Friday, March 4, 2011

granny apron

The other day I saw an apron I love in your blog, I call it 'granny apron' and it is quite old fashioned. I bought a couple of them in Melbourne Australia back in the late eighties, amazing they were still on sale.

I attach two photos of mine from 2006 when I visited Sally Moss in UK.
It is a very protective and practical pinny but also quite 'housewifely'.
Have a nice weekend, talk to you on tuesday with news from Tina's (my new employer) arrival and inspection of her apartemnt.
Curtseys ,


Carrie P said...

Hi Monica
Mnay thanks for contributing to Bea's blog. Your experiences are truly amazing and one that only some of us can fantasise about.In Beaa's latest post he mentions that you get no sexual kick out of it which is also amazing although it would be difficult to sustain strong sexual urges for hours while cleaning -even if dressed as a maid. I tried it at home a few times and found I almost forgot I was dressed as a woman after a while and at this stage I was not sexually aroused just got on with the cleaning. But to do it knowing that someone else knows - in the case of your friends who own the flat - would certainly heighten and enhance any such feelings.Two questions if I may.
1) Do you venture outside dressed.
2) Would you consider showing yourself to Tina and her friend dressed in full uniform.
Really enjoy the posts and thanks again.

best regards
Would you consider showing yourself dressed as a maid in front of her

little_giselle said...

Great story, thanks for sharing with us.



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