Friday, October 5, 2012

Kammi's Serial

What If? Part 14

All eyes turned to the door as a lovely, lady in a pink satin smock with elaborate red embroidery across the bodice and a white pleated skirt walked in on her high heels. Every pair of eyes gave her the once over from head to feet, as women are wont to do. The frosted hair was in a tight up do with shiny French curls on top. Her makeup was perfect. Moving downward, her bosom was noticeable under the loose fitting smock, not too big or too small. The sharply pressed pleats hung to just above the nylon encased knees. Her toenails were painted a bright red, to match her fingernails which were not visible. She smiled at everybody.
“Now, in addition to being the new VP at Dryfuss, some of you also know him as my husband Bradley.”
The room became immediately quiet. Was this a joke? No way was this the son of a bitch who had abused almost everyone in the room. The woman had boobs! How could this be a man? They looked at Lin Lu for a clue but she looked very serious.
Seeing the puzzled stares Lin Lu said “I’m not joking.”  

Five Years Later –

Lin Lu almost purred while she sat back in the recliner, watching the news on the television. She and Rose were in their long satin nighties while Bradley was still in his maid’s uniform. After a lengthy, sensual brushing, Rose was now lovingly twisting Lin Lu’s hair on her curling iron. This was a nightly routine. Bradley was on his knees in front of the ottoman removing her nail polish in preparation for a change to a different color. Though it was commonplace by now, Lin Lu still enjoyed seeing him with his head bent down and hair up in a variety of size and color rollers, secured with a tightly fitting net, of course. Since it was his birthday, Rose had treated him to the set. Bradley loved having Rose do his hair. He had also set Rose’s hair, as he did every evening. Though Rose regularly complained to Lin Lu that she hated having to sleep with curlers in her hair and did it only because Lin Lu insisted, she would not have it any other way. In fact, she doubted that she could sleep without the pesky things against her scalp. When the news ended, Lin Lu shut off the television and closed her eyes. Her thoughts drifted to all that had happened her take over of Dryfuss Enterprises.

She smiled at the shock created in the business world at the idea of a woman in charge of a large company. Most considered her just a figurehead for Sir Cecil’s empire and that he was the one that ran Dryfuss. When word got out that all the male managers had been fired and replaced by women, even the Wall Street Journal ran a piece about this revolutionary move, adding that they did not think Dryfuss would still be in business by the end of the year. That insulting comment had driven Lin Lu even harder to establish women leaders in business. And why would it not be the right thing to do for a business that manufactured a product used mostly by women? Lin Lu chuckled at that recalling the latest research report on sales that showed there was now a small percentage of men also using Dryfuss products.

(Readers, you are no doubt scratching your heads trying to remember what Dryfuss made. You were not told before. Though marketed under many different brand names, Dryfuss made a complete line of foundation garments. Yes, bras, corsets, girdles, and garter belts in every size and color imaginable. They ranged from low priced articles sold in stores like Woolworths to high quality ones sold in the most fashionable stores like Lord & Taylor. As we have stated many times, Bradley was no fool. He had recognized the universal demand for these products which, for the most part were not affected by the economy. At that time, almost every female over fourteen – and some younger – wore one or all of these items every day of the week.)

“What are you chuckling about?” Rose asked.

“Nothing much, my dear, just reminiscing. I still don’t understand how the Modesty Brief became so popular. It was all just a joke but at last count we have sold over five hundred thousand of them.”

Years back, during a coffee break with the team, Louise had asked a question of the group of women.

“Am I the only one plagued by an overly horny thirteen year old boy? My gosh, Billy can’t keep his hands out of his pockets and it’s so obvious what he’s doing. As if that’s not enough, when he has achieved his goal, the damn thing sticks out in his pants like he’s got a pole inside. It’s driving me nuts.”

There was a good laugh and nodding of heads before Diane answered.

