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Three weeks later, Bradley was suddenly ill and rushed away in an ambulance. He was diagnosed with a rare, highly contagious disease. The public was told that he was being transferred to a clinic in Switzerland and his recovery, if there was a recovery, would take a long time. Poor Lin Lu would be on her own but she pledged to keep Dryfuss together until his return. At Bradley’s request, she said, the wedding would go on as planned with his sister acting as his proxy.

The wedding was a small affair in consideration of the circumstances with the groom on his deathbed four thousand miles away. Since neither Lin Lu nor Rose had any relatives in the country, and had only a very short time relationship with the town, they decided to limit guests to the members of Lin Lu’s team and a few upper level managers (female, of course) along with their families. For public relations in this conservative area, the ceremony was held in an Episcopal church, where the priest was quite liberal and had no problem marrying two women, as several other pastors said when they were approached – and refused. The team were all bridesmaids, wearing calf length, pale green satin dresses supplied by Lin Lu after a group meeting. Lin Lu wore a white silk knee length dress with no head covering (a major faux pas according to the local etiquette experts). And if that was not enough to keep the gossip mongers active, the fact that Rose wore an organza wedding dress with multiple layers of petticoats and a veil that went down her back overloaded the circuits. Of course they exchanged rings, as would have been customary in a normal wedding, which this was but by proxy. They used the standard language of “love, honour, and obey” but only Rose, on behalf of her brother, said “Obey” with a special emphasis. She looked directly into Lin Lu’s eyes when she said it. Lin Lu smiled and gave a barely perceptible nod. They had discussed this during their preparations, with the intent that Rose would indeed obey Lin Lu. It was already a fact that Bradley would obey her, along with Rose. They wondered if anyone would pick up on this subterfuge. Looking at the guests, Lin Lu saw no response except from Rhonda who had a big smile on her face. The priest hesitated after the vows were exchanged over whether to suggest that the couple kiss. But the ladies took it out of his hands when they embrace and kissed each other on the lips – a kiss probably longer than anyone present had ever seen between two women. That completed, Lin Lu announced that her new husband, Bradley, was now out of danger but it would be several months before his return. Lin Lu and Rose were not to be denied a reception and so an elegant, very expensive one was held at an exclusive hotel in a nearby city. They even held a reception line. The bridesmaids went first, led by Rhonda.

“I know what you’re up to, Lin Lu, and I love it” she whispered. She then kissed Lin Lu and Rose on the lips, again longer than would have been considered “suitable” and the other bridesmaids followed suit. They all clapped heartily when the “newlyweds” took their place together for the first dance. Rhonda let out a loud “whoop”. America had just seen its first same sex marriage, but only a very few knew it.

There was too much going on at the business to take a honeymoon so Rose and Lin Lu had to celebrate their nuptials at home. Lin Lu had given Rose an exquisite peignoir set for her wedding night. She wore just a skimpy red bikini – at first. Once in bed they wasted no time pleasuring each other until they lay back exhausted. The incident of Rose’s spanking had been discussed the next day. Lin Lu apologized if she had been too harsh. She sensed from their time together that Rose had shown a submissive side to her and Rose agreed and said she expected to be disciplined if she got out of hand or displeased Lin Lu in any way. Thus the agreement for Rose to include the word “obey” in their marriage vows. Now Lin Lu was going to establish her role as husband in this relationship.

“I have a special surprise for you, my dearest love. We talked about consummating our marriage and now it’s time, but if you have any second thoughts, please do not hesitate to tell me.”

“Consummate? What the hell did we just do?” Rose asked, tweaking Lin Lu’s erect nipple.

“I must perform my husbandly duty, wife.”

Lin Lu got off the bed and went to her dresser where she removed a black velvet covered box. She brought it back to Rose and opened it. Rose looked puzzled at first but then realized what she was looking at.

“This is very special, my love. My gift to you. It is made of ivory and polished to a great shine. Look at the inscription.”

Rose picked up the dildo and examined the writing. In perfect script, she read “Rose and Lin Lu” with the date of their wedding on the next line. Then there were two lines of Chinese script which Lin Lu said was the same as the English.

“May I now use this with you?”

“Yes, my love, please do.”

Lin Lu quickly attached the dildo to a leather harness and gently pushed it into Rose’s pussy. It was thick, but Rose was glad it was as she sucked it into her. Smiling, Lin Lu proceeded to fuck her new wife until Rose was bucking in the bed and screaming in ecstasy.  Lin Lu withdrew her “penis” and began licking it while looking at Rose.

“Share” the latter said, and they each took turns licking and sucking their juices off the ivory.

The first day after Bradley was whisked off in the ambulance, his absence was immediately noticed by Lin Lu when she came down for breakfast.
“Hey!” she said to a startled Rose. “We don’t have a maid anymore. What are we going to do?”

“My, my, aren’t we the spoiled little bitch” Rose answered sarcastically. “One day without a maid and it’s the end of the world. Relax, I have it taken care of, Miss Lin Lu.”

Before she could respond, Lin Lu found a plate of eggs Benedict placed before her. It was her favorite breakfast food. Toast and orange juice followed almost immediately.

