Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Wee Post

Was born a Scot and lived a good portion of my life there.  Have lived in SoCal for many years now and must admit that I've been seduced into watching American Football.  Throw in the Final PGA event of the year and the $10,000,000 Fedex cup - and my day is totally buggered up.

I haven't thanked my recent additions to the followers of this blog - so I may as well take this opportunity to thank them for their company - and also welcome Marie as a new contributor. (Also?  Hi Alfred!)

I did intend to start serializing a new novelette this week - but as I'll be gone for a few week vacation some three weeks from today, I feel that it's just as well that I stick with shorter stories that I complete in one issue. That way You don't get a chance to nag me for missing episodes - like I did with the last one.

And that reminds me.  Can you contributors like Carrie, Belinda - and you lazy buggers Tammie and Monica - get off your bums and write something for this blog while I'm away?  I won't contribute on Oct 14, 21 or 28th (Not sure - but don't think I'll be able) - so need as much interesting stuff as possible. (I write this so that you'll all have PLENTY of time to prep yourself.)  Belinda always has great things to write about - but I'm hoping that something we've discussed recently might interest a lot of folks - particularly here on the west coast of the U.S.

As a wee bonus, I've added a few of Rosie's 'Bits' to the end.  So here's the story:

TOBY'S GIRL                                                                   
I looked at the wrapped box with the pink bow.  It looked familiar.  Toby grinned at me.  "Aren't you going to open it?"  She asked.
"Sure."  I said, pulling on the  ribboned end of the bow. "But what's the occasion?"
"Just felt like it."  She said.  "Seemed about time I gave you something."
I took the lid off the box, and then moved the two or three layers of white tissue paper. Stared at the peach colored satin in the box.
"But this looks like the nightgown I gave you last week."  I said, puzzled.
"Well, it's not."  She said.  "I took that one back, and exchanged it for one in your size."
Her answer totally confused me.  "But didn't yours fit?"  I asked slowly.
"Probably would have but it was gonna be too big for you."  She explained in a very patient tone.
"But?  But, I don't understand."  I said slowly.
"What's not to understand?  I figured you must have liked it, to buy it for me.  It's not the kinda thing I wear, and I thought you'd look cute in it. Again?  What's not to understand?" 
“But it's a woman's nightdress."  I persisted.
Toby shook her head impatiently.  "So?"
I licked my dry lips.  "Toby?  I'm confused."
"Precious?"  She said quietly.  "You're not offended at me giving you a present, are you?   Surely not?"
"No.  Of course not!"  I responded.  "But it's a woman's.."
"You keep on saying that!"  She interrupted.  "Did I raise such a fuss when you gave me one just like it?"
"No.  But you're a woman!"  I exclaimed.
"That's bloody ridiculous!"  She protested.  "I'm bigger than you. Stronger than you.  You're dainty and soft.  Just the sort of person who should be wearing something like that nightgown.  So what's wrong in giving it to you?  What's wrong with me wanting you to look nice and desirable?"
I took a deep breath, my face red with indignation.  "But this is crazy! I'm  not a woman!  Why should I want to dress like one?"
"I don't know what you're getting so incensed about."  She started.
"Jesus Toby!"  I interrupted.  "How do you expect me to feel?"
"Complimented!.. Now just be quiet a second!"  She added as I opened my mouth to speak.  "I'm the breadwinner in the house.  You stay home and look after my wants.  You're weak and docile.  If there's a man in the house, it's me!  If there's a woman here, it's you!"  She smiled convincingly.
I could only stare at her in a sort of stupefied horror.  She hammered some more nails into my masculinity. "You're a good cook.  Keep a clean house. Take care of my ..."  She grinned.  "Needs?  Why shouldn't I expect you to want to look pretty for me?   Why don't you go try it on.  See how it looks?"
"Oh god Toby!  Please stop!  This is nuts!"  I said, humiliated down to my toes.
She shrugged.  "Didn't mean to hurt your feelings precious.  But at least think about it.  Ok?"
"I have, already.  I can't go wandering about in something like this.  Surely you can see that?"  I said, half pleading now.
"No.  But just say that you'll think about it.  Please?"  She said softly, placing her hand on my knee and giving it a gentle squeeze.
"Well.  I'm not going to change my mind.  But I will think about it."  I  said, smiling a little at her determination.
I nodded.  "Promise!"
The week passed and I kept that promise.  In actuality I couldn't do much else as I'd find the nightdress stretched out invitingly across my side of the bed every night.  Grinning at my reactions, Toby treated the whole thing as if I were just being stupidly stubborn, and would see the light sooner or later.  Finally, I thought I could negotiate a compromise.
"You know Toby?  One thing I don't think you've thought of? "  I started one night.  "Suppose I didn't like it?  Suppose it didn't suit me?"
"Well, I guess you shouldn't wear it then, should you?"  She replied softly, then continued.  "It's not that I'm trying to force you into doing something you don't want or like.  Honest.  I just think that you'll enjoy wearing it..."
"Well.  If I don't?  Can I take it off right away?"
She laughed.  "Am I supposed to trust you?  I can just see it.  You putting it on over your head.  Then 'ooh no Toby'!  I don't like it.'  Off over the head again ten seconds later."
"You don't trust me!"  I pretended amazement".
“Course I do, precious!"  She laughed.  "Tell you what.  Try it for, say,  ten nights?"
"Ten nights!  You've got to be kidding!"
"A week then, no less.  Starting tonight."
I tried to haggle with her, but she wouldn't budge sensing, I think, my coming capitulation.  Finally, I released a big sigh.
"One week then.  Starting tonight.  And if I don't like it.."
"If you honestly  don't like it.."
Or, if it doesn't suit me.."
"Yes!  Yes!  Ok already."  She laughed. "You don't have to wear it ever again!"
"Promise?"  I persisted.
"Promise!"  She said gravely.
"Go into the bathroom then, while I put it on."  I said, all of a sudden  feeling extremely shy.  She looked as if she was going to make a smart reply, then nodded understandingly and went into the bathroom, closing the door behind her.
I'd decided to get the experience over as quickly as possible so, closing my mind as well as I could, I stripped off all of my clothes then picked the nightgown off the bed and basically 'dived' into it, pushing my arms through the sleeves, then my head, then standing erect to let it fall around me.
I wasn't truly surprised at the delightful sensation of the satin cascading down my body nor at the luxurious feeling of pure comfort that now surrounded me.  Could not resist the desire to run my hands over the material surrounding my 'breasts' and flowing down my arms.  I took a quick peek in the mirror, feeling decidedly silly.  At the same time, I had to admit that I didn't look totally ridiculous.  The pink did suit me - at least it matched the blushes on my cheeks if nothing else  and it seemed to complement my hair.  Then I shook my head and jumped into bed. "Ok Toby."  I called out.  "It's okay now!"  Pulled the bedclothes up around my neck.
She came in smiling, then saw me in bed.  "What are you doing in there?" She teased. "Out!  And let me have a look see!"
This wasn't something I'd thought of.
"Aw c'mon Toby!  For goodness sake give me a break!"
"Break, my ass!"  She laughed coming over to the bed and taking a hold of the covers.  "Out, and quick about it, or I'll pull these off  then you'll have to make the bed all over again."
I knew she meant it.  Red faced I nodded my surrender, then slid my legs out from under the bed clothes, got my feet onto the floor, then stood up, too embarrassed to look Toby in the eye.
"Turn precious - there's a girl!” she exulted. “Told you!  It's lovely on!"
"I'm not a girl Toby!  For goodness sake!  Please stop!"  I whined weakly at her, but continued to turn slowly around under her scrutiny.
"Very nice!  Very nice!  It really suits you, precious.  Walk over to the far wall dear.  See if you can get it to flow around you.  Yes!  That's it!  As pretty as a picture!  Now come back here to Toby and get a big kiss for being such a good girl!"
And blushing, but obedient, I floated back to Toby.  She took me in her arms and gave me a long, lingering kiss, her hands dropping down to caress my satiny rump.  I couldn't help myself, rubbed my tummy against hers seductively.  She felt my erection.
"Now there's an indication of how much you really hate your new nightgown eh?"  She grinned as she took a gentle hold of my projecting penis. "Really hate it, huh?"
I giggled softly. Then squealed as she let go then gave my backside a sharp spank. "Into bed there, you bloody wanton!"  She growled.  "We have business to attend to, my fair maiden!"
I just didn't know how to react to her.  She was obviously determined that I was to be treated as some piece of (feminine) property. 
