Friday, September 21, 2012

Kammi's Serial



Lin Lu went downstairs to get her luggage. She withdrew a gift wrapped round object and raced back upstairs. “With love from me to you” Lin Lu said and handed the package to Rose. The latter wasted no time tearing off the decorative, floral paper to reveal a fluid filled glass canister. With a puzzled expression, Rose examined the sausage like object in the fluid. She thought Lin Lu was playing a game with her. Then she froze and asked slowly “Is this what I think it is?” “Well, if you’re thinking that Bradley has been cut down to size, you’re right” Lin Lu said with a smile. “Is this everything? Is there another canister?” “No, that’s it, just his prick. He’s still got his balls.”

Rose, as though in a trance, stared at the canister in her hands. Suddenly, she placed it on her nightstand, rushed out of the bed and headed to the bathroom.

“Yuk! I have to wash my hands.”

When she returned she gingerly got in the opposite side of the bed from her nightstand, resuming her stare at the object.

“Is it really, ah, you know, really, ah Brad’s?” she asked softly.

“Yes, my love, it is. I cut it off myself.”

“Lin Lu” Rose shouted, “tell me that you didn’t. Why?”

“Yes, my dear, I did. Why? Because of all of the frightful things that were done to you because of his actions. As you have said many times, Bradley is far from stupid. He knew damn well what was going to happen to you after he sold you into white slavery. Hell, as bad as it was for you, it could have been far worse. You could have been locked in a filthy dungeon, fed bread and water, and been forced to service every vile creature that your master gave you to. You would probably have been pregnant in six months and gone through a butchered abortion. And think of the diseases you would have contracted. My gosh…”

Lin Lu could not continue. She began to cry hysterically. Rose placed her arm around and pulled her to her breasts. She waited for Lin Lu to recover.

“I know, I know, my darling. I have had the same thoughts. But it didn’t happen and now I am married to the most wonderful husband in the world, and the prettiest too.”

Lin Lu softly bit Rose’s nipple in response to her joke.

“Tell me more, sweet, about Bradley.”

“Well, I needed to do this for my own mental health, and Bradley’s life. Knowing that I would be working closely with him in his new position, it would have been terrible for me. I would have been tempted to stick a knife in him every time I saw him. What I did in Honk Kong was cathartic. I am now ready to deal with him as just one more employee. A weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”

“So, how did it happen? It sounds awful.”

“I arranged it all with a doctor who was a good friend of mine, a very good friend, if you get my drift. I told her your whole story and after she heard it, she was willing to do the whole thing herself, gladly. But I needed to do this myself. So, Bradley was taken to her clinic under the guise of having a physical for his new job. He questioned Olivia, my friend, as to why he needed to be strapped down on the table and having to place his feet in the stirrups. She pretended not to understand English – as if there is a single legitimate doctor in Honk Kong that does not speak fluent Queen’s English. She was such a ham. She lifted Bradley’s cock up with two fingers and said something to me in Chinese. I told Brad that she said he was very big. The bastard beamed with pride and began to have an erection. That gave me the incentive I needed. I took firm hold of that miserable object and flashed the scalpel in front of Brad’s eyes. He looked puzzled at first but when he felt the cold steel at the base of his prick he knew what was about to happen. It only took a few strokes to sever the appendage.”

“Oh gosh, Lin Lu, I think I’m going to be sick.”

Rose again made a quick exit to the bathroom but nothing happened. She calmly returned and took a sip of wine from her glass.

“Go on” she told Lin Lu.

“I wish I had thought to have someone take a picture of Brad when the first cut was made. His eyes grew huge and then he screamed. I looked in his eyes and said ‘this is for Rose, you prick’. Before I had finished, he passed out.”

“Did he have anesthesia?”

“Not at first. I wanted him to be fully aware of what was happening and to feel the pain, mentally and physically. When he passed out, Olivia administered anesthesia to finish the operation. He was properly cauterized and sutured and left with about a half inch stump. Damn, I do hate the smell of burning flesh. Poor boy, he will have to sit to pee from now on” Lin Lu added and laughed.

“You’re awful” Rose said but she too was laughing as she punched Lin Lu softly in the arm. “Why did you not remove his balls too?”

“I was going to at first, but then Olivia told me that it might be more punishing for him to keep them. That way he will still have a sexual drive but be unable to complete the act. ‘Somewhat frustrating, don’t you think’ Olivia said in a proper British accent. So what have you been up to, my dear?” Lin Lu asked, casually changing the topic.

