Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Looks like I buggered up.  Don;t know how I did it - but here is NOW - the final episode of "A Pretty Girl Is Like A Malady".  Looks as if at least TWO people were reading the bloody thing - and I'd hate to disappoint them.

Before I show the episode though:  If you haven't read the most recent post by Belinda?  I'd very much like to suggest that you do.  Damned fascinating!

But here we go:

LAST EPISODE OF - A PRETTY GIRL IS LIKE A MALADY!  (Phew! - and apologies to my readers.)

Part 7
"Okay Cecilia" one of them said. "Would you change position please?  Sit back, but stay on your knees?"  Gratefully, I did as I was told – I was getting a little stiff from being too long in the one position – but the gratitude didn't last long as a new series of indignities started to be showered on me.

One of the girls approached me from the front with a bright orange bra in her hands.  Before I could even think of stopping her, she had fitted my arms through the loops, fitted my breasts into the cups then passed the tow fastening ends under my arms to another girl, who promptly fastened the bra at the back.
"Whew!" said the one at the front, "Would you look at that cleavage!.  Here, these straps need a little adjusting I think."  And without further ado, this young girl proceeded to adjust my bra straps until I admitted that they were okay.

Then, quickly, a broad sort of leather belt – almost like a  corset - was put around my tummy, and I was firmly buckled in.  Before I knew it, my arms were pulled down to my sides and they were then attached to the belt with smaller straps – but just as effective.  My arms were now pinned to my side!  I could open and close my hands, flex my fingers, but that was the extent of my freedom.

Helpless I watched another approach with some long leather thongs – looked like leashes of a sort that had metal clips at the end.  These, she fastened to the side rings  attached to the one imprisoning my penis. She then ran them up through rings attached to my leather 'corset' and over my shoulder.

Stunned, I saw the next thing that was about to happen to me.  One of the girls came forward with a shy smile, holding what appeared to be a rather small, leather, sleeve.  I almost fainted with shame when she fitted it over my erection.  I couldn't see too well, but she seemed to clip it into place using the same two rings that the 'leashes' had been attached to.  She then attached a little round chrome bell to the end of it – then more of the same type to the corset – and my bra – one in front of each upthrust breast!

While this was going on, another took my wig off – and replaced it with another.  I didn't get too good a look at it as she was so quick, but it seemed to be a full head of hair.  Reddish brown and with straight bangs cut horizontally across my brow.  It felt rather tight, but she forced it down.  Then I'll be damned if the next girl came with what looked like ostrich feathers, full and curling, but small – and a bright orange in color – and stuck them into my hair!

"What?  What!  What are you girls doing!  Stop this.  Stop this at once!"  I was remonstrating now, my voice getting stronger with each word..
"Naughty Horsy!" One said, and was fitting something over my head that seemed also to be made of leather – and was pushing a horizontal bar of something – vinyl, but firm, into my mouth.
"Whaw Aff mu gubbs dong?" I asked – or tried to.
"Think we got that bit in just in time," one of the quartet laughed, and I felt my headgear being fastened firmly at the back of my head.

"Okay Cecilia.  Almost done.  Get back on all fours again, would you please?"
"Allison?  You check her finger and toe nails. Joyce?  Fix her lipstick – a darker shade I think.  Cecilia?"
I nodded and leaned forward onto my hands again
"Stay VERY still for a second please.!" She ordered me.
She was expert at what she was doing.  Before I knew it, something cool and quite large had been inserted all the way into my back passage. With a shock. I saw the straight horsehair tail hanging straight down from my backside!  I started to raise my body in protest, but a strong hand was placed on the back of my neck and held me in place.

"Her nails are fine"  Allison reported.
"Hold on a sec." The girl who had to be Joyce said, then I felt a hand under my chin lifting my face up. The young girl stood in front of me with an opened lipstick tube in her right hand.
"Now Cecilia?  Please don't get to moving. Just want to make you all pretty."  With that, she expertly applied a light coating of the cosmetic to my mouth.
"There's a girl!" she commended me, and removed her hand from under my chin.
In shame, I looked back down to the table again.