“Serves me right  I thought, climbing hurriedly into bed.  'Can't honestly say as I blame her.  But it's only for a week'.  Also, as I was being sexually aroused by the feel of the satin and her aggressive behavior, there wasn't much sense in protesting.  I sat up in bed and held my arms out to her.
"Would you stop fooling around, and hurry up!"  I protested.  "Get these damn clothes off?"
She didn't fool around.  Seconds later, I was in her arms for the start of the best night of lovemaking we'd ever had.
The following morning was Saturday, so we both slept late  then she made love to me again.  I was sore when I got up to make her coffee and breakfast.  She protested as I took the nightgown off.
"Aw come on precious!  Don't take it off!  You look so pretty in it."
"Toby!  I've got to get dressed.  The nightgown may be nice, but I'm cold. I need to warm up a little.  Ok?"  I said it firmly, but I knew inside that I was warmed by her compliment, and only too eager to jump back into bed again.
 She just sighed theatrically.  "Ok miss.  If that's the way you want it?  I'll have my coffee in bed  then juice, bacon, eggs  over easy. And some toast and marmalade to finish.  And?  If the paper's here?  You can bring that up as well."
Now all of this must sound very strange.  Up until I met Toby, I considered myself an average young guy.  Small and skinny perhaps.  Very, very, shy around women, but attracted to them.  I'd had a period of self doubt when I'd wondered if I was gay, but had reached the conclusion that I wasn't interested in men, in any sexual way whatsoever.
I'd met her walking one night.  She'd asked if I had a light for her cigarette.  As it happened, I had a book of paper matches in my jacket pocket.  Handed them over to this stocky girl with searching, honest, eyes.
She'd lit her cigarette, then handed me back the matches.
"No.  No.  Keep them."  I said.  "Don't smoke myself, so don't need them."
"How come you carry matches then?"  She asked.  "Thinking about becoming an arsonist?"
I laughed.  "Well?  There's always the possibility..."
She put her arm through mine possessively, and put on a heavy fake Austrian accent.  "Aaah!  Vell mein deer?  Come 'vit me to my ovvice.  I giff you  trut' serum.  Ve analyze you.  Dizcover all your buried z'ecrets?"
She walked me to a local bar.  There she claimed that her debt to me was 'zo' immense for saving her from a nicotine fit, that she had to buy me at least a drink.  That 'drink' turned into more than one.  I don't remember everything about that evening, but knew that I'd had a great time when I woke up in her bed the following morning.  I'd a numbing headache, but was doing cartwheels inside because I knew that I was (finally) out of the 'virgin' status.  I had the vague sensation that it had been her that was the aggressor - but ask me if I cared!
Toby was something totally out of my league.  Had a law degree, as well as being an electrical/chemical/engineering (whatever the hell that is) consultant.  Had an income in the (at least) six figures.  Owned her own home  had a Mercedes 600SL  and liked me?  What the hell was I gonna say when she made me an offer?
 "No!  I cannot move in with you!  I may be poor but I have my pride!  Unemployed?  Don't know where my next job is gonna come from but I cannot accept any handouts!"
SURE I was.
I was her 'significant other' in less than two weeks.  She was really embarrassed (and I mean this) when she started paying me for looking after her house the way I did.
"Look precious."  She said.  "You're the sweetest thing has happened to me in a long time.  I can't pay you for our sex  that'd be real tacky.  But you gotta have some money of your own!  There's no pride in being poverty stricken.  You take care of me - that sure would cost me a bundle otherwise?  So don't be mad, huh?  Just take this little weekly token of my  thanks.  Ok?"
I had been kinda humiliated at taking her money, but had compensated - so I thought, by buying her some 'nice' things, lingerie and so on.  But now it seemed that it was me that was to be the recipient of these feminine goodies and I just could not, in any way, shape, or form, come up with a  'no' that meant anything to her.  She, in common parlance, rode over me like a train.
That night was a replay of the first.  I wasn't so shy in front of her as I had been, actually kind of enjoyed seeing her getting turned on.  The following morning was Sunday  and I was given something else to consider.
Again, I started to take my gown off.  Again, she protested. 
"But Toby?"  I explained.  "It's just the same as it was yesterday.  I'm cold!  The gown is nice, but it's not the warmest thing in the world to wear, you know?"
She grinned like a Cheshire cat.  "Precious?  Why don't you have a look in my closet there?  See what Toby bought her girl."
I had the feeling that I had been had.  Opened up her closet door.  Two gift-wrapped parcels.  One fairly big.  One small.  I opened the big one first.  A heavy duty terry robe in a dull pink - didn't look as if it was too long, with rounded lapels, and heavily cuffed sleeves.  A warm feminine, robe!
"Think that one's warm enough for you?"  She asked from the bed.  "Put it on.  Let's see how it fits."
"But ... But.. The ten days aren't up yet." I stammered.
"What are you talking about?"  She asked.
"Well?  If I don't like the nightgown..."
"You have to be kidding!"  She laughed.  "You're not going to tell me you don't like your nightdress!  How you act in bed?  The way you've been wafting about?  Don't be silly!  Try on your robe!"
And I put my new robe on.  There was no question.  It was lovely and warm. As I tied the sash around my waist, I saw something I'd missed still in the box.  Gingerly, I picked out a lacy, transparent cloud of pale blue chiffon.  "What's this?"  I asked weakly.
"Mmmmm!"  Toby hummed.  "That's for when you feel all nice and sexy  or when I want you to feel all nice and sexy.  A pretty negligee for my girl."
Wearing what I was, there was little sense in complaining about her growing use of the word 'girl' when talking to me.  Not knowing what to say, I went and hung my new negligee up in my closet.  Then I picked up the smaller present and opened the box.  As I'd guessed from the size, it was a pair of slippers - women's of course.  Pink (what else) with a fairly low heel, trimmed with a light blue fake fur.  I knew that Toby was going to tell me to put them on, and that I wouldn't be able to deny her - so what the hell?
They fitted just fine, and didn't give me any trouble in walking at all.  I actually kinda enjoyed the little bit of extra height they gave me.
It felt strange at first but I gradually got used to walking around in the kitchen in my satin nightgown, comfy robe, and heeled slippers. I was a little concerned going out to the front of the house in such finery, but it is reasonably private there and no one saw me.  Toby smiled nicely at me when I took her breakfast to her.
"Now?  Don't you feel better?  All nice and warm  and soft and cuddly?"
I blushed in response.
Later that afternoon while I was preparing dinner, Toby went out.  I didn't hear her leave, but was sure she'd be back in time for dinner.  She was.
And with her she brought me some new nightwear.  Yellow, light blue, pale green.  Nightdresses, baby dolls, peignoirs.
"Aw Toby!"  I said helplessly as she spread her gifts out for me to admire. "You said ten days!  I was supposed to get ten days to try the pink ones."
"Have I got to repeat myself?"  She said.  "You're not even going to try and pretend that you don't like your new clothes, surely?  I mean, I've seen your reaction.  All pink and flushed and girlish  and you can't wear just one set of jammies now, can you?  So take all of these and put them in your lingerie drawer.  You can model them for me later. But please stop with the 'ten day' nonsense.  It's not funny any more."
A week or two later, all of my masculine pajamas were gone and I had become totally used to my feminine nightwear.  Then one night in bed, Toby started something new.
"Like being Toby's girl now?"  She asked me. "All soft and silky?"
"Mmmm."  I moaned, pressing into her.  "Oh yes Toby."
She laughed.  "I'll say this precious, you're learning fast."  She chucked me gently under the chin.  "But?   I think it's really silly that you don't have a proper name when you're dressed so nicely."
"I like being your 'precious'"  I whispered.
"Yeah.  But it's kinda childish don't you think?  I mean, you're a big girl now.  Should have a big girl's name."
"A  girl's name Toby?"
"Yes.  Of course.  What do you think?  I kinda like Suzanne."
"Oh Toby!  Please don't!"
"You didn't answer my question Suzanne!"  She said warningly.  "I think it's a lovely name.  So why don't we try it for a couple of days, eh?  And tell you what?  I'll just call you that when you're dressed prettily.  That  make you feel better?  Bet you'll get to just love it!"  And Suzanne I became.
She did keep her word for a week or so, calling me by my new feminine name only when I was dressed in nightwear.   But she started slipping up more and more, using it to speak to me or call me during the times when I was dressed in my male clothes.  It probably hastened the change that I'd become so used to it that I gradually forgot to remind her, and Suzanne I  became all the time. One day I actually called her on the telephone.  Her secretary told me that she was in a meeting, and asked if it was anything important.  I told her "No.  But have her call Suzanne when she's free."