“I had the same problem. I was afraid to take Joe anyplace, I was so embarrassed. When my mother was visiting she was disgusted by his behavior and told me so. I asked her if she had any suggestions and, by golly, she did – put him in a panty girdle. I was shocked at first but decided to give it a try. Mine were too big so I bought one just for him, a pretty pink number with lace across the front. He howled and screeched and said there was no way he was going to wear such a girly thing. I gave him the alternative. Anytime I saw him touching himself or with a woody, I would spank him and send him to bed early. After two days of carrying out my threat, he succumbed and wore the girdle every day and night of the week for the next four years. Of course I had to buy a few more but I always got them in a size smaller than normal to make sure he could not reach inside and do the dirty deed. I made it even worse by insisting he go with me when we bought a new one. He hated to step anywhere near the Girl’s Department, let alone the lingerie section. One day he asked why they didn’t make girdles for men, which made me laugh. Can you imagine that – men’s panty girdles?”

That brought another round of laughter. But the next day, Madeline, the head designer, brought up the matter again.

“Hey gals, I’ve been wondering about what we talked about yesterday. Why not a man’s panty girdle? What Diane and Louise experienced is nothing new. All boys play with themselves, and many men too. Remember that asshole Jerry Jones? Not only did he have his hands in his pockets all the time, he used to jingle his change at the same time like a damn ice cream truck making its rounds. Then he’d stand at your desk with his damn thing poking out his trousers. So, just for laughs, I’d love to see what would happen if we did come up with a man’s girdle. We could do it in blue without any lace and even make a fly in it. What do you think?”

“I think it’s hilarious” Lin Lu said “but maybe we should give it a try. Something tells me that there might indeed a market for it. Can you put one together Madeline so we could see what it would be like?”

“Sure, no problem. Give me a day or two.”

“Hey, make it a size small, okay?” yelled Louise. “That should fit Billy nice and tight, the little pervert.”

The next day Madeline passed around the first Modesty Brief for all the women to examine. That night Billy, under threat of being grounded for two weeks, let his mother pull the very tight garment up his legs to his waist. A week later, Louise proclaimed the brief a great success. Even Billy praised it. At his school dance his girlfriend thanked him for not sticking his “thing” into her when they danced, like all the other boys did. “That’s so dirty” she complained. So twenty more Modesty Briefs were made and distributed to mothers working at Dryfuss to try out on their sons. All reported success. One mother found an added benefit of the girdle.

“I stuck a sanitary napkin inside when he went to bed. Takes care of all the sheet stains from his nocturnal emissions.”

The Modesty Brief, with very subtle descriptions of its proposed purpose, was marketed to the town. Sales were beyond belief.  Test markets were created across the country with the same result. Next it went countrywide and a year later was being sold across the world. Lin Lu gave a progress report at a team meeting a year later.

“I never would have believed it. Funny how it sells so well at twice the price for a regular girl’s girdle. Guess little boys like blue so much better than pink. In the last couple of months demand for large, and extra large, are increasing. Either our little boys are growing bigger or maybe their daddy’s are being forced into the Modesty Brief. And you know what? The best sales are coming from across the South. Guess the good people in the Bible Belt really like having their son’s, and husbands  ‘privates’ kept hidden. Great job Madeline.”

Though there had never been a woman on the town council when Lin Lu arrived in town, she set a goal to have a majority of women within five years, including the mayor. And she succeeded. Not only that, but the superintendant of schools and the principal of the high school were both women. How did she do it? Her simple response would be “All’s fair in love and war – and this is a war I love.” Coincidently, all of the new female leaders’ husbands had worked at Dryfuss and all, sadly, were now unemployed. Dryfuss had expanded to the point where it was clearly the largest employer in town and with that distinction, it also yielded considerable power. Normal rules of economics would say that a town that lost such a huge payroll like the male managers and executives of Dryfuss earned would be in financial chaos. Not here. In almost every case the male’s job was filled by his wife, with a higher salary. Throwing its weight around and by other somewhat devious actions, bank managers and others not directly employed by Dryfuss found themselves out of work. Some were replaced by their wives but all were replaced by females. And what did these suddenly unemployed men do? Well, the bank manager became a teller, the high school principal, with some additional training, became the Home Economics  teacher, while the owner of the largest department store in the county could only find one job available to him – working in the lady’s clothing department stocking shelves and cleaning up. Speaking of Home Ec, the new superintendent ruled that all boys must take this course for all four years of school.. It became optional for girls. Whereas the boys continued to wait in line at the cafeteria for lunch, girls were served by the boys as part of their Home Ec requirements. More and more jobs previously closed to women were now opened. The hard working waitress discovered that she could put her college training to good use as head of the water and sewer department. The prior head, who had been embezzling, took her place as a waitress in a deal to keep him out of prison. The shampoo girl at Laverne’s Salon became the head buyer at the department store. A sixteen year old boy who had been expelled from school for cheating took her place.