The girl who appeared to be the boss spoke softly.
"Cecilia?  I'm going to do something.  Okay? It won't be unpleasant – at least it's not supposed to be.  So let me know if it hurts.  Okay?"
I nodded.

And instantly felt as if my innards had imploded! The only thing I could think of was that someone had put a dildo up by backside – then inflated it lightning quick! My insides turned to mush. My legs could barely support me.  I felt that if it hadn't been for the ring around my penis, I'd have ejaculated immediately. I waggled my backside desperately and let out a squeal – but whether it was a noise of fear or pleasure, I couldn't say.
"Think she enjoyed that?"  Joyce asked with a laugh.
"I'd bet on it!"  Allison replied. "I'll swear her eyes glazed!"

Just then, the door opened and Shannon re-appeared. She had replaced her long pants with what looked like silk shorts, but other than that was unchanged.
"I hear Cecilia calling me?" she asked.
"Might be, " the boss girl said "We just tested the Distractor."
"Did it distract her?" Shannon laughed.
"Think so."  Allison said. "But it's about time we fitted your Distractor too, is it not?"
"Won't hear me complaining either."  Shannon said, and all the girls laughed.

"Okay – lets get this saddle and the shoes on," somebody said – and something was put onto my back, then I heard the snicks and snacks of metal being fastened to metal and I now had something wide, though quite light in weight attached to my back. At the same time, Allison came and slipped shoes onto my feet.  They were more like a man's Cuban heeled shoe than anything else, but were quite comfortable on.

"Okay Cecilia – Up onto your feet now!"  Shannon commanded.  Stiffly, I obeyed – and felt Shannon take a jump and land square on the saddle attached to my back.   I yelped as she did so, surprised for one thing and a little sore when she pulled at the reins attached to my  leather covered penis –and tugged at the reins attached to the bit in my mouth. After the most recent weakening episode, I truly felt it to be a bit much!

"Sorry Cecilia," she whispered in my ear. "Didn't mean to give you such a fright. Is the bit in your mouth quite comfortable now?"
I nodded.
"Good!" she said.  "And what about these reins?" – and gave a little tug at those connected to my genitals.
I let out a muffled 'ouch'
"Even better!  I can get your attention for sure now.  Can't I?"

"Shannon?  Scoot back in the saddle a little would you?  I need to get your Distractor fitted properly." The boss girl said.
I felt Shannon move behind me, then the girl seemed to be fitting something to the saddle.  When she finished, I could feel Shannon squirming about in the saddle.  "Oh Jesus!" she said and sighed.
"Fit okay?" Joyce asked.
"Just about perfect"  Shannon replied, and the girls all laughed again.
Well then, let's get the stirrup height adjusted" somebody said and Shannon shifted around some more

She wiggled a little more, then told the girls what a great job they'd done, how I was the best looking pony she'd seen in a while.  One of the girls, Joyce I think, said it had been a pleasure – but they'd better leave as the buzzer should be going off any minute.  They left quickly.

"You'll be wanting an explanation Cecilia?" she asked.
"Youf pweeze" I said nodding.
"You've been entered in a horse – well actually a 'pony' race is a better description.  It's a big charity do the ladies run every year.  Getting you to run for her is quite a feather in Carole's cap. It's usually considered very difficult to get a man …"
Just then, a loud buzzer reverberated through the building.
"Okay.  We have about a minute. That bit you have between your teeth?  Remember this.  It's a remote control device for a similar 'Distractor' up one of your competitor's asses.  You bite on it – and she'll feel the same thing that you felt when the girls checked it out. Remember?"
I nodded.
"You won't know which one because it takes random amounts of time to make a 'hit'.  That way, you won't know who you're distracting – but the one that's activating yours?  She won't know either.