"Does Toby have her telephone number?"  The secretary asked.
I started to say 'of course', before I realized what I'd done, then stammered around the question.  "Well, I don't really know.  Why don't you have her call me instead?"
In bed at night I was now nothing but the totally submissive partner, completely ruled by Toby.  She wasn't cruel or even physically abusive, but it was me that wore the pretty clothes and acted out the female role.  She started having me ask the same thing every night
"Is Suzanne Toby's girl?"  I’d ask.
Then she'd give me a comforting hug and answer  "Oh yes.  Pretty Suzanne is Toby's favorite girl." 
It got to be a very boring ritual saying the same thing night after night, but any time I forgot or tried to say itin a different way I'd be sharply reprimanded.  It served its function though I guess.  My constant identification of myself as both 'Suzanne' and 'her girl' put me in a brainwashed state where I accepted that this is what I wanted to be.  Had to be.
Then one night something new was brought into the equation.  I'd asked the usual question and was just accepting the answer when I realized that she had answered differently.  I was so shocked, I didn't even take it in.  Had to ask her to repeat what she'd said.
"I said.  Yes you're still my girl but I'm very disappointed with you!" She said.
"But what have I done?"  I asked defensively.
"It's more like what you haven't done."  She responded.
"Oh Toby!"  I wailed.  "I've been good!  I've done everything you asked me to do.  Honest!"
"Every night you ask me if you're my girl.  Don't you?"
"Yes.  Yes I do.  I thought you wanted me to do that?"
"Yes.  Of course I do!  But what are you doing to be my girl.  Eh?  What else are you doing?"
"I don't know what you mean.  I'm sorry.  I don't know what you're telling me. I wear pretty clothes for you.  I don't know what.." I mumbled.
"For goodness sake!"  She interrupted impatiently.  "Have you ever thought of making yourself prettier?  Doing you hair nicer?  Makeup?  Perfume?"
"Eh?  Makeup?  Perfume? Oh Jesus Toby!  I can't.."  I panted, panic stricken at this turn of events.
"You can't?  Who's stopping you?"  She snapped.
"Well?  I don't know how!  And I wouldn't know what to buy."  I pleaded. And then a great thought struck me. "And you've often said that you don't  know anything about female things like that.  So who's gonna teach me?"
"Are you trying to tell me that you've thought of using makeup, but don't know how?"  She asked after thinking for a moment.
I was sorely tempted to lie, but didn't.  Saw no crime in stretching the truth a little though.
"Well.  Not exactly.  Never thought of it in so many words.."  I let my words taper off.
"Hmmmm."  Was all she said.  I cuddled into her shoulder, and soon we were both fast asleep.
What had transpired worried me for a day or two, but gradually I forgot all about it.  Then, one morning about an hour after Toby had left for work, a knock came to the door.  I almost fainted.  More and more I'd got in the habit of spending a relaxed hour over a cup of coffee and the daily crossword after clearing away the breakfast dishes and before getting on with the housework.  Needless to say, I was still in my nightwear, the yellow gown and matching robe.  To get upstairs necessitated me passing a glass inset on the front door. Being stained glass, it wasn't all that transparent, but there was no question about it, anyone standing outside there would have a very distinct impression of 'someone' in feminine clothes passing.  What could I do?  The only thing I could think of was to stay quiet and outwait the visitor.  Heart pounding, I sat very still.
Then I heard a woman's voice speaking loud enough for me to hear her through the door.
"Sir?  Sir?  Your wife Toby?  She told me you'd be here.  The phone will ring in about five sec.. Is that it now?  Anyway?  It's her.  She said that you'd better answer it?"
And the phone was ringing.  Was there any way out?  I couldn't think of any.  Trying to be as quiet as I could (only god knows why) I picked up the dining room phone.  "Hello?" I whispered.
"Suzanne?  First thing!  Don't hang up!  Just go and let that lady in, then come back to the phone."
"But Toby dear!  Please!  I'm not dressed!"
"Suzanne!  The door!"
I started to cry.  Not much, but enough.  Put the phone down.  Went to the front door.  Unlocked and opened it.  Saw the young woman there with the small suitcase in her hand.  She was taken aback a little  more by my teary eyes than what I was wearing I think, but smiled cheerily.
"Hi!  I'm Chrissie, your Avon lady.  Can I come in?"
Speechlessly I nodded then went back to the phone.
"Good Suzanne!" I heard Toby say.  "Well done!  I'm proud of you.  Now you and Chrissie have a nice morning.  Hear?"  With that she hung up.
I turned back to Chrissie.  She'd shut the door behind her.   She looked at me, then shrugged.  "I'm sorry." She said.  "I figured that something was out of kilter somewhere.  But I'm new to the area and need all the customers I can get.  If you want me to? I can leave."
I could feel my mouth set in a resigned line.  I shrugged under my yellow chiffon peignoir.  "Nah Chrissie.  If it isn't you  then it'll be somebody else.  Would you like a cup of coffee?  It's only an hour old.  Should be ok."
A little while later, we were talking like old friends.  She had been disbelieving at first when I'd told her of Toby's campaign to effeminize me but started coming around.  "What do I call you?"  She asked.  "Suzanne?"
I grimaced.  "It goes with the territory I'm afraid."
She put her coffee mug down and reached across the table.  Took a gentle hold of my wrist.  "Ok Suzanne.  But if I start going too fast for you, or make you uncomfortable?  You'll let me know right away.  Please?"
I took a deep breath, and nodded.
 "Well."  She started.  "Seems to me that you're either going to go along with Toby - or you're not.  If you're not?  I'd suggest that you get out of these pretties, into some pants and 'men' things and get your little tush out of here?  Go far, far, away  -  and don't ever think of coming back.  If you don't want to break it off with Toby?  Well you'd better start thinking of some serious changes in your appearance.  You'll need a manicure and pedicure, maybe a hot wax job.  Eyebrows worked on -  definitely!  Ears pierced.  You look like you've nice hair, but I'm worthless in that department.  I do know of a girl locally who makes house calls though.  But here, let me start showing you some of my products."  With that, she opened her sample case.
 Toby had to work late but when she did get home that evening, I had had enough time to change into my nightwear and put on my makeup. She was delighted with her 'new', prettier girl.  With the benefit of a morning and afternoon of 'training' under Chrissie's tutelage, I was reasonably competent in the art of makeup  - and it showed.
"My! That lipstick tastes almost as good as it looks on you."  Toby said, lifting her mouth from mine.  "And you look so much better.  Smell nicer too!  But?  Would you do something for me Suzanne?  How's about cleaning your makeup all off  - then putting it on again while you explain what you're doing?  I think that would be so  instructive!"
It really wasn't that difficult but, in a strange mixture of pride at my newly acquired skills in applying makeup, and utter humiliation at having to sit in pretty nightwear and put on foundation cream, blusher, mascara, eye shadow, and lipstick  while my girlfriend smiled affectionately at my girlish activities, did generate a strange mix of emotions.
She was taken with my nails, and how quickly Chrissie had transformed them into short, but feminine talons - blood red.  Gently touched the fine arcs that were now penciled above my eyes and tapped at the tiny gold ball of the posts in my pierced ears.  Lifted my arms and examined (through my nightwear) my shaved underarms.  Stroked my satiny legs appreciatively.
"Oh my!"  She whispered.  "Wonder what they'd feel like if you were wearing nylons?"
I giggled girlishly to try and get her off that subject.  It seemed to work.
I'd spent quite a lot of time that afternoon in a hot bath loaded with scented bath oils.  I'd loved it, though I'd had a nagging sense of worry about something the whole time.  I was really scared to look Toby in the eye when I brought the subject up, so started while I was looking in the mirror applying the cosmetics.
"Toby dear?"  I said.
"Yes precious?"
"I'm sorry.  But maybe?  I don't know?  Maybe I spent an awful lot of money today.  I mean, makeup seems to be awfully expensive.."
"And I'll bet that Chrissie's a real high pressure salesgirl too."  Toby interjected.  "But what are we talking about here?  A thousand?  Two...?"
"Oh heaven's no!"  I said.  "But it had to be about four hundred..."
Toby laughed.  Stroked my arm seductively.  "Oh Suzanne!  That's not very much.  Why, how much do you think I've spent on your nice nightwear?  Don't be a silly girl.  If you ever start spending more than I want you to, I'll let you know."  She continued to stroke my arm.  "See?  This is how I want you to feel.  You're starting to look like I want as well.  I don't mind paying the piper - after all, I'm the one that's calling the tune.  Right?"