Yes indeed, change was in the air which now had a distinct feminine aroma instead of the sweaty smell of testosterone that prevailed before. A drive through town would show men pushing baby carriages on the sidewalk or shopping at the supermarket. A man hanging laundry in his back yard was no longer unusual nor was the sight of men sitting under the dryer at Laverne’s with curlers in their hair. The Knit & Sew Boutique was now run by a man, a somewhat effeminate man, while the classes he conducted now had more men than women. A sociologist studying all these changes would have had a hard time finding a common denominator to explain this new female dominance in the town as Lin Lu, in fact the mastermind of the change, covered her tracks very well. The team, as well as a small group of trusted women outside Dryfuss, knew that they had a new, uncrowned queen in town. And they all loved her!

And she loved the power she wielded almost as much as she loved her roles of being Rose’s husband and Bradley’s mistress.  

“So, how is the apprentice program working?” Lin Lu asked Rose, who was performing the ritual of curling her husband’s hair. Both of them cherished this intimate time together.

“Very well, hon. Who would have believed such a thing five years ago?. It certainly allows Bradley to attend to many more of our employees.”

The program they were discussing resulted from a comment made by one of the sales managers during a company “open forum discussion”.

“Robbi loves his Home Ec class but he really doesn’t get enough of it. I do love how it has made him such a helpful boy at home. At the end of a hard day, it’s great to walk into a house where the smell of dinner greets me. He is getting to be such a good cook. And my house is spotless, my laundry is done, and after cleaning up the kitchen he is so attentive to my needs. I never envisioned being able to relax in my husband’s easy chair while Robbi brushes my hair and massages my shoulders. And there isn’t the slightest complaint if I ask him to iron a blouse and skirt for work the next day.”

“So what the hell are you bitching about?” a fellow worker jokingly asked. “I only finally got my no good husband to take over the laundry a month ago.”

“Well, Robbi would like to do so much more. He wants to learn how to give me good manicures and pedicures – he already helps me remove the polish – and how to do a better job styling my hair. And he wants to learn more about fabric care and such and needlework.”

“I have an idea” Rose said. She usually sat in on these discussions as the “ear” of Lin Lu.

“Bradley, the poor dear, has been complaining about having to do too much in the spa and then coming home to spend hours doing all his chores there. Maybe we could set up some type of apprentice program here where Bradley could teach young boys all he knows, and, I have to admit, he does quite well. I’ll bet there are many boys that could benefit from this and at the same time help Bradley out. I know he’d be thrilled to have a shampoo boy and someone to handle the laundry. I can talk to the school superintendant to see if this can be made into an official course with credits.”

“What a great idea, Rose” Robbi’s mother remarked. “Can I sign him up now?”

Everybody laughed but before the discussion was over, three other mothers said they were going to have their sons participate in this new endeavor. An outsider would have been shocked to see that none of the women said anything about “checking with their husbands”. That was obsolete. All of the women were the clear bosses in their homes.

That evening, after Rose got Lin Lu’s approval (Rose was the exception to the “wives rule” philosophy – she deferred completely to her husband)  she discussed the proposal with Bradley as he was doing her nightly roller set.