Then she laughed. "There's another type of Distractor that the jockeys have to put up with.  There's a dildo built into their saddles.  Mine is inside me just a tiny bit just now.  If you start and stop quickly, believe me, I feel it!"
She made a little wiggle on my back.  "AH!" she said. "Let's go, or I'll never get out of this room."
With that, I felt her shoulders move, then felt a quick sting on my rump.  I jumped – she had hit me with a riding crop!.
"Whoooeee!" Shannon exulted. "Man Oh Man! Is this gonna be FUN!"  Then she got back down out of the saddle and led me out of the room

There was a noticeable increase in the hubbub coming from the large room, but the sound of a bell came and it quietened down immediately.  Shannon drew me to a halt at the main door, and almost at the same moment, three doors in the hall opened and out came ladies in get ups similar to Shannon's – all leading young women, wearing get ups similar, if not identical to mine!  All had tails hanging from their posteriors as well.  They were giggling and laughing however, and eyeing me up.  "So this is the stallion?" One of the jockeys asked Shannon.

"Looks more like gelding to me!"  One of the others laughed.
"Okay girls, that's enough."  The oldest jockey was talking now.  "Let's have a Distractor check.  I'm going to count to three, then I want you all to bite down hard on your bits okay?"
I nodded, along with the three  girl ponies – our harness bells chiming nicely.
"ONE . . .TWO . . .THREE!"  And I bit down hard on the bit in my mouth.
Nothing happened for about two seconds, then one of my companions let out a "whoosh!" and buckled at the knees, her eyes going vacant.  I was next, then the two other girls followed suit.

"Looks like they work okay!" One of the jockeys remarked. And then the four of us were led into the hall, to a loud cheer from the assembled ladies.

It was a very large hall mainly hardwood floor, but a wide strip of green carpet stretching down the middle.  At the end close to us was a table with four women sitting there.  One was talking into a microphone.
"And ladies?  Here's what you've been waiting  for!  The Bartlett sweepstakes!  Ten percent of all wagers is being donated to Children's Hospital – so bet big!  Now meet the competitors, all running their maiden race Three mares, and one stallion! Now, lets introduce them !  First…"

And, one by one, my three companions were introduced – then it was my turn.
"And now ladeeez!  The stallion!  Owner is Carole with Shannon as jockey.  Meet CAROLE'S FANCY!"

Stumbling a little in my heels, and mincing daintily because of the thing stuck in my rear, I was led to the ladies sitting at the table, the bells on my harness jingling merrily.  There  I curtsied as well as I could, given the circumstances.   Everyone clapped, and I saw some ladies calling out to Carole, how well I'd been trained as she came to join me and Shannon.
"Better walk about a little Fancy," she said " And make sure that you've got Shannon's weight distributed right..  Get you some practice, maybe."  As she spoke I saw some of my fellow horses  start to move around, cavorting a little – making the jockeys eyes widen with pleasure as they did so.

Then, Shannon got on my back and wriggled around in the saddle until she was comfortable.  Patted me on the shoulder, then leaned over and whispered in my ear.
"I'm going to distribute my weight as evenly as I can Cecilia, but if you feel me leaning too much in one direction, try and let me know.  Now do NOT forget you have a Distractor activator in your mouth! But the more you use it, the lesser charge it gives.  Try and save it as much as possible, but don't forget to use it! Okay?"
My bells tinkled and my plumes tossed as I nodded my head.
That's a girl!" she said, patting me on the head.  Then she spoke again.  "But the main thing for you to remember is what direction you're going in and to move as quickly as you can between the spasms.  Got it?"

I made a little nod this time, just in time to hear the announcer:
Ponies to the starting gate please!

Shannon continued as we approached the rope stretched out across the hall at the other end from us. "But you're going to have to try and walk – don't run - as fast as you can.  Carole doesn't expect you to win , but you'd better not come in last, if you know what's good for you.  Let's go horsy!'  and I felt her shift in the saddle, then a tap on my backsides, and realized that she'd just used the riding crop on me!.

