Monday, September 10, 2012

Kammi's Serial


And so it developed between the two. Rose willingly submitted to Lin Lu, taking the role of dutiful housewife very seriously, though always with a humorous tone. Lin Lu was raised to give orders to household help and now, as head of Dryfuss Enterprises, she gave orders to over one hundred employees every day. She was comfortable at the top and everyone that was associated with her benefitted from her leadership, excepting the occasional male that tried to best her and in turn was sent off with his tail between his legs. A month after their marriage, Lin Lu told Rose that she had to go to Hong Kong for a week to meet with her father over business matters. “I’ll miss you terribly, sweetheart, but I will bring you back a very special present.”

In Lin Lu’s absence, Rose had their bedroom done over. The result was as far from lesbian butch as it could be. The furniture was replaced with ivory colored pieces that sat on a thick, plush pink carpet. Sheer mauve curtains and bed canopy were bunched together for fullness and tied with  rich red velvet cords. Antique dolls with shiny tight ringlets and full satin dresses adorned the room. The art work on the wall was all modern but one could easily see the common theme of nubile naked forms entwined in one another. It was not always just pairs. Monogrammed Egyptian cotton sheets hid under the billowing pink comforter. It all screamed girly, girly, girly.

The maid’s quarters was similarly transformed into a feminine décor, though not as lavish as the mistress bedroom. Rose wondered what Brad’s reaction would be but frankly, she did not give a damn.

The week also gave Rose the opportunity to meet with the contractor who was converting Brad’s gym to the new Executive Spa. All the work was being done at night, primarily to avoid interfering with the staff on the top floor, especially Lin Lu’s “team”. The other reason was to maintain the secrecy of what was actually been done behind the locked doors. The contractor had promised, under penalty of losing a substantial bonus, that no one would know exactly what was planned for the new area. Rose was constantly approached about just what was being done but she said her lips were sealed.

“Hey, it’s no big deal. Brad’s gym is being given a new look, that’s all, one more suitable for a lady.”

“So can we expect to find pink barbells now?” Rhonda had asked sarcastically.

“Golly, I never thought of that” Rose said seriously. “I’ll have to look into it. Good idea, Rhonda.”

“Wonderful. So a year from now the ladies will all have muscled arms and abs. Won’t that be a first. Though it might be a help getting our husbands in line.”
“Is that a problem?” Rose asked with obvious concern.

“Somewhat. All these guys are typical All American men believing that their god given role on this planet was to earn a good wage and to protect the ‘little woman’ and the children. And if they had the occasional affair or spent too much time with the boys, a good wife should accept that.”

“Not trying to be nosey, but you did open up this discussion. Have you had a problem with Bradley?”

“Yes and no. Did you know that many of the women refer to the gym as the fucking room? Your dear brother Bradley’s favorite workout program was to screw a woman in there. It’s soundproofed, you know. A new girl at Dryfuss generally was invited to the gym within a week after being hired. Most succumbed to his charm but if not, they learned quickly which side of the bread the butter was on. Yes, I did let Brad have his way with me – several times. And I hated it. When I finally got up the courage to tell my husband, he told me it was part of job to please the boss. Can you believe that? Then I found out that many of the male employees made visits to the gym for massages under the guise of having a closed door meeting in the conference room. It was a full body massage, if you get my drift. And Roger had “worked out” in the gym several times. One evening I got Roger a little drunk and managed to get a pink frilly nightie on him. I put a matching slumber cap on his head, then I shot a full roll of film looking like a real pansy. Then the dumb ass revealed that his masseuse liked him to wear nighties too. That really pissed me off. When he fell asleep I got hedge trimmer from the garage and put his balls between the blades. I woke him up and pointed out what I was doing. His eyes were huge and he began trembling with fear. I told him I would complete the job if I ever got even a hint of him having any kind of sex with another woman. I also let him know that if he ever tried to divorce me, the pictures I took of him in his pretty nightwear would be sent to all his family and to the golf club he spent so much time at. And I would tell the world that he dressed like this all the time especially when he masturbated looking at magazines with little boys in them. Roger has been as tame as a kitten ever since. He makes a very nice maid.”

“Oh my gosh, Rhonda, no wonder Lin Lu likes you so much. What about Bradley?”