“Nothing like you have been through. After all, I am just a docile American housewife who leads a dull, quiet life – did some cleaning, some laundry, some ironing, made the beds and shopped for groceries.”

“And I love you for all that, Rose.”

“ I never would have had the courage to do what you did, but I do thank you for doing it. It means a lot to me. So, I guess we can expect a new, remodeled Bradley when he comes back.”

“Yes, we can. And there was another thing too” Lin Lu said with a mischievous look.

“Oh no, I don’t know if I can take any more. But go ahead, tell me.”

“The ah, new, remodeled Bradley will have a lovely set of boobs.”

Rose just shook her head in amazement.



“I didn’t think so. Tell me what you did.”

“Rose, my dear, I didn’t do anything, Olivia did.”
“And just what did she do, dear husband.”

“It was her idea, kind of like the lord gives and the lord takes away, only in reverse. She implanted silicone breasts in him. They’re about a C cup. Very pretty. I predict they’ll be a big hit when he comes back to Dryfuss. The ladies will love them.”

“You amaze me, Lin Lu. The next trip you take, I’m going with you. You’re not going to have all the fun. So, aside from all these minor events, how is his training coming?”

“Very well, his head instructor told me. He was a little trouble at first, something to do with his corset being too tight,  but was eventually, ah, ‘broken’ was the word the instructor used. And everybody agrees that the little modifications made to his body will make him even more compliant. They estimate he will be back home around the first of October, a new man, a new very well trained man.”

“Good” Rose said, “the spa should be completely finished before that. They are doing a great job, you’ll love it.”

“And I hope Miss Bradley will too” Lin Lu added and the both of them laughed again.

Meanwhile, half way round the world, Bradley was not quite laughing but was feeling somewhat content sitting under a dryer, his hair in curlers after a permanent wave. He was being treated to both a manicure and a pedicure. This was all a reward for a job well done. First of all, ten hour days, seven days a week, in a steamy, hot laundry room of a posh hotel washing, ironing and folding the linens from thirty rooms. His supervisor had praised his work, and promoted him to do hand washing ladies “dainties” for another week. He had to iron them too then return them personally, neatly folded, to the owner. Imagine the humiliation Brad must have endured to do that. His final assignment training as an apprentice laundress was to spend a week  ironing full time. Guests, male and female, needed their suits, shirts, dresses and skirts pressed at a moments notice, and Bradley was their man. He was specially praised for his skill with pleats.

He received the same intense training in hairdressing, make-up application, manicures and pedicures, personal shaving, massages, and sewing. Strangely, he found himself getting aroused performing many of these activities and cursed the fact that he could not masturbate in his bed at night – there was just nothing there to wank, though he did begin to enjoy massaging his new breasts after the pain of surgery subsided.

Having completed his training, Bradley was assigned to spend his last month in Honk Kong being a lady’s personal assistant. The lady was Dr. Olivia and he found her to be very strict. He did almost everything for her, from first thing in the morning waiting on her in her bathroom, then breakfast, arranging her hair while she ate, dressing her in underwear and clothes that he had laundered and high heels that he had polished. During the day he would clean house, do laundry, wash bathrooms and anything else the good doctor wrote on his chore list.  He had to wait  for her inside the back door, head bowed, when she came home from work. The reverse took place as he undressed her – completely – bathed her, served her a martini in the den and presented her with the daily newspaper - ironed, of course – then seated her at the dining room table for the dinner he prepared. Dinner finished, she would return to the den to make phone calls to her patients and friends while Bradley knelt on the floor and served her in whatever fashion she desired. He might do her nails,  massage her feet, or brush her hair or all three. Or he might just be ordered to bury his face between her legs for however long she needed on any particular day. He found her to be a highly sexed woman, sometimes achieving three or four orgasms in the time it took to complete her calls. She missed him terribly when he had to return home. The pictures and home movies she took of him performing his duties were seen many times at different  feminist meetings. “As you can see, my friends, they can be trained” she would announce, followed by claps and laughter. She loved humbling a rich, pompous American man and bragged about it to her friends.

The day that Bradley was delivered back to Rose and Lin Lu was a memorable one. Bradley had been medicated to lessen any chance of escape or violence. But his bodyguard said he had behaved perfectly. Still, the guard remained in the house for another week to make sure it was not an act. Since he had to go through customs and immigration it was not feasible to have him come home in a dress. Fortunately, scanning equipment and such had not yet been introduced. No doubt the metal stays in his corset would have set off all the alarms. But all his underwear, including his bra, corset, stockings and slip were pink, as was the mauve silk shell he wore under his pink leisure suit. There were many snickers at each airport he went through and on the planes where it seemed that there was an inordinate amount of traffic in the aisle as people walked to the rest rooms and back, closely eyeing the obviously queer gentleman. His frosted, curly hair and red polish on his fingernails did not help either. He did walk well in his three inch sandals which nicely displayed his polished toenails through the sheer nylons attached to the garters on his corset. There was many an argument as he travelled across the world about whether he was really a man, as most women recognized, or in fact was a woman as he so obviously appeared to the men who saw him.