Then we were all going slowly up to the end of the carpet that seemed miles away,  Looking to one side, I could see two of my pony girl companions, breasts swaying, their riders whispering encouragements – just as Shannon was doing with me.  The other girl was very close to me, actually bumping me aggressively at times. I became very attuned to the sound of our metallic chains as they clinked and jingled a quiet tune.  Suddenly, I also became very conscious of the perfumes we all wore, mixing with the odor of excitement prevalent in the room.  Heard the crescendo of spectator noise as we approached what was obviously the area where we had to turn to get back to the starting gate . 
Heard the announcer state that the betting was closed.

It took a few minutes for us to get turned around, but then we were all aligned.  The starter was there and talking quietly.  "Okay girls.  I'm going to say, One, Two, Three!  Then this rope in front of you will lift.  If any of you try and jump?  Then we'll just have to come back and do it again.  Understand?"
We all nodded..

What looked like a clothes line was stretched out in front of our chests, and we all strained to get as close to it as we could.  I heard the announcer say his numbers, then to a roar of feminine laughter,
we were off and – walking – I guess.  The one girl on my left must have fallen back immediately, because I heard a roar of disappointment go up, but the other two and I were moving along neck and neck. Then, the Distractor went off inside me.

It seemed to last forever and I lost the place completely, just remembering to bite down hard on my bit at the last second.  The girl who had been leading stopped dead – then turned backwards, her jockey pleading with her and wrenching on her reins.  I kept biting for a second or so more and set my sights on the finishing line away at the other end of the hall – and then it hit me again!

I don't know how long that race lasted, because it became a walking dream. I recall one time when the fog seemed to lift just for a second or two.  I was walking in a circle, Shannon moving up and down on my back, panting and swearing, reins loose in her hands, the smell of her sex redolent in my nostrils.  One of my competitors was lying on the floor arching her back as if in supplication, her jockey sitting on the floor with a stunned look on her face – and the laughter!  The spectators were literally hanging onto each other – and I was told later that two of them actually wet themselves.

Every so often, I'd bite on the bit but it was impossible to tell who I was affecting – if anyone. We all were wandering about in a mental fog of the most intense sexual longing I have ever known, while our riders were pumping up and down behind us, screaming and moaning in exultation, practically falling out of their saddles.

 I could hear nothing more than a discordant roar, then felt a sharp stinging pain on my rear, and realized that Shannon was using the crop on me again!  I started and trotted forward a few paces, forgetting what I had to be doing to my jockey – only reminded by the laughter of the crowd who must have seen Shannon's face as I did so

Strangely, I wasn't upset.  It stung, but I knew that I'd been getting tired and it gave me a spurt of energy and I was now in the lead!  Then came a louder roar!  I couldn't figure why, because I knew I was way ahead of the two girls on my right, then felt the quirt really falling on my rump, and saw that the girl on my left was catching up rapidly.  Almost exhausted, I pulled everything I had out – and just beat her to the winning post!  I was SO proud!

Carole was delighted!  Came running and hugged me deliriously, laughing.  Shannon practically fell off the saddle at the back, but was stopped from falling by a crowd of happy bettors – it turned out that I had been rated a rank outsider.  Then someone came and put a garland of flowers around my neck.  Then I was led around, everyone clapping, and all the bettors who had bet on me, coming to Carole and congratulating her – and patting me on my ass.

Rose and the girls who had groomed me all came up and excitedly started to pat me and make compliments about how pretty a pony I made in my harness.  As they did so, I heard the announcer again:
The WINNER! – after a mighty effort –is newcomer Carole's Fancy paying twelve to one!  The major bettor is Miss Alice Newton.  She is claiming first bettors privilege!