“Roger told me that everything that went on in the gym was filmed by a hidden camera. I lied and told Brad I had been able to get hold of one of the reels and that if he even looked at me again, the film would be shown at the local cinema. He has been very nice to me ever since.”

“Fantastic” Rose exclaimed.

“Yes, but I am concerned about him coming back, especially in an executive position, as are many of the other women.”

“Fear not, my dear, I guarantee you will love to see him in his new job. How are things now between you and Roger?”

“Hunky, dory. I first of all raised my position in the marriage from submissive to equal. Though not willingly, Roger took on some of the ‘woman’s work’ at home like washing the dishes, vacuuming the carpets and putting his dirty clothes in the hamper instead of leaving them on the floor for me to pick up. After the change here, I have climbed a little higher. Roger was one of the male managers that was let go. He was so cocky of his charm and ability he said he would have a new job in no time, at a higher salary mind you. But then reality hit. He has not even been able to get an interview for a new job. Needless to say, while he has been unemployed outside the home, he has become more employed at home. Again, unwillingly and under the threat of his mother getting a lovely picture of her darling son in a nightie, he has learned to do the laundry and ironing. He hates doing that, especially the ironing. He deliberately scorched one of my blouses then claimed men were just not cut out to iron. So, holding a 9 x 12 color glossy of his career modeling lingerie in front of his nose, I made him bend over the ironing board and pressed the hot iron against his ass. It hurt but it did not do any harm. He squealed like a pig and started crying. I told him he had better improve his ironing skills or the next time he screwed up the iron would be pressed against the opposite side from his ass. He’s finally got the message that now I’m in charge. Next week he will be back working for Dryfuss.”

“Really, I thought Lin Lu was not allowing any men back.”

“Well, not in a management position but Roger can type very well and will fit right in with the typing pool. His new outfit looks lovely on him. I gave him a perm last week and he has learned to set his hair on small rollers, which I make him do every night, after he’s set my hair. He looks so cute with his pink sponge rollers, pink hair net, and pink chiffon sleep bonnet with rows of ruffles. Of course, with all that, the only proper nightwear is pink, lacy, baby dolls.”

Rose placed her hands over her face in shock over what she was hearing.

“You’re kidding, right? He actually sets your hair and irons your clothes? Roger? Rocking Roger, he called himself?”

“Damn right, Rose, it’s a new world out there and I have Lin Lu to thank for it. I absolutely love my job, and the pay ain’t bad either” she added with a chuckle. “I never in my wildest dreams thought that I could not only have such a job, but be quite confident at it too. And I don’t even golf.”

Both women had a good laugh at that.

Rose knew that the salaries for all the employees had risen considerably and the team’s figures was higher than any man was earning in the county, probably the whole state.

“So now poor Roger is going to find out what it’s like to work a full day then come home and prepare dinner, wash up after, then do a load of laundry which he will fold while watching television. I can’t wait. And you know what, Rose? There are several other husbands following in his footsteps.”

On the day of Lin Lu’s scheduled return, Rose went all out to have herself looking good for her husband. It was an hour’s drive to the airport where she would pick her up. She took a lingering bath using the expensive bath oil Bradley just managed to have on hand for his “sweet young things” as he called his girl friends. She washed her hair and carefully set it on rollers. After drying and generously dusting herself with powder, she dressed in her best lingerie. She was going to model herself after Donna Reed, who Lin Lu mocked as the perfect example of a submissive American housewife with nothing better to do than dress pretty and wait on her husband. She carefully ironed the white linen dress with a very full skirt. Of course, several petticoats were needed to create the full effect. Sheer nylons were attached to the clasps of the garter belt while six inch stilettos completed the ensemble. Make-up on, Rose reached up to begin removing her curlers.

Rose had to control herself from speeding, so anxious was she to see Lin Lu. She had called the airline and confirmed the flight was on time. After parking the car, she walked to the terminal. She drew some admiring glances from men as her heels clicked on the marble floor. Some women too gave admiring looks at her clothes but some raised their eyebrows when they saw her up close. While she did stand out, it was not at all unusual at that time for a woman to be dressed as she was. Both men and women dressed up for a trip on an airplane. Likewise, all the stewardesses looked like models, both from their fashionable uniforms to their stunning good looks. And Lin Lu was no exception when she came through the arrival doors, despite the fact she had been in the air for over twelve hours. She rushed up to Rose and they embraced but did not kiss. The world was not ready yet to see two beautiful women exchange the kind of kiss they both wanted to give.