But she never gave me a chance to answer, pulling me into her and kissing me hard on the lips.
"Oh Toby!"  I squealed once she'd let me go.  "I just put that lipstick on! Now I'll have to..."
As she laughed, I realized just how much I sounded like a woman.
"So it's ok if I get a lady in to do my hair?" I said carefully creaming my lips so that I could redo them properly, "I wasn't sure if you'd object or not - and I don't know if I'm worth all that expense."  I added coyly.
She didn't answer me.  Just kissed me again.  I forgot about my lipstick as she carried me to the bed.
The following day was frightening in a way.  About ten in the morning, Chrissie called in on me again. Again, I had the scary feeling when the  knock came to the door, but this time recognized her voice.  When I opened the door to let her in I was totally surprised to see another woman with her.  I noticed that the new arrival was carrying a small case, whereas Chrissie didn't have hers with her.
 "Oh Chrissie!"  I said.  "Why didn't you warn me?"
"C'mon Suzanne!"  Chrissie replied.  "Toby called me last night.  Said you'd asked if you could get your hair done.  I figured that, if I waited for you  to get enough courage up to call me - why nothing would have got done for quite some time.  Here.  Meet Marjorie.  She's the hairdresser I told you about."
"Hi sis!"  Marjorie said, coming forward to shake my hand.  "How's about a cup of coffee?  My engine hasn't started yet."
She was quite small and trim.  Short blonde hair.  Piercing blue eyes. Exuded confidence.  I found myself intimidated immediately.  Smiled weakly.
"Oh hi Marjorie.  Sure you can have coffee.  I'm sorry.  Come on in."
She shook my hand with surprising strength.  My hand felt small and weak in hers.  She exerted a little more pressure - just to let me know she'd noticed my weakness. I stepped aside to let her in when she let my hand go.
"My you keep a nice place."  She said, looking around, then turning back to Chrissie who still stood on the porch  "Doesn't she, Chrissie?"
Chrissie smiled her agreement.  But made no move.
"Aren't you coming in Chrissie?"  I said, all of a sudden somewhat frightened.
"Oh no!"  She laughed,  "I've got a couple of consultations scheduled.  But if nothing else crops up, want me to call you tomorrow?"
"If you feel like it!"  I said, feeling deserted.
"See yah later Chrissie."  Marjorie said - and shut the door!  "C'mon sis!" She said.  "How's about that coffee?  I'll bet a sweet little thing like you makes really nice coffee?"   With that, she patted me on my backside.
I couldn't help it.  Found myself simpering at her.  "Well Chrissie liked it the other day.  I hope you do."
She put an arm around my waist and pulled me into her side.  "Don't worry sis.  I'll just bet I do!"
Marjorie stayed about three hours.  By the end of that time, I'd had my hair examined, shampooed, and cut.  She'd been quite complimentary about the shape it was in.  "Nice body."  She'd said.  "No split ends.  Has a little more oil than I like, but that's easy to fix."
She'd also explained what she had in mind.  "I can't give you a proper style in a couple of hours. Your hair needs some 'training' so that it'll finally fall 'naturally' into the style I'm seeing and will look good on you.  Here. Let me show you."  With that, she produced five photographs of a woman's hairstyle showing the front, sides, back, and one from above looking straight down.
"Your hair color is going to make the difference."  She informed me.  "I'm seeing a sort of champagne blonde.  What do you think?"
"You want to dye my hair?"  I asked incredulously.
"Nah!  I'm gonna bombard it with gamma rays."  She said sarcastically. "What the hell do you think I'm saying?"
"But Toby..?"
"Toby has to approve what color your hair is going to be?"  She asked in a totally disbelieving tone of voice.
"Well..?  No.  I guess I can do what I want..."
"Attagirl sis!"  She said, giving me a 'high five'.
I was complimented a little, but had to ask.  "Marjorie?  Why do you call me sis?  Did you have a lot of sisters when you were little and got into the habit?"
She looked at me as if I'd gone crazy.  "I don't see you as a sister for chrissake!  Don't you know?  You're a sissy!  Sis is short for that!"
I guess I looked hurt.  She explained.  "Look sis.  There are a lot of  women, and I guess I'm one, that think of men as a bunch of lowlifes. Arrogant, unthinking, inconsiderate bastards.  At the same time?  Someone like you turns up?  Lets a woman dress him up as a woman, treats him like a woman?  And he acts like a woman for her?"  
She shrugged.  "I dunno.  It's like I have to rub your nose in it a little I guess.  All of a sudden, you're not one of these high and mighty bastards any more - not even a 'proper' girl  just a wannabee.  I'm not criticizing you - honest.  But it's going to take me a little while to accept you as a real girl.  I'm not being mean - I'm just being me  and I'm damned  if I'm going to call you by a proper girl's name, not until I see you as one.  If that bothers you I'll leave.  But give it a chance, eh?"
I could see her point.  Nodded my agreement.  A short time later, she had me in a pink nylon cover as she worked my hair.  When she left, I had been given some instruction as to how to put my hair up the way she wanted.
"But for chrissake, don't mess with it yet.  Just the two large rollers at the front, no more!  Ok?  I'll come back tomorrow, if Toby approves of what we've talked about.  Get it shaped a little better then, and colored.  If she doesn't like it?  Call me.  I'll send the bill for just today."
Understand.  My hair had been cut and shaped into a distinctly feminine style - but being short, could still pass as 'masculine' somewhat. I could tell that she wasn't sure how Toby would appreciate the approach she'd taken and, as I wasn't that sure myself, I just nodded.
But I needn't have worried.  Toby was very happy.  "Oh Suzanne!"   She said, the minute she saw me.  "How nice!"  And put her fingers to my hair.
"That girl has done a really nice job.  Oh my!""
“She was thinking of changing the shade - a sort of champagne?"  I said, giving up all idea of an independent decision.
"Well?  Is that what you wanted to do?"
"I wasn't sure if you'd like it."  I replied.
"Suzanne?  It's your hair.  I don't really know what your taste is in feminine things - but I want you to be happy with how you look.  Believe me?  If I don't, I'll tell you - but it won't be the end of the world if I don't, will it?"
But things were starting to get complicated.  Within the next couple of days, Marjorie had styled my hair into a much more feminine style  a sort of short bouffant - and I was now a champagne blonde.  Before Toby left in the morning, I kept wearing nightgowns and peignoirs, knowing the she liked me in them.  I'd also freshen up my makeup.
There was no doubt about it  now, dressed in feminine garments and wearing makeup, I was almost indistinguishable from a young woman.  Once she left though I had to change and remove my makeup before starting to houseclean in my 'men's clothes.  Then I'd change back at night before, long before, going to bed.  But I had started to forget things - that I'd maybe used perfume the evening before and that remnants of the scent still clung to me.  One time I discovered I'd forgotten to remove my long dangly earrings, and had answered the door to a young saleslady who'd called.  She didn't comment - though I did wonder why her eyes glinted while we were talking.
Then another change transpired - and from an entirely different place. Chrissie and I had become, or were becoming, friends.  She'd drop in for a quick coffee or a chat.  She wasn't pushing any products so I felt it was because she liked me. I knew she was very curious about what was going on between Toby and me, so told her some of what was happening, but not everything.
 Then one day, she became an active player.  Came around to see me about three in the afternoon.  Shook her head at the clothes I was wearing. "You know Suzanne?  You're really starting to look like a girl in men's clothing."  Then she shrugged.  "But that's not why I came. Got something you might want to try,"  she told me.  "They're made here in town by a lady I used to know long ago.  She's made quite a business for herself, starting to make worldwide sales now."
"What does she make?"  I asked.
"Here, let me show you."  She said, opening her handbag.
She pulled out two flesh covered mounds each wrapped individually in transparent plastic boxes.  I laughed.  "What in the name of all that's holy are these?"
"State of the art breast forms.  Can hardly tell the difference from the real thing."  She replied, starting to open one of the boxes.
"You thought that I'd like to put these on?  I'm not interested, and even if I were?  I don't have a bra to hold them up."  I said.
"Well, you might not be interested right now - but think how pleased with you that Toby would be if you used them.  She may be mad at you some day, and you would definitely get off her shit list if you wore these, don't you think?  Furthermore, you don't need to wear a bra with them.  They attach by a very special adhesive.  Now I know that you've no body hair left, you told me, so why don't you just try them for a little while?"
What she said made sense, but I was very nervous and told her so.  "How do I get them off?"  I asked.