There was a pleased squawk of voices around me, with many of the women pressing closer as if to see something that was going to happen.
"Oh dear!"  Joyce whispered to Allison.  "She's OLD!  Think she'd have a little decorum!"
I didn't know what she meant, until a rather attractive lady in a tailored wool suit in a kind of fuscia shade came over, grinning widely and waving a sheaf of betting tickets in her hand.  She was probably in her late thirties – rather attractive, I thought.
"Oh, what a pretty little stallion you are!  Won me lots of money, didn't you horsy!"  and  put her arm around my waist and had some photographs taken.

Then, to my horror, she took her glove from her right hand and proceeded to remove the sleeve from my erect penis, leaving it in full view.
"It looked bigger inside the sleeve!" she said with a disappointed voice, then  smiled brightly "But it'll do, I guess."
"Want the ring off, Mrs. Newton?" Allison was asking.
"Why not?" was the answer, and I felt Allison's hands gently  remove the ring from the base of my shaft. I was immediately concerned. If she'd thought it small when it was standing, what was she going to think now?

But my concern was groundless.  Her small, soft, cool hand took a hold of me, and I knew that I had no fear of 'wilting'.
"Let's go horsy!" she said and, with her leading me along and Carole and Shannon on either side, I was led triumphantly back to my stall. Or, I should say that the three ladies were triumphant – I was totally humiliated.

Only Joyce appeared back in the room to assist Shannon in divesting me of the harnesses, plumes, etc.  I was then allowed to dress myself back in the clothes I had come in, replace my wig, touch up my makeup and then head for home with Carole driving, and complimenting me on my performance – and giggling hysterically while she described the sight of me and the other pony girls wandering as if we were stoned out of our minds – and the jockeys all undulating back and forwards in their saddles as we did so..

Shannon didn't bother coming in to the house with us, just gave me a kiss goodbye and jumped into her car.  I was allowed to shower and have a nap.  Carole told me to wear my maids outfit again when I was ready – we were having some company that night, and she wanted to make sure I was dressed for the occasion.

The company turned out to be Tess and Angela.  This was hugely embarrassing.  The previous evening, everyone had been a little smashed on the alcohol, so an excuse might have been made for my appearance then. Now, dead sober, I was indisputably the maid – and Tess gave every indication of enjoying my downfall – running me ragged with "Cecilia!  Go and…"  Cecilia! Be a darling .." and "Cecilia doll? Bring me . ."

After a while she got bored with it, and I gradually settled in to making and serving dinner, then doing the clean up.  Angela was a great help in all of these chores – despite Tess's objections.
"I'm SO glad you're here now Cecilia!  I'm getting awfully tired of having no one to talk with but a bunch of mannish women!  That's a pretty outfit – but white isn't the smartest color for a working maid, at least I don't think so."
"It's the only one I've got right now.  But I think that Carole is going to buy more for me." I said.
"I'd almost bet that she has that in mind dear" she replied "But you know?  You don't have to be a maid if you don't want to. Just stand up for yourself."
"That's what Sandy told me."  I said  "But it's not that easy.  Carole has a wicked temper.  And?"  I shrugged. "I have to admit that I'm scared of her."

Angela gave me a hug. "Well that's a good reason for going along, I guess.  Tess is something the same – must run in the family.  I had to learn not to roll over myself.  Took me a while, but I did learn.  Maybe you'll toughen up?"  Her smile diluted any idea of criticism.

I was allowed to sit at the table with the three women.  Originally, I was supposed to eat by myself in the kitchen but Angela stood up for me and said that I ate with them, or she'd eat with me!  I started to see what she and Sandy had been talking about.

Over dinner, I discovered why Carole had requested my services anyway.  It turned out that she'd overheard conversations between her mother and Tess – where my propensities towards being bossed about had been discussed many times.  Her mother had wanted to have Tess and Angela made into executors of the estate in the event of her death – But they all had been well aware of the problems that might develop if a pair of lesbians were given that responsibility – especially if I made  any kind of a fuss.

