Monday, March 7, 2011

Real Uniforms

Hi there everyone,

I do so love real maid/housekeeping uniforms. I'm sure that frilly french maids uniforms feel wonderful and definately make one feel girlie, but there is something about an authentic one that gives me a little twinge just thinking about it. The peach/pink Diner uniform is actually a cullote, which is very practical, but I did need to find a special short-style slip for it. Hope you enjoy them. Can only imagine what it must be like to really work as a maid in one, as opposed to the light housekeeping I do around my house occasionally. I have to admit that as soon as I tie the bow on the apron my demeanor almost changes to a more fem and submissive attitude, almost magical. I do love playing the part of Mistress and Maid so its sort of fun to make myself play both roles in a pic hope you agree.


Bea's TV Station said...

Oh Grief!

I hope everyone sees that my jealousy has merit! Doesn't Tammie look as if she's enjoying herself?

NOTE: I've worked as a writer for years - and got a fair number of photos of trannies. The thing that always got me? How bloody GUILTY they look! I think that we all enjoy dressing up - just wish more people looked like Tammie!

Carrie P said...

Hi Tammie many thanks for posting these pics. They are wonderful and as a hetro man ( Bea can vouch for this) you look great - never thought I would say that about another man in a dress or maid's uniform.Seriously jealous.
rgds CarrieP

Gina Vizavi said...

Yes, Tammie's creativity with the camera and her wardrobe is superb! Luv the white cap and orange crocks that give the image of a Dutch maid! And yes, this maid clearly enjoys every minute of it!

little_giselle said...

Luv your pics, Tammie!

Anonymous said...

Very Nice Tammie! Can you please tell us where you got the uniforms from? I have a couple of the frilly fantasy ones but they aren't really practical for scrubbing toilets! Thank You

Housekeeping Uniforms said...

The appearance on the Housekeeping Uniforms is so amazing! Actually, the whole outfit is kind of amazing!!