Monday, March 28, 2011



You guys know that I'm new to this game - but I'm (hopefully) learning as I go along.

I'm now pulling in just over 3,000 views a month - and just recently noted that I was getting quite a few people in from two blogs.  I looked one up and it is definitrely of interest - if you speak French.  Seems to be based in Quebec - but I intend to see if I can find out more later.

The second?  South American I think - but is a lovely blog. Parts of it are not in English - but a big chunk is.  I strongly suggest that you have a look -  The picture below is stolen from her blog - but if anyone knows how I can contact her?  PLEASE tell me how!

I'm also looking into adding a page of blogs, web pages I find interesting - will see how that works out.

See what I mean?


Anonymous said...

Some of your lovely stories are posted on xaxasissy, I think she's a fan. Don't know how you'd contact her though.

belinda said...

She is a great fan and has reposted many of your stories. At the top of the page if you click on ABOUT, you will be taken to a page where general comments have been left. You could ask her there to contact you.

Xaxasissy said...

Hi Bea, It's an honour to talk to you; yes I'm a big fan of your stories; hope you don't mine I have being posting some of them in my blog. How can I help you?

whyguys said...

Love this photo! Can see how it applies to males total inability in multi-tasking makes it difficult even to perform as a proper maid.

"See My pathetic little ex-macho MAID of what used to be My husband. THIS is the oven. It is made to prepare DINNERS that you had better DUTIFULLY have ready and hot on the table as I enter the front door each day from a succesful day at the office. WHERE WAS MY DINNER TONIGHT!?!"

"You are SO-O GOING to be punished tonight, YOUNG LADY!"

Anonymous said...

I hoped it wasn't a tv dinner? " haa,"hee I just had to do it! Get it! A TV dinner! That's from a long, long time ago? We had no micro waves, real ovens where you cook your food for a also,long time! My "Little"Sissy French Maid" we do what I say, doing a curtsy at the front door! Subtle makeup, she doesn't look like a whore! The uniform will be short and sexy? The nylon panties will be soft and frilly! Fishnets for my sissy maid don't ruin them? You will pay? Spike heel shoes might give you the blues, yourre wearing them from morning till noon? Give me any trouble? Remember the lasting episode! I forced you to go too into a small town department store, you weren't wearing a dress, just a bra and panty matching set. The women called you a slut,and was appalled! The men were turned on, wanting more? The high heels I told you to wear made you uncomfortable, take little baby steps, don't want no trouble! You play and look the tramp part well? Those men are as horny as hell, it's time to go? Better not be runs in your hose? Or it's no dress for you! I take you into another small town in your bra, panty, skanky heel shoes? Tiffany!