It had been Carole who'd suggested me. "If he's THAT easy to boss around?  Why shouldn't he be the executor?  I'll still be able to stay in this house, have somebody for company – and maybe even get a hand with the housework"  As this was brought up, Carole reached over and put her hand on mine.  "And I was right, wasn't I Cecilia?  You're just a little treasure!"
Tess grinned. "Angela?  You should thank your lucky stars! If  I'd known how amenable he is to a little bit of discipline? He'd have been my little bride a long time ago.  I might never have even met you!"

Nothing more of any interest took place that night.  I found another nightgown laid out on my bed when I got to my room – a pretty shade of yellow I thought, slipping into it.  I had absolutely no problem in falling asleep that night.

Our meeting with the lawyers was set for ten o'clock the following morning.  I'd thought that I'd be allowed to remove my breasts, but Carole poh-poohed that notion. Was very particular about the lingerie I had to wear that day though  – demanded that I wear a neutral shade, even though I was to wear my men's outer wear for the meeting.  I stood before her, humbled again – wearing my oyster shaded lingerie – my bra, panties, garter belt and camisole all matching , opaque nylon stockings, and finally was given approval to put the rest of my clothes on.

Originally, I was to wear a suit, but even under a blue button-down shirt and a fairly heavy wool jacket, by breasts were observable.  Not much, mind you, but there was no question about it, there were distinctly feminine mounds under my clothing.  I thought that this might force her to change her mind, but it didn't – she dug out a bulky wool sweater that she swore would do. (I felt that the breasts were still a little visible, but didn't argue when she started to glare at me again).

Considering my informal attire, I was quite puzzled when I saw that she was a lot more formal than I'd have forecast. A colorful outfit – but business like.  One thing I thought looked wrong?  She carried this HUGE purse which I didn't think went with the rest of her outfit at all, but again, discretion being the better part of valor, I said nothing.

We arrived at the lawyers office ten minutes before the time for the meeting.  Miss Manter was there by herself, apologizing for her partners not being there, but assuring us they'd be there in a moment.  Carole excused herself to go for a drink of water and Miss Manter approached me.
"Ron?  It is okay if I call you Ron?"
"Of course!" I replied gallantly.
"Well then, please call me Liz," she said, taking my hand.  "I know this is going to appear very forward of me, but before the others get here?  Would you mind going out with me?"

One day before, I would have jumped at the opportunity, being ignorant of what Carole had in mind for me. But now I stood there, still unfamiliar enough with women's lingerie to be conscious of the slight tensions and tugs of the silken straps and suspenders, the satin sliding under the material of my pants and shirt – the shift in my center of gravity caused by my breasts.  I knew that I didn't have much longer to spend in anything remotely resembling a man's world.  Did not have the courage to face the derision and mockery from anyone else who had ever considered me a male.
"Liz?  I'm – I mean, I would – I'm . . . sorry." I fumbled.
She blushed a fiery red. "Oh!  I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to embarrass you.  It was silly of me.  I just felt attracted to. . . OH dear!"

Just then, her partners – two elderly ladies arrived. A Jane Stockton and  Isobel Wattis.  Right at their back, Carole entered the room and closed the door.  Introductions were made and we all settled down in a circle sitting in large armchairs in Miss Stockton's – the Senior partner – office.
There was no doubt that I was well received by the lawyers. They did look somewhat askance at my clothing, but as they settled down to question me on my knowledge of what my duties would be as executor, they gradually warmed to me.  They did treat Carole with a deference slightly tinted with a paternalistic viewpoint though.  Even I noticed it and, to tell the truth, enjoyed seeing the gentle put-down they were treating her with.  Could practically feel Carole's teeth grind in frustration, and hugged myself in non-disclosed glee.

Finally, the topic of the weekly meetings was brought up. As promised, Liz had mentioned it to her partners and some discussions had already been held.  Finally, Jane announced that she had considered this and felt that a week was probably too demanding and (with a charming smile) although they would miss the pleasure of my company on a weekly basis, she at least was of the opinion that a monthly meeting was sufficient.  Perhaps we could try that for a while – and then perhaps a quarterly session might be good enough?

