Tuesday, March 8, 2011

being a maid is a vocation!

I would like to answer to Bea and Carrie P about how I define my sexuality and if and how I am sexually aroused as a maid. I am like most of the other people that participate in this blog an heterosexual tranny. I adore women and everything that goes with them. When I dress up, more in the early days than now I am sexually aroused. But over the years I started getting another type of pleasure when I dress up and start my housework chores. It is an undefined feeling of satisfaction not necessarily sexual about working as a menial domestic. The moment I tie my apron on, as Tammie mentioned in her letter, I become a different person, I become a docile servant. When I am alone I just go ahead with my chores, but when I interact with an employer (more rarely), I can get sexually excited again. For instance my recent paid job given to me by my new employer Tina, gave me an immense satisfaction, especially when we were talking on the phone and she was telling me encouraging things of the type, I want my maid to do this and that.

Tina arrived last Friday and she was very pleased with my work. She thanked me repeatedly for all the work I did. Of course I said to her that this was my obligation since I was paid as her cleaner and maid to do this job. I left behing hanging by the kitchen door my uniform dress and apron which she saw and made a positive comment of the type, 'I see you like to dress properly when you work as my maid. she actually used the word 'my maid'. That particular remark aroused me sexually, so you can see how I mean that.

Tina mentioned also this morning that she would like to work with me one day before she goes back to Istanbul in order to point things to me that have to be done. Of course the fisrt thing I am going to ask when I see her in her apartment, probably next Thursday is, 'can I change to my work clothes before I start working?' and see how she reacts.

Tammie, I love your uniforms, they are the type of uniforms I like to wear myself. I have that culotte dress as well, aparently very popular among American waitresses, I'll fish out a photo and sent it.

To answer the other question from Carrie, yes I go out dressed in normal street clothes only in UK when I visit my friend Sally Moss. Then we go out to Manchester Canal street area where trannies are very easily accepted. Photo attached.


Bea's TV Station said...

I was RIGHT! It still amazes me that there can possibly be a non-sexual side to our thing - but it takes all sorts - doesn't it?

I think it fantastic to know how different we all can be - even if we have the same predilections!


Carrie P said...

Thnaks for the latest pic Monica.I understand exactly what you mean about getting excited when Tina refers to you as her maid.This sounds crazy but the mere mention by a woman of the word maid gets me going. As in " I wish I had a housemaid" but to be referred to as a maid non chalantly by a woman is truly mind blowing. I wonder what she would think/do if you curtsied. Tks again for sharing. rgds