Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tea Party

" You might as well say" added the March Hare "that I like what I get is the same thing as I get what I like"

Bea has been most kind and invited me to post some of my experiences related to the topic of real life experiences, and whether these experiences need to be sexual, or whether other things are involved. I helped serve at a tea party today. I got changed and wore my traditional french maid's outfit at a friend's house. She is a sissy girl who knows a lot of people, including groups of dominant women. In my experience at the risk of sounding sexist, Ladies loves tea parties. and Dominant Ladies love tea parties where sissy maid service is provided. So 5 sissy maids piled into a car, and went to the home of the dominant lady who was hosting the party. We prepared savoury and sweet courses, cooked up bunches of tea, and met the guests as they came to the door, taking their coats and curtseying sweetly. Here is another picture of some of the other maids doing the preparations. In all there were 9 Ladies and one gentleman friend. We have done this before, so we set up a gay table, with plenty of condiments, led the Ladies individually to table, and spent the next two hours providing what we hope was a high level of cheerful maid's service. The Ladies were free to tease us, and comment on the quality of our service or to chide us when we failed. One of the sissy girls was too chatty and she was chatting with me! and I was singled out as well as her, and given a little spank with raised skirts which I didn't even deserve! But that is the maid's lot is it not?

The interesting question is whether the Ladies or the maids are excited in the sexual sense during this activity. I can speak for myself certainly that mainly this is enjoyable because it is a role play associated with fantasies that were clearly sexual. But this is real. At that moment we actually are maids, in the presence of Ladies. These Ladies are not embarassed. Only the maids are sometimes embarassed! This is exciting the way flirtation is exciting I think. I do not do this for sexual gratification really. We served at the tea party, we cleaned up afterwards. We left. I know a number of the Domme's from other events, parties, and occasions, but in this case we didn't socialize extensively with the Ladies. This was a party for them to socialize with each other.
I have been at these events where the talk between the women, can be intimate, and you realize as I stand there awaiting them to finish their conversation so that I may ask them if they require more tea; that they certainly aren't thinking of the aproned and petticoated servant that awaits them as a man, or they wouldn't speak that way. That is both humiliating and a fulfillment of a wish, since I increasingly choose an identity that is more femme than male. I think that is a little like Monica 's feelings awaiting her employer's judgement of her work.
It is a grand occasion I think, and everyone enjoys themselves I would say. Everyone gets a chance to dress up and show off their pretty frills, or admire the sissy in their cute uniforms.
Its a tea party


Bea's TV Station said...

Bloody marvelous! (I still would like to hear of any lady who had just joined at one of the parties!)

Thanks Belinda! Wonderful!

belinda said...

I am glad you enjoyed it Bea. It is interesting how the different Ladies respond to the sissymaid service. The Ladies at this tea who I did not know, and I assume may not have been to events quite like this started off somewhat shy, a little unsure of what was expected of them. Of course nothing is expected of them except to enjoy themselves. I notice that at first a new Lady may say "thank you or no thank you like at a restaurant. But they learn how to increase their enjoyment by learning from the others A number have been to other teas. They have learned to take the service for granted. The Newbies learn that it is perfectly fine to call the help sissy. As in "I will have another cucumber sandwich sissy belinda" They learn that it is perfectly acceptable to remark on the appearance of a sissy. The experienced Dommes enjoy making an inspection of how a sissy is put together under their uniform. I always make sure to wear frilly panties, and a nice garter belt. The Ladies learn that there is no cause for embarassment, (at least theirs!) in demanding such compliance. But only the true experienced Dommes will spank you I have found.

Carrie P said...

Many tks for sharing Belinda. That has to be an amazing experience for all the sissys present. You mentioned that you were excited and enjoyed it as it was real and not a fantasy. This is a difficult question I know but do you think the women were exicted (sexually or otherwise) in any way or was it just a performance on their behalf. I suppose the correct question should be do they get as excited being a genuine dominant as you do being a genuine sub/sissy?
Either way many tks again, a wonderful story and most of us are jealous.


belinda said...

Well thank you for your kind comments Carrie

I can tell you that this particular event was designed to provide the Women with sensual experiences. While we provided a tea party in the dining room, there was in the basement, men who provided massage and intimate services for the Ladies, that the hostess arranged. we sissies were not allowed down there, and that event didn't really begin to after the tea was over, but that added to a pleasureable and excited and Female Superior quality to the event. The Women particularly the one's who had had been to these events, and had overcome shyness definitely were interested, enjoying themselves, and excited. The event really was designed for them.

Steve Harper said...

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