With the other two nodding, it was obvious that victory was mine!  I was smiling in anticipation when Carole – with the worst timing possibly conceivable – spoke up.
"Excuse me ladies?  I can see that my uncle Ron is most uncomfortable with something.  He is too much of a gentleman to say, but would it be possible for he and I discuss something for a few minutes?"
"I'm all right Carole.  There's nothing wrong . . " I started, then saw her eyes, and ground to a stop.

"I don't quite understand dear."  Jane said, but please do talk to your uncle if you wish.  If you want privacy?  Liz's office connects through that door there.  Take as much time as you want."
"Thank you Ms Stockton.  I'm sure we won't be too long.  Coming, uncle Ron?"  Carole said.
I nodded and got up from my chair, excused myself to the ladies, and followed her into the office next door.
"Okay sweetie.  Clothes off!"  she said, the second she closed the door behind her.

I watched her open her over-large handbag – it contained all the ingredients for my final humiliation.

Less than ten minutes later, I went back with Carole and rejoined the other ladies. I now wore a soft summer dress – a flirty lightweight of  a floral print silk sheath with chiffon overlays, white, open toed sandals with elbow length gloves and handbag to match.  I had a pearl two-strand necklace and earrings to match.  I had my shoulder length blonde wig – with a flighty straw creation with a few feathers and veil pinned to it.  My lipstick was demure but very evident – and my fingernails were painted with a fast drying polish to match.

The three women looked at me with astonishment as I minced daintily into the room behind my mistress. Then stood (as Carole had told me to) in the center of the circle. For a few seconds I stood there in absolute quiet as the women took me in.  My pretty floral, summery dress, the outlines of my lingerie barely visible underneath.  My breasts peeking up and out from the soft frill surrounding them.  My hose. My high heeled sandals.  The pearls, the earrings – the hat!

"Okay ladies!" Carole snapped. "I just wanted to point out what sexists you three are!  For what seems like ever, you've been demanding that I make weekly pilgrimages here to defend what I do with money that is rightfully mine!  Within a few hours you grant an extension to someone you barely know – simply because you see he's a man!  Now, what do you think?  My uncle likes being a woman so much he prefers women's clothes, don't you uncle Ron?"
"Yes" I whispered.
"In fact?  He's going to change his name – officially to Cecilia – Aren't you uncle – or should I say – auntie Cecilia?"
"Yes"  I repeated huskily.
"And Cecilia wants to be my MAID.  Isn't that so, Cecilia?  Wear pretty uniforms and look after me!  Right?"

"I think you've made your point dear."  Liz said quietly before I could agree.  "No need to hammer it into the ground, is there?"
Carole took a deep breath.  Smiled. "Yeah.  Guess I was being carried away. Sorry!  But I just wanted to point out…"
"Yes dear. We DO get the point."  Isobel commented dryly.  "And I for one feel that it's valid.  Liz? Jane?  Monthly meetings with a view to extending them to quarterly sessions at a later date?"
"So agreed!" the other two said in unison, smiling.

The meeting broke up immediately following that with an agreement to hold the next meeting four weeks away.  As we all drifted towards the outer reception area, Liz approached me.  Put a warm hand on my shoulder.  gently caressed the material.
"Was this the reason for the – the – the refusal?" she asked, a smile tugging at the corner of her mouth.
I blushed. "Yes I didn't think . . "
"Whatever you thought?  It was wrong.  I'll pick you up  next Thursday – about eightish?  Take you to dinner.  Wear something pretty"  she said.

The end


alexvyaz said...

Thank you.
It's thrilling story as always.

rocketdave said...

I'm glad to finally be able to read the end. At first I didn't think I'd like this story, but it turned out to be pretty enjoyable.

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rocketdave said...

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