"Easy!"  She said.  "There's a special solvent you use.  Gets them free in a jiffy.  C'mon Suzanne!  You know that you're interested.  Just try them, eh?  Take your shirt off, try them, see how nice they feel.
Shamefaced, I stripped off my shirt to show my hairless chest.  While I was doing this, Chrissie removed both forms from their boxes.  They looked strange, as she held them one at a time and applied a sort of white cream to the 'face' of them.  Then she turned to me with another jar in her hand.
"Here."  She said. "I need to apply this to your chest - it's a sort of re-agent to help them stick on properly and reduce any chance of an allergic reaction."  With that, she started rubbing the cream in evenly over my breasts.  It felt cold. I shivered.  "Just take a minute."  She reassured me, then carefully placed one of the forms against my chest.  I was fascinated, but couldn't watch.  Seconds later, I felt the other being applied.
"Don't look now."  She said. "Wait until I've applied the skin pigment."
The what?"  I asked.
"Well, skin is very difficult to match.  You were lucky, this is about as close as you can possibly expect but the stuff I'm putting on now will sort of ease the transition and eliminate any line showing."
She worked on me for a few minutes.
"Wow!"  She said.  "Look at you!  They look marvelous!"
Suddenly, I could feel the weight of the breasts.  It made me adjust my center of gravity.  Looking downwards I could also see my womanly form.  As I turned to look in the mirror my new breasts jiggled a little.  Then they jiggled more when I let out a gasp at the sight of my now totally female bosom.  I blushed.
"Here.  Let me measure you now. See what bra size you'll be."  Chrissie said.
"I don't think it'll come to that."  I laughed.  "At least not for a while."
"Oh c'mon.  It won't hurt."  Chrissie told me, pulling a tape measure from her handbag.  With that, she wrapped it around my chest, directly under my breasts.
"Just under a thirty six.  The form manufacturer suggests a Maidenform for that size.  If you'd been a little bigger, you'd have needed an Olga."
"Yeah, yeah." I said quickly.  "But lets get these things off.  I can feel them drying."
"Oh, they're dry."  Chrissie said.  "That re-agent makes them adhere almost instantly.  They're well dried now.  But don't do that Suzanne, you'll hurt yourself."
I was pulling on the breasts.  "C'mon Chrissie.  I need to get these off."
"What's the hurry?  Don't you like them?"  She asked. "Give them a chance for a day or so.  You'll just love them.  Betcha!"
"A day or so!  No. No. No. No!  No way!"
She shrugged her shoulders. "Well you'll have to wear them until I get the solvent."
"You don't have it with you?  For god's sake Chrissie!  What am I supposed to do?  You said for just a little while!"
"Well, a couple of days is a little while.  You can't possibly think that trying them on for a couple of minutes is going to be a fair test, can you?"  She retorted. "Here, put your shirt back on.  You'll get cold."
I did as she suggested then tried my very best to make her change her mind, but with absolutely no success.  I was pretty mad at her for a while, but by the time she left, we were friends again.
"Trust me Suzanne. Toby's going to love your new figure.  Honest!"  Were her parting words.
I was sure she was right about that aspect.  It was myself I was concerned about more than anything - my increasing feminization seemed to have no brakes on it, and I didn't know where it would end.  I started dusting and vacuuming but was extremely aware of the oscillating orbs on my chest.  I finally thought of trying on one of Toby's bras, but it was too confining in one way, and too loose in another, so discarded that idea.
I didn't know what to wear for Toby coming home that night.  A man's shirt seemed ridiculous, yet one of Toby's blouses would have been just as bad in another way.  I opted for an angora sweater she had that was on the small side for her, but fitted me nicely.  It was a pale yellow, with little 'pearl' buttons for the opening at the back of the neck.  Nervously, I buttoned myself into it.  Then (I was wearing some women's clothes after all) I put on a little makeup.  Not much - a touch of mascara, blusher, and lipstick.
The material of the sweater restricted the movement of my pert breasts somewhat but, if anything, emphasized their femininity.  Less nervous now that I had decided on a course of action, I went back to my housework.
Toby's reaction was not quite what I'd expected when she arrived.  Oh, she was delighted at a number of things - me having makeup and a girls' sweater on in the late afternoon.  She even said how pretty my breasts were - but there wasn't quite the fire in her that I'd expected.  Then she seemed to think of something.  "Where'd you get the bra?  Chrissie lend you one of hers?"
"I'm not wearing one."  I said.  "What made you think I was?"
"Eh?"  She said. "How do you keep the padding in place?"
"What padding?"
She walked over towards me, smiling. "Sure!  No bra, no padding.  What are you trying to tell me that these.."  She took a hold of my sweater hem and pulled it up to reveal the forms.  "Are... What!  What in blazes?"  Her  face showed total amazement.  Then she looked at them very closely for a few seconds before she broke out with the widest imaginable smile.  "Oh darling!  How wonderful!  Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Then she pulled me into her arms and kissed and kissed me, then used one of her hands to caress my breasts through the sweater.  Strangely enough, even though the breast forms were obviously inert material, I could feel her caresses there and kissed her back with increasing passion.  She broke her lips away from mine, then looked me in the eyes, still fondling my breasts.
"Oh Suzanne!  What a lovely present.  You look so nice.  They feel so real! You really do want to be my pretty girl, don't you?"
What could I say?  Her reaction now was far more than I'd ever anticipated. She was so pleased!  Shyly I nodded my agreement then leaned forward and kissed her.
 "Yes Toby.  I really do."  I whispered.
We had a pleasant dinner.  Then she did something very rare.  "Why don't you run up and change into something more comfortable?"  She suggested.  "I'll do the dishes.  Make yourself extra pretty for me tonight, ok?"
Blushing in a confused mixture of pride, embarrassment, and lust, I left and went upstairs.
When I came down again, she greeted me with a lewd smile, then a wolf whistle. I knew what kind of picture I made coming down the stairs.  I was wearing a nightgown and peignoir set I'd been keeping for a special occasion.  Heavily flounced at the bodice and hem, the satin gown was navy blue.  My light blue chiffon peignoir with slashes of navy to match the gown floated around me, secured only by a dainty ribbon tied in a bow at the neck.  Blue fluffy slippers with matching pom poms and a medium heel were on my feet.  I'd also clipped a pretty blue ribbon onto my hair.  I was in full makeup.  Lips scarlet and wet.  Blue eye shadow.  Rouged cheeks. Eyelashes curled and mascara'd. Perfumed.
The combination of heels, walking down stairs, the unusual feeling of a ribbon in my hair, all combined to ensure that my breasts were bobbing provokingly under the heavily ruffled bodice of the gown.
Toby didn't say anything more, just came to the bottom of the stairs and waited for me.  Then, as I reached the bottom step, I let out a delighted squeal as she swept me up into her arms, and carried me over to a chair.  She sat down, arranging me in her lap, then had me rest my head back into her shoulder. Started to caress my breasts through the silken fabrics. Then she whispered into my ear.  "There Suzanne!  Isn't this nice!  Just the way things should be, huh?"
I pressed into her in complete agreement, hungry for her to make love to me.
But non-vocal answers to that kind of question were just not acceptable. So I spent the next hour and a half vainly attempting to have her seduce me by verbally agreeing that "yes!  Being 'her' Suzanne was wonderful!  Yes!  Being a girl was much better than being a boy!  Yes!  Girl's clothes were so much nicer to wear.  Of course I was her girl!  Of course I was happy staying at home and being the little housewife!"   All of this time of course, I was being kissed, cuddled, caressed, and fondled, just as a pretty little woman is treated by her big strong man.  She did allow me to go and pour some wine for us - and bring back some chocolates, though I had to settle back down onto her lap again of course.  Then she'd feed me, making sure that I took dainty little bites of the chocolate or sips of the wine and, when I wanted more, to make the request in my best 'little girl' voice.
Finally, lost in a haze of sexual longing, I was carried upstairs in her arms to bed.  The wait was well worth it.  Again, she prolonged my sexual release for what seemed an eternity by refusing to let me ejaculate, threatening all sorts of dire consequences if I did, but caressing and fondling me to the point of insanity all the while.  When she slowly raised he hem of my nightgown then slid her lithe, nude body over on top of mine, so that my erection was flattened beneath her firm stomach muscles I almost disobeyed her, but managed to control myself.
 Then she fitted her warm moistness around me.  Conscious of being her (willing) sex object, I had to dis-associate my mind from the delights of what were being done to me.
Finally, still dazed, I heard her say.  "Ok Suzanne.  You've been a very good little girl.  You can come now."
