Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sissy Maid Competition

I think it is trully remarkable that your reporter will now tell you about the sissy maid competition where fortunate sissies compete to be declared sissy maid of the year. Certainly I never would have expected to attend such a competition, and now I have been there 3 times. A world of sissies and their Mistresses was a fantasy world for me, but now the fantasy becomes reality. I know a some of the sissy girls who have competed, and I even myself considered competing. And this year one of the sissy girls who competed was a special girl who does not serve a Mistress, but does serve Miss Belinda at times. This made the competition especially fun for me, seeing sissy angelica on the stage declaring her submissive and effeminate nature, and showing off an extremely sissy and revealing maid's dress. But I leave you to judge whether angelica's miss twinkle outfit was the sort of outfit that a man might wear at halloween or at a back yard picnic for fun, or whether it was the sort of outfit that only a very effeminate and submissive sissy would wear.

Here is my report

The sissymaid competition took place a couple of weeks ago. There were four competitors this year. The event is organized by Lady Ellen, a dominant Lady who is supportive of girls of every kind in our local community, and it takes place in her back yard. The weather was perfect and the audience was able to enjoy the sissies who work so hard to look .....well they all just work so hard to look like big sissies, and they succeeded. The maids show off there pretty uniforms, prepare and serve some savory hors d'oevres or dessert items. They tell a little about their dreams and aspirations. They also demonstrate their knowledge of table setting or in the case of the girls this year, their ignorance of such. (I was mortified. I had certainly failed in properly training my maid) These girls should perhaps have been packed off to sissy school or a good maid academy post haste, but the weather was nice, and the audience and judges were tolerant.

The girls demonstrate their skills under the watchful eyes of the judges who will determine the maid of the year. The competition is fierce. You can feel their hopes of pleasing Mistress, and bringing home a prize.

Certainly one of the highlights of the event was the performance of good ship lollipop by one of the girls who follows this blog, known to us a secret sissy. She explained that she had been dispatched by her Mistress to compete, and to entertain the audience with her childish song. Well the audience was indeed entertained by sissy's performance. It was delightful, an exercise in public humiliation ( though she certainly was cute and convincing) right out of a good piece of forced femme fiction.

All the maids did a wonderful job of showing off their skills and submissiveness. Angelica was eager, cute and accommodating. She curtsied to the judges and spoke of her enthusiasm for maid service. ( I have served at some dinner parties with her, and she is a wonderful addition to any Lady's dinner party) but alas this was not to be her year, and another worthy girl took the crown.

But there are no losers when suburban back yards are turned into realms of fantasy and wonder, and sissies are given the opportunity to live out their dreams if only for a few sunlit hours.

Perhaps someday the sight of a tall petticoated maid, scurrying about the back deck of a suburban ranch house, while a group of Ladies enjoy an afternoon of tea, and conversation will be common. You don't think so? Well if it doesn't happen it seems a shame and a waste of a lot of nice outfits, that are lurking in the backs of a lot of closets. Don't you think?


Angiecdnj said...

Hopefully next year Miss Belinda I will make you proud

rocketdave said...

Somehow, I imagined a bigger event; not something held in someone's backyard. Interesting, nonetheless.

Maid Alyssa said...

I have ALWAYS wanted to be a part of this, unfortunately I'm located on hte west coast in sunny San Jose and cant make the trip out to the east coast... has anybody heard of anything remotely like this being held in California?

Anonymous said...

How can I get my panty-waisted guy invited, dressed up as a sissy French Maid? " Ooh " la"la he just might win Zee contest! Kaley C.

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