“Where did this come from?” she asked, looking around the kitchen for the chef.

“Why the fairies delivered it just a few minutes ago. Eat it while it’s hot, my dear. They’ll be back later to clean up.”

“What in hell’s name are you talking about, Rose. Have you been drinking?”

Rose realized that Lin Lu’s oriental background did not include the fairy culture so prominent in British Isles literature.

“Yes, I have been drinking in your beauty, my darling, and I am quite drunk” Rose said then bent over and kissed Lin Lu. “I’ll have to fill you in on the magical world of the fairies. But to answer your question, I am your new maid.”

“Seriously Rose, you cannot be my maid, you’re about to become my wife.”

“That’s just it. I want to be the perfect wife to you, so I better practice. I’ll cook, I’ll clean, I’ll do laundry, including your pretty panties. And I’ll be your devoted servant, willing to do anything you desire. And I’ll love every minute of it.”

“Will you wear curlers to bed every night?
“Damn, I was afraid you’d ask that, but yes, my love, I will put my hair in curlers every night and then torture you with them.”

Lin Lu put a big piece of egg in her mouth and kissed Rose. She pushed the food into Rose’s mouth and she chewed it before transferring it back to Lin Lu. Breakfast was very slow that morning.

Rose was washing the dishes when Lin Lu returned, changed into her bra, panties, stockings and garter belt. The latter made a face at Rose’s toils. Rose gave an expression of lust at her lover’s appearance.

“Are you serious about being my maid?”


“So you won’t mind ironing my dress? I meant to leave it out for Bradley but then he took off so suddenly, the bastard.”

“I will love ironing your dress, my lady” Rose said, reaching for the dress hanging over Lin Lu’s arm. ‘Where’s your slip?”

“You’ll do that too?”

“You have a short memory, Miss Lin Lu, didn’t I say I would do anything for you?”

“Okay, thank you. I hate to iron.”

“Have you ever done it?”

“No” was Lin Lu’s short answer. “I’ll go get my slip.”

Rose moved to the laundry room and pulled down the ironing board from its wall closet then plugged in the iron. She spread the beautiful silk cheongsam over the board and ran her open hands over the material to smooth it. Lin Lu had not wanted to wear the Chinese style dress for fear of calling attention to her race in this conservative town. Sure, it was okay for a chink to run a restaurant or laundry - that was what they all did, wasn’t it? – but to have the head of the biggest employer in town parade around in such a feminine, foreign garment might raise some eyebrows, at the least. Rose had been encouraging her to put her fears aside and do whatever she damned well please and finally Lin Lu was going to wear the ornate patterned dress to work. Rose had an ulterior motive to get Lin Lu into the dress – she looked sexy as hell in the tight fitting garment. She picked up the iron and glided it slowly across the silk. She felt herself getting wet.

“Well, well, isn’t this a lovely domestic scene, the little woman ironing her husband’s clothes for work. I could get used to this.”

“You won’t live long enough if you ever refer to me as ‘the little woman’ again” Rose said sharply, holding up the iron like it was a weapon.

“Touchy, aren’t we?” Lin Lu said and moved behind Rose. She reached around and placed her hands on Rose’s breasts. “Keep ironing, that’s what I pay you for, maid.”

If Rose had been excited before, she was doubly so as Lin Lu ran her hands over her body.

“That feels so nice, my dear. Bathsheba used to do this to me too.”

“And how did you react? You were her slave.”

“Yes, I was, but I loved her too. It was partly motherly love, the way she would brush my hair, but it was sexual too. I know, I know, the Stockholm Syndrome, right? Yes, it probably was, partly, but I would gladly have served her for the rest of my life.”

A hard smack on her bottom made Rose say “Ouch”.

“But then you would have never met me” Lin Lu said.

“Yes, I know, and that would have been the biggest loss of my life. But she was so nice to me.”

“Did she do this to you?” Lin Lu whispered into her ear while her fingers probed Rose’s pussy.

“Yes, she did.”

“Did you like it?”

“I loved it.”

“Bitch! How do you like this?”

Lin Lu pinched Rose’s moist lips, making Rose cry out but then say “Lovely, do it again”.

Lin Lu obliged and sucked hard on Rose’s neck, giving her a hickey.

“Finish my dress wench, I have to get to work. But expect an appointment with the crop later.”

“I’ll look forward to it, my sweet” Rose teased and puckered her lips.

“I’ll be in my bedroom. I’ll need your help to finish dressing. Don’t linger, hear me?”

“Yes, madam, I am at your service. Would you like me to serve you a saucer of milk too?”

And so it developed between the two. Rose willingly submitted to Lin Lu, taking the role of dutiful housewife very seriously, though always with a humorous tone. Lin Lu was raised to give orders to household help and now, as head of Dryfuss Enterprises, she gave orders to over one hundred employees every day. She was comfortable at the top and everyone that was associated with her benefitted from her leadership, excepting the occasional male that tried to best her and in turn was sent off with his tail between his legs.

A month after their marriage, Lin Lu told Rose that she had to go to Hong Kong for a week to meet with her father over business matters.

“I’ll miss you terribly, sweetheart, but I will bring you back a very special present.”

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