And I did - in what seemed a flood, paroxysms of delight racking my body as I writhed under her,  moans and squeals emanating from my mouth as I did so.
The following morning I woke up with a squeal when I saw the level of light coming into the bedroom, waking Toby up.
"What's the matter Suzie?"  She yawned.
Oh Toby!  I'm sorry!  I've overslept!"  I wailed, sliding out of bed, and pushing my arms into my peignoir.  "And you have that appointment this morning..."
"Oh, that?"  Toby said, laying her head back down on the pillow.  "I turned off the alarm last night after you fell asleep.  I'll re-schedule the meeting by a couple of hours.  Don't worry.  It's okay"
I took a deep breath of relief. "Wow!  I was kinda worried there for a  minute.  I know how much you hate to be late for work.  Didn't want you mad at me."  Then a thought struck me.  "But why anyway?  What's up?"
She opened one sleepy eye and peered at me.  "After I have breakfast and leave for work?  You're going to clean up the dishes, read your paper, get dressed then do your housework.  Right?"
"That's the plan!"  I said brightly.
"Yeah.  But what are you going to change into?"
"Change into?"
"What clothes are you going to wear Suzanne!"
"Oh!  I don't know.  Hadn't thought about it..."
"Pants? Shirt?  Socks?"
"I guess so."
"Yeah.  Well maybe for this morning.  But that's it.  I'm taking you out shopping for some proper clothes.  Nice lacy undies.  Skirts, blouses. Dresses..."
"Oh Toby!  I can't do.."
"Suzie!  Yes you can!  I'm not hinting at anything here.  This is going to happen!  After breakfast, you can wear whatever you like to go there, but we're going down to that big boutique - you know, Mamie's?   Get you some proper clothes."
I was thrilled by the note of command in her voice, thrilled by the thought of the clothes - and scared out of my mind.  I simply had no argument to put up against her.  "You don't want me to put makeup on if I'm going out on to the street, do you?"  Was all I could think to say.
"Yes.  If you're scared of being seen on the street, it's highly unlikely because you'll be in the car.  Once you're in the boutique, wearing makeup will be more in keeping with what you're doing there."
At this point, she saw the fright in my eyes and relented a little. "Look Suzie."  She said kindly.  "You don't need to put too much on to begin with - a little lipstick, blusher and mascara.  I'll take your stuff with me in my handbag so's you can freshen it up while you're there.  How does that sound?"
And, more than hour later we left for my first, but certainly not my last, visit to Mamie's.  I was wearing some lightly applied makeup, a dab of perfume, blue button down shirt, tan chinos, and penny loafers. My champagne, girl -styled, hair had seemed reasonable to me in the house but,
out on the street was different.  I realized just how different when we had to walk about thirty feet from our parking space to Mamie's front door.  In  some of the diffused reflections on other shop windows I was easily mistaken for a woman.  Where clear mirrors showed my reflection, I was a man - but a decidedly girlish one.  I was actually glad to get into the feminine haven that Mamie's offered.  Lingerie tastefully displayed amongst tweed and velvet skirts.  Floral dresses draped over chairs.  Be-ribboned hats placed all over.
As it was still early, we were the first customers.  Mamie knew Toby and came forward to meet us.  She was blonde, very pleasant in her features.  Quite small, just a little taller than me.  Delightfully white teeth with one just a little out of alignment that gave her smile a mischievous twist.
"Why Toby! What a pleasant surprise!  It's been too long!  What can I do for you today?"
"Mamie?  I'd like you to meet my boyfriend, Suzanne.  Suzanne?  This woman is Mamie.  She's very nice, but could sell refrigerators to Eskimo's, so watch out for her."
"How do you do Mamie?"  I said.  "Nice to meet you."  And held out my hand.
She'd blinked momentarily when she'd heard me called Suzanne, but once her attention was removed from Toby she probably took in my makeup and hair in a split second.  She smiled.  Took hold of my hand.  Shook it.  "A real pleasure Suzanne.  And I'd like to add that any friend of Toby's is.." She paused, smiling  " a potentially good customer of mine."
We all laughed.
"Yes Mamie.  I hate to admit it, but this time you're right."  Toby said, looking at her watch.  But I can't spend too much time here.  Have a meeting to get to."
"But Toby dear."  I said nervously.  "You said you'd re-schedule.."
"Don't get nervous Suzie.  Trust me, Mamie will take much better care of you than I could.."
"Suzanne's the customer today?"  Mamie interjected.
"Oh yes!  Sorry I didn't make that clear."  Toby said apologetically.  "You  don't have a problem with that, do you Mamie?"
Mamie took a step forward and raised her hands to take a hold of me at the shoulders.  Looked directly into my eyes.  "Do you want to buy some nice clothes from me Suzanne?  Or, are you going to make noise, act silly?"
"No Mamie."  I said, then added hurriedly.  "I mean, I'm not going to make a fuss or anything.."
She nodded.  "Good!  I really didn't think you would."  With that, she turned to Toby.  "What did you have in mind?"
Toby shrugged.  "Have one or two specific things I want, but I'll pass them on to Suzanne before I leave.  As far as the rest is concerned?  I'll leave that up to you two."
"But how much does he .. She .. Need?"
"A full wardrobe.  Anything.  He..."  Toby laughed mockingly at Mamie's goof  "... She ... Needs everything.  But no ball gowns, eh Mamie?   And, for sure?  No pantyhose.  Hate these damn things!"
"I'm going to reduce your bank balance."  Mamie said warningly.  "If you think I'm going to steer .. her.. onto any sale items you're crazy."
Toby shrugged.  "What the hell.  I never expected to die rich anyway."
I was astounded.  I'd seen some of the prices on the clothes on display. Knew that they had to be talking a fairly large sum.
"No!  If it's going to be any decent amount, I want a thirty percent discount from the marked price!"  I said firmly.
Toby burst out laughing at Mamie's facial expression.  Then Mamie grinned a little.  "Fifteen!"  She said.
"I grinned back.  "Twenty five!"
Then at exactly the same second, we both said.  "Twenty!"  And we shook hands.  I turned to Toby.  "It may be your money, but I'm not going to waste it!"
She laughed, then put an arm around my shoulders.  Pulled me away from Mamie's earshot.  "I'm very proud of you Suzanne.  Good for you!  But remember I said that there was something specific I wanted you to get?"
I nodded.
"Well."  She continued.  "  Tonight. When I get home?  Here's what I want you to be wearing."  She looked at me.  "Listening good?"
I nodded.
"Black, sexy, lingerie including garter belt and dark stockings - seamed! And have these seams straight!  Got it?"
I nodded again.
"Black, straight, skirt.  Anywhere from just above the knee to mid calf, but tight, eh?"
I nodded again.
"White blouse.  Feminine.  Don't care about the material, if I can see through it, so much the better.  Black high heeled shoes.  Don't get anything too uncomfortable, but at least two inch heels.  Ok?"
My nods were getting smaller and smaller, but she caught it.
"And a nice frilly apron.  Not one of these big ones like maid's wear - more like one a hostess would wear.  Earrings, necklace, bracelets, rings. Nothing gaudy, but nice.  Got it?"
To prove I had, I had to repeat all of her demands twice.  I asked her what I should do if Mamie didn't have something I needed in stock.  She shook her head.  "C'mon now, think!  There's phones, taxis, lots of stores in town.  And you've got lots of time.  Oh!  And by the way?  Just nice makeup, not all tarty or slutty, ok?"
I was hurt by that, but agreed.  She turned around to Mamie.
"When she walks out of here today, nobody better take her for anything but Suzanne.  Right?  Got it?"
"Most certainly Toby."  Mamie said smoothly. "Now, if you'll just leave? Maybe Suzanne and I can get down to business without you trying to browbeat everyone?"
Toby looked abashed.  "Ok Mamie.  Sorry about that.  I do tend to get bossy at times..."
“Bye Toby!"  Mamie said, shooing her away.  Toby grinned, blew me a kiss and left.
"Is it Suzanne or Suzie?"  Mamie asked.
"Whatever you feel like."  I answered sheepishly.
"Suzie it'll be then.  Now, can I make a suggestion?"  She asked.
"Of course."
"Well, there's no customers in here right now.  It's a tad early, but I'd say the best thing to do is get you into some .. Ahem.. Foundation undies and get some more makeup on you.  From that point I don't think you'll raise any eyebrows, as long as you remember to talk very very softly. Think you can go along with that?"
"Oh yes Mamie."  I whispered.
