Monday, September 10, 2012

Something I Meant to Say Yesterday

I was asked how many episodes there were in that serial story I published and ended some weeks ago - "A Pretty Girl is Like a Malady".  I don't know why I was asked - but it started me wondering - did I miss an episode?
Having a lousy memory, it made me think that maybe I'd missed one - but at the same time, I really can't answer the question.  Let me explain.
I pick on a story I want to serialize,  Copy it.  Split the copy into a number of sections - usually six to eight and re-name it as a new file.  Put in some identification as to which part is what, then copy an 'ending' para.  Weekly then, I simply cut the first part from the story, then paste it onto the post I'm making.  When that re-named file is empty, I've sent in all the story - so I've no real memory of how many parts I make a story into.
But?  Knowing me?  I can honestly say that it's entirely possible that I screw up and forget to actually paste that weeks episode.
So? For goodness sake, if there's a part of a serial missing?  Please let me know immediately and I'll fix it.


alexvyaz said...

I want to read all parts at once. ;)
Before the first part you have wrote "It has about seven parts to it".
After the last part you have wrote "End of part 6" but not "the end" as usual.
So maybe there is part 7?
I am sorry if it was my error.

rocketdave said...

I meant to say something sooner, but I've been under the impression there was more to that story as well and have been waiting for the rest. Besides it saying simply "end of part 6" rather than "the end," the last part didn't really feel like an ending to me either.

Anonymous said...

Can't find Chapter 4 on this Blog.