since the last competition i was reminded that i no longer have a maid of my own to enter,  i still looked forward to it.  This was to be the year when past winners could enter and so arguably the creme de creme were competing to be crowned top sissy maid.  Additional excitement was provided by dire predictions of biblical weather with what the Weather Channel described as "large" hail.  As in other years, the event was sponsored by Lady Ellen, and was held in her back yard.  There were 5 maid's competing, some nw some past participants and a large crowd of spectators, who included various t-girls, and dominant women, but also included some men, and other folks who were not part of the "sissy maid scene".   The contestants this year were quite fetching and quite talented.   they included  Sissy Stephanie, a local girl with a global reputation! and a good friend to many of us.   The competition was fierce.    The maid's prepare and serve food to the hungry spectators.   They answer  a series of questions which reveal their experience and aspirations as maids, and they demonstrate some skills.  This year each folded a linen dinner napkin in a manner you might find at the Waldorf .   Each maid's napkin folding was cuter and more elaborate than the next.  I was expecting a fold that produced the perfect silhouette of a sissy maid... buy alas.. maybe next year.   The maid's are judged by the audience and an experienced panel of judges on their food, service, skills story, and their uniforms  (As you can see above.. they were all winners!, but a big pink bow and adorable sailor girl suit certainly gave one girl an early edge.)  In mid-event, Lady Ellen announced a Participation Award,  a handsome satin ribbon,  to a tranny who has not only attended and written about this event over the years, but who in recent years lovingly attends to the wine at the event including tasting it to guarantee the highest quality is served to the honored guests.  I refer immodestly of course to myself, but I was genuinely delighted to be acknowledged for my service before this distinguished group of dominant women, and lovely boys and girls.

The audience favorite is shown here holding her certificate as audience favorite.  She was a very girly girl, hardly a trace of boy in her flirtatious and pleasing manner, but the judges gave the crown to another sissy and former winner, maid susan. also shown here with her crown, trophy and bouquet.   Susan, a virtual charm machine,  prepared and served masses of cold shrimp cocktail (not that such a thing would affect the judges or the hungry spectators who enjoyed all the maid's hors d'oeuvres.  But there are no losers at the sissy maid contest where maids and audience members are able to live out their fantasies on a perfect late summer afternoon.   Lady Ellen announced that the sunny skies and absence of storms were incontrovertible proof that everyone including the Divine love sissy maids.  I never argue with Lady Ellen so I can only say Amen.
The storms did come finally as the event came to a close.  A number of the spectators myself included made our way to a local club where all sorts of  naughty games are permitted, but that is another story for another day.    If anyone lives near the Earthly Paradise (known to us natives as New Jersey) or plans to visit our fair state in the future,  I can recommend visiting Lady Ellen's Femme Finishing School, as one of our notable attractions.   You might even want to arrange a visit next year, perhaps as a contestant in the sissy maid contest.  I will be in the audience, and unlike the judges, my vote can be bought.

I have been following the discussion of which came first,  love of things feminine or submissive feelings.  I have put on my thinking cap and will try to think of some good survey questions.  I do know that in my own case, I would find this a very difficult question to answer.  Before I ever had any sexual feelings, I had some experiences that I have never forgotten despite my being quite young.  One was playing dress up with another boy, at his mother's behest when I was no more than 6.  Another was a very emotional memory even earlier of having received a sound thrashing from my mother, very atypical, and actually finding her crying at the end of it, and comforting her myself.  The third was a little older with a few other children in a friends basement, we were playing some sort of contest, the forfeit of which for losing a round was to have to wear a some article of his older sister's lingerie, which we had purloined from the laundry room.  I remember feeling embarassed and fascinated all at the same time.   All of these real events occurred before I started having sexual fantasies at all, so I would be hard pressed to say which came first.  I do remember that my earliest sexual experiences (not masturbation, just being excited)  involved putting on feminine articles that I "borrowed" from my mother, and that those experiences were made all the more exciting by the knowledge that this was not the way a normal boy should act at all, and that public revelation of my interests would bring great humiliation and shame.  It has taken me a very long time to dis-entangle my feminine interests and my masochistic interests.


Boobie Faggot said...


thank you SO MUCH for writing about the Sissy Maid Pageant! It is such a wonderful event and so exciting to read about and dream about one day attending or even participating :-)

Whats's really nice is seeing all the different types of sissy maids each one unique and beautiful. They are all so inspiring!

For me submission to feminine perfection is my natural mental state, and sissification is the logical expression of that state. Like rich soil and the beautiful rose that grows out of it, you can't have one without the other.


Carrie P said...

Many thanks for another wondderful account of your experience. It sounds like a fun event and competitive too.Could turn out to be an Olympic sport in the future.
Interesting too your views on the sub/feminine thread.All these feelings/tendencies we have started sometime in our development and whether there is/was a link between how we percieved femininity and submissiveness at the time I really don't know but I do find it fascinating and would like to hear more readers views just to see if there is a common theme.