"Well - a little louder than that.  I do have to hear you."  She said, grinning.  "And I have to tell you that during the course of your fittings, I may have to take care of other customers, so I'll need to have one of my other girls take care of you.  Will that be a problem?"
"It's kind of embarrassing."  I said.  "I'd like as few people as possible to know.."
"That's silly! "  She said.  "No need to be embarrassed.  You'll make a nice looking girl.  As a matter of fact, you're almost a nice looking girl right now.  Get you into some proper clothes, nobody'll know!  But lets get a move on.  Get this show on the road.  First of all though, I have to ask a question that will probably embarrass you."  She looked at me in an enquiring manner.  I nodded, giving her the go ahead.
"Do you get an erection when you cross dress?"  She asked.  "I'm not being rude.  It's just that you should wear a panty with a lot more control if you do.  If you don't, why then we can start you right off the bat with pretty ones."
Red faced, I admitted that I did get sexually turned on by wearing women's clothes.  She laughed and tapped my arm lightly with her finger.  "Can't say as I blame you Suzie.  If I were a man, I'd probably enjoy nice lingerie as well!"
It really didn't take her long to get me into a matching set of bra, panty, and garter belt with nylons.  As she had indicated, the panties I wore were of a 'control' type.  A little bulge still showed under them at first, but must have been frustrated by the pressure exerted by the material because it soon disappeared.  The bra was of a matching color, but a lot more comfortable.  To be quite honest, I'd been getting a little tired of the way my breasts kept bobbing around.  The support it provided felt wonderful.  It did take a little longer for her to find me a pair of shoes that fitted, but she finally found about three pair that were quite comfortable on my feet.  She was also nice enough to give me a terry robe to wear. It kept me from getting cold and eliminated a lot of the humiliation of walking around a woman's boutique in nothing but woman's underwear.
A feeling of panic swept over me when the first customers came in to the boutique:  two rather tall, elegant ladies.  Other than cursory glances though, neither paid any attention to me at all.  One stared at a blue dress I had in my hands at the time, but that was all.  I knew then that Mamie was right - I was passing as a woman.  From that point onwards, I relaxed and actually enjoyed being waited on and trying various dresses and ensembles. I ended up spending almost four hours with Mamie - and some of her assistants.  Cynically, I could say that they were all very nice to me because of the commissions they were making, but I don't really think that that was the case.
Lunch time came.  A couple of the girls pressed me to join them in going to a nearby restaurant, but I was too scared.  I finally shared a sandwich and a root beer with Mamie, while we worked our way through my final purchases.
The amount of money I'd spent shocked me - even after my twenty percent discount. At the same time, I'd acquired a fair size wardrobe:  eight matching lingerie sets mostly in neutral colors but two in black and one in hot pink.  Six pairs of different shade nylons.  Three pair of shoes.  Four  skirts (one the straight black that Toby had defined), six blouses.  Three dresses.  Two jumpsuits - one in a teal, the other in a rose pink.  Some costume jewelry.  She didn't have anything like the white blouse I wanted for Toby, but when I'd described what I wanted, one of the assistants said that Nordstrom's just down the street had something she was sure would suit me to a 't'.
Mamie was a darling.  She could see that I was still terrified to go out in public, so had the girl take a taxi down and buy it for me - of course it was added to my bill.  But the girl was dead on.  I loved it!  Before I left, Mamie oversaw me as I used the cosmetics that Toby had left.  She then did something I liked - gave me a small clutch bag for my cosmetics - as a 'thank you' for the business I'd brought her.  Then she called a taxi for me.
I wore the teal jumpsuit home.  The taxi driver was an old man who paid absolutely no attention to me, for which I was most grateful, showing my gratitude with a good tip after he carried my purchase-laden tote bags to the door for me.  "Thanks miss.  You have a nice day."  He said, pocketing the tip.  I searched his face for any indication that he saw me as something different from the young lady he had treated me as.  There was nothing of the sort showing there.  I gave him a nice smile and went into the house.
I unpacked my purchases and put most of them away on hangers or into drawers, still somewhat shocked at how much of Toby's money I'd managed to go through.  I then had a light snack of veggies - half of Mamie's sandwich had been just a little short of what I'd needed - and a glass of dry white wine.   Then I ran a deep, as hot as I could stand, bubble bath.  This was not the first I'd had since I'd started living with Toby, but it was the first wearing my breast forms.  I was entranced by the fact that they seemed to float.  It seemed very strange to wash them in the fragrant suds. I felt thoroughly feminine, and luxuriated in every minute I spent there.
Finally though, I knew that I just had to get up and out.
I took my time in drying myself off in a big thick towel.  I then used the big puffy applicator to dust myself in fragrant powder.  I then put on my pink terry robe and went to get dressed.  Quickly, not looking, stepped into the lacy black panties and pulled them up into position under my robe.
I'd been wearing clothes like these all morning but, with other women present, had not wanted my feelings to show.  Here, by myself, it was hard for me to ignore the delight that coursed through my body with the panties and each other garment that followed after I took the robe off  the bra, the garter belt, the slip.  When I pulled the nylons up my legs the feeling was indescribable.  I actually thought I was going to ejaculate.  I managed to control this by thinking of something entirely unrelated.  Carefully then, I attached the tops of the stockings to the little clips on the garter belt straps.  I was now fully encased in women's lingerie.  Not for the first time, true.  But it was the first time that I'd done it all on my own, without any coercion from anyone or anything.
Hurriedly, scared to look at myself, I pulled the robe on about me again, and promptly got another new sensation, the feeling of satin underclothes against a rough fabric - almost sent me off again!  This, I discovered, was only the first of many more that took my attention as I got dressed for Toby's homecoming.
And, when she arrived, I was dressed exactly as she'd asked.  Black, shiny straight skirt to just above the knee.  Dark stockings.  Black high heels.  A black coral necklace with earrings to match.  A black and red plastic bracelet - with the red matching my lipstick and nails.
And the blouse!  Oh that blouse!  Sheer white layers of fine opaque silk made up the body.  Very full layered chiffon sleeves cuffed in white satin, encased my pale arms in a sensuous cloud, cuffed at my wrists and fastened by small pearl buttons.  Over the shoulders and going down over my breasts and back were layers of white circular chiffon scallops, so light that they almost floated as I walked and, though multi layered, were transparent enough that the straps of my bra and slip were visible.  There was a small pearl fastener that closed the head opening at the back of my neck.. Getting that damned thing fastened was the hardest thing I'd done that day, my fingers were trembling so.
I'd not really wanted to wear an apron but had been quite happy with my final choice, a frilled, sheer light blue confection that had absolutely no functionality to it whatsoever - but it had cheered me to know that my blouse was protected somewhat
I was too scared to face Toby when she came in.  Knew that I'd weep if she were disappointed.  Heard her come into the room.  Held myself erect with all the confidence I could muster, but looked shyly down and away into a corner, knowing full well that she was taking my appearance in.  With a surge of almost pure exultation I heard her say "ooooooooh!"
Happy at her reaction, I turned to face her, lifted my arms into the air and spun around delightedly.  "Ooooooooh!"  She said again.  "How nice you look!"
"Thank you ma'am."  I said smiling happily, taking the sides of my apron in my hands and dropping a quick curtsey.
She came over to me and took my shoulders in her hands, looked me straight in the eyes, and I could see the desire in hers.  "Anything on the stove?"  She asked, her voice thick.
"No Toby."  I answered coyly.
"Mmmmm."  She said.  "Lets go upstairs young lady.  I've something to give you."  With that, she swept me up in her arms again  and carried me to the bedroom.
As she carried me up, she started whispering in my ears.  "Know what Suzie? I really like some letters of the alphabet.  Want to hear a few?"
I wondered where she was coming from, but nodded and kissed the under side of her chin, leaving just a trace of scarlet lipstick.
"P.  Now, there's a nice letter for you. Perfumed."  She stuck her nose into the top layers of my blouse and took an audible sniff.  "Powdered."  Tracing a fingernail against my cheek.  "Panties!"  Sliding a hand up between my legs to caress the lace edge of my undergarment so quickly that I let out a 'whoof' of surprise.
"Pampered!"  She said, laughing.
I laughed along with her as we reached the bedroom.  She set me down gently.  "Suzie darling?  Do me a small favor, would you?"  As she was saying this, she was ushering me across the room to stand by one of our big chairs there.
"Sure."  I said, puzzled.
"Ok.  Just stand here.."    She adjusted me so that I was standing looking over the back of the chair.  "Now keep looking over there.  Alright darling?"