“Dammit Mildred, can’t you see her tits? Of course it’s a woman. What man, no matter how queer he was would dress like that?” was repeated in many languages by the all knowing men along the route.

“Rose, my darling, may I present your new maid” Lin Lu said when Bradley left the limo. “Pretty, isn’t she?”

Rose was in shock upon seeing her brother. She was speechless for a long time as she checked out the “thing” in front of her. Finally she dared ask a question.

“If you’re really Brad, tell me mummy’s favorite vegetable.”

“Brussels sprouts” he answered in a sweet, soft voice. “And marzipan was her favorite dessert.”

Rose had to put her hand on the rail to keep from falling. This really was her brother Bradley. She was not sure whether she should laugh or cry. Lin Lu broke the ice.

“I love your hair, Bradley. Did you do it yourself?”

“Yes, mistress, I set it every night. I will be more than happy to do the same for you and Miss Rose.”

“Thank you Bradley. I will look forward to that service and many others. You must be tired from your long journey so you are dismissed for now and we will look forward to having you again serve us breakfast in bed tomorrow morning.”

“Thank you mistress. Good evening, mistress, Miss Rose” He replied and made a little curtsey before he left to go to his quarters.

“Is this for real?” an astonished Rose asked Lin Lu. “He won’t turn back to his old miserable self  at midnight?”

“No, my sweet, what you see is what you get, day in and day out. Your brother is a broken man that has been rebuilt as a submissive sissy maid and husband who will do anything you or I tell him. And if there is any problem, well, that was another reason to let him keep his balls – it hurts so much when they are squeezed.”

“Oh damn, Lin Lu, my panties are soaked. I’ll be waiting for you upstairs” Rose exclaimed and ran up the stairs to their bedroom.

The next three weeks were somewhat frantic for Rose and Lin Lu. The latter was kept very busy negotiating a major deal with a new customer who would become the biggest account for Dryfuss if the deal went through. Just before the signing, a snag developed. Lin Lu resolved the crisis by playing dirty. Photographs of the customer’s son in very compromising positions and dress with another man were placed on the bargaining table. Only Lin Lu and the customer were present. Not a word was said but the deal was signed before the end of the day. Rose was kept busy assigning tasks to Bradley and judging his abilities in several fields. She marveled at how much he had learned in such a short time but, she reasoned, Bradley had always been a fast learner. She laughed to herself as she recalled how he had taught himself embroidery back when she was a girl. In no time, all hers and Mummy’s panties had been beautifully monogrammed surrounded by a flower. Of course, now they had to be hand washed and Bradley gladly took care of this chore too. Rose also spent a great deal of time overseeing the finishing touches of the spa so that everything would be in order for the grand opening. The much anticipated day finally arrived.

“Ladies, it gives me great pleasure to open the Dryfuss Salon and Spa, created for your enjoyment” Rose proclaimed, raising her champagne filled glass for a salute. She then cut a pink ribbon stretched across the pink door (which had been painted overnight as a surprise) and gestured for Lin Lu to enter. All business had been shut down in the executive offices for the day and drinks and hors d’oeuvre  were being served by three “volunteers” from the secretarial department, all males and all wearing cocktail waitress type uniforms. They had been treated to makeovers at a nearby salon – hair, nails, and makeup. They had been selected by their individual supervisors for their progress in “converting”. This was the term Dryfuss introduced for males adopting female appearances and attitude. They were judged not only for their workplace changes but also for their home changes, which were reported by their wives or girl friends or mothers and in a few cases by sisters that they lived with. Basically, the more sissyish they became, the more they moved on to full “conversion”.

Once everybody was inside the salon, accompanied by “ooohs” and “awes” from all. If you didn’t like pinks and lavenders and such, you would have hated this room. Deep, rich carpet extended from wall to wall except around the work stations which were tiled. All pink. Rich, ivory wallpaper with lavender flocks covered the walls. Matching lavender velvet, gathered drapes hung on the walls, though there were no windows. The styling chairs were of white leather and looked so inviting. Soft, hidden lighting gave the room a soothing appearance.

Rose introduced the team and their personal assistants to what was being offered in the spa.

