Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Survey results

There were more respondents (~120)  to this survey than to any other I have posted here. The survey was motivated by the a chicken and the egg type question, which came first the sissy or the submissive. The overall results are shown in the table below.  They are listed as percentages, and do not add to 100 because their are some responses of neither or do not know.  The 1st interest column is in answer to the question what was your earliest experience, the 1st orgasm column was in answer to what was turning you on when you first masturbated, and the third was what elements do you most enjoy now.

1st interest
1st orgasm

The survey shows that that sissy and submissive elements were equally present in the earliest experiences of the readers, but mostly one or the other.   This was true when masturbation started, but there develops a trend that sissy elements are more prevalent than submissive elements, and more an more readers, embrace both fantasy elements.   Finally if you look at now,  most readers have integrated both elements into their enjoyment, and very few are interested in submissive fantasies to the exclusion of feminization.  About 60% of the respondents chose to become a girl with a wave of the old magic wand.  ( I will be selling these nifty wands on ebay in the near future!)  There was no real difference in how they answered the other questions except that more of them tended to have predominantly sissy interests from the beginning than those who did not elect to be wand waved.
It seems that both girlish and submissive fanatasies are present at the earliest age in our group, where for most one or the other is the dominant fantasy.  Over time, forced feminization, a mixture of girlish and submissive fantasies becomes most common.  Thanks to all who participated in the survey.  Thanks to Carrie and Bea for inspiring the topic.  


Marie Sweet said...

Please be sure to let us know when those wands are available on eBay. I want to be first in line before they sell out!


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