Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Missing Post?

Just got a comment that somebody is missing Part four of my last serial?

I know for a fact that I DID miss posting the very last episode - Episode 7 I think - but what the hell episode 4 was?  I've no idea nor can I track it down. 

Can't this person look through the archives?  Failing that - can anyone find it for him?  I'd appreciate it.  Let me know, huh?



alexvyaz said...

Part 4 of "A PRETTY GIRL IS LIKE A MALADY!" is here:

rocketdave said...

I think where the confusion lies is that any given page will only display a certain amount of posts, so if you click on a specific month and what you're looking for isn't there, you have to click on either "older posts" or "newer posts."