“I love it, Miss Rose. It would help me out a lot. Do you know I did three perms, six shampoo and sets, five loads of laundry, and ironed for almost two hours? And I had to make a run to the drycleaners too. That’s a lot of work in one day” he whined.

“Yes, it is, but you love it, don’t you?” Rose teased, feeling a roller being tightened against her scalp.

“Yes, I do. You know that. And I know I complain but I still get a thrill creating a beautiful hair do and, queer as it sounds, ironing a pretty satin blouse. At lease I don’t have to launder any men’s clothes any more. I didn’t like doing that.”

“Even if it’s a man’s pretty  satin blouse?”

“Oh, that’s different, and I know a lot of men are slipping in their female clothing for me to do even though almost all of the men in town are supposed to do their own things now. It’s so easy to spot a size 16 skirt when I know their wife is a size 8. But I do them anyway – none of them do pleats like I do” Bradley said proudly as he draped the hair net over Rose’s head. “Is there anything else you wish me to do, Miss Rose?”

“Yes, Bradley, there is. Mistress took home work to do so she will be very tired by the time she gets to bed. And you know how horny I get at this time of the month so would you be a dear and take care of my needs.”

“My pleasure, Miss Rose” he said, lowering the back of the styling chair and lifting her feet into the stirrups. He first removed the dirty sanitary napkin then knelt on the floor and placed his mouth on Rose’s pussy. It only took ten minutes for her to climax, have Bradley attach a new napkin, hop out of the chair, and head off to see how she could please Lin Lu.

For over a year, Rose had vehemently resisted Li Lu’s suggestion that she have Bradley service her when she was not available. “He’s my brother, damn it. That’s disgusting.”

“He stopped being your brother the day he sold you into slavery” Lin Lu responded angrily.

But one evening, three days after Lin Lu had left for a two week trip to Hong Kong, and after a second lonesome glass of wine, Rose gave in to her raging horniness and summoned Bradley to take care of her. The idea that the man responsible for the horror she had endured was know kneeling before her licking her very wet pussy was like an aphrodisiac that gave her an orgasm like none other. She had no inhibitions about the fact he was her brother after that night. He was very good at what he did,  and he loved it too.

The team that Lin Lu assembled loved working for her. They loved the way they were respected for their ideas and talents, most for probably the first time in their lives. Lin Lu gave them all wide authority to pursue new avenues in the business. The company’s success was also their success – generous year end bonuses grew every year. They were all intimate friends, sharing everything that went on at work and at home. Hugs and kisses – often long, tight embraces and tongue sucking kisses – were commonplace during their closed door meetings. Whereas their husbands previously had affairs now it was wives that had extramarital affairs, most times also with women.  None considered themselves lesbians. They were just “bosom buddies”. When they had thought that things could not get better at work, the spa had opened. This was the thick icing on the cake that Lin Lu and Rose had baked. The idea that they could have their calls put on hold while they walked the few steps from their desks to the sublime experience of the spa was beyond belief. Freeing themselves from the bondage of their bras, girdles (and sometimes corsets) and lying back to have their head massaged in a sensual shampoo, then a professional set and sacred, undisturbed time (not counting the mani/pedi) under the dryer before the final creation of a fresh hair style, was undoubtedly the greatest “perk” that any female received from their employer. Add all that to a fantastic full body massage – orgasm available if desired – and having your laundry washed, folded, and ironed and ready to take home at the end of the day was beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. And to think that all these services were performed by their once bastard of a boss put it over the top.

“Wow, Bradley sure has great hands” a glowing Rhonda declared one day returning to the office after her biweekly spa appointment.

“You talking about his nice shampoo, girl?” Louise asked jokingly.

“Oh, I suppose you could call it that – my hair did get wet and his fingers were busy” Rhonda responded.

Everyone in the room knew just what she was talking about. 

“Guess hubby’s off the hook tonight, eh?”

“No way, a busy tongue trumps a busy finger every time.”

Laughter filled the room.


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