I nodded agreeably.  It had finally dawned on me.  She'd said something about having something for me.  It was going to be my surprise!  She started lifting something, I could tell by the noises she was making.  It was a small table we have there.  She placed it down beside me with a thump.  She then started going to various places in the room, bringing some things back and placing them on the table.
While she was doing all this, she started in talking again.
"But another great letter? 'S.' Suzanne!  Sweet!  Scented!"  Here she took another sniff at my neck.  We both giggled.  "Soft."  She stroked my breasts through my blouse.  Then left to bring something else to the table.
I don't know what sound she made then, but I felt somehow that she was changing clothes, then she was standing directly behind me.
"Lean over the back of the chair, would you darling?"  She cooed in my ear.
As I started to do so, she pushed against me so that I was now sprawled over the wide back of the upholstered chair, my feet barely making contact with the floor, my backside up in the air.  "Sexy!"  She said next, pushing my skirt up.  "Silky and Satiny!"  Pulling my panties down and off my feet.
"Submissive!"  With that, I heard the sound of a jar lid being removed, then seconds later a jelly like substance was being worked into my back  passage.
"Oooh Toby!  Please don't!"  I squealed, now fully aware of what she intended to give me.
"Don't worry darling.  Toby won't hurt her little Suzie.  Bet that you'll get to like it.  Just relax."  Her finger was removed, then I felt her wipe it off, then she was reaching under my belly for my erection with both hands.  I felt her slip a condom over it.
"Don't want your pretties getting all messed up now, do we Suzanne?"
"Oh please Toby?"  I wailed, but she was relentless, moving my legs apart. Something strange and hard bumped into my anus.
"Not quite there darling."  She said behind me, then slid both hands under my prone body to caress my breasts then lift me a little.  At that point I felt the hardness enter me.
It wasn't as much painful as uncomfortable.  I squirmed, but was impaled. Slowly she filled me up, then just as slowly withdrew.  Repeated the process.  I lay helpless beneath her as she now started to speed up the speed of the stroke, though she didn't seem to be forcing the thing into me quite as far.  Then she pulled back a little so that my feet now had a little purchase on the floor.  I found that by taking my weight on my toes, and bending my legs, my backside seemed more relaxed.
"That's a girl Suzie!  Isn't this nice?  I'm not hurting you too much, am I?"
 "No Toby."  I said meekly.
"Another letter I like?"  She whispered.  "W”  Wanton! Woman!   You Toby's woman now Suzanne?  Not a girl any more?  You Toby's woman?"
She was pumping harder now.  I didn't know what was happening inside me, just felt this dreadful pressure, then with a scream found myself ejaculating into my condom.
It's three months since that night now, and I've been very happy.  But something came up last night that keeps nagging at me.
Toby has been wonderful.  Pampers me beyond belief.  I've lost all fear of going out in public, knowing that I've become a fairly attractive, confident young woman - in appearances at least.  I've been taking classes at a secretarial school and my teacher thinks I show a lot of aptitude.  When I graduate, I'm going to become Toby's secretary and I know I'm going to love it as she travels a lot to exotic places I've never been.
We still make love a lot.  Sometimes the 'old' way, but more frequently now, the 'new' way.  To tell the truth, I'm beginning to think that the new way isn't so bad, but have the feeling that the estrogen/hormone program that Toby is putting me through may have something to do with it.  For sure my voice is softer, and I'll swear that my feet and hands have got smaller.  It may also be lack of exercise, but my body seems even softer somehow.
But to get back to last night.  In bed I felt Toby's hand rest on my penis through my nightgown.  It stayed flaccid - which is quite common now for one reason or another.
"I wonder."  She whispered. "Think you really need this now?"
As the impact of what she was saying got through to me, I screamed and jumped up in bed.    "Oh Toby, no!  Please!"
She seemed to awaken from a sleep. "What's the matter Suzie.  Having another of these bad dreams?"
I looked at her sleepy eyes.  Breathed a thankful sigh.
"Oh yes Toby.  That must be it.  Oh my!"  With that, I settled back onto my pillow.  It took me a little while to get over my fright, but I gradually fell back into a doze.  Then I think I heard her whisper softly.
"You know I'd never say a thing like that.  Don't you Suzanne?"
I nodded in agreement.
But now I'm wondering.  I never said anything about what my dream had related to.  How could she know.....?
                                        The end

And now for a few Rosie's 'Bits' 


“But why do I need the gloves for?” my husband asked helplessly.
“Just put them on,” I mumbled, holding a hairpin in the corner of my lips.
“What was the point of doing my nails then,” he whined, “After all the time I spent for that?”
On one hand, I couldn’t help but smile at his silliness. On the other, I was getting tired of his constant complaining. You’d think that after he’d accepted he had no way out of wearing what he was expected to wear, polishing his nails red would be the least of his problems, but no, he kept crying how it was embarrassing.
“You spent time shaving your crotch too and no one will see it either, but I don’t hear you complaining about that,” I said, sticking the last pin into his long jet black hair, piled into a mass of curls on top of his head.
“There, I’m done, you can get up,” I said.
Smoothing my full skirt, I sat down on the bed and watched my husband take his first wobbly steps on his three inch stilettos. I was quite proud of what I had managed to do with him in such a short time. With his eyebrows formed into thin arcs above his dark shaded eyes, his high cheekbones accented with blusher, his lips painted a dripping scarlet, he looked more than convincingly a woman. And his outfit – a red sequined sleeveless top and mini-skirt set – fit him really well. Yes, my husband was ready for his mother’s birthday party.


The date had been going pretty well, I guess. Okay, maybe not the dancing – I’m not a really good dancer and Sandra was a big lady, so I can’t really blame her for taking the lead – but as for the rest is concerned, I tried my best to be a perfect gentleman. Opened doors for her, held out the chair, that sort of things. I was walking her home when we stopped because there was a quite large puddle spreading all over the street.
“Oh dear,” she said, “I really don’t want to get these shoes wet.”
I paced up and down across the street, looking for a narrow spot in the puddle, but it was hard to tell in the dark. In any case, it was at least ten feet wide. I could probably jump over it – though I wasn’t that concerned about my shoes – but I didn’t see Sandra doing that, not in her three inch stilettos.
“Well,” I began, “We can either go back to take the other way around, or I can carry you across.”
She smiled at me and I, returning the smile, was already getting ready to walk all the way back to the intersection and then tale the longer way around the mound to her house.
“Actually?” she said innocently, “I’m a little tired. And I have to get up early in the morning.”
Nervously, I smiled again.
“Okay then,” I said.
Clumsily I put my arms around her and tried to lift her up. I struggled for a while, and while I can’t say she wasn’t helping, it was her giggling that finally made me give up.
“I don’t think this will work,” I said, too embarrassed to look her in the eye.
“How about a piggy back ride?” I suggested.
“Thanks, but my skirt is far too tight for something like that,” she replied.
“Oh well,” I shrugged, “I guess that means we have to walk.”
“Wait,” she said, “What size are your shoes?”
“Huh? What does that have to do with anything?” I asked, but she didn’t seem to listen.
“They should be pretty close,” she continued, “Come on, take ‘em off.”
“Sandra? What’s on your mind?” I weakly protested, though to no avail.
“Shoes. Off,” she said, smilingly.
As I started untying my laces, she unbuckled the straps on her pumps.
“Good,” she said, “Give them to me.”
Standing there in my bare stocking feet, I watched her put on my shoes.
“Fit good enough,” she said, then handed me her shoes, “Here, put these on.”
“But why?” I asked, dumbfounded.
“Because, silly,” she said, “I’m going to carry you across.”
“Can’t I just hold them in my hand?” I asked.
“You’ll need your hands for holding on to me,” she replied, “And I don’t want you accidentally dropping my suede shoes into the water.”
“I really don’t think that’s necessary, Sandra” I protested.
“Well I think it is, Marcus,” she said.
Shamefaced, I slid my feet in her crimson red suede pumps.
“Do I have to do the buckles to?” I asked.
“By all means,” she replied.
Almost effortlessly, she lifted me off the ground and started walking towards the puddle.
“These shoes of yours are really comfortable, especially after wearing mine all evening,” she said, “I’ll try not to get too much water in them.”
In just three wide paces we were across the water, however she kept holding me in her arms.
“Can I ask you for a favor?” she said.
“Anything that’s in my power,” I said, my arms clinging around her neck.
“I’m not really used to wearing heels, not for this long anyway, and my feet are really sore. Would you mind terribly if I kept your shoes on for the rest of the way?”
What would a gentleman do?


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