“We start here with your basic beauty salon where you may receive full hair and nail services.”

“Basic?” someone asked. “I’ve never seen such a beautiful salon. All the furnishings are exquisite, fit for a queen. And look at those fancy dryers.”

The European style dryers, pink, of course, were attached to the ceiling and Rose proudly pulled one down to show how they could be maneuvered up and down and right and left to fit the patron, still sitting in the same chair where she would have been shampooed and set, never having to get up and move around.

“Ya think you have enough mirrors?”

One whole wall was covered with mirrors that extended from the work station to the ceiling, making the room appear twice the size it really was. Rose then lifted the marble counter to reveal a sparkling shampoo sink underneath. All faucets were gold plated.

“This door leads to the most important place for a woman – the new and improved executive bathroom.”

The pink motif continued with beautiful ceramic tile floor and walls. Lighting and mirrors delighted the women. Instead of the plain, wall mounted sink, now there was a marble topped vanity with double sinks. Sitting openly on the vanity were three white wicker baskets holding tampons, sanitary napkins, and mini douche bottles. Of course the urinal had been removed and in its place was a bidet. Plush towels hung from the bars on each end of the vanity. 

A massage table was at the opposite end of the salon. Rose opened another door that led to a room  that was initially somewhat of a puzzle to the ladies. It was a laundry room, complete with a  commercial washer and dryer, two deep sinks, a Formica covered table, a chrome clothes rack, a professional steam presser and an ironing board.

“So, is this where we have to go when we screw up?”

There were only a snickers at this remark since most wondered about why the hell there was a damn laundry room accompanying their coveted salon.

“Yes, Sharon, this room is just for you” Rose answered. “We decided that since you love doing laundry so much that you could play in here as much as you want. All the rest of us will be glad to bring you our clothes to be washed, dried, and ironed. And, since this was previously a gym, we have this so you can pump iron” she said and lifted up the clothes iron and treated it like a barbell.

There was almost universal laughter, except from poor Sharon. Everybody was aware that she hated doing laundry more than anything else. She was single and often remarked that anyone privileged enough to become her husband would have to agree to do all the laundry “and ironing too” she would add.

“All right, ladies, listen up and I’ll fill you in” Rose said. “Lin Lu and I worked up some preliminary guidelines for use of your spa. It’s primary use will be for the team. You will each be allowed two shampoo and sets a week and more often if need arises, like a business meeting or such. You will also be allowed two full massages per week. Likewise, you may bring in your laundry from home twice a week. It will be washed, dried, and folded and any ironing that is needed will also be done. While we cannot do dry cleaning here, you may also bring that in and it will be taken out and brought back to you when it is finished.”

There was a spontaneous round of applause and cheers from the audience. While it was always nice to get your hair done, having your laundry done was an unheard of treat.

“This is all preliminary and we will be open to any revisions that you may suggest as we move along. Now, all you personal assistants will not be left out. You will have the same privileges once a week. We also plan on setting up a rewards program for any employee, on a merit basis, to enjoy the salon also but not laundry work.”

“So Rhonda, will Roger be typing even faster so that he can come in here for a wash and set? We’d all love to see him sitting under the dryer with his hair in curlers.”

Again, everybody laughed. It was no secret that Roger set his own, and his wife’s hair, every night.

“I’ll make damn sure he does” Rhonda replied.

“And now, ladies, may I have the honor of introducing the person you will all become quite familiar with over the next few months. The person who will be giving you luxurious shampoos and pretty curls, who will attend to you under the dryer with manicures and pedicures, run his trained hands over your nude bodies, and wash and iron your most intimate garments, the new Vice President of Personnel Enhancement.”

All eyes turned to the door as a lovely, lady in a pink satin smock with elaborate embroidery across the bodice and a white pleated skirt walked in on her high heels. Every pair of eyes gave her the once over from head to feet, as women are wont to do. The frosted hair was in a tight up do with shiny French curls on top. Her makeup was perfect. Moving downward, her bosom was noticeable under the loose fitting smock, not too big or too small. The sharply pressed pleats hung to just above the nylon encased knees. Her toenails were painted a bright red, to match her fingernails which were not visible. She smiled at everybody.

“Now, in addition to being the new VP at Dryfuss, some of you also know him as my husband Bradley.”

The room became immediately quiet. Was this a joke? No way was this the same son of a bitch who had abused almost everyone in the room. The woman had boobs! How could this be a man? They looked at Lin Lu for a clue but she looked very serious.

Seeing the puzzled stares Lin Lu said “I’m not joking.”  


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