“Did you dress like this for me?” Lin Lu asked, giving an admiring look over Rose’s attire.

“Yes, from head to toe, my love.”

“You little devil, I love it” Lin Lu said excitedly as she gently patted the flowered silk scarf covering Rose’s curlers.

“You really do? I was so afraid you would think this was queer, especially being dressed the way I am.”

“You know damn well how I react to seeing you with your hair in rollers, my sweet little housewife, and I’ll show you just how I feel when I get you in the car.”

Some people then would have considered wearing curlers to the airport to be out of line, but practically every woman in America had gone out shopping or to a drive-in movie with their hair up. Lin Lu had said it was one of the biggest surprises when she first came to the United States to see women wearing curlers in public but for some strange reason that she could not explain, she liked it. Even more surprising was when she learned that women even went to bed like that. It made her wonder if they even had sex wearing curlers. She was shocked, and aroused, when she found out they did.

Once they had the luggage loaded in the car, Rose hurried out of the airport. They both knew they still had to be discrete in the busy place. No doubt any public display of affection would have had someone call the police. Lin Lu did feel safe running her hand over Rose’s leg.

“Oh damn!” Rose suddenly called out. “I can’t believe I did that.”

“Did what, my sweet?”

“I forgot to wear any panties” she said seductively.

“You know I will have to check to see if that’s true, and you know if it is, you will have to get a spanking, you naughty girl.”

“Promise?” Rose asked with a smile on her face.

“When have I ever broken a promise to you, darling? Pull into that empty parking lot coming up. I want to get a proper welcome home kiss from you.”

Once the car was parked, the two embraced each other tightly and their lips did not part for ten minutes. Rose felt Li Lu’s hands touching her head and pressing softly on the rollers. Still entwined, Lin Lu untied the scarf and began fondling the net covered rollers.

“Oh honey, this was a wonderful way to greet me, except now I need to remove my panties. They’re soaking wet. Now you know a lady does not go out with her hair in curlers so I’ll have to punish you for that too.”

“Sorry, I’ll never do that again, my love.”

“Don’t you dare. After all, you do have an excuse – you’re an American housewife now. So, let’s get moving, but not too fast.”

“Where’s my present?”

“In my suitcase. You can have it when we get home, if you’re good and give me an extra long licking.”

“You bet” Rose said, turning on the engine and slowly exiting the parking lot.

“Keep both hands on the wheel” Lin Lu ordered.

“Yes, mother” Rose said sarcastically then suddenly screeched. “Mother!”

Lin Lu had run her hand up Rose’s thigh and pushed three fingers into Rose’s wet pussy. They stayed there, very active, until they pulled into the garage. They set a world record for the speed it took to race to their bedroom, undress each other,  and for Rose to plant her face between Lin Lu’s legs and begin to devour  her pussy. After two orgasms each, they collapsed back on the bed. Lin Lu’s soft thighs were chafed from Rose’s curlers moving back and forth.

“Damn, woman, you’re dangerous with that headgear.”

“Hey, you’re the one that closed you legs tightly against my head. Guess I should not have used brand new brush rollers with such sharp prickles. I’ll go back to nice soft sponge rollers, sissy.”

“Bull shit, you do and you’ll find them all shoved up your ass.”

“My, my. What language from such a refined oriental lady. And by the way, you made a mess of my hair” Rose complained, feeling the dangling curlers all over her head. “So, where’s my present?”

“I’m tired, let’s wait until tomorrow.”

“Bull shit, I want it now!”

“Sure?” Lin Lu teased.

“You want to see what it’s like to have this shoved up your pussy?” Rose replied, holding a released brush roller in her hand.

“I’ll be right back.”

Lin Lu went downstairs to get her luggage. She withdrew a gift wrapped round object and raced back upstairs.

“With love from me to you” Lin Lu said and handed the package to Rose.

The latter wasted no time tearing off the decorative, floral paper to reveal a fluid filled glass canister. With a puzzled expression, Rose examined the sausage like object in the fluid. She thought Lin Lu was playing a game with her. Then she froze and asked slowly “Is this what I think it is?”

“Well, if you’re thinking that Bradley has been cut down to size, you’re right” Lin Lu said with a smile.

“Is this everything? Is there another canister?”

“No, that’s it, just his prick. He’